Iran leader says world can't stop nuclear progress
Published: 20.03.09, 15:52
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1. world can't stop nuclear "progress"
john ,   Boise, ID USA   (03.20.09)
..can't be blocked, but can be bombed
2. " New Beginning"
hakim ,   usa   (03.20.09)
"He did not mention Obamas videotaped offer of a new beginning" It seems to me Israel is being more isolated by the world every second that goes by. What will she do?? Go at it alone?? I doubt it, even YOUR president doubts it trying to appeal to the Iranians. It seems to me the jokes on you!!!
4. iran tells world it's too late to stop them
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (03.20.09)
Not after the cat's out of the bag and on its way to Israel and the USA! Tsk, tsk, and after Pres. Hussein proposed marriage to ahmadine-jihad by way of "engagement"!
5. if Obama & Bibi have the courage your program is history
zionist forever   (03.20.09)
If the Obama administration wasn't in love with the islamic world and had any guts they could put a permanent end to Irans nuclear and put its missile program years behind within a week. There are two carrier fleets on Irans front door which alone have over 100 fighters and bombers, there is a US airbase in Bahrain and depending on the political situation could launch air strikes from both Afghanistan and Iraq. Thats many hundreds of US jets all superior to anything Iran has. The carrier fleet also has hundreds of Tomohawk cruise missiles. So within a week of air strikes Irans military would be one of the weaker ones in the region and not a single American soilder on the ground. Israel may with a combination of balistic missiles, the new extended range F15 & F16 jets & combat & anti radar UAVS and possibly special forces destroy a few nuclear which although it won't end the program will put it back by years allowing more time for the diplomats to play their games.
6. and sure enough peres and obama rush into line up.
supreme ayatollah ,   says:kiss my ass   (03.20.09)
there's not a snowballs chance in hell that khamenei or ahmadinejad are going to change their minds in this lifetime but our genius leaders wont give up wooing these 2 nuts.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (03.20.09)
The articles pertains to Iranian civil Nuclear programme while you have given the headlines as 'Cant Stop The Nukes'...................suggesting bombs.Why?
8. Iran already has the bomb....
Nothing you can do about it. So just shut the F. up, and get on with your miserable lives.
9. This is Iran's response to Obama diplomacy
10. obama just announced new butt kissing offer to "talk."
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.20.09)
11. To: Hakim at No. 2
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.20.09)
Oh, Israel is quite accustomed to going it alone. Entebbe? Osirac? Other militaries in the world are so inept, they'd just get in Israel's way.
12. Yes we can, nuck them all
smith   (03.20.09)
13. MIKE
jb ,   Canada   (03.20.09)
HEY MIKE, ONE OF THOSE IRANIAN NUKES WILL BE AIMED AT ANTWERP! Good going fool. Not everyone cheers for their own obliteration, but there are exceptions like you. Excuse me while I puke!
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (03.20.09)
As if you are in a kind of trance.Alone? You are now definitely joking,Sarah.
15. Mahmood, crawl in a hole!
16. Khamenei & Ahmadinejad: to be disapointed in "Gott mit Uns"
Joe ,   Canada   (03.20.09)
These two Islamist fanatics believe in the divine protection for their nuclear program in spite of the past strong warnings of France, the USA & Israel against proceeding with their plan. They are going to be disapointed like their nazis predecessors who had "Gott Mit Uns" engraved on the their belt buckles.
17. Spoken like a true "head up the ass" European, #3
Cameron ,   USA   (03.20.09)
Logic from Belgium.
18. To: No. 14
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.20.09)
Israel doesn't need any help to wipe out a country such as Iran, with a poorly trained military, dispirited soldiers, ancient, broken-down equipment and no spare parts. Until by sheer force of numbers Iran overcame Iraq (it took eight years, though!), do you remember how Iraq kicked Iran's butt? I remember it very well. This wouldn't be a conventional war. Israel will come at you from all directions, and if you think you had it bad in the war with Iraq, you ain't seen NOTHING yet. Israel is, pound for pound, the best fighting force in the world. It knows how to fight against an enemy ten times its size, because that has always been a fact of life for Israel. When Iran and Iraq fought that long war, it was only by sheer force of numbers that Iran eventually prevailed. Iran won't have the luxury of that with Israel. Israel is the epitome of the quality of the fight in the soldier being superior to the quantity of soldiers in the fight. Don't delude yourself. Why don't we just wait and see. Time will tell.
19. TRUE. The world cannot stop Iran from nuking Jerusalem.
Rivkah   (03.20.09)
The Prophet Isaiah describes what can only be a nuclear attack on Jerusalem with the mighty men dying and an invasion that results in the bald women being ravished (gang raped as slaves, probably). The world cannot stop this from happening, but Israel can. How? By addressing the causes of God lifting His restraining hand on His Holy Mountain, Jerusalem. God can protect Jerusalem from a nuclear attack if the things that are upsetting the Lord are changed. What is upsetting the Lord in Jerusalem? Women with wanton eyes. Males flaunting sodomy. And cheating the poor. Stop those offenses and the Lord Himself will protect Jerusalem. The consequences of a nuclear attack on Israel and invasion is that the Lord will destroy many countries described as being involved. Egypt will become uninhabitable for forty years. Tyre and Zidon in Lebanon will be destroyed. Damascus will be destroyed. Iran will be subdued if not destroyed. God will destroy the armies of the nations that march against Israel by an earthquake and then by the armies turning on each other. The wild birds and beasts of prey will feast on captains and kings and soldiers that attack Israel. Here, kitty, kitty...I say to the Persian Lion. Here, kitty, kitty. Go ahead and attack Israel and be destroyed.
