Norway lawyers to charge Olmert with war crimes
Published: 22.04.09, 00:12
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1. Such Silence
J ,   Chicago   (04.22.09)
Why such silence regarding the Tamil Tigers' slaughter at the hands ofthe sri lankan government? Not a word on the subject. Oh, I forgot. Sri Lankans aren't jewish . . . My bad
2. Norway?
Laurence ,   Santa Ana, CA USA   (04.22.09)
On one hand, Norway is an unimportant country. So who gives a rat's a$$ what Norway does. On the other hand, uh, there is no other hand. Norway is unimportant.
3. #1 You dummy!
jv ,   LA, USA   (04.22.09)
This is an Israeli paper and an article about Israel an Norway. If you were truly interested in Tamil, you would go to an Asian news source or even a British one. I do have to wonder what kind of jerks would allow those young Tamil men to starve to death in London as an empty gesture.
4. To #1 - Such Silence
Ze'ev ,   Eshkolot   (04.22.09)
That's the same reason the Norweigans forgot how to speak about Russia's massacres of the Chechen people -- Vladimir Putin isn't Jewish!
5. Why SUCH Silence on Indonesia
ben ,   Golan- singapore   (04.22.09)
Indonesians Slaughtered many Chinese People, Catholic Priest , Methodist Pastors and Mission Workers .We have many of Indonesian Chinese that are taking refuge in Singapore. In Malaysia many indian youth were arrested and assaulted, to death while in the custody of the Police, Why The nOrway lawyers dont take such matters. Dafur ? must I say more ? Why the nOrway lawyers dont charge Indonesian ?
6. Let all off gaza live in Norway, see how they like that.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.22.09)
7. Haha...lets move the Pali Arabs to Norway
Gail ,   USA   (04.22.09)
so that they can appreciate the full force of Hamastani terror in Oslo or Bergen.
8. Israel responded to massive terrorist attacks
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.22.09)
againts Israelis and Gazans. If any group should be charged against war crimes it is the hamas. They've being abusing citizens of the region through they're ridiculous charter from the offset. If anything, the previous government should have never allowed the IDF to leave Gaza during the op so prematurely as they did in order to secure the situation that hamas caused by their crude behaviour towards the accord. The expedient intent of these lawyers is the very same as that what made the accord such a disaster. I wonder if it ever dawned on these lawyers that there are communities of both sides suffering from these thugs that have been abusing the agenda of the peace accord. Nothing against Norway, but these seven of them should examine the mind of a terrorist more deeply before barking at Israel over war crimes. The Oslo accord failed
9. Norway AntiSemite Lawyers
Brod ,   USA   (04.22.09)
Israel can tell these AntiSemite lawyers to go to Hell.
10. Norway
Ryan Max ,   NY NY   (04.22.09)
If I recall correctly, home of Quisling and smoked salmon.
11. Norway supports Qassam rockets to kill Jews
Moshe ,   Brooklyn   (04.22.09)
Norway has no problem when Jews are being killed by rockets and they have a problem with Jews defending themselves. Norway would have also prosecuted Jews if they would defend themselves against the Nazis.
12. Norway
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (04.22.09)
Norway the nation of quislings,this time with the Islamo Fascistas,who wish to wipe out Israel.
13. war criminals
mohson   (04.22.09)
the real war criminals are the clients of the norwegian lawyers who supported the terror crimes of the hamas brotherhood filth clan. i do agree that the IDF did not behave correctly in that they were too lenient. They should have blasted the arabs to hell. Finally, arabs may have a point about olmert. He offered them everthing and they want to charge him as war criminal. He is so weak, so cowardly and so stupid, that he should be prosecuted for criminal neglect of the israeli state. Right now, the supreme court and mazuz are protecting olmert. As far as norway is concerned, you will soon be praying to allah 5 x a day and sharia law will overtake you. Also you will taste the fruits of sucide bombings, car bombs and so. Otherwise, like the swiss president and sarcosy, the norweigans have become cowards of the first order and slaves to radical islam.
14. norway
warren ,   new york, usa   (04.22.09)
Vikdun Quisling is Norway's "Godfather". As we know, a tiger does not change their stripes. We should not be surprised by the behavior of the Norwegians. Even though there are under 1,000 Jews in Norway, it is too much for them. Let Norway embrace the lowest elements in fundamentalist Islam and ultimately be under Sharia Law. That nation deserves no better.
15. Norwegian Quislings slaughter Whales. Sue them
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (04.22.09)
The Norwegians Quislings slaughter whales. Let's get them in the criminal Courts.
