Swedish government disagrees with embassy in Israel
Roni Sofer
Published: 20.08.09, 14:19
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1. scandalous!
nadav ,   tlv   (08.20.09)
This is unraveling into a true fiasco. The Swedish Foreign Ministry should investigate the facts before their knee jerk acceptance of the article. This news "expose" is based on hearsay (which the journalist himself confirmed), conjecture, and pure lies by disgruntled "Palestinians" against Israel. Claiming freedom of press to defend this journalist and his article is in fact a travesty!
2. oh jewish rioters... wait there is non
ghostq   (08.20.09)
oh well I am used to from the muslim riot in sweden. lol this time they messed with peacfull people. baaaaaa I guess they something is cooking in the kindom of sweden and it's not meat balls.
3. Swede under submission to Islam
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.20.09)
What do you expect from the dhimmi Swedes ? They have to bend their knee to their new masters or they will lose their heads. They've already lost their country. Israel ,congrats ,you're well on your way to dhimmi land just like the fools you run to for peace.
4. Getting their come-uppins'
Robert Blum ,   New Albany, USA   (08.20.09)
Leftist, Myopic, Liberal Swedes! It is not an issue of freedom of the press. It is an issue of allowing slander and lies to pollute people's minds as if it were truth. Apparently, Sweden deserves the same dreadful fate as England, Spain, France, Germany, Norway and Netherlands, which is to be overwhelmed and disenfranchised by Islam and its Sharia laws, as it (they call themselves the 'Religion of Peace'),spreads like a cancer to devour the world, to "burn the infidel or convert him by the sword"! You must visit and see the truth!
5. but not committed to free cartoons in Sweden
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (08.20.09)
Swedish newspapers have never dared to republish them
6. Recall the Israeli Ambassador from Sweden NOW!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.20.09)
Send a message to the racist gang within the Swedish Government and to other Swedish racists that Israel and the Jews still have honor and that while they spit on us we do not say "it's raining" anymore! As for me, Ikea and H&M can wait for my money until hell freezes over!
7. Sweden committed to anti-semitism disguised as press freedom
Steve ,   Atlanta USA   (08.20.09)
What would have been Sweden's reaction to a press report that Mohammed harvested organs or was a child molester or is responsible for a culture of terror?
8. Yes. appease the Arabs! Sweden appeased Hitler!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (08.20.09)
Freedom of the press has bounds and when it comes to blatant libel or defamation there is the freedom of the courts. I hope that the Israeli Government, the IDF and Jewish organizations file libel suits against the Aftonbladet, its editor, its journalistic staff and the author or this libelous statement. Jews throughout the world should think twice before buying Swedish goods especially Volvo cars! Scandinavia has long been a cesspool of hatred and anti-Semitism and we should really take a good look at those countries who boycott our products and defame our people before we make our purchases or go on holiday. The problem is that Israeli apathy has no bounds and this is made very clear by the return of Israelis to Antalya. Turkey has taken and totally malignant and hostile attitude towards Israel but we spend a fortune there. Do we have no pride?
9. Sweden's blatant antisemitism
Jacques Heller ,   Modiin, Israel   (08.20.09)
First, why are our ministers driving in VOLVOs ? Let them buy Japanese or Korean as everybody. Second, let us lauch an international fund raising campaign to offer organs (mechanical if possible) to replace the falafel size brains and hearts of the Swedish ministers and media editors.
10. What has happened to Democracy?
William ,   Israel   (08.20.09)
Freedom of the Press may be a dearly held right but what happens when it includes outright lies and becomes a vehicle for hatred? Shouldn't then anyone be allowed to print anything they want, making the most outrageous accusations and ruining reputations simply because of this freedom of the speech? This is a clear indication of the Leftist countries that worship man-made laws and the ideal of "democracy" to such a point that it becomes their god. When laws stop being an aid to society to run better, they become an impetus for racism, hatred, oppression, and segregation....and must be rescinded. There are laws that limit freedom of speech that are libelous. Sweden invoked these very laws when the Muhammed Cartoons appeared. Maybe Israel can get their attention if they killed some civilians, attacked Swedes, and burned a few embassies.
11. Freedom of press = Right to propagandize?
Ivory Tower   (08.20.09)
Does being committed to freedom of press allow a journalist to propagandize? Doesn't this newspaper have its own ethical guidelines it is committed to following? I have difficulty swallowing that freedom of press allows someone to freely publish wild, malicious claims.
12. Between good and evil, Sweden is neutral…
Ron B. ,   Lod   (08.20.09)
If we needed any proof that anti-Semitism is alive and well, it was provided by the cynical farce of the Durban conference sponsored by the UN. The conference gave a platform to the Holocaust denying Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. To their credit, a number of countries including Poland and Germany boycotted the conference, and more delegates walked out on Ahmadinejad’s speech. But many more delegates stayed and applauded his racist incitement. And a day after the speech, the United Nations is trying to whitewash the proceedings, suppressing legitimate protest and pretending everything is fine.. Between good and evil, Sweden is neutral. That was their stand in World War II as well. Nowadays modern anti-Semitism is blooming again as explained at :
13. just take them to court ! the lies must be
Fredrik ,   sweden   (08.20.09)
the lies must be stopped !
