Caracas synagogue vandalized
Maya Lecker
Published: 31.01.09, 16:42
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BMT ,   USA   (01.31.09)
VENEZUELA. ISRAEL should order a reciprocal attack on the NAZI DICTATOR to make him understand any attack on Jews means he is toast! ISRAEL must stop cowering to the ISLAM and LEFTIST world and get off its knees or there will be another HOLOCAUST!
2. Vandals hired and paid by the Banana Republic of Venezuela
Chavez SUXXXX!!! ,   USA   (01.31.09)
Somebody give that Cahvez monkey a banana before he goes completely apes***.
3. Go where??
Korem ,   New York, USA   (01.31.09)
If Jews can't live on "stolen Palestine," and they can't live in peace thousands of miles away from "stolen Palestine" in Venezuela, then just where are Jews supposed to go? To the grave, one can only presume! Don't these "anti-Zionist" fools realize that it is exactly actions like this that MAKE Jews support and love Israel? That by threatening Jews and destroying synagogues they justify everything Israel has ever done in the name of protecting the Jewish people?
4. Venezuelan Jews: LEAVE, LEAVE NOW!!!!
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (01.31.09)
What are you waiting for? Until it is too late? LEAVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. with the Monkeyboy from Iran
jjb ,   belgium   (01.31.09)
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his communst thugs the new brownshirts of the world together with the monkeyboy (Ahmedinidad) from Iran , they want too create a neo marxist muslim world... ........happy happy.....!!
6. To my people
gabs ,   China   (01.31.09)
Please start packing now before it's too late, Israel is waiting for you with a red carpet, please leave immediatly, before it get worse. Am Israel Hai
7. venezuela
p k ,   tempe usa   (01.31.09)
Does Chavez realize that even now Palestinians live better than the average Cuban?
8. Suspected Iranian installation inside Venezuela
Ingvar Karlsen ,   Rio, Brazil   (01.31.09)
Look at this position and see by yourself Suspected Iranian installation inside Venezuela 5º 24'49.81"N 67º 38'56.19" W 10 miles from Puerto Ayacucho Venezuelan Navy Base
9. Helpless Venezuelan Jews
Manuel ,   Buenos Aires   (01.31.09)
What Venezuelan Jews could do if they are under the rule of an antisemitic fascist leftist dictator with close links with Iran ?
10. Maybe we can file a complaint in Madrid?
Hansje   (01.31.09)
11. Chavez
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.31.09)
BMT #1, You are wrong! this crime was not ordered by the mad man,Adolf Chavex H.It was ordered by the mad man of Iran,Achmajenun,it was only,carried out by Adolf Chavez H,who is a poodle of Iran.
12. Simply proves the point
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.31.09)
That anti-Zionism is a thinly veiled renaming of anti-Semitism
13. Chavez, your evil plan will backfire
usa   (01.31.09)
If you force Venezuela's Jews to emigrate to Israel, then I can almost guarantee that the Israeli government will start building housing to accomodate them, and that means no return to '67 borders, if you catch my drift.
Mark ,   New York, NY   (01.31.09)
Leave now!!! This will only get worse. They will take you property next, then your rights, then keep you in a Ghetto and the gas chambers are not far off. El Al should have planes in the air NOW! Please leave this retched country before its too late and come home to Israel!!
15. Another proof that anti-Israel = anti-Jewish
AK   (01.31.09)
It is only mater of time before Venezuela's Jews will be leaving with only suitcases in hand, just like Jews leaving Communist Poland or Soviet Russia. But the Jewish Left worldwide is still looking at what's been going around since the 1960s with their eyes closed.
16. I just e-mailed synagogues in Venezuela
Chaya ,   bat Yam   (01.31.09)
and told them to come home to Israel!!
17. Come home
Jew ,   Israel   (01.31.09)
Come home to Israel.
18. what a 3rd world bunch
meg ,   Israel   (01.31.09)
pf ignoramouses. Banana Republic is right.
19. Jews of Venezuela, please come home
to Israel. Leave that hell-hole now !!!
20. Keep Up The Good Work Snr.Chavez
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.31.09)
Hashem is using El Presidente to strengthen Israel ,zionism and Jewish unity worldwide.I thank you Mr.President.
21. We tried to persuade them to leave
Sheila ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (01.31.09)
My husband together with the PM and MK Zev Boim organised for two shlichim to go to Venezuela - two years ago- - to help the community and bring them on Aliya. They didn't want to leave and only two came. It is terrible. Chavez is a lunatic.
22. Haters never happy
Dato ,   TLV,Kiev,Ukraine IL   (01.31.09)
23. Chavez's thugs took away the security videos
Márcia ,   Brazil   (01.31.09)
Venezuelan Jews are in more danger than ever. "This is the most beautiful sephardi synagogue in the whole Venezuela," told me a Venezuelan friend this morning. He woke me up with the news and was clearly disturbed and agitated. Venezuelan Jews, please leave now! There is no safe harbor for Jews in Latin America as long as the Foro of São Paulo rules over the continent.
24. Caracas synagogue
Bernhard A Kats ,   NYC   (01.31.09)
Excellent. What keeps those stupid Jews in Venezuela anyway. Money?
25. Ugly Jew hatred
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (01.31.09)
"Relations between Israel and Venezuela became strained" Okay, the writing is on the wall. Israel can't protect Jews who live on the other side of the world. They know what they can do.
26. molotov cocktail thrown at synagogue
megs   (01.31.09)
and five other synagogues vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti. Venezuela? Europe? No, in Chicago, USA. Why no mention of this? Ever...
27. Cahvez and fascist Venezuala
Steven Kantor ,   T.A. Israel   (01.31.09)
This could be the best thing that ever happened to the Jews of fascist Venezuala. They should immediately leave the country en mass and move to Israel. Within a year, the fat fool Chavez would be crying and begging for them to come back. Hopefully this wave of Jew hatred will go on for a while and Jews all over the world will realize that the only place they can really flourish is Israel. Imagine, a few million more Jews in the country. We wouldn't be having a Palestinian problem any more.
28. Chavez and his responsibility
Ricksmol ,   Los Angeles USA   (01.31.09)
Mr Chavez should be held personally responsible by the State of Israel for the safety and well being of Venezuelan Jews. His life should depend on it.
29. #24: Excellent??
Alex ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.31.09)
How can that be in anyway excellent? It's true that perhaps now they'll see that Venezuela isn't a place where they can live and might even go to Israel, but how can anyone be so cynical and heartless as to deem their plight as "excellent"?
30. There Once Was A President In Caracas
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.31.09)
Whose behaviour was clearly "Crackers," He had the blues so he picked on the Jews he needs a good kick in the Maracas....
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