Don’t ever call me Nazi
Yoram Kaniuk
Published: 06.06.09, 15:08
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1. Truth Hurts
Lori Price ,   Bristol, CT, USA   (06.06.09)
Yoram Kaniuk declared: 'They should learn that those who refer to a Jewish policeman or soldier as "Nazi" are similar to those who deny the Holocaust.' --No, they are not. For example, I agree that the Holocaust took place and still feel that the word 'Nazi' is an appropriate term not only or many IDF troops but also for some Israeli government officials; US unelected dictators (Bush, Cheney); and CIA/mercenary torturers. Cheers, Lori R. Price Managing Editor Citizens For Legitimate Government http://www.legitgov.org/
2. helped define me
Ari ,   Tel Aviv   (06.06.09)
i served in Hebron before the dissingagement and was called a nazi every day by the "jewish" locals who i was there protecting. made me think a lot about how selfish and ignorant the settlers were. I may not be religous but my last name alone would have sent me to the death camps in WWII. Shame, shame on any jew who would utter the words, and they were uttered a lot.
3. Nazi is bad...but so is "Settler"...
Mr Lincoln ,   usa   (06.06.09)
The Left use the word "Settler" as a pejorative too. The people in Judea (Jew-day-ah) and Samaria are Jews. Living in the Heart of their land with the oldest title in the world. People in America are settlers. People in Judea and Samria are returning to their ancestral land that they obtained title to 3000+ years ago. Just like in Haifa, TA, Eilat and Beersheva. It is all the same. You cant have a right to one without the other.
4. Hate Speech
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (06.06.09)
There can be no doubt that the use of that word is meant to be 'over the top' and to denigrate and bring shame upon the target of the insult. A month of hard labor on bread and water might cure the affliction in those who see fit to hurl the epithet. Maybe that month should be spent cleaning the homes of those so insulted, or better: Have them laundering, cleaning and scrubbing the bases of the soldiers/policemen they insulted. That's in addition to taking down illegal/unlicensed structures, of course.
5. Settler-Jugend
Avi-former Sruggie ,   Israel   (06.06.09)
They just use orange instead of brown shirts.
6. True, they should not use the word nazi...
freejay333 ,   Israel   (06.06.09)
Kapo is a more accurate description to use
7. I completely agree.
Joshua ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.06.09)
You're absolutely right. The settlers think they're better than secular Israelis, and why? Because they think they're fulfilling some divine purpose? Crazy, the lot of them.
8. Banning the word Nazi
Juan ,   Spain   (06.06.09)
How can you ban words? Isn't that a bit like banning books? Some people want the words Homosexual and Sodomite banned because it gives a bad impression of them. We could ban the word Palestine, but the problem won't disappear.
9. They make me sick
Gilad ,   London UK   (06.06.09)
I find people, especially Jews, abusing the word Nazi against other Jews who are just doing what they also believe to be best for Israel to be horrifying and disgusting. These people make me sick. Frankly I feel no connection to them or their cause after they say such things. In some cases, when such language annoys me so much that I lose my cool (but only for just a second), I feel they deserve whatever it is that is happening to them to make them think they can say these things to others, especially defenders of Israel, for no good reasons. But of course I regain my composure within seconds. In any case, they are a disgrace to Jews and a stain on Israel. Just thinking about these people, while writing this talkback, has left me angry. They think they are doing something clever, but they will pay for their disgraceful abuse of history and slander ten fold when support for them truly vanishes.
10. Giving words more Power
ijieh   (06.06.09)
IF you ban a word, you only give it more power. By getting angry and emotional about a word (and yes, it's just a word) you are playing into their hands. Don't you get it? People purposely use loaded words they know will effect the listener in order to make them mad. If you really want to fight back against this type of verbal attack, turn the other cheek and walk away. Take the power away from the word by refusing to play the game. Banning the word? How ironic when discussing the term nazi, because that sounds like something they would do.
11. Mustn"t Say NAZI.How About KAPO??
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (06.06.09)
12. Why Is Yoram Kaniuk So Upset
Hugh Cares ,   Safed Israel   (06.06.09)
Could it be that deep in his soul,he knows there is more than a grain of truth in the allegation?
13. Banning Words
Moshe ,   Afula, Israel   (06.06.09)
Yoram, while I will be the first to agree that the misuse of the word "nazi" is cruel and in many respects evil, specially when referring to Jews as their persecutors, banning any word, no matter what it is, sets a scary precedent and threatens the democratic nature of the State of Israel.
