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Meretz memo: Compare Lieberman to Jorg Haider
Eli Senyor
Published: 26.01.09, 19:36
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1. problems
So leftist should be compared to communist leaders such as Lenin and Mao
2. Meretz memo
Simon Lechtman ,   HCMC Vietnam   (01.26.09)
If Meretz, Hamas, Balad, Hadash hate you - you must be right!
3. Austria's existence is/was not threatened.
Steve   (01.26.09)
The comparison fails, I think. No other nation outside or population living within Austria is today threatening its very existence; unlike many of Israel's Arab and Muslim inhabitants threaten Israel with annihilation. Neither Germany's nor Austria's existence were threatened by their Jewish guests, unlike Israel. With a very hostile Obama administration in power, the Jews of Israel are going to need as many right-leaning parties and Knesset members as possible to counter the threat to Israel's existence posed by Mr. Obama and his supporters. This new president is very worrisome to me as a Jew.
4. thrown out
avraham rosenblum ,   Uman   (01.26.09)
I was thrown out and driven from israel my home by arabs and charadim. If I could i would vote for liberman. why leave israel for the arabs and chardim? you want to fight liberman fine. I will return when sanity has retuned to israel
5. Meretz Is Hebrew For Scum
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.26.09)
6. Pot calls the kettle black
Ben ,   Gush Etzion   (01.26.09)
What about Racist Meretz who used to scream in the streets Dros Kol Dos(trample every religious Jew)and Hashmeid kol Chareid (destroy every Chareidi)? What about Meretz's anti-religious campaign in Jerusalem's Mayoral elections? What about Meretz's slander of religious jews and calls for the murder of "settlers"?
7. #4Traitor to Israel
Don't like iordim   (01.26.09)
How convenient! packed your bags and left for the wonederful wide world. Nobama lend by any chance?!
8. OK I pick Lieberman
Ralph levy ,   USA   (01.26.09)
OK No Problem I pick Lieberman to be PM
9. Meretz
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (01.26.09)
If this is what Meretz is stooping to, then the party is in serious trouble. Personally, I want to see them out of the Knesset once and for all, since they are an extremist party too. They do not represent the majority of the country and they are themselves Fascists, but for the left
10. new meretz or new hadash, Lieberman
cordier   (01.26.09)
11. And compare Meretz to Stalinist backstabbers
Avi ,   Geneva   (01.26.09)
the chutzpah of these people who constantly betry Israel!
12. Austria's existence is not at stake. Israel's is.
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (01.26.09)
Austria is not surrounded by 300 million Arabs wishing her death. Israel is. Austria never suffered from a Holocaust. Israel did. Austria was the cause to the Holocaust alongside the Sauerkrauts in Germany. Austria does not have indefensible borders. Israel does. Nobody is trying to annihilate Austria with rewriting of Austrian history, demographic warfare, terrorism, boycotts and ideologocial warfare. Israel is exposed to ALL of this every single day. And to Meretz: You speak of democracy and yet you apply double standards to peoples' rights. It is very racist and discriminatory of you to treat Lieberman and Israel Beitenu this way. I think its time to take out the trash and expel Meretz from Israel. Israel would be a paradise without Amos Oz, Yossi Beilin, Yossi Sarid, Arabs and other left wing wackos. And I declare that Meretz is no different than Communists. And Communism killed 100 million people all together, so don't feel flattered. Meretz is desperate and tries to survive in the Knesset. Meretz is a dying party. Help it die.
13. Hamas and Meretz can be trusted
Carter ,   Gaza   (01.27.09)
14. Leftists are real brainless nazis
Begin ,   Altalena   (01.27.09)
You shoot your soldiers in the back! No memory, no doubts, no common sense
15. vote lieberman
David ,   USA, exile   (01.27.09)
Best reason yet to vote Lieberman. I only wish I had a vote. Lieberman has a backbone and nefesh and a pretty good set of stones. He will fight for Yisra'el.
16. Haider was a friend of former Meretz MK Bronfman
Adam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.05.09)
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