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Parents ignore child abuse at rabbi's advice
Efrat Weiss
Published: 05.02.09, 17:55
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1. i think i m gona be sick-wait-i m sick as i finish
reading the last sentence. Remanded for 5days? thats all? how about cutting off fathers balls and sticking a stick up his *** so he knows what his boys felt. i m puking!
2. This is Not Typical
Charedi   (02.05.09)
As someone who is quite familiar with what happens within haredi communities, I can assure you that there is absolutely no way that a competent Rav would have said such a thing after having been presented with a question such as this. I look forward to hearing more details, as the story, as reported, does not sound plausible. This is not to say that it is not entirely plausible that these children were abused, but to imagine that a Rav and the neighbors knew what was happenning and did nothing. simply does not match my experience within that world.
3. fundamental flaw in the story
observer   (02.05.09)
If there is a case of 'mesirah' (informing) even the father's having personally witnessed the fact would not help. So the rabbi doesn't even understand his own law-books - or the father is lying. The weird thing about this story is that sexual abuse is one of the solitary incidents that carries a death sentence today, without even having to go through the religious courts. If you see someone raping or about to rape, you kill him. Molesting may be prevented by any means short of death. So the rabbi's ruling is totally wrong. The religious community is extremely insular and naive. Most have absolutely no idea how to deal with a situation like this and just hope it goes away by itself. Which of course only aids and abets the perpetrators. Perhaps the police and the courts, TOGETHER WITH responsible and respected religious leaders, could take it upon themselves to educate the religious community in a manner that would reach the intended audience in a manner that they could accept the message.
4. poor kids! those damn parents and the molester
need to be fixed!
5. Sad and revolting story
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.05.09)
So many people who knew , the mother knew , and nobody said something . And the rabbi ? Din moser , when children are abused ? The mother "powerless" ? not in "power" to protect her child ? it's her DUTY . Where is the "jiddishe mame" , im wasser in faier werd sie geloffen far ir kind . She would run in water and flames for her child , here apparently not . Poor children .
6. What a bunch of *&^%$
Hadassah ,   Jerusalem   (02.05.09)
The relative goes to jail and the rabbi goes free??? The rabbi needs to go to jail also!!! How mindless can people get! What are they thinking?? You don't protect your child? G-d help those children....
7. #6 - Yes, indeed, this rabbi needs to be charged...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (02.05.09)
he aided and abetted the most heinous crime imaginable. I feel like throwing up and my heart aches for these children. May they find loving protective homes.
8. protect the children
Lisa ,   Auckland New Zealand   (02.06.09)
what poor excuse of a human being says that as a mother she was powerless! that is a load of crap. It is the parents job to protect their children no matter what any rabbi says. I think every single person who knew about this and did nothing is as guilty as the molester himself and should be thrown in jail. these people are obviously very sick and need help or should be put down like the rabid animals they are.
9. Poor Children .. My Heart Grieves
Christy ,   Boston, US   (02.06.09)
If the allegations are true, my heart grieves for these poor kids. Imagine their mom and other adults witnessed the abuse & felt they could do nothing! Their dad seems to have been rendered unable to act. We must pray for the children AND the adults in this community, the Rabbi also. The children need to be healed of the trauma & abandonment they must feel. The adults need to be healed of the shame they must feel because they allowed this to happen. Pray that G-d also brings the guilty to swift justice & rids the community of this plague! I am an adult survivor of child abuse & know from personal experience that there are some things so deep .. only G-d can heal. He does, if we ask Him.
10. Sodomy
leah amdur ,   Israel   (02.06.09)
No 6. said how mindless are these people. They are not mindless they know full well what they are doing they are evil and sick. They think they are doing the kids a favour by molesting them they call it a Pinuk. A treat
11. tottaly discusting
avi ,   RG   (02.06.09)
Unfortuently this kind of behavior is beciming all to common within the Ultra Orthadox community. What we are hearing here is only the tip of the ice berg as they are a closed community who seem to think the law of the State of Israel does not apply to them. It is truly sad that these people who seem to have lost the ability to think for their selves and rather trust some cult religious figure and as a result their own children are victims.
12. Molester's Admission
NYC Girl   (02.06.09)
If it's true this man was actually molesting the child in a doctor's office, he's obviously so predatory and out of control that no child is safe around him. In fact, somebody probably ought to castrate the SOB...along with that cretinous rabbi.
13. #11 It happens all the time to "secular" and non-Jewish, but
Ynet and the other papers rarely report that because there's no convenient label and it's always so satisfying to point a finger and show how messed up those 'holier-than-thou' Haredim are. Do you really think these social workers have jobs just because of the Hareidi community? My gut is always twisted in knots when I hear about children anywhere who are abused by those who are supposed to protect them. The parents and the "Rabbi" should go to jail!!! What the Hell is the matter with those neighbors who also supposedly witnessed this??? It's just too sickening and bizarre.