14. Yoram
Ari   (06.06.09)
You are the biggest phoney. Your articles and your arguments are so disingenuous that they simply ooze dishonesty. You feign open-mindedness but you can not conceal the fact that you are just the opposite, myopic and narrow minded.
15. #6, #10
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (06.06.09)
What I'd really like to happen is the one who spoke the insult having his teeth smashed, and then doing the 3 months servitude. Might make someone think twice about calling someone else that name.
16. Fact: Over 50% of IDF combat troops are "wicked settlers"!
Yitzhak ,   Shilo, Israel   (06.06.09)
Another little fact; most of the homes/fields/ places of worship "being razed" have been Jewish - not "palestinian". One only needs to look at Gush Katif (Gaza) to understand this simple truth. Over 10,000!!!! good Jews have been thrown out on the street. What do we have to show for it? Financially ruined families, and ceaseless kassam rockets. Nice! There is only a small, understandably angry, minority who unfortunately resort to derogatory insults, and inflammatory behavior. Most of us however, are quiet, respectful individuals who's only desire is to dwell peacefully on our own land. A simple visit to any given community should confirm this. Bottom line: this author is way of base in his analysis, and lacks any meaningful evidence to support his ridiculously biased positions.
17. The truth DOES hurt
moshe ,   jerusalem   (06.06.09)
If you dont wanna be called a nazi, so dont act like one. Its as simple as that. The jews in Israels heartland or 'settlers' as you demonize are not creating the rift; rather its the increasingly leftist antisemitic gov't that has abandoned zionism and judaism that is threatening civil war. Straighten yourself out and stop this silliness.
18. Typical. Only believes in HIS free speech
Ilan ,   Ariel   (06.06.09)
Kaniuk deserves the title and in spades as all he ever writes about is how terrible religious people are.
19. I call you a Nazi and this is why
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (06.06.09)
At Nuremberg, the most evil men gave the excuse " I was only following orders". Before the expulsion of Jews from Gush katif, i spoke to many former friends who were serving in the IDF and were about to participate in the expulsion. They all said the same thing. "I ut on the uniform so I have to follow orders." My understanding of how the IDF works is that this is not a valid claim. It was an immoral act, using the army to destroy private property. For the left wing to blame the settlers of "civil war" while it is the the left sending out armed troops against Jews is blaming the victim. To claim that it os for the national good is a lie no Israeli still believes except for the self-delusional. The left wing peace process has led us through an intifada and two shameful wars. Dismantling the settlements will do nothing but further destroy Israel. Gush Katif brought rockets onto Sderot< beer SHeva, and Ashkelon. More dismantling will only bring destruction to more Israeli communities.It can't be called concessions because there is no one to concede to. You sound like a naughty child refusing to take responsibility for your own actions. Calling settlers "shoah deniers" is more than a bit sick. The secular seem to feel they have a monopoly on the shoah because that is their justification for living here, since they deny the torah which is our historical claim to this land, not Herzl's path which could just as easily have led to Uganda. It is time for the left wing to take the blame for their actions. Ans get off you ego trip. Universities are no more the basis of the economy than is agriculture or the many communities that you are planning to destroy. And settlers have "encountered (the Idf and left wing) with weapons". ANd you have thrown us in jail without just cause. And our children. And destroyed our houses. You explained why your feelings were hurt. You did not explain why your actions were just or moral. Gush Katif was immoral. I do not hire people who served in Gush Katif, nor will I have thm as guests in my house. It was immoral. Further dismantlings will be even more so, since we have seen the awful results. And even more so after the criminal governmental neglect of the people of Gush katif. You did bad, Now face up to it.
20. Lincoln #3 please be coherent
Avi-former Sruggie ,   Israel   (06.06.09)
Many areas of the Biblical Israel are currently Lebanese, Syrian or Jordanian territory. Are you claiming Mt. Nevo is less holier than Be'er Sheva? Is Yoqne'am holier than Machanayim? Following your logics we should start a war against Jordan to conquer Mt. Nevo and Machanayim in order to have more of "our" holy plaves back. I have the impression you're being very partial in choosing what youn define "holy".
