Russian report: Netanyahu may be planning attack
Olga Gouresky
Published: 10.09.09, 14:16
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BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (09.10.09)
2. More dubious reports and sensationalist headlines from Ynet
usa   (09.10.09)
Guess I'll have to go to DEBKA to get the facts
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.10.09)
And that completes the cycle.So, what did the Russians say? If you don't attack Iran,we understand that it is because of Russians that you did not?The next visit should be to Washington.Then what? Once again, you attack Iran and be prepared for a resolute response whether Sarah and Cybthia want to call it with obsolete weapons from N.Korea or whatever.But the retaliation is assured and guaranteed,from Irn.
4. Speculations,speculations,speculations.
5. Netanyahu may be...
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.10.09)
I hope so. Israel needs to deal with Iran and send a message to a pathetic west: "You can't ,won't and are incapable and no one will threaten our existence so ..."
6. Hamas and Hizballah are in also
7. To 3
Fist   (09.10.09)
Don't be so quick to jump on conclusiuon. Your country will definitively be bombed. the question is not about if, but only about when.. Your genocidal maniac regime need a to be taught some realitie s in this world. The shiite entity is like a rotten fruit from behind. Tits doom is written on the wall. Only fools, can't see it.
8. OO Please let it be true... This Time
RJBH ,   Methil   (09.10.09)
9. yeah right, as if!!! its well known that even if IAF attack
clear ,   london   (09.10.09)
the facilities they wont be able to destroy them and then what??? do you really expect to win this fight?? they are not unharmed palestinians, people
10. #3 you overlook something
Nour ,   Palestine   (09.10.09)
Mahmood, while I generally agree with your analysis, I think it would be naive of us to expect Iran to retaliate through conventional means only. Should the Zionist mafia acually be foolish enough to attack I foresee the response to include proxy counterattacks, and retaliation against Israeli and Jewish interests everywhere not just Israel. This is not to mention indirect consequences like the closure of Hormuz to oil traffic, collapse of the world economy, etc. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
11. World's worst kept secret
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (09.10.09)
Everyone knows that Israel will be forced to put an end to Iran's nuclear ambitions because no one else in the world has the moxie -- and the ability -- to pull it off. The only questions are when and how. You will remember with respect to Iraq's Osirac reactor that Israel destroyed, it did so only after eight years of diplomatic efforts failed to produce results. Everyone knew back then Israel would take action, but even so, it came as a huge surprise. Iran can expect similar treatment -- the attack will come, it will come when Iran least expects it (I'm guessing Ramadan), it will be swift and effective .... .... and completely successful. Playtime is over.
12. Sure thing Mahmood
Yaron ,   USA   (09.10.09)
The primitive mullahs in Iran would spell their demise and they know it. The bottom line is that whatever damage the Iranians do to counter such an attack will be met with a more ferocious response to the response so grab the pop corn and get ready to see the Iranian nuclear project go up in the smoke of its own mushroom cloud.....pass the peanuts Mahmood, heh?
13. Shh. It´s a secret...
oscar ,   buenos aires   (09.10.09)
Just small fonts in newspapers.
14. Iran is not Iraq
Shock ,   Spain   (09.10.09)
Iran is not Iraq. Any attack will be far bigger than osirak strike. And the retaliation will come for sure. Israel could ignite the biggest war on the ME and open war in the region and fall of arabs dictatorial regimes will follow. The problem is not bombing Iran, the problem is what follows in the near and mid-term. And the outcome is not good for Israel. They must choose between the bad and the worse.
15. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (09.10.09)
Don't discount the possibility of a three-prong attack -- which Israel is more than capable of sustaining -- against Iran, Hizbollah and Hamas. The Arabs have predicted victory before -- six times, to be precise -- and we all know what came of those predictions. So whatever you foresee should be tempered on that anvil. Thus far, Iran has only conventional means at its disposal. They have a 30-year old creaky air force, 30-year old way out of date tanks and a standing army that -- quite frankly -- isn't all that good. If they so much as even attempt to launch an ICBM, they will sign Iran's death warrant. (Works for me.) "Retaliation against Israeli and Jewish interests everywhere" Sounds like a big old threat to me. An empty one, of course, but that seems to be the only kind of threat that Palestinians can deliver upon. Nothing new here. The Straits of Hormuz have been closed before, without much damage to the world economy. It's considered a war zone anyway, and most international shipping traffic are using different routes because war zone insurance is so expensive. Finally -- in case you haven't noticed -- the world economy is already in collapse. The defeat of Iran and its terrorist proxies can only serve to improve the credit markets and lower the price of crude.
16. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (09.10.09)
Yaron, you rock! Cahol v'lavan. Only way to get the job done. Anyone else would just get in our way.
17. Iran and Israel
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.10.09)
In Desert Storm, Israel was implored not to retaliate towards Iraq and Saddam after the scuds began arriving. It obeyed. Similarly, Iran is well advised not to retaliate against American interests or attempt to close the Straits of Hormuz. Even a lily-livered Obama, who has already signaled he will not attack Iran for building nukes, will have no recourse but to obliterate Iran, should the monkey president authorize his military to retaliate against American interests. The pent up rage Americans feel at having had to exercise restraint for the past thirty years of terrorism sponsored by Iran (read Tehran embassy hostages, Lockerbie, Cole, African embassies, Iraq, Afghanistan for starters) will finally have lost it raison d'etre with a direct attack by Iran on American interests. Iran has no idea what the destructive power of one aircraft carrier is. Multiply that times four and add 1000! There will be no mercy felt by the American military. Awaken the sleeping giant at your mortal peril, Ahmadinejad!
18. #14, ...and the US is not Israel
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.10.09)
The US has aircraft carriers parked at Iran's front door. Israel doesn't. No refueling needed to level Tehran from the Perisan Gulf.
19. re: Hey Sarah, Israel is in for a surprise...
Cali Cal ,   Los Angeles, USA   (09.10.09)
for Irans facilities are well defended and Iran has the ability to unleash a mean attack on Israel. I hope you have a nice bomb shelter in your Israeli neighborhood because if you thought Hezbollahs little rockets were annoying, then hundreds of Shihab 3 missiles raining down on Israel is going to be a sight to see. Send me some pictures, will you? Oh and Im pretty sure Hezbollah will rain missiles on your city also in support of their Persian benefactors. Have fun Sarah, cuz that teflon coat you think Israel has is about to get a powerful test. Cheers.
20. hhhhmmmmnnnn...............
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, ISRAEL   (09.10.09)
.................and this just before the largest joint US and Israel missile test to take place here in Israel and just recently thousands more Marines were deployed to (pre positioned in?) Afghanistan, not long ago the largest ever joint nation armada sailed too, it included ships from the US and British navies, among others. ......hmmmmnnnnnn, the Israeli Navy keeps sending it's ships and subs further and further too. It's war not poker, you don't want to get called on your bluff Iran, don't be fooled it will only last about two weeks, the last nation to tempt fate was Iraq, why don't you ask your neighbors how that went for them.....hhhmmmmnnnnn
21. More media speculations
Jake   (09.10.09)
22. 10# I hope that they do close down the straight
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.10.09)
Most of us are pretty tired of buying your oil and supporting your terrorism anyways. I like to walk to work myself.
23. saudi arabia gave israel the go ahead green lite
mahmood ,   USA   (09.10.09)
24. #14
you may be right. iran is not iraq. however. israel is not iran either. israel is a military superpower compared to iran with lethal payback compared to what iran has now in its military. iran suffers from shortages in military and airforce, not enough training, nothing compared to the excellence of israeli pilots and israeli military technology and delivery. compared to iran, the idf and iaf and israeli war machine and technological capability is immense and makes iran a paper tiger. israel knows exactly what iran has and what its level of military power is. no israeli government will take such an action if it doesn;'t know for sure it can win. and it can!!!! iran won't be able to send missiles into israel because israel has the technology to bow them up in mid air. iranian pilots ascrambling in the sky dog fights will go down in smoke compared to the israeli iaf jet fighters which are the very best in the world, even better than american pilots....actually israeli iaf trains the usa pilots all the time. also, iran has no radar detection systems yet from russia. that leaves their skies empty and unprotected against iaf infiltration and bobmbings. also, the usa increased production of bunker buster missiles up to 400-500 feet into the ground, assuring a blowing up of any facilities below the surface in iran. i am sure by now, the mossad has a pretty good knowledge of where the nuclear sights are. iaf won't risk a mission without such knowledge. shouls iran retaliate with shehab missiles, israel has the radar and technology on the ground to eliminate their threat before they make land contact. they will me dismantled in mid air. israel also has bomb shelters everywhere and homes have mandatory protection in each apartment all over the country. all are stocked with everything. does iran have that? can they risk a retaliation from israeli missiles if they send missiles our way. ours are much more devastating and longer reaching which will destroy all nuclear water reactors, all sites and tehran in the process. don't doubt that. israel has been in the business of protecting itself for ages and unlike iran is much more experienced in war and combat and intelligence. iran cannot