Netanyahu gives daily online address to nation
Amnon Meranda
Published: 02.02.09, 09:09
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1. Yes, but does anyone listen?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (02.02.09)
This is a great way for him to tell people that were planning to vote for him anyway that they should vote for him. It is what is called "preaching to the choir" Like campaign rallies, this will not convince anyone sitting on the fence.
2. I want to see an israeli leader WHO READY TO FACE ITS PEOPLE
atilla karagözoğlu   (02.02.09)
I want to see a leader, who can say to its people that ; PALESTINIANS HAVE RIGHT TO EXIST AS MUCH AS ISRAELIS !
3. atilla they have a right to exist and already have a home
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (02.02.09)
The Arabs who live in this area already have a home land as described in the British Mandate. It is called Jordan. The Egyptians living in Gaza were not wanted by their government when Israel gave back the rest of the captured territory - and now we know why.
4. Netanyahu shook hands with Arafat
This man should be exiled along with Olmert.
5. Right to exist.
V.R. Sonti ,   Lawrenceburg IN, USA   (02.02.09)
Dear Mr Kargozoglu: There is no need for Israeli politicians in the Land Of Israel; and Christian politicians in the US ( God's Own Country", since Almighty God in His Holy Book, gave us the right to live where we live, and eliminate the present people. Please read the Pentateuch, in particular the Books Of deuteronomy and Numbers and the way God wanted us to deal with the Midianites. And for His own Good reasons, God gave us ( Israel and the US) the power to accomplish HIS commands.
6. A vote for Likud is a vote for Shas!
We the People ,   The Galilee   (02.02.09)
Netanyahu will sell his soul to the the Rav Ovadia Josef. He will give Shas millions, he will give Shas the Education Ministry to run an education systems ruined by Likud's Limor Livnat! Bibi Netanyahu can protest as much as he likes but he DID vote three times for the Gaza Disengagement and his real motive for abandoning Sharon was to usurp the leadership of the Likud! Like Barak, when he lost the election he "ran away" because he just could face his defeat. His colossal ego was shattered. All his smarm and charm cannot change the fact the his is responsible for creating more misery in this country among the old, the sick, the handicapped and the Holocaust Survivors than any other in our history!
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