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Anti-Semitism makes it to China?
Boaz Arad
Published: 22.02.09, 13:33
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61. #60 – I like you and I like you’re reminding me not to
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (02.24.09)
"assume" - Please put on your “Juden Ozen” and try to listen. The Torah is the key, both Islam and Christianity contain this Holy treatise. Life “Chai” is the paramount “lizkot” award. What is this life? Life is cognizance; the divine spark. Both Islam and Christianity are seeded with that which is necessary, Greeks and Romans didn’t worship without reward; The Orah of the Ivriim was considered atavistic and arrested by the Hellenists. They (the Hellenists) from their opinion were attempting to advance, uplift and “shepherd the peoples of Judea, Edom, Samaria and Israel”. These subsequent beliefs (chrisianity and Islam) were resultant of the exile, they were centered on the afterlife NOT current life. The purpose of the “holy observances” nay; the existence of the tribe of Judah was and is to “provide a place for the Kohanim” This is the Al Aqsa Mosque; the site of the Har HaBayit – I quote “it isn’t about the land by the sea, not the country but the dwelling of his Majesty” the Shechinah, the “divine presence” but, the Holy place, “The Holy House” must be rebuilt; but not on the schedule of Ben Adom but on the schedule of the Adom Olam and, we must adhere, observe and never “short cut” Torah. J4J, Messianic Jews, Kerem Adonai, etc, etc , etc. - are wholly unnecessary and a complete unjust affront if one considers the honor, majesty and beauty of being included within the greater community of Israel. I become frustrated with the inability to convey these ideas in the roman languages due to some imprecision. But know this - Jewish ≠ islamo or christo phobia and although I must accept the piety and holy origins of Islam and Christianity I do not have to abide or adhere to the tenets of either. As far as my comment about reading a book goes --- I already recommended one; high on my must read list and it is written by Hyam Maccabee (Jesus the Pharisee), the other is (Holy Blood Holy Grail) not because it offends Christianity but it does so well in chronicling the anti-Semitic events prevalent in pre 21st century Europe. P.S. Also much of my rudeness is a result of dealing with Christian Identity/Positive Christianity adherents that often post TBs under the guise of being Jewish. These zealots are overwhelmed by a compulsion to fulfill their “witnessing” and “conversion” requirements- that is quite abhorrent to me. One of these are Rikvah and the other may be Paqid (Paqid however, I am not 100% sure about yet)
62. Chinese needed to know this truth.
Steve ,   Perth, Australia   (03.15.10)
As the last marrow is sucked from the bones of the West, by the Jewish banksters, it is well that the Chinese are forewarned of the destructive and deceitful nature of the Ashkenazim and especially of their wicked state of terror, Israel.
63. anti-semitism
acudoc ,   USA   (03.15.10)
Why are there so many Jews represented in the central banking establishments of the world, far out of proportion to their numbers in the general population? As modern day banking is a fraudulent operation based on the issuance of fiat (polticized) money as debt without any other backing, one wonders what character trait draws people to that profession? Pure greed? The desire to control others?
64. Whole world now knows...
OmarF ,   Dhaka, Bangladesh   (03.15.10)
It was only a matter of time.... The real truth will out when Judgement Day comes from the Creator of the worlds and many that day will wish they were dust.....READ AL-Qur'an
65. As you sow
Eyes Wide Open ,   Australia   (03.15.10)
So shall you reap..........
66. #48 & High oil prices
Eyes Wide Open ,   Australia   (03.15.10)
This is not entirely correct, in fact is is utter rubbish but just to humour you......Why are the oil prices high? Could it be the markets reaction to unrest in the middle east, particularly Israels threats against Iran...gee ya think?
67. It is a lie
Fong Hong Sushi Barn ,   Beijing   (03.15.10)
Eric, are you a great doctor, actor, scientist, writer, businessman? Didn't think so. Also, since people of the Jewish cult dish out nobel peace prizes, you cannot use that tally to insinuate superiority. I mean, Obama got the nobel peace prize. It's a joke, and you are a fool, friend.
