Likud, Kadima in head-to-head race
Published: 06.02.09, 08:10
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1. Vote for me .....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.06.09)
I have no clearly stated positions, no principles, & I make nice speeches. Don't worry about anything I say, I promise not to keep one single promise after I'm elected. I can't really tell you what I will do - don't you like surprises? Anyway, if I tell you what I really think, you might not vote for me. Count on me to make plenty of sneaky underhanded political deals or how else can I form a coalition? My family, friends, cronies, & business associates are all counting on you to vote for me - their financial future is at stake. In conclusion, I can only tell you that you might as well vote for me since I'll end up somewhere in gov't. anyway. Thank you for your support.
2. Meretz
Irit ,   Ramat Hasharon   (02.06.09)
I think everyone is underestimating the vote for meretz. After all they truly represent the gay and lesbian community,and most ppl are to ashamed to admit it openly, but in the voting booths (in the closet), they will vote meretz!
3. B.S. nobody is voting Livni!
Daniel ,   Jerusalem   (02.06.09)
4. Jabotinsky's tomb is glowing.
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.06.09)
5. Green Movement-Meimad
EJ ,   Haifa   (02.06.09)
The Green Movement-Meimad will be the surprise of the election for any voters who want a sustainable Israel with quality education, health care, environment and future. The Green Party unfortunately has a name to its credit, but nothing in the realm of environmental success, and most voters simply don't know that. This week, more than 50 prominant environmental scholars and activists called on the public to avoid the Green Party because they simply won't help. Check out the difference -
6. #1 Vote for terry
Jayj3 ,   Israel   (02.06.09)
As an MK, You are too honest be taken seriously!
7. since when are lawyers in touch with common sense?
8. when is election day?
anybody   (02.06.09)
9. I will be voting for Ale Yarok
me ,   Israel   (02.06.09)
Its about time a young smart man entered the knesset....Instead of fascist criminals!!! Ale Yarok are vastly under estimated... Gil Kopatch Good Luck!!!!
10. tzippi livni is a lawyer, like olmert, she can not escape
her training to fit new approaches into pre-conceived ideas, based on how well she cited the paragraphs she had to memories at law school. people who have to make their side of the case stick tend to loose clear view of what is right. they act from artificial superiority that comes from being a lawyer status, without realizing that this lawyer education is a hindrance more then it is an asset for a leader
11. Bibi really shot himself in the foot with Feiglin
Yisraeli   (02.06.09)
12. Who is Labor in a tight race with?
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (02.06.09)
Is the right in a tight race with the left? Simple journalistic hype. Livni won't be able to form a coalition. Who would she form it with? Mike
13. #8 Feb 10th - 30 seconds in Google!
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (02.06.09)
14. #9 and your vote means one less for Meretz or Labor :-)
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (02.06.09)
15. Translation: Likud landslide
adam eliyahu berkowi   (02.06.09)
Anyone who has experienced one election in Israel knows that the polls before the election are absurdly skewed left. There is a rule amongst thieves that the left wing parties in Israel forget; Never believe your own lies. I am no fan of Bibi's. The opposite is true. But if the polls say it is close, the conclusion seems clear already.
16. #15 I sure hope you are wrong!
telavivit ,   tel aviv Israel   (02.06.09)
17. Bibi tried to crush Feglin and cost himself 10 seats
yitzi ,   Jerusalem   (02.06.09)
18. Clueless in wonderland
Gideon Reader   (02.06.09)
Terry#1 in Sun drenched Eilat Well Terry my buddy, it worked in America. By the way. I would vote for you early and often. Known as a "Chicago Ballot". Just the thing put forth by "cummunity organizers" of the Marxist kind, as examplified by Zero the Marxist Brotha' who currently occupies the clueless seat at the Rosh Memshala of the USA.
19. Israeli polls
Asaf Golan ,   Sugar Land   (02.06.09)
do you remember 1996 elections? Do you remember 1999 elections? Do you remember 2006 elections? The polls did not see the collapse of the right (1999), the rise of the Angry old retirees party (2006) the huge margin for Sharon (2001) Netanyahu's victory (1996) There is always a surprise. And I doubt we will only have eleven parties in the next knesset. Its against tradition!
20. The fight for the vote
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah   (02.06.09)
B"H A seemingly unonymous poster warns "the settlers" all over Yesh that abstention from the vote is a vote for the left. On the same token ynetnews systematically censors my pro-abstention talkbacks. One gets the impression that voting in Israel is a duty, not a legitimate chioce.
21. To Jayj3 #6. Politics in ALMOST All The Countries.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (02.06.09)
What Terry is describing in TB#1 is rather the norm than the exception in politics in ALMOST all the countries in the world. That being the case, the ONLY thing we (i.e. the average citizens) can do is pray to YAHWEH, the Supreme Lord, -- and hope for the best. There is NOTHING else we can do. BTW I don’t think Terry is talking about himself in TB#1 -- he is giving the picture what politics entails.
22. #1 Terry
David ,   USA, exile   (02.06.09)
Do you promise to take many many envelopes full of bribe money? How can we vote for you if you do not include this in your platform?
23. solution.
David ,   USA, exile   (02.06.09)
Give each one running a rifle and send them to Gaza. The one who comes back alive wins. If more than one returns let the one who eliminated the most hamas be winner. If no one comes back, then vote for Terry.
24. Terry I would vote for you
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (02.06.09)
Terry I'd vote for you. By the way join my yahoo group
25. Irrespective of who gets elected Obama will
Al   (02.06.09)
throw Isreal under the bus. He has changed Americas view..In his opening speach he talk about America being a country of Christians and Moslems. He's first call to an interenational leader was to the Holocaust denier Abbas. That is what you have to be concerned about. Your leadership in general are worthless for they understand that Israelis are basic schnorrers who can be satisfied with a krepel... In summary israel is cooked.
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