Venezuela: Peres threatened Chavez
Associated Press
Published: 24.11.09, 21:02
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1. Viva Chavez!
Sean Penn ,   Hollywood   (11.24.09)
Brant ,   Hilton Head USA   (11.24.09)
It's about time someone gave the overstuffed, crude and rude Venezuelan dictator a dose of his own foul-smelling medicine. For it to have been the gracious, urbane intellectual and warrior named Shimon Peres, makes it all the sweeter.
3. Wow - threatening a dictator with his own population
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.24.09)
Between Iran and Venezuela it is getting hard to tell them apart We have tweedle-dumb in Iran and tweedle-dumber in Venezuela
4. Nice pic of Chavez! Looks as if he could use some Metamucil!
LOL ,   usa   (11.24.09)
5. Are you threatening me?
Cornholio ,   Nicaragua!   (11.24.09)
Are you threatening me? You will face the wrath of the almighty Bunghole! No man should be without T.P.! I would hate for my holio to get polio. Bungholio!
6. sean penn
dan   (11.24.09)
the REAL sean penn would not be caught dead with BS like you post
7. Hugo Chavez poopytalks a lot
Nick   (11.24.09)
Does anybody doubt that Hugