US official: No alternative to 2-state solution
Roni Sofer
Published: 17.04.09, 08:37
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2. Two state solution is a NO State solution
DT ,   TA Israel   (04.17.09)
The alternative - and the right one - is for Israel to exerciese it's tongue and say "NO" and preferably "Goodbye Americe, EU, UN, the Quartet" and "Hullo FREEDOM and Independance"
3. No matter how many times you print that headline
It will always be a dumbass statement!
American   (04.17.09)
Would mean that the Negev base is goodbye also
5. This is not a solution!!!!
eli ,   jerusalem   (04.17.09)
In 1948 when Israel was founded and declared, it was happily content, the Palestinians/Arbs weren't. This would mean that Israel to pull back to the 1967 lines.
7. Unlimited people, one homeland...not a 23rd
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (04.17.09)
What is the mystery? Why the limitations? Of course neutralizing everyone who is proximate to the arab mainstream thought as extended through Islam would bring peace, but depending on the means, it would bring a moral dilemma of not being sure who would actaully act out those ideals and thus, victims would contiue to pay with the currency of their blood and hands of mainstream arab thought actualized. Well thn, actualize one homeland for one people. Enforce the right of return of those that come to kill you back to the homicidal Hamite peninsular homeland of their own name. That is only humane so you won't have to kill them when they come to actualize their ideals. Yehudim in Yehuda and arabs in arabia. Is that not simple enough? They usurp your faith and now wish to extort your land with broken promises, were they to come. As if they think like you. Yet you continue to do the same thing that results in the same ends. MAss-murderers left in your midst due to un-won wars.
8. Only a Vatican led American gov't will demand divided Land.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (04.17.09)
The Roman Catholics reject the Bible and will not believe that G_d hates that the nations will seek to divide the Land of Israel. Joel 3:2 Judgment will come to America for this sin, and then to Rome.
9. It's possible if...
David ,   New England   (04.17.09)
If the Palestinians get rid of Hamas and Fatah, allow for freedom of religion and women's rights and negotiate in good faith like adults without resorting to violence. Of course, as they say, the odds of this happening are about the same as a snowball's chance in hell.
10. he came , he saw,
ben77 ,   baltimore usa   (04.17.09)
he kicked israeli azz.....................mitchell basically called them in one by one and sat them down and told them ITS OBAMA TIME!!!!!!!!
11. When are all the two State solution people going to read
Rivkah   (04.17.09)
Joel in the Bible and all the other references that warn dividing God's land will lead to Armageddon? That means the end of Gentile world rule and the Gentile era with Israel becoming the head nation. Is that what they want? Sounds good to me; but the process of getting there is so horrific, I would think these people would back off. One third of Israel will make it to the Jewish Messiah's kingdom. Half the people in the world will die from wars, plagues, famine, natural disasters, floods, droughts, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc. in the coming years as the outrage of the Lord causes Him to withdraw his restraining hand on lawlessness and wars.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (04.17.09)
Bibi will cave in to any pressure and bow down to his masters in Washington. So will Lieberman and his fellow loudmouth party members, who produce mainly noise and no substance. For some reason many people here think that elections reflect the will of the people and nothing is further from the truth. This system that has been in place since 60 years, produces the same weak leaders, who will not act on our right of self determination and act against our own interests. With a secular elite in key positions, one can expect our security situation to further weaken. As long as we have people at the helm who believe, that our existence is solely dependent on the USA, we will see a bigger decline of our hold on to our land.
13. The US(and rest of the world) means well...
withheld ,   copenhagen, Denmark   (04.17.09)
But they rush into an obvious mantrap. Who in the Palestinian controled West Bank is ready to take responsibility for those areas? I mean govern, not just control? Who can undertake this enormous task, of building a society on a platform that has created nothing productive so far? I sincerely hope, that the US and the rest of the world has given this(creation of a Palestinian state) much more thought than what it seems. I personally hope for a two state solution, but I totally agree with Netanyahu, that such a state should be molded very carefully, by economy and skillful democratic craftmanship.
15. The west's real motives are finally emerging.
michael   (04.17.09)
The fake altruistic image of the west is finally fading and the ugly face of the west is emerging. The good news is now the other half of Israel that has been living under a facade can realize once and for all. No matter how much you cowtow to the west you are still a jew and you have to be subjugated to the world's desire. Maybe now, you'll look to heaven because the world's best interests and ours aren't the same anymore.