possibly retaliate without a huge israeli retaliation destroying tehran and this WILL BRING DOWN THE MULLAH REGIME...THE IRANIAN PEOPLE ARE WAITING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN ANYWAY AND WILL GLADLY THANK THE ISRAELIS FOR FREEING THEM FROM THIS REPRESSIVE MANIACAL REGIME. the only thing iran can do via retaliation is choose to employ hizbullah and hamas. well, you saw what HAPPENED TO LEBANON AND GAZA LATELY???? do you think they will risk another thousands dead and further destruction????? i don't think so, my friend. israel, when pushed to the wall has nothing to loose and will unleash its most deadly power upon lebanon, syria and gaza in a three prong attack the arabs and terrorists will never forget. israel only used its 5% power in lebanon 2. can you imagine if hizbullah, who is shaking of the prospect of war with israel, would attack again? they'll be done and southern lebanon in cinders. same will go for syria, damascus and rntirety of gaza. do not play with israelis. do not underestimate them. and, the arab regimes that hate iran will continue to survive because most arabs will be happy to see iran go up in smoke, they will do nothing against israel. nothing. hameed aboughaze, iranian
25. To: No. 14
Sarah B ,   New York City, USA   (09.10.09)
Don't overestimate Iran. Their economy is in shambles, the people are seriously disgruntled and unmotivated, and the young are yearning for change. People have predicted Israel's certain demise before. Happened in 1947. Happened in 1967. Happened in 1973. Each time, Israel won resounding victories. Iran, on the other hand, took ten years to defeat Iraq -- at the cost of 500,000 lives. It is not the quantity of soldiers in the fight; it is the quality of fight in the soldier. In this regard, Iran is no match for Israel. Moreover, Israel has what is probably the best tactical air force in the world. Iran will come out a sad second best in any conflict with Israel. Rest assured.
26. Nour
Yaron ,   USA   (09.10.09)
Clear and consice thinking as usual....I think Israel will be OK since they have the Palestinians to use as human shields. Oh sorry, that is only your kind who do that. You and yours are as pitiful today as you were 500 years ago. When will you realize that your fortunes lie in the conclusion of your spiteful and hateful behavior. If the Zionists wanted to do away with you they would have done it long ago. In my opinion, your misguided hate will only continue to perpetuate the conflict.....and between me and you, the Palestinians have not done all that well in the business of conflict.
27. TOTALLY IN AGREEMENT...................#10
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.10.09)
What Iran can do and will do is up their sleeves,of course but in my talk-back I confined my answer to basic scenerio of seeing this man running from one end to the other as if he will be able to stop Russians fulfilling Iran's armaments orders.According to many military analysts,Iran's response will set the entire Middle East into a fireball.Iran hold many cards which it will play as and when the situation demands.Involvement on the part of Hezbullahs and Hamas is a certainty and Iran's position changes in Iraq and Afghanistan will have a heavy bearing on American troops.All these factors are known to President Obama and his advisers.Although Sarah thinks,in her #11 talk-back that the play time is over,she hardly realises that the play time has just begun.There is more to come in form of Iranian growing strength and a definite reprisal which,I believe,is worrying military experts.The Zionists keep on referring to Iranian arms being obsolete,but then why the delay on their part as the planned attack on Iran has been orchestrated since 2006.Sarah's playtime seems to be too long,Nour.
28. Whatever you whisper into Putin's ear...
Rami   (09.10.09)
will be known in Tehran in 20 minutes. After all it's Russia which armed Iran... Russia and Iran are brothers... Don't be fooled by the duplicitous KGB ruling in Russia.
29. Israel is a fool if they think they can achieve their goals.
palestinian ,   dc   (09.10.09)
Most military experts around the world agree that israel would be making a huge fatal mistake by attempting to attack iran, especially without any approval from america. I definitely could picture israel being militarily overwhelmed by hundreds and hundreds of missiles and rockets coming in from iran, lebanon, and possibly syria too. Plus, israel could not counterattack on the ground in any effective manner due to the large numbers of sophisticated anti-tank missiles in the hands of arabs in lebanon and syria, plus another major civil insurrection by palestinians in the occupied territories. Also, there could be a significant increase in the amount of anti-tank weapons smuggled into gaza and the west bank to counter any future israeli incursions into those palestinian areas. Politically, israel would suffer even more than it already is. All of this is on top of the likelihood that an israeli attack against iran most likely would not even succeed in stopping iran's nuclear drive. Israel is better off making peace with its neighbors in order to survive for the long term.
30. troika
Ness ,   The Netherlands   (09.10.09)
Netanyahu was summoned to Russia and forced to give back those missiles stolen from that mysterious russian ship Israel hijacked a couple of weeks ago LOL
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