University urges lecturer who endorsed boycott to resign
Ilana Curiel
Published: 28.08.09, 00:57
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1. ha ha too leftist even for the leftist extremists in charge
Mandingo   (08.28.09)
that's very funny, so lefwing extremists in academia DO have some boundaries - usually they involve their own perks like being able to make money by traveling to other countries' universities!
2. There's quite a difference!
Drew ,   TAU, Israel   (08.28.09)
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however people in public positions must take great care to exude a certain sense of responsiblity when they speak as a professional. If Dr. Gordon wanted to share his views to boycott Israel, he should have done it as Neve Gordon, not Dr. Gordon, Dept. head of Political Science. Such actions affect Israel much more negatively, as it shows foreigners that if even a Dept. head is promoting a boycott, then Israel must really be a very very bad country.
3. Fire him and let them all resign
moishe ,   ca   (08.28.09)
But the socialist, peace now supporting, professors wont resign because they want to use their power to influence and contaminate the next generation of youth. It would be a gift if his supporters would resign and they could be replaced with loyal olim or conservatives with real world experience. The utopia they describre does not exist and will never exist except in their minds. They should use their omnipotent intellect on criticizing arab countries and the pa and thereby greatly decrease the suffering of millions of arabs. What phonies.
4. Gordon isn't "courageous" if there are no tough consequences
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (08.28.09)
Doing this in Gaza, Iran, Syria, F. Arbia, Egypt, N. Korea, Saddam's Iraq, Sudan, Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela is courageous but not in Israel. Even dismissal from post is not much/enough of a consequence and his incitement is violence against a democratic and human rights respecting people/country and not freedom of speech
5. is it freedom of speech or freedomof exresion
noon ,   jerusalem   (08.28.09)
i prefer that it is freedom of expresion as speech is done sometimes to get money or to keep the job or to be out of prison i think this profesor prefer that it is freedom of expresion and i hope he will not be out of the job or be in GETMO
6. With the number of underemployed PhDs in Israel...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (08.28.09)
... let them resign. There's no shortage of people willing and able to replace them.
7. It nice to defend idiots,but we also have freedom of donatio
Tomas ,   New york   (08.28.09)
I and couple of my friends decided to cancel all donation to the university. We also advising a number of our friends to stop all donation to the university. We also urging the Jewish community to stop all donation to the university . This is also call freedum
8. are you insane
sick of it ,   zion   (08.28.09)
anyone who allows this dirtbag to stay a department head and encourage things that hurt the state should be dismissed. How can he represent the university at any educational forum now. He is toast and he deserves to be thrown out on the street and deported for crimes againt the state. he could have expressed his opinion without inciting people to hurt the country. this isall bout his pathetic ego.
9. If a publicity hounds speaks drivel, do morons support him?
A Nice Fellow ,   Montreal   (08.28.09)
Apparently so. This guy should not be fired, but he should be aggressively challenged, laughed at, and derided, for holding delusional, harmful, and suicidal views. My money says he wants to follow Pappe and get a plum position at some EU university.
10. If you can stomach it, here's a taste of what he's teaching
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.28.09)
Here's a report of what Gordon was teaching while a recent visiting professor at the U of Michigan: I took particular interest in this, because this was the same course for which I was teaching assistant many years ago. It's sad how low that department has fallen since my time. (It's one reason I no longer support them.) It's clear that Gordon's left-wing colleagues and students want him to stay because they feed off the same post-Zionist self-hatred. But this report suggests he'll just spread his venom elsewhere.
11. lecturer sought graded and sensitive anti semitism/boycott?
Bernard Ross ,   St anns bay, jamaica   (08.28.09)
12. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech
Lynn B. ,   USA   (08.28.09)
No one is threatening Dr. Gordon with arrest or prosecution. It's embarrassing that university professors are so ignorant of what freedom of speech really means. Hint: it does NOT mean that there are no consequences to opening your mouth. People get fired for exercising their right to free speech all the time, even in America. Dr. Gordon's life and liberty are not at stake here.
13. Academic freedom does not include conspiring with foreign ..
JMK ,   NYC   (08.28.09)
countries and sedition to pressure to overthrow democratically elected governments.