16. 2 state solution yes give illinois to the Palestinians
Michael   (04.17.09)
17. # 16 give NY to the jews
18. 2 states
colin   (04.17.09)
If Obama so badly wants 2 states LET HIM GIVE THE TERRORISTS,HAMAS ETC A PIECE OF GROUND IN WASHINGTON STATE. He will have his wish next door.What more can Obama wish for.Israel is too small to devide and cannot financially afford the arab beggers and liars/
19. Which 2 States?
Rube Vogel ,   Jerusalem   (04.17.09)
The so called "moderate" Palestinians accept the principle of 2 states but which 2 states? The answer is: One exclusivley for Palestinians and the other for Palestinians ruling over a Jewish minority. There inability to accept the premise that one of these 2 states is a Jewish state is not just a technicality.
20. 18
US Citizen   (04.17.09)
Israel is the biggest recipient of US $$$
21. We Need A 3- State Solution
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (04.17.09)
The third state being exclusively for me and my loved ones.
22. The word "demand" is hopefully just an error in translaton .
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (04.17.09)
and Roni Sofer adds his opinions as if they are facts. "However, Mitchell's pressure during this visit, which may be followed by a meeting between Netanyahu and Obama several weeks from now, is making senior governmental officials sweat". " it was clear to the prime minister, foreign minister and defense minister, that the road to achieving this is hard and may be impossible". The above two quotes are simply wishful thinking on Sofer's part, and there is no reason to believe that any of the people in government are either 'sweating' or believing that the 'acheivment' is impossible. Mike P.S. And please contact JPost and tell them that the right hand side of their articles is missing the last couple of letters when viewed Internet Explorer.
23. #10 - but America is unable to pressure Israel
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (04.17.09)
So Mitchell is simply barking. How can the US force Israel to do something? By cutting off aid? Thanks to Bibi the Israeli taxpayer could absorb such a burden fairly easily because US aid, even when combined with the Diaspora's donations, equals less than 2 percent of Israel's GDP. Cutting of weapons supplies? That would mean firing the engineers, technicians and blue-collar workers involved in manufacturing what the IDF buys from the U.S. Can you imagine that at this present time? Israel is also the US's only true ally in the region. People who imagine that the US can simply bully Israel into doing things that it doesn't want to do, are simply short on facts. Mike
24. The West can't admit there is no solution right now
Sam ,   Canada   (04.17.09)
A 2- state solution may seem the only logical solution to the West but the West is in denial when it thinks the Arabs and Jews can agree on the parameters of a 2 state solution.Maintaining a fictitious peace process may or may not reduce violence and terrorism but with the Olmert administration the limits of Jewish concessions has been reached anyways. Anything more that would be offered the Palestinians is very negligible and Abbas turned Olmert down on every issue. Unless the Palestinians lower their expectations another war is inevitable and just a matter of time.
25. Many State Solution Required
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (04.17.09)
1) State of mind 2)Altered state .3)State of confusion. 4) state your case.
26. I support
Retired IDF Soldier   (04.17.09)
a 2 states solution for the benefit of Israel. If we do not make it, it will be imposed on us.
27. No alternative?
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (04.17.09)
The Palestinians will never ever be able to run their own state(s). Give the Gaza strip to Egypt and the West Bank to Jordan and let them take care of their brothers.
28. America ,cut in half
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.17.09)
The more the U.S. pressures Israel the more it is being divided and cut in pieces.(see Zechariah 12:3) Seeds of civil war are growing in America and Texas governor Rick Perry hinted at seceding from the Union. The more we work to carve up Israel the more the U.S. will crumble and disintergrate. L;ook at the economic upheval and now the political instability already brewing. Better quit tryting to play God and take care of your own problems ,Mr paper tiger.
29. Everyone Is Looking For A Quick Fix
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (04.17.09)
To an age-old problem.How does one make G-d laugh? answer : by telling him your plans.
30. #23 Mike
Michael ,   Haifa   (04.17.09)
The model, that will most effectively make our "nationalistic" leaders and talkbackers see the light, is the South African model. When Israel faces a world-wide economic boycott, Netanyahu & Co. (and maybe even you, Mike) will miraculously become "flexible"
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