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Rabbi Eliyahu: I sent Mother Rachel to Gaza
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 21.01.09, 08:27
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1. Rabbi Eliyahu you need to change your pills
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (01.21.09)
Dear oh dear, time to change your medication dear !
2. why not?
gali ,   israel   (01.21.09)
just because the Allmighty doesn't openly speak to us it doesn't mean these miracles can't happen, i for one believe. i feel sad for those that can't. G-d bless Israel
3. The Aviner guy can't stop stooping lower and lower
Rabbi Jochanan ,   Gush Chalav, Israel   (01.21.09)
He mus have not digested the fact that because of his evident falsifiacton of Torah quotes and because of his constant declaring the impure pure, he was forbidden to render decisions by many of the biggest rabbis and several Bate' Din. not lasr Rav Mordechai Eliahu... Just check and you'll find PLAENTY of documents and videos to show what kind of immpostor this guy is.
4. All true !! Miracales happen.
Itai David ,   Canada Toronto   (01.21.09)
I beleive all the words and it is true, today also miracles happen we all know but we don't accept it .Proof is Missiles hitting israel with 0.002% of damage to human life is it not miracle!! We jews are chosen people so we have tough life it can be at ease if we follow g*d given guidelines. We are busy with our own ego and relying on science and technology more that almighty.
5. And we sent tanks and guns and F16
Ben ,   Israel   (01.21.09)
For what? no need for all that. Next war the Rabbi Eliyahu is going in on his own, with Mother Rachel of caurse. Job's done
6. Mordechai Eliyahu
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (01.21.09)
is a taliban Jew, someone like him and hisfloowers if come to power will have no problmes starting WWIII and nucking the ME. Liberman is also another racist Jew that needs to be sen back to his russian gulag form were he came.
7. Our mother Rachel
Michael Irwin ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.21.09)
Such crap! how come every girl with the name Rachel either never get married or have problems having kids? She should bless the girls that are named after her!
8. Gaza is the beginning
Edithann ,   USA   (01.21.09)
It will not be in Gaza that Israel will soon feel the unleashed wrath of Amalek! TATA
9. Rachel returned back unraped?IDF must be realy changing
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (01.21.09)
A country impeached President of Rape A country rape is daily event in IDF as we read in Ynetnews An IAF soldier raped 14 years old girl in air force base for 6 months and got only disciplinary sentences for 45 days or so but they do not rape mother rachel Israili soldiers must be realy changing or they have erectional problems under heavy stress caused by Hamas fighters
10. All it takes is one cynic.
11. Nah! I ain't buyin' it
Talula ,   Israel   (01.21.09)
Unless Gabi Ashkenazi was dressed in drag and appeared as Rachel. But I doubt it somehow. Our success in Gaza was because of our IDF, their training their nerves of steel and determination - and help from the odd Palestinian informer. I imagine the Rabbi was feeling a tad guilty knowing there were no Haredi soldiers in Gaza. Guess he had to do his bit to avert attention, and of course take all the credit. Dream on people, if that's what does it for you.
12. Hands up who saw the apparition of Rachel...
Talula ,   Israel   (01.21.09)
I mean honestly!!! That is SOOOOO nauseating!! This sad old man should keep quiet instead of wanting people to acknowledge and thank him for single handedly looking after our boys in Gaza. Maybe it was born from guilt that no Haredi soldiers were in Gaza. The IDF did a kick-ass job – and they should take credit for their achievements, not some eccentric rabbi.
13. Why did'nt she appear during the Shoa
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.21.09)
How can sane people , living in the 21st century believe this ?
14. home delivery? but, Gaza is not home
observer   (01.21.09)
Eliyahu, the father, advocates carpet bombing Gaza. Mother Rachel could have been an unrecognized Jewish middle-man; the Holy Spirit?
15. shame she couldn't come on the first day with a clear map
r.f.   (01.21.09)
of where the booby traps are
16. #1
Immi ,   Ramat Chen   (01.21.09)
But changing your medicine hasn't worked for you, has it sweetie pie? Shall we book the appointment for you, little boy?
17. Rabbi Eliyahoo's Miracle
Eli ,   Israel   (01.21.09)
Yahoo, a real miracle. Next he'll walk on water and raise the dead.
