Lieberman under Meretz attack
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Jorg Haider
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Meretz memo: Compare Lieberman to Jorg Haider

Internal document obtained by Ynet reads, 'We view Lieberman's rise in popularity as similar to that of nationalistic movements such as Le Pen's in France', urges key figures to speak out against rightist leaders

An internal memo sent out to central Meretz figures obtained by Ynet on Monday revealed members were urged to compare Avigdor Lieberman's party Yisrael Beiteinu to European fascist regimes.


Lieberman himself, according to the memo, should be compared to extreme rightist leaders such as Austria's late Jorg Haider.


The recent war in Gaza, and the fact that poll results are not in the party's favor, have led Meretz heads and campaign managers to deviate from the standard statements usually made by its representatives.


Instead, the party's strategic advisors decided it should present a more aggressive line, particularly in regards to Lieberman and Likud head Benjamin Netanyahu.


The memo showed that key figures were asked to taint Lieberman's image and present Meretz as the alternative.


"Meretz views Lieberman's rise in popularity as similar to that of other nationalistic movement leaders such as Jean-Marie Le Pen in France, Haider in Austria, and Zhirinovsky in Russia," the memo said.


"We urge Kadima and the Labor party to join us and declare that in no event will they sit with Lieberman in the government."


Meretz also stressed they would only join a center-left coalition headed by Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni.


The memo continued to say, "Meretz is concerned that a peace rejecting government headed by Netanyahu and Lieberman will cause a rift in the Israel-US relationship... Following the war and the growing wave of nationalism and racism, Israel is left in a state of emergency."  


The party refused to release an official comment on the document.


A Meretz official questioned on the contents of the memo said, "We urge anyone who cares about the elections to show up at the ballot box. The choice will be between the fascist Kahanism that Lieberman represents – and the new Meretz."


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