20. SCORED A POINT OVER YOU...........#15
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (03.20.09)
I hit it right on the head.When someone does not have anything to be able to write,this is what he does..............the way you have.Now, you may crawl back into where you came from.Ha ha!!!!
21. #11 Sarah, New York
Waleed ,   Lebanon   (03.20.09)
Sarah, I assure you that Iran is no Entebbe. You saw a very small sample of Iranian might back in 2006. The problem with you Zionists is that you fail to realize that Israel is what keeps anti semitism alive.
22. #2, your name's Hakim, your opinion's invalid.
23. The Iranian arms race.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (03.20.09)
The most dominant threat is fundamentalist Islam and that the West hasn't prompted the right moves to stop the Iranian arms race. Still, it isn't too late to implement effective isolation and financial sanctions which can lead to an internal change in Iran." Israel is doing the right thing by stressing that the Iranian problem shouldn’t bother it solely. And, let’s be clear and confident: Israel knows how to simultaneously attack and defend itself." But mostly, Israel needs stability and a competent leadership as explained at :
24. If Iran nuked Israel....
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (03.20.09)
Israel/The Jews would still be blamed for the deaths of all the Palestinians. Because that is the nature of this screwed up international community. So onto more serious things; all that needs to be done to end this idiotic cold war is sanction Iran to put Americium into their reactors:^l2491&enPage=BlankPage&enDisplay=view&enDispWhat=object&enVersion=0&enZone=Technology& If they do not do that, then it is obvious they are using it for non-civil reasons. I'm curious why in the first place Iran is going Nuclear for "civil" reasons. Why not solar, they're in the fucking desert. Oh wait....Solar technology = Israel technology.
25. To: Waleed at No. 21
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.20.09)
I saw a very long sample of Iranian "might" during its war with Iraq. I was not impressed. In 2006, what you saw was an Israel holding back to an extraordinary degree. Don't count on that happening again.
26. # 2: "New Beginning"???????
Ari ,   US   (03.20.09)
Go it alone? That means no one can tell Israel to restrain the IDF and Mossad, any longer. That also means if Israel is attacked, or backed into a corner, chances are she'll blow all of the M. E.'s oil fields out of existence, along with your own behind. Upon that day- you have reason to worry. You forget, they have been greatly restrained. Those days are now over- Olmert is out, and Bibi and the right are in. "New Beginning"???? You apparently do not read the news here. Apart from some nutbuckets on the left, Obama and the Democrats are very quickly loosing public approval. His appointments are being rejected and thrown out for corruption, not paying their taxes, and the administrations uncontrolled spending, as well as Obama's growing list of breaking campaign promises, and many other things. The honeymoon is over for him. People are seeing through his sweet-talk. There are now over 1,000 protest "Tea Partys " going on throughout the country. They have been blocking this news in the media. But this movement is growing - and rapidly, beyond the government's control. Google it. So don't relax and smile with contentment. The US right wing is quickly gaining favor again- and they LOVE Israel. That is a fact. And, it is being shown that the Democrats will lose the Congress and probably, the Senate. Obama is proving to be a Socialist, with sympathies that are against the American public's, and neither party, let alone US citizens will ever stand for that. They are already overturning his policies, and most states have formally declared "States Rights". His "New Beginning" is quickly ending.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (03.20.09)
Didn't we Sara?Innocent civilians were the targets.And you talking about the Iranian Revolutionary Guards being weak?Make sure you don't utter those words in your area.They will chase you away because they know the reality.Why,otherwise would the rhetorics continue for the last 4 years?
28. Don't worry, folks! The naturalized usurper will...
secede Texas & Okla. ,   from socialist USA!   (03.20.09)
save us all! Hahaha! BARRY SOETORO, aka Obama, will just call up the US Treasury and tell them to print up trillions more worthless Federal Reserve Notes. When you are talking trillions of "dollars", hell, what's a few trillion more?? Then BARRY SOETORO/ Obama will just buy off Iran's nuke progam with a dozen shipping containers full of "dollars"! Hahaha! We are so freaking doomed!
29. To: No. 27
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.20.09)
You really believe your own rhetoric, don't you? How sad. Can you tell me why Gaza parents sell their children to be suicide bomebrs? Must derive from the same impulse that saw Iranian children throw themselves into the path of oncoming Iraqi tanks. I guess such abysmal lack of respect for human life is a Moslem thing, huh? Must be .... it's the common thread. At least the former head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard figured out the truth. He defected to the United States, didn't he? Oh, he did. He surely did. And you, I note, live in Londonistan; far from the madding crowd ....
30. #25 Sarah, New York
Waleed ,   Lebanon   (03.20.09)
Iran that fought the war with Iraq back in the 80s was an Iran in disarray. Iran 2009 is a different. Its the one and only superpower in the region. You may not want to admit that but you and your leaders know that very well. If Iran was a push over, Israel would have attacked Iran's nuclear installations long time ago. You say you are not impressed and frankly I could care less if you were. As for 2006, Israel held back sh$t. Israel gave it all they have and came out empty handed. Your IDF had to escape with thier tails between their legs.
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