14. Scumbag, traitor....
ZAvenger ,   Paradise Island, CA   (08.28.09)
We've got the same 5th column in the USA. Those filthy self loathing americans and jews wouldn't make it alive in any other country but they take advantage of the democratic systems in either country Export him to Gaza!
15. Fuzzy thining Prof
Socrartes ,   US   (08.28.09)
I do not find in tis report any university officer nor Bd member negating Gordon's right of speech, opion and of expressing. There is however a clear and inherent conflict of interest for a department chair to seek international academic programs and communications while at same time actively its isolation boycott. An ethical stand would be his resignation. he did not think out the ethics nor does his self-serving stance commend his morality and ethics.
16. Leftist Jargon
daat y ,   jerusalem   (08.28.09)
All 'freedom' and no responsibility. Where are the QUOTES OF THOSE DISAGREEING WITH GORDON.
17. so most lecturers and students support Gordon?
observer ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.28.09)
It seems to me that YNET is becoming more and more left wing.
18. Dr. Gordon
Sam Turecki ,   Raanana   (08.28.09)
The issue is not not Gordon's right of free speech. Whoever heard of a citizen expressing opinions like his OUTSIDE of the country. Other than dictatorships where people cannot express opinions where in the western world do people do things like this. If it is so bad Gordon can leave I for one would say Good Riddance
19. Fire all of the leftist, anti-Israel professors !!!!!!!!
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (08.28.09)
20. Biased article
Sam ,   NY   (08.28.09)
The article is completely biased, only quoting people who favor this radical leftist. The article also fails to discuss the contents of the boycott and to provide background.
21. Prof. Gordon is courageous
HumHum ,   Toronto Canada   (08.28.09)
22. In any other sane country what Gordon did is considered.....
David T. ,   LA   (08.28.09)
as treason and not freedom of expression but this is Israel and it has been in self destruct mode since OSLO.
23. Dr. Gordon, if you don't like your country, leave! Please
Stewart ,   U.S.A.   (08.28.09)
consider that there are plenty of antisemetic, anti Israeli universities around the world that could use your talents even more than Ben-Gurion U. A man of your intellect shouldn't let it go to waste in a country where it is not fully appreciated. As far as common sense is concerned, that is another matter. However, that never kept anyone from an academic job at a university. Oh, an consider converting. Yes, there are alternatives to being a liberal, secular, self-hating Jew.
24. Freedom of thought and speech
Veteren Israeli   (08.28.09)
Unlike in all our neighbouring countries, Israelis enjoy true freedom of expression; however Gordon chose to publish his anti-Israel rhetoric in the foreign media, which has happily seized on his material as fuel to add to the fashionable campaigns against the only true democracy in the Middle East.
25. Reality
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (08.28.09)
I believe that it is, no doubt, their right to stand by this traitor. It is also, the donors right, also no doubt, to decide not to help people who promote hate against Israel. So, freedom for everybody, and donations to build Israel, not to destroy from within.
26. He could impregnate 20 freshmen students and these
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.28.09)
"university" people would give him a medal for procreation. Only leftists are allowed to teach at Ben Gurion.
27. Fire him and his supporters!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.28.09)
Let the students who support him be expelled and not allowed into any university or college in Israel.
28. Gordon spits on free speech- for others
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (08.28.09)
Please read the nauseating account in Talkback #10. Like the insanely self-loathing Pappe and others, Gordon does not allow any student to question his anti-historic, anti-factual rantings. A teacher who prohibits questioning and bullies his students has lost any right to plead "free speech". If he had a shred of moral or intellectual integrity, he would leave the Israel that he so despises and never return. Why does he have tenure in a school named for David Ben Gurion? Shame on all who let him get this far.
29. Don't love Israel, Dr. Gordan? GET OUT!
Truthteller   (08.28.09)
30. Gordon should be fired.
Jack ,   Los Angeles, CA   (08.28.09)
Professor Gordon is a leftist and the majority of academia are politically left leaning. But calling for the boycott of Israel is wishing for harm to his country and people. He should be fired on the spot.
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