18. To #2
Daniel ,   Madrid, Spain   (01.21.09)
This stories about a woman appearing to save lifes reminds me of the catholic Virgin Mary. Really, I thought rabbis in Israel were at least a bit rational but i see i was wrong
19. Rabbis will be Rabbis
Rob ,   New York, USA   (01.21.09)
It's a 'fun' story but nothing more. Rachel didn't 'appear' as much as Ghosts, Goblins and Witches during Halloween in the U.S. There will always be those that live with one foot outside of reality and as long as it's not taken seriously, it's fine. But don't fool yourself. We see what happens when people start taking these stories seriously. Think "72 virgins and Allah". Some people...soldiers and rabbis included handle stress, trauma and fear/anxiety by building up a wall of denial or's a form of mental illness if they REALLY believe it and aren't just pretending. This is precisely the same process "desperate" and "hopeless" terrorist boy muslims get brainwashed into believing they will get 72 virgins if they blow themselves up killing jews. Yes, I know this Rachel story is meant to be pleasant and positive...but the unhealthy psychological forces causing someone to 'believe' such ridiculousness are the same. As jews we must be strong and not fall into the trap of 'delusion' and 'fantasy' that the muslims have due to their suppression. Jews are a lucid, pragmatic people. While a Rabbi's story can be amusing, it should not be mistaken for something real.
20. All stories of miracles...
David Olesker ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.21.09)
I'm reminded of what they say about the Ba'al Shem Tov; anyone who denies the possibility of all the miraculous stories about him is a heretic. Anyone who believes all of them is a fool.
21. miracles?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (01.21.09)
operation "cast lead" was a miracle. yes, any casualties are too many, but for 3 weeks of fighting, under those conditions, it should be obvious that god was helping the idf, and for this we should give thanks. and if the elderly and sick rabbi eliyahu prayed for the soldiers, that couldn't hurt, and was certainly more than can be said for those who demonstrated against the war, or those who refused to serve. my only concern is with rabbi eliyahu's statement that he could command rachel to appear. the torah forbids the conjuring of spirits rather harshly, so i doubt that rabbi eliyahu meant it quite the way it sounded, but one should be careful not to create false impressions. as for those who reported seeing rachel on the battlefield, "there are no atheists in the trenches".
22. talula you are such a vicious person. cant even believe
in your own religion. i am not saying this really happened but frankly anything that has to do with faith, belief etc you immediately attack. you make me sick. a perfect example why God WONT show his face to us!!! you monster
23. to talula
sara ,   israel   (01.21.09)
i'm not commenting on the whole rachel thing, i wasn't there, so how could i know if it's true. but i just wanted to say i know personally many haredi soldiers who were in gaza so stop with your nonsense.
24. Rabbi has rabies.
... ,   ...   (01.21.09)
25. 1 Avi - why don't you read the article carefully
S Judah ,   London   (01.21.09)
Rabbi Eliyahu is not the one who claims he saw any woman. He is saying that he prayed appropriatey at Rachel's Tomb. What sort of stupid reponse is yours, are you saying that Rabbi's should not pray for the welfare of our boys. The Rabbi does not need to get of any pill. You on the other hand need to get on some sense pill.
26. 9 Tayfun, must be the Turkish army you refer to.
S Judah ,   London   (01.21.09)
Go ask the Armenians and the Kurds. Unlike your Palestinian brothers and sisters they didn’t fantasize the massacres and rapes . And the behaviour of your government was dispicable and two faced during the Gaza conflict.
27. 21 Beautifully put Tom.
S Judah ,   London   (01.21.09)
28. #18 Contradiction in terms
Keren ,   Haifa   (01.21.09)
True, this is similar to stories of the appearance of the Virgin Mary. Your disappointment in Israeli rabbis, however, is misplaced since ALL religion is based upon a belief in that which cannot be proven. THAT is what makes it a faith and not a science.
29. #23 & 23 OUTCH!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (01.21.09)
Well now! that's one big character assault - but you'll have to do better than that. Look, I know the truth hurts - it does. However, if you find a modicum of solace in believing that Rachel was with our boys, and that Rach knew where all the booby traps were and who was firing from what house, then FINE! Believe all you like, that is YOUR right - it's also mine to NOT believe it. But really, it’s ridiculous and you know it. And while you’ve got the tissues out, God is NEVER going to show his face down here.
30. To #11 - Haredi soldiers?
Daniel ,   Raanana,Israel   (01.21.09)
Hey Talula, what do Haredi soldiers have to do with this? Rav Eliahu is not Haredi and holds that going to the army is a mitzva so why should he feel guilty? Check your facts before pointing fingers
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