US envoy worries settlers
Efrat Weiss
Published: 24.01.09, 23:07
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31. Not to worry, Hamas and its rockets require a solution first
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego   (01.25.09)
As long as there is a rejectionist Hamas regime and its rockets in Gaza, settlements and "2-state solution" are way back on the back burner. The old "road map" and 2-state solution" are impossible with Hamas involved; even the unworkable "Saudi Plan" requires something Hamas will not give - permanent peace and recognition of Israel. The coming Netanyahu administration is not going to concede anything to Mitchell or Obama until Hamas is out of the picture, and Obama has much bigger things expected of him by America. He's not going to stall his presidency with a major blow-up with Congress over trying to force "risks for peace" or unilateral concessions on Israel. Hamas in Gaza blocks any further procress. Nothing will happen on any front until until Gaza hermetically sealed from rocket smuggling to Bibi's complete satisfaction. No concessions to PA of any kind. Bibi is not the corrupt Olmert, Likud is not Kadima weenies,and Shas and Lieberman won't give Obama anything without a massive and real security payback. Not just more speeches and paper "guarantees". So its put up or shut up for Obama.
32. Too many Jews in Israel are with B. Hussein Obama
Steve   (01.25.09)
We are reading polls that reveal, almost half of the Jews in Israel will vote for pro-Obama, pro-George Mitchell, leftist parties; Labor, Kadima, Shas, etc. Shame on the Jews in Israel. How can you vote for these traitors?
33. Rich #3
Steve   (01.25.09)
Why do you invoke traitors and traitorous organizations like, AIPAC, Dershowitz, Krauthammer, Kristol, Barnes, Bret Stephens, the ADL, etc.. ? Why not invoke thinking Jews? Why not invoke self-respecting Jewish organizations?
34. US Congress
Palestinian american ,   USA   (01.25.09)
no mediation role for the US in the Mideast when you have 25% of the congress are jews ...and the media outlets owned by jews .. may be when the US jews in new york demonstrate against Israel behavior will have mitchell in town . otherwise it is all dancing i am afraid . he can have his F16 and smart bombs and **** them up . Palestinians are not stupid .
35. settlers worry
alexi   (01.25.09)
Without doubt, mitchel is a good negotiator. However, the reality is the so called palestinians( no such people as palestinians) can never govern themselves as Olso confirms. And giving up territory is a non starter as hamastan proves. Missiles will fly in from the west bank and golan. It's easy for Mitchel to live with this as he lives in the US. israel can offer autonomy with idf in charge of security. Golan cannot be given back. gaza can be expanded with part of the sinai to give some room. And that is it. That is it. The best solution to all of this is to ship all of the arabs out of the west bank to the original palestine, 3/4 of which is Jordan. Gazans can go there and israel would then take it over and clean up the sewage and crap that the arabs have left. That is the best solution.Just as colin powell and rice and mitchel before pressed israel and just caused it no end of problems. Arabs want one state, not 2 states. settlers will have less to worry when olmert is out. look, our prince of talansky olmert, we all forget the crook he is, already offered the golan, most of the west bank and E. jerusalem to the arabs. He's already done it. Only Shas prevented him from going all the way. He will still try to do it in his remainind 20 days. Why, because he is a shmuck, that is why!
36. I wish Huckabee was our president
Maria ,   MD   (01.25.09)
He doesn't believe in a two-state solution.He knows that the Promised Land belongs only to the children of Israel[Jacob].He said that the Arabs must reside outside of Israel like for instance in Egypt or Jordan.
37. Don't give away God's land!!!!
Maria ,   MD   (01.25.09)
38. #15 You won't be talking trash when we cut off the $$$$
David ,   Los Angeles   (01.25.09)
Arrogant little people like you will wish you had been nicer to people like George Mitchell. Because keep it up and you'll find yourself dealing with something a lot worse.
39. Hated by Settlers + Hamas= Mitchell is doing something right
david ,   Los Angeles   (01.25.09)
40. Mitchell is Dreamin
John ,   Huntington Bch, CA   (01.25.09)
Zec 12:1 The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, saith the LORD, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him. Zec 12:2 Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. Zec 12:3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.
41. #20 wants to refight 1948
Asaf Golan ,   Sugar Land   (01.25.09)
we already tried a one state solution. We already have a two state solution (Jordand/Israel Trans-Jordan/Cis Jordan). Besides 1920 proved a one state solution is foolish. and Lebanon is a perfect example with what such a state means. We already fought 1948. Lets not be so stupid.
42. Mitchell has already decided that Israel.....,
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (01.25.09)
...has no rights to the land of israel. by saying their should be no expansion without doing the same to the arabs means he has decided who has the rights to the land before even coming. This is an insult to israel and all jews. It is spineless israeli leadership that gives credence to mitchells beliefs.