21. logic upside down
Gail ,   Israel   (06.06.09)
all upside down to me...there is a saying that there is no smoke with out fire ...if we were a democratic country protecting civil right and using our police and army in the correct way then people would not have to call our service men, our brothers and husbands and sons Nazis maybe we should not band the word but should band the government who causes our people to turn on one another. I am not a settler just a Jew who has chosen to live in a Jewish state but i believe that any government left or right wing's first priority should be peace with in our nation before looking for peace with the rest of the world and should never take away a civilians right just to appease the rest of the world...we should all come first . If we do not stand strong together religious non religious left and right then being called a Nazis will be the lest of our worries and we should of thought about this before we hurt people by taking away there security of home and work and communities. people have the right to express how they feel when you hurt someone allow them to cry and if you act like a Nazi expect to be called one.
22. #19 Well said but.....
Gail ,   Israel   (06.06.09)
you can not blame the left for being who they are...they have not been taught the history and most of the time are speaking out of ignorance, we have our educational department to blame for that because they have taken that knowledge out of the secular school system...I am not religious but can see that tradition has gone and we have become the 52nd state of America. The young generation does not know the meaning of being Jewish and most do not care about our country and go to the army because they have to not because they want to(including my kids) . You can not blame 18 - 21 years old for following orders and not wanting to get in to trouble they have been threatened by the consequences of not following orders and they were brain washed before they went in and did the terrible deed. You have to put the blame at the head. Tell me do you pay taxes? Do you receive pituach leumi payments for your kids?Do you send your kids to the Army? or are you also threatened by the consequences of not following orders.Maybe if you did host the people that served in Gush Katif they would see the error in there ways and teach there children differently. Our lives here in this country are hard we deal with financial issues and security issues every day we are so shell shocked that the abnormal looks normal and we have been hurt by our government who refuses to protect us.
23. Actually the author is the one provoking civil war
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (06.06.09)
Civil war is when a nation's army commits acts of war against the civilian population or vice-versa. Last time I checked calling someone names, even very insulting names, is not an act of war, in fact it is a civil right guaranteed in many democratic countries. On the other hand forcefully evicting people from homes they legally built on land they legally own is an act of war. Now the evacuation of illegal outposts may or may not fall under the umbrella of such activity, but evacuating legally built settlements on Jewish-owned land like Gush Katif or the Hevron Peace-House, that's an act of war. Now I am not accusing the soldiers of anything, they are just servicemen following orders, taking actions which are not against the laws of war, but the ones ordering them to commit these acts, or the ones calling for such acts to be commited, people like Mr. Kaniuk, they are the ones fomenting civil war.
24. Calling a Jew a "settler" on Jewsih land is worse!
Civil war would be ,   bad for the left.   (06.06.09)
When the left acts like the nazis in their actions against other Jews (- the murder) they deserve any name they get called.
25. Yoram Kaniuk is not a nazi of course but he's a MORON
26. Mr, Kaniuk
iI ,   jerusalem   (06.06.09)
Since, you mentioned civil war, here are the possible outcomes: a victorious secession giving way to a Jewish commonwealth in Yehuda and Shomron, , a failed secession giving way to Arab control of same area, a fratrecidal struggle to clear out the Jews, by civil or military means. Option one will bring peace, with transfer of the Arabs out. Option two will have Kassams raining on your beloved cafes in T.A. Option three will be bloody enough to encourage the Arabs to attack on all fronts, and internally . Enjoy sitting in your cafe.
27. Author
Villager of Ramot   (06.06.09)
Correction: We have met you with weapons in your hands. In Amona, in Gush Katif, and others. We have met Rabin;s Oslo goons, clubbing young and old till blood ran in the streets of Jerusalem. When we lose faith in your seeing us as brothers and your sons comport themselves as Hebrew speaking goyim ( or worse) when uprooting Jewish homes, all hell will break loose, and there will be no holding back. I dont look forward to that day, and you should not either Perhaps stop using the slur 'settler' and give razed Jewish homes and Jewish trees the same validity as razed Arab homes and Arab trees. We do not contest your right to live in Gush Dan, which is no less "Arab" than Shomron is. Ask any Arab.
28. weapons?!
Moshe Schwartz ,   Tel Aviv   (06.07.09)
"Yet they have not encountered us with weapons in our hands..." You are one sick man.
29. #1. By the way, you are in breach of copyright.
Jake   (06.07.09)
30. kaniuik
ismael nassralla ,   jenin   (06.07.09)
the gentleman is concerned with the razing of Arab homes andtrees. Does the kind gentleman endorse the destruction of Jewish homes in Gush Katif? Let him concentrte on protecting Jews than protecting incitement that will destroy us.
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