14. Who is this "Rabbi"?
Shalom   (02.06.09)
I do not believe that this Rabbi is any such thing. Sounds more like the crazy story last year of some "self-made" Rabbi who instructed a Mother to attack her kids. I am guessing that the story is nothing like it seems. If the relative was taking the kids to the doctor, perhaps the parents are incapable of running the household. They could be getting "advice" from every Tom, Dick & Harry in the street. I would very much suspect whether the neighbors actually saw abuse. Perhaps they suspected something (which in itself should have been reason to call the police), but is more understandable
15. Parents ignore child abuse
Roxy ,   Israel   (02.06.09)
The conspirency of silence in regard to the abuse of these children is shocking,that a Rabbi would instruct a parent(s) to ignore the abuse astounds me, and the neighbors that knew about the abuse yet did nothing should be ashamed! Children are a precious gift from G-D and should be treated as such, and protected from harm. The Rabbi needs to be punished as vigorously as the parents who ignored the abuse not to mention the abuser himself! Remove the children from the parent's home because they can't be trusted to protect them should a similar situation occur !
16. The Rabbi himself should be arrested and tried
Avi ,   Geneva   (02.06.09)
for complicity and neglect in this child abuse case. He is a criminal.
17. Avi # 11 . No need of a law to not abuse chidren
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.06.09)
......the law of the state of the state does not apply to them . You wrote . Do people need State laws to not abuse children ?
18. Anon # 13
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.06.09)
Yes it happens everywhere . I did'nt want to attack religious people for this , but , you do it against seculars . So i'll respond : Religious people always claim their standards , their morality is higher as this from seculars , it seems NOT always to be so . And that's the reason why Ynet , and maybe others publish this
19. If true, Rabbi should be arrested for aiding and abetting
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (02.06.09)
It sounds to me like the father made this up about the Rabbi but if it is true, the Rabbi is a criminal and should be treated as such.
20. Use the common sense God gave to us!
Eliezer ,   Boca Beach FL   (02.06.09)
Once again so called "religious laws" pervert common sense. This rabbi is more concerned about following an antiquated man-made law than protecting innocent children. This is only the tip of the iceberg. How about all of the spousal abuse not reported for fear of being ostracized. in their community. Another obscene man-made law regarding a woman's inability to get a "get" from her husband if he declines. The guilt these rabbinum place on their parishioners is unbelievable. Once again it shows the man-made laws favor man! Isn't it about time we challange these "rightous rabbinum" and start using the common sense that God gave to us!
21. that so called 'rabbi' should go to jail by himself
avi   (02.06.09)
22. Zionist Rabbis are protectors of Child Abuse
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (02.06.09)
In fact They are afraid of their own exposures of Abuses
23. Who is saying the children were raped?
Joseph ,   Dublin, Ireland   (02.06.09)
I don't see it said that the children were anally raped or forcibly sodomised in the story, it just says "molested". I suspect that the children may have been fondled rather than raped. This may explain why so many adults did not feel sufficiently motivated to report the incidents.
24. Because such animals
Israeli ,   Israel   (02.06.09)
we have wars, bloodshed, traffic accidents, diseases, lack of water, bad economy, etc. God of Israel punishes His own people for their sins. He can't keep us unpunished. Isaiah 55:11 " shall My Word be, which goes out of My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall certainly do what I sent it to do." Or He must change His Divine Character and His Holy Laws, or we must change our hearts. Otherwise we'll suffer and pay full price! Take time and think about that!
25. Poor little one.....
Jan   (02.07.09)
The abject rabbi's counsel is no less reprehensible than the parent's and neighbor's " in order to have mercy on the abuser "? ---- no different than arabs blowing up their kids. The " schmata " who labels herself a mother, is a carbon copy of her "cousin", the arab "schmata". This is what poor education or no education does to a child sequestered in a so-called classroom until manhood.(a heder?).Years of repressing all natural behavior and being subjected by their teachers and parents to a false sens of security, all in the name of religion. Sound familiar?. In modern time, this type of upbringing is lavished by a cult, a sect; And to think that hundred of millions $ are channeled to teach children the ways of a long ago era. The sad part, is that many of these abused children will abuse....!
26. How can we prove to the nations now
Israeli ,   Israel   (02.07.09)
that we are chosen people??? Deuteronomy 7,6: "For you are a holy people to Jehovah your God. Jehovah your God has chosen you to be a special people to Himself above all people that are upon the face of the earth."
27. Attacking/Defending Group X Non-Helpful
Christy ,   Boston, US   (02.07.09)
Why do some people want to use this situation to attack -or- defend any particular group?!!! Molesting children is a sin. G-d provides us with remedies for sin in His Word. However, the remedies will NOT be applied, by us, if we just point fingers and say "Only Group X has these types of sins, our group doesn't". I'm an adult survivor of child abuse that went on for over 5 years. For the children's sake, I'd like to see the pervert(s) dealt with. Children are at risk. I think G-d expects His people, no matter the Group, to act and remove this sin within any Group it's found in. Don't attack the entire Group ... deal with the action(s) of people within the group.
28. Religious should understand this makes secular people turn .
mea   (02.07.09)
away from the Lord. Israelis often have no religious knowledge base. When they see this as an example of religious community, they flee, and that makes this sin far, far worse. What a horrid crime. What a horrid display of humanity. Bread givers. Since the boy is autistic, this wrong cannot be made right, ever. Some day he will be a man--how will this community be able to face him?
29. 26 , they are NOT representative of the Jewish People
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.07.09)
There are criminals in every community . You have'nt to show that we are the choosen people , our contribution to Humanity proves it .
30. # 29 - we ALL are representative of the Jewish People!
Israeli ,   Israel   (02.07.09)
Don't be too smart!
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