HRW, Israel in war of words
Published: 14.08.09, 13:46
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1. HRW - insane antisemitic organisation...
Jaacov Baumann   (08.14.09)
2. always the same track that comes back
sohaib ,   uk   (08.14.09)
who ever dares to critisise the sionist state is anti simite, grow up people and face up to the reality your government keeps trying to hide.
3. Israeli Lies and Propaganda
The first line of defense for Israelis, is for them to lie. They cannot face up to the fact that they do wrong things, bad things, evil things. The 2nd line of defence is to try and shift the blame. The 3rd line of Israeli defence is to try and change the subject. The 4th line of defence is to call the accusers and prosecuters anti-semetic. There is no law in most countries against being anti-semetic, anti-Israel or anti jew. Grow up oh children of Abraham, and face up to your evil doings for once in your existence!!
4. HRW is a racist and a propaganda arm of Islamo-Leftists
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.14.09)
For an organization who's been kissing Saudi arses to get something from the money earmarked by the Saudis for Islamist propaganda and promotion of terror, HRW has a lot of nerve to accuse ANYBODY of propaganda. This corrupted and racist organization has been a lachey of Islamism and Extreme Left for decades. It is about time to throw its repreentatives out the window and ignore their crazed, hateful and venomous demagogies.
5. Woman in photo( top of page) looks like she singing in Opera
Alan ,   SA   (08.14.09)
6. HRW - self appointed, self anointed busybody
Watchin the watch   (08.14.09)
Who do they exactly think they are?! Has the world appointed an international police force called HRW? I don't think so. Israel has no obligation what so ever to answer to private organizations. What gall they have, and we all know who funds them.
7. HRW
shu ,   UK   (08.14.09)
HRW is ANTI ISRAEL ,go invastigate congo or turkey sudan.... we tired of you. FREE ISRAEL.
8. I thought after Saudi affair HRW will
leo ,   usa   (08.14.09)
have good taste and stay quiet. Apparently I was wrong. Looks like they cannot help it.
9. Propaganda War? What About Hamas / Fatah?
emanon ,   USA   (08.14.09)
They spread lies about the Jewish religion, kill their own people and blame Israel and brainwash their children into carrying on this tradition. And Israel is the one accused of disseminating propaganda?
10. HRW complain about Israel Propaganda!
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (08.14.09)
They've been making propaganda for the Arabs against Israel for years. When some one in the Knesset finally has the guts to tell them the truth they can't take it.
11. thank you hrw for helping us to bring down israil
rashid ,   palistinian   (08.14.09)
however at this moment and as we speak the forces of yemen and saudi are bombing civilians from the air believe me in the reagion of saada it is in bbc website death of women and shildren are mounting it is also in the bbc website this is a conflict between sunni and shia yaanee brother against brother it is in the bbc website i am waiting for the hrw report on this conflict but i dont hold my breath after all i dont think they have the bbc in new york and that is why the hrw and some arab brothers from uk dont talk about it after all brother kills brother is ok for this hrw
12. The enemy within
enough already!   (08.14.09)
YNet - you should relocate your base to Ramallah, where you can associate with like-minded people who hate us!
13. #6 not self-appointed
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.14.09)
HRW is not self-appointed. HRW is a Saudi-funded organization dedicated to deflect attention from the apartheid kingdom under the guise of human rights. It is no-more than any PR organization that does its job for money.