68. chinese antisemites
fum ,   universal   (03.15.10)
Chinese know this Semitic trouble makers long ago. Jews control US, US, under influence of British (actually Jews), control world economic, especially oil price (deal in dollars). So who actually causing all these problems?
69. China wakes up to the truth!
Mikhail Mentze ,   Leipzig, Germany   (03.15.10)
When you find yourself getting kicked out of one country: Bad luck. Out of two: Shit happens. Out of 39: The problem lies with YOU, NOT the goyim. Take a look at yourselves. When you learn to behave like other human beings, you'll be accepted by them.
70. Chinese Anti_Semitism
Bodine Beaudreaux ,   New Orleans, LA, USA   (03.15.10)
Perhaps the Chinese are seeing things as they really are. The Zionist Jews are screwing-up the whole world, financially, morally, spiritually.
71. Bunch of whiners - not winners.
Ima Goyim ,   USA   (03.15.10)
On one hand you state -"in the eyes of most Chinese, Jewish people are considered "smart," "rich" and "good at making money." The other "According to a bestselling book in China, which is leading the sales charts in the country, the answer is clear: The Jews." Just because they said that, now they are antisemites. It just goes to prove you are really effed up in the head.
72. The Plan obviously exists
George Orwell ,   England   (03.15.10)
The world is divided into two parts: the Western part is controlled by the privatization of money creation and mass brainwashing. The other part suddenly appeared in 2003, when Putin kicked out the Rothschild oligarchs. In April 2005, the Chinese declared the independence of their banking system (and Kissinger immediately flew to Beijing). I was told (by somebody from the top) that 'the United States doesn't exist, but the people haven't been told'. He was referring to Jewish power. About 150 Mossad operatives were deported after 9/11, which the Rothschilds paid for. You need to be lucky. You have a lot of enemies all over the world, especially in high places.
73. Is this important book available in English or Spanish?
Diego ,   La Jolla CA USA   (03.16.10)
Is this important book available in English or Spanish?
74. Mossad
Yitzhak ,   Tel Aviv   (03.16.10)
If there are no conspiracies, why is there a Mossad? a CIA? an FSB? an MI5? a Sûreté?
75. ?
Ozzy ,   USA   (03.19.10)
Why is telling the truth considered anti-Semitic?
76. How many of you have read the book?
Lucas ,   Newport   (03.19.10)
Most of these comments seem to talk about antisemitism and other generalities. This is not the issue. The issue is whether the author is accurate or not. Read the book and then check up on the contents, you might be surprised.
77. anti gentile
Dan ,   Boston   (03.25.10)
For all this never ending talk among Jews over exposing antisemitism there is another form of anti__ism that openly exposes itself. Judging from a steady pattern of commentary from Jews in Israel and the western media I see allot of anti European,anti Arab and now the seedlings of anti Asian sentiment. Perhaps Ynet can begin to explore,and provide commentary regarding,and address anti gentile sentiment among Jews...there is a wealth of material to draw from as it is everywhere ...including the very responses that precede mine here on this article. I will not hold my breathe waiting to see anti__ism addressed.
78. Anti-Gentile
Kat ,   Chicago   (04.04.10)
I see all the jews on here doing their usual damage control. I agree with 77. Dan, where's the dialog about all the anti-gentile rhetoric that jews make. And it doesn't end with dialog, take a trip to Isn'tReal as a Christian, visit the sites and jews walk right up to you and spit on you. That's the thanks Americans get for keeping them afloat. Without aid from the U.S. that piece of matzo would collapse like a cheap table made in China.
79. Jews are on borrowed time
Joe ,   Framingham, MA USA   (07.14.10)
The Jews are on borrowed time. The BIBLE says they are CONTRAY to ALL MEN..... We are suffering the behavior of a people who have left God and as a result have turned away from the living God to an "Arm of Flesh" 2 Chron 32:8 That arm of flesh includes the political, entertainment and media of the world to try to make righteous people come over to the Zionist warped unethical immoral behavior. Below the judgement of God. 1Th 2:14 For ye, brethren, became followers of the churches of God which in Judea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things from your own countrymen, even as they have from the Jews: 1Th 2:15 Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men:
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