43. #3 Rich Pundit
Rob ,   USA   (01.25.09)
You truly are an anti-semite and an Israel hater. Israel was bombed bomed bombed with rockets rockets rockets for 8 years and you sit on your creepy butt and say that Israel doesn't want peace? What planet are you from, you goon?
44. sen. mitchell is has been...
oded   (01.25.09)
in 2001 he came up with a report that concluded nothing , upheld nothing and achieved nothing... just a total waste of time and resources.... his report to obama will be teethless and meaningless. the settelments will continue , and the birds will fly away.. just like mitchell.
JACOB ,   CANADA   (01.25.09)
AVRUM ,   CANADA   (01.25.09)
ZEEV SAYS "The only possible solution is the creation of one democratic state " -- ZEEV WAKE UP!! THERE IS ALREADY ONE DEMOCRATIC STATE, AND ONLY ONE -- THE STATE OF ISRAEL.
47. Settlers
daat y ,   jerusalem   (01.25.09)
'Settlers'-We are all settlers and we are all 'Mityashvim.' The Arabs look at those living in Tel Aviv as also being settlers. Your use of 'settlers' is derogatory and therefor puts down all of Israel. Why are those living beyond the 1947 lines not 'settlers.'
48. Yes it was so nice that before the Clinton's pushing
Just say no   (01.25.09)
the terrorist mostly threw rocks , Clinton and his gang armed those asses. great job serving evil.... Hold on to your butts
49. Mitchell
Mark ,   USA   (01.25.09)
Israel would be wise to elect the one leader who will stand up for Israel's interests and not cow-tow to America: Bibi Netanyahu. With the other alternatives, Israel will be committing national suicide. The Palestinians will NEVER stop yearning for the elimination of Israel, plus ANY Palestinian leader who gives up the so-called Palestinian right to return is a dead man.
50. 'disturbing'
HH ,   VA, USA   (01.25.09)
Disturbing, eh? Just pack up and leave - you have no right to occupy the west bank. The parasitic free ride for Israel is over, as far as majority of Americans are concerned.
51. and european jews?
John   (01.25.09)
If jews are europeans, they should go back to europe.
52. One state?? Likud/Beitenu Coalition
ztevenkarmi ,   Pisa, Italy   (01.25.09)
First of all, promoting a single state for jews and arabs is a moronic fantasy? Where do arab moslems function well in a mult-ethnic setting? If we jews want to be slaughtered...that's the way! Secondly, I think it is possible that Likud (43) and Israel Beitenu (18) will be able to form a governing coalition on their own! I'm voting for Lieberman. Too bad Moshe Ya'alon isn't leading Likud.
53. The settlements.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (01.25.09)
Settlement on the land, Hityashvut, has been the backbone of the Zionist endeavor since the first colonies were begun over 120 years ago. In the time of the British, it was especially necessary to create "facts on the ground" in places where the British discouraged settlement, in order to ensure that these locations would remain part of the state of Israel. Today however, the government is us. Settlers who create illegal "facts on the ground" in Judea and Samaria help our own government and our own IDF - us. It is constructive to asist the Israeli government and the IDF with establishing settlements in places that have a large and hostile Arab population. Large parts of the Negev and the Galilee remain sparsely settled and it is also important to invest our efforts in developing these lands. Facts, arguments and reasoning based on moral and historical rights are never obsolete and are still valid today. As to our historical rights :
54. well said HH # 50 and john 51.
USA   (01.25.09)
well said....
55. Settlers and Hamas NO!!!!!!
craig ,   arlington, us   (01.25.09)
In a just world, neither Hamas nor the Israeli settlers would exist. Both are religious nutcases, honestly beyond contempt and completely damaging to a peace settlement
56. Well he 75
Daniel ,   jerusalem   (01.25.09)
let's hope his natural growth ends very soon
57. This will come to nothing and here is why.
Joseph   (01.25.09)
Islam/Muslims want to take over the whole world. From a HU Professor who was giving a test in this subject, stated that Muhammad taught that Muslims should make agreements with the infidels only as long as it takes them to gain the upper hand against the infidels and to then attack them so as to win. This is not a political war but rather a religious one.
58. maybe hes sending Michelle, not mitchell?
rachelle ,   israelle   (01.25.09)
But, methinks, that time will tell,not much difference between the two...
59. The US is a BIG problem now for Israel
DT ,   TA Isr   (01.25.09)
And is is time we cut loose from the U.S.
60. what do you want????
larry ,   cleveland   (01.25.09)
one state solution ??you did not want . 2 states solution??up for grab for 7 years now refused it . you are going anywhere ,nor we will . the more you drive us into poverty and despair the less options we have for leaving . rich palestinians left too long ago . it is either one state or 2 states ..take your pick before next week Mitchell arrival .
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