14. The Truth About The Lies Of White Flag Wielders, Etc.
Robert Blum ,   New Albany, Ohio   (08.14.09) discussed HRW report that accuses Israel of killing 11 'Palestinians' holding white flags in 7 incidents in Operation Cast Lead, allegedly children. Later in the day, IsraelMatsav posted video released by IDF;a Hamas terrorist hiding among white-flag wielding 'Palestinians.' Israel was able to identify and arrest this terrorist. Some wonder how HRW is able to produce such one-sided reports while maintaining an air of impartiality. Noah Pollak explains: Joe Stork,HRW’s deputy director for its Mid East programs, is in practice,the deputy director of HRW’s campaign to criminalize Israel. HRW would like to create the impression that Stork is part forensic specialist, part human-rights expert. But he is neither. He is among harshest anti-Israel partisans. Here is some information on Stork’s pre-HRW activities from a JCPA report: [HRW exec director Kenneth Roth brought in Joe Stork, who served many years as editor of the Mid East Report, which had & has a very explicit political agenda strongly biased against Israeli (and U.S.) policies. Stork was a core member of the Middle East Research & Information Project described by B’nai B’rith as “a propaganda mill of the Far Left,” which openly called for Israel’s destruction. MERIP Reports carried laudatory interviews with terrorist leaders & other activists distributed literature (including PLO buttons, posters, and flags), & MERIP’s anti-Israeli assault reflected the standard Marxist anti-imperialist analysis.
15. HRW should be dismantelled they are a racist org
Dani ,   Amsterdam NL   (08.14.09)
HRW are insane,they are talking like their friends (Hamas-Hizbollah etc) you can look at the situation from every corner but Israel is always guilty for something, they have no credibility anymore they are stolen public money and distracting the public opinion from situation like Iran,China,Syria and many others that every single day are violating Human rights.If someone is Israel is doing wrong he will pay in all the rest of the civil world this is not happening. Final Solution is their Motto.
16. 8 YRS, 10,000 ROCKETS INTO ISRAEL. this is the answer
.....DACON9   (08.14.09)
17. HRW reports only suitable for paper recycling
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.14.09)
Human Rights Watch has lost all credibility. It's past reports have been discredited, its congenital biases revealed, its selective outrage made clear to all. As we used to say in the US, "We've got your number!" Fortunately, Israel is doing a lot more recycling these days, so these reports might one day come back in more useful form.
18. Human Right Watch Monster
Jonathan Davis ,   Kochav Yair Israel   (08.14.09)
Robert Bernstein and his friends meant well, when decades ago, they created Human Right Watch. However, they created an organization which slowly but surely became a monster. Fundraising in Saudi Arabia? Hundreds of meters from where thieves get their hands chopped off, women get stoned to death, gays are hung? They have been one sided for years, but NOW? Please, a human rights organization that does that is an insane monster. They need to be put in their place. jd
19. Simply ignore it all.
Daniel ,   Israel   (08.14.09)
They want somthing to chew and suck the juice which is not there.
20. Playing the palestinian game
Finally Israel learned not to pay attention to nonobjective groups like HRW and simply dismiss them as trash. The Palis have been doing it for years, ignoring all the rules and HR groups, so much that the groups don't even bother commenting them. All Israel is doing is leveling the playing field.
21. Human Rights Watch
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (08.14.09)
I could care less about their wounded feelings. I am FAR more interested in why they have focused exclusively on Israel's carefully-conducted operation in Gaza while ignoring the genocide in the Congo and the huge human rights crisis in Dharfur. I would like to know why they appear never to have heard of the Ivory Coast or Somalia. I marvel at the fact that they have never issued thing one on Afghanistan (and that INCLUDES the time when the Taliban reigned). Human Rights Watch, quite simply, is a non-entity. They watch what they want, and ignore the rest. Israel should pay them no mind. How seriously can you take an organization that fusses over a 1,300 death toll (90% of which were confirmed terrorists) while ignoring 5,000,000 dead in the Congo? Besides ---- where was Human Rights Watch when Israel was enduring eight years of daily missile barrages from Gaza? Right. There's your answer. Tell HRW to take a hike.
22. HRW
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (08.14.09)
Here is an organization that has potential to do good things in the world, however, all they do is focus on Israel. Why don't they investigate wrong doings in countries like Sudan or S. Africa, because they are afraid to. HRW, your anti Israel rhetoric is just unwarranted. Israel has a right to defend itself from attack, but all you and other organizations like yours, condemn Israel for defending it's citizens, well, I have one thing to say to you. Shut the F Up
23. HRW and Gaza
Df ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (08.14.09)
"The New York-based watchdog insisted its research did not rely only on witness accounts, but also on medical reports, forensic evidence, interviews with military, medical and other officials and, where possible, the perpetrators." Lets get one thing straight - no one in Gaza gets any information unless it is approved by Hamas. The only exceptions are if it is done behind Hamas' back. And that very rarely happens. Richard Goldstein, head of the UNHRC committee investigating "Israeli war crimes during Cast Lead" stated outright - every one of the Palestinians that gave "testimony" before his committee in Gaza was accompanied by a Hamas person. Therefore he did not think the committee could come to a recommendation. Medical reports ? - where did they come from ? Forensic evidence - who supplied the evidence ? Interviews with military, medical and other officials - who is HRW talking about - Hamas or IDF ? The perpetrators ? - why have I not seen one person named ? Lets have the names of the people in Gaza and outside of Gaza that HRW supposedly received all this information from. Until that happens, this report goes the same way as the Al Dura affair, the Jenin lie and the other lies that BBC, Reuters, the NYTimes and others fell for during the Lebanese war.
THE EVIL ONE TRIES ALL WAYS TO GET AT ISRAEL. Human Rights Watch on Friday accused the Israeli government of waging a propaganda war after authorities questioned the credibility of its latest report on civilian deaths in the Gaza war THE GAZANS BEGAN A WAR AGAINST ISRAEL, AND ITS CIVIL POPULATION BY SHOTING ROCKETS ATT THE ISRAELI CIVILIANS. EVEN IF ISRAEL RESPONDED WITH THE SAME, TARGETING GAZA CIVILIANS, THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. GO TO HELL WITH THIS - -SATANS RIGHTS WATCH - !!!. Orao Stranka.
25. human rights watch
alexi   (08.14.09)
11 citizens killed. These same pass out sweets whenever israelis are killed by bestial bombs. Hamas uses its citizens as human shields so they are responsible. Gazans should not take it anymore from hamas dictators yet they have no where to go with fatah.gaza observers are unreliable. HRW has a collection of jimmy carter bleeding hearts, ehud olmert's son israel protestors, british cherie blair's sister along with galloway and other jew haters. So your report is unreliable and not worthy of any followup. Have a nice day.
26. #3 - Israeli Lies and Propaganda ?
Df ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (08.14.09)
you seem to conveniently forget what goes on on the ground here. Lying is a way of life for those here who are bent on destroying Israel. Lets start with the Al Dura affair - in which France 2 and Enderlin got caught up in and brought a libel suit related to the incident which was rejected by a French court of appeals. Jenin - 600+ civilians murdered by the IDF. Only problem is that after this was screamed all over the world by the Palestinians and picked up by the world media, the UN and the BBC, of all organizations, conducted separate investigations and both came to the conclusion that only about 36 Palestinians were killed of which about 24 were combatants. The famous pictures taken by a Palestinian cameraman in southern Lebanon supposedly showing IDF violations of human rights, only to have people prove that the pictures were doctored. However, the world media again was caught up in the anti-Israeli frenzy and had to apologize. Do you want me to go on with more ? And Israel lies ? - where have we lied ? We say that the HRW report is a lie ? - is that lying ? - maybe to you it is. But anyone who has conducted any type of research would seriously question the methodology of HRW and other purported human rights groups. As an example, check into the methodology used by Freedom House in coming to the decision to downgrade Israeli media from free to almost free. Investigations ? - don't make me laugh
27. #2, #3 Read #18 and #21
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (08.14.09)
Where's the movie footage guys? It appears that HRW is fabricating evidence. And even if there were a few isolated cases of shoot and ask questions later.....This was war and YOU asked for it!
28. #23 Df
shuli ,   UK   (08.14.09)
im with you 100%,god bless. tired of the lies.
29. A non-entity ?
Dave ,   South Africa   (08.14.09)
Amazing just how much animosity and vitriol is aimed at the ' non entity ' HRW.
30. If witness is over 90yrs+accompanied by both parents........
Alan ,   SA   (08.14.09)
Then Hamas will not send someone to accompany witness as he/she gives evidence to Judge Goldstone
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