16. Norway's bad form
will ,   dallas tx usa   (04.22.09)
Norway is another front for the Palestinians? I always thought the Norwegians intelligent thoughtful and peaceful people. The idea that it as a nation is entertaining bringing Jewish leaders to face charges of human rights violations is absurd. The Palestinians have been murdering Israelis for centuries and during the last 61 yrs they have engaged in vicious terrorist attacks against children, women, and elderly Jewish people. Has the world forgotten about the Munich Olympic murders or the cruise ships and airliners hijacked and innocent Israeli's killed? Has the world forgotten the daily rocket attacks, suicide bombing attacks, and random attacks of armed Palestinians against the Jewish people all over the world? My goodness how one sided and unfair can a people be? What kind of fog is invading all these nations that they want to sympathize with these murderous Arabic dogs of hate? I say to hell with the Palestinians, Persians, and Arab hate groups. I guess I will simply add Norway to my list.
17. Norway
Michael ,   New York   (04.22.09)
A country that still considers it OK to kill whales, separating mothers from their offspring.... well what else can one say? A bunch of Viking barbarians.
18. concerned Norvegians.
tiki ,   belgium   (04.22.09)
Aren't the Norwegians, together with the Swiss, the only 2 EU states who stayed in the same room (applauding?) when Achmed... was spreading his venom on Israel?
19. who told norwegiens to invest in gaza while gazans were
israeli   (04.22.09)
shooting on israel? the charges won't stick, because they are hate motivated, and not rational. it's been shown how people in the government repeated that they do not want to punish gaza people, that they prepared humanitarian aid trucks to avoid as much as possible a humanitarian crisis on the other hand haniye was on tv too, saying that he prepares a big surprise for the soldiers who would dare go in, and that the streets shall be their trap of death. in other words, they boobeytrapped the civilian streets. what happens to civilians who go out to those streets? hamas never thought of them. hamas never warned the citizens, whereas the israelis called people and were giving them a notice to clear the area. some people wouldnt leave their houses. i guess they cared more about the arsenal hidden in those houses then their lives underground tunnels, a huge rocket launcher in a mosk... all ducumented. arab propaganda is much better, arabs will say what they want purely motivated by interests .
20. #1 Yea silence
Joanna ,   Norway   (04.22.09)
Tamil tigers are terrorists.. And i think the world only care what is done to the palestinians. You're a bit off topic btw.
21. Too bad they never went after the terrorists
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.22.09)
that killed Jews! This is a nasty nothing country that should be punished for the oslo accords that led to the death and maiming of thousands of Jews.
22. Not many Israelis would protest to Olmert being tried.
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (04.22.09)
Considering that he's been evading his legal battles here, time to send him to another country. P.S. I'd actually love to see this case happen. It would force people to hear Israel's perspective in another forum, see how hard it is to fight people who hide weapons in Hospitals and Mosques and use civilians as shields. Yup, let's blame the people who protect lives instead of using lives to further a "resistance"
stude ham   (04.22.09)
24. European Civil Society, Always a Friend to Palestine
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.22.09)
25. Not only that...
GZ ,   USA   (04.22.09)
Some supermarket chains in Norway have decided to place special identification stickers on products from Israel. Other Scandinavian countries may follow suit. Well, with each news piece from Norway the Canadian lox keeps looking like more and more appealing option.
26. that's why Olmert was struggling for his seat
observer   (04.22.09)
27. Norway
Dave ,   US   (04.22.09)
The Oslo Police have over the past three years investigated 41 cases of aggravated sexual assault, which resulted in rape. All of them were carried out by non-western immigrants to Norway.
28. Norway is not all bad
David ,   Rhode Island   (04.22.09)
The Kristiansand Progress party wanted to ban Islam, claiming the Koran was similar to Mein Kampf. "We are not the only ones demanding this ban", said Halvor Hulaas, chairperson in Krstiansand Frp. "This is an opinion that is well established in Scandinavian countries. We are now importing people with a religion that is practiced in the same way it was practiced when it was established in year 600. The freedom we have in Norway may be taken away from us if we do not start to have some demands to these immigrants."
29. Innocent till proven guilty
Ian   (04.22.09)
Fair trial in Norway
30. Arrest Israeli war criminal arriving in Turkey
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (04.22.09)
Turkey should arrest Israeli war criminals at their arrival in Turkey other Eurepan countires should keep Norvegian high human rights levels and follow the suit.
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