14. Swedish paper & government no better than Holocaust deniers
Joe ,   Canada   (08.20.09)
The freedom of press invoked by the Swedes supporting the publication of an offensive article by a notorious antisemite is no obstacle in trying to silence the Swedish ambassador in Israel who expressed her outrage. Like the infamous British bishop Williamson who 60 years after the Holocaust is still looking for a proof it happened, the prejudiced Swedes call for evidence on grave unproven allegations which they admit they have not checked but have nevertheless given wide publicity.
15. to all the swede bashers here you forget
ghostq   (08.20.09)
sweden have big Israely center in the old city of jerusalem they study and live among you you be surprided how many pluse the swedes got soldierst in the ME among all places they got militery soldiers in Israel. so just check all the facts befor bulrbing stuff. damn I defend the swedes (and for free)
16. So it's not meerly Aftonbladet
Vladimir ,   Jerusalem   (08.20.09)
It's the Weltanshauung of the Swedish authorities. How do like the reporter's argument: "I don't know if the accusations are true, but they should be examined'?! Call off the Israel ambassador and demand closure of the Swedish "Der Stuermer". The same measures should be applied to Egypt, where antisemitic propaganda is a daily routine.
17. #8 - Um, David - Ford owns Volvo.
AJ ,   Washington, DC   (08.20.09)
18. Freedom of the Press
Jacob Erickson ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.20.09)
freedom of the press still has limits. Just because you have the freedom to print, doesn't mean you print everything.
19. Swedes take organs from their own children
Sverker Lidbo ,   Stokholme, Sweden   (08.20.09)
I find this to be of no suprise. Swedish people are known to take organs such as kidney's and liver from their own children, even if their child is against it. Any talk against organ transplanting for them is bad.
20. Time to recall Israeli ambassador
Dave ,   Canada   (08.20.09)
EURABIA   (08.20.09)
22. its called libel, not freedom of press
dan   (08.20.09)
sue them. there is something called libel and defamation. that is not the same as 'freedom of press' and it is a well known and well defined legal principle.
23. what next???
meg ,   israel   (08.20.09)
we are accused of killing jesus, using xtain childrens blood to dip our passover motza, and other articals in various news sites have accused us of no end of nasties, especially since cast lead, so what one more accusation from a country that bows before certain immigrants. did this artical show any proof or is it just hearsay due to a scandal in the US. No wonder Sweden has the highest suicide rste in the world, can see why.
24. #6 Ikea is rubbish anyway,
meg ,   israel   (08.20.09)
the furniture falls apart after a few months like sweden is falling apart.
25. To riot or not to riot - that is the question
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (08.20.09)
I would do, but I am an apathetic person who believes that others can say what they want to. The only thing that will be affected is my opinion of them. In this case, it solidifies my presumption that Swedes can be retarded - no insult intended to those who are mentally handicapped. So should i go burn flags on the street, scream, carry out random acts of violence? Nope, because (a) I can't be bothered (b) It won't make those involved any wiser, and (c) to be honest, I don't expect much from Sweden these days in any case. Apologies to all my Swedish friends! ;-)
26. Swedish government wrong
Lisa   (08.20.09)
the Swedish government is WRONG: this is not freedom of speech- this is libel. This is idiocy at the highest level. Unless the reporter can proof this black on white, he has to be accused and prosecuted-. This is a terrible accusation and the Israeli government should do everything in its power to go after this jerk- and the paper who published this without proof....
27. Give it a rest
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (08.20.09)
You're all wasting your time being so upset about a little article in a crappy newspaper in a foreign country. In Sweden most sane people have long since stopped caring what Aftonbladet has to say about anything, there's hardly anyone working for Aftonbladet that is not a convinced hardcore communist. Here in Sweden stupid people have the right of free speech too, so there's not much you can do about this article. It's crazy and outrageous but not illegal. Israel is really not in any position to decide what is and what isn't allowed to say according to Swedish law.
28. Sweden as a state has been the source of blood libels...
Bernard ,   Bern, Switzerland   (08.20.09)
...the Jews of Israel directly and indirectly through NGOs. This latest case is only a natural outcome of this attempt to demonize the nation-state of the Jewish people one more time and should be treated as such, including through legal means against the reporter and his newspaper.
29. Intedi, you do not understand that it is about Middle East
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (08.20.09)
What we care about is that Arbs take such stories as proof of their wildest fantasies about Jews and Israel, teach it in their schools to perpetuate hatred and incite youngsters to become suicide bombers against Jews. It has already happened many times with such bogus stories and this is why we care about them so much
30. This case finally convinced me to terminate all my business
Gary S. Jacobson ,   Canada   (08.20.09)
dealing with Sweden, to the tune of several million dollars a year. My dignity as a human being and as a Jew amount much more to me than the goods I acquire in Sweden for sale abroad. Enough!
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