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Rabbi Aviner supports importation of Breslov grave
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 12.03.09, 07:33
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1. the idol worshippers have lost the plot
Concerned ,   Jerusalem   (03.12.09)
pure idol worshippers: Not to make a graven image; neither to make it oneself nor to have it made by others (Ex. 20:4) (CCN9). Not to make any figures for ornament, even if they are not worshipped (Ex. 20:20) (CCN144). Not to make idols even for others (Ex. 34:17; Lev. 19:4) (CCN10). Not to use the ornament of any object of idolatrous worship (Deut. 7:25) (CCN17). Not to make use of an idol or its accessory objects, offerings, or libations (Deut. 7:26) (CCN18). See Grape Products. Not to drink wine of idolaters (Deut. 32:38) (CCN15). See Grape Products. Not to worship an idol in the way in which it is usually worshipped (Ex. 20:5) (CCN12). Not to bow down to an idol, even if that is not its mode of worship (Ex. 20:5) (CCN11). Not to prophesy in the name of an idol (Ex. 23:13; Deut. 18:20) (CCN27). Not to hearken to one who prophesies in the name of an idol (Deut. 13:4) (CCN22). Not to lead the children of Israel astray to idolatry (Ex. 23:13) (CCN14).
2. About time!
Stan ,   USA   (03.12.09)
Now we won't have so many people having to flock to visit the Ukrainians who obviously hate us with a passion and giving them money for the privileged.
3. i agree! Bring him to Israel!
Carrie   (03.12.09)
4. Grave
The Ukrainians will never give it up - it's a gold mine for them.
5. prevent the occurrence of a third world war?
observer   (03.12.09)
as did the grave of Herzel ?
6. Bring the Rabbi home - bring his prayers to life
Sheila ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (03.12.09)
Save millions of dollars spent on visits to Uman by who have no money so that their children can eat !
7. Good idea
More common sense from Rabbi Aviner. We should do all we can to prevent Jewish tourists from visiting Eastern Europe (or any part of Europe).
8. Come home Rabbi
9. it is all about money, no more
observer   (03.12.09)
10. whole heartedly agree
Yisraeli   (03.12.09)
But even if Israel wanted to I can see Ukraine raising all sorts of objections even to the point of claiming the graveside as a national heritage. Not coz it has any value to them just the amount of money it brings them. But Israel should try in earnest. And no its not idol worship but a meletz yosher, I dont know where #1 bases his views on and all his quotes are out of context.
11. Concerned is On Track
heymish ,   jersey   (03.12.09)
Great post...we must not fall prey, due to our human weaknesses, to empty, non-Torah ideas.
12. that is the proff...
ghostq   (03.12.09)
that even dead people can do Alia, will he get benefits in rent money?
13. grave NOT in town of Breslov
Chaim   (03.12.09)
C'mon Ynet, everyone knows Rabbi Nachman is not buried in Breslov, but in Uman. Can't you people get basic facts straight?
14. Electicity is a great thing, isn't it?
Shalom ,   Aleichem   (03.12.09)
We have just been connected to the grid, no more candles for me. Next week we are getting water direct from a tap, no more daily trips to the well. I tell you, I love the 21st century......
ANGELINA ,   HOLON ISRAEL   (03.12.09)
16. #1 - I agree with you
David ,   Yerushalayim   (03.12.09)
But I would go even further. The Breslovs are not Jewish. They relate to Nachman like the Christians relate to Jesus. They are nutcases.
17. And who will guard the grave, since they don't do police or
Jehudah   (03.12.09)
military serivce...??
18. its just bones
i wonder   (03.12.09)
you idiots! his soul is long gone. holy crap, r u guys really that stupid?
19. Idolotry, necrophilia and money
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (03.12.09)
That's what it's all about.
20. @18 totally agree!
Jack ,   US   (03.12.09)
22. His follower's chant
ben milner ,   London, UK   (03.12.09)
Can someone supply a translation of the chant of his followers (and the henrew version). To a non-jew this whole happy cult is a fascinatingly odd business.
23. Christian & Meshumadim Slanderers
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.12.09)
be-Reishit 50.25, Shemot 13.19; Yehoshua 24.32
24. Na Nach Nachman Me'Uman
Efi ,   Washington DC   (03.12.09)
25. 21 on 1
ronny ,   ramat gan   (03.12.09)
wow, i can't tell you how many intelligent ways there are to counter #1's argument, but dismissing psukim outright is not one of them... 21, please do your homework before giving reproof.
26. We do not need this
LarryT ,   K. Sava   (03.12.09)
27. Yet Another Circus To Divert Attention From Real Issues!
David ,   Los Angeles   (03.12.09)
28. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge
Proverbs 1:7 ,   Shlomo, Israel   (03.12.09)
"and if the will of Rabbi Nachman was that people would come to visit his grave, of course his will could be carried out with more enthusiasm in the Land of Israel." This is man-made religion for the sake of this man-made religion! Not "enthusiasm", but the REAL fear of the LORD - this is what they REALLY need! Visiting of graves and faith in Almigthty God have NOTHING in common! Lack of respect to what is written in Tanach, lack of REAL fear of the LORD is very bad sign and example for the nation!
29. #23
Beni ,   Israel   (03.12.09)
Paqid Yirmeyahu - ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Probably only your "Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority" can bring together your references(be-Reishit 50.25, Shemot 13.19; Yehoshua 24.32) with next passages: "trend of massive prostration on the Rebbe's grave" "will of Rabbi Nachman was that people would come to visit his grave" "burial in Israel accomplishes atonement for the sins of the deceased" "the importation of the grave will bring salvation to the world in the fields of security and economics, and will prevent the occurrence of a third world war"
30. Agreed!!!
Michael ,   Galut   (03.12.09)
His supporters, if they really support Rav Nachman of Breslov, should bring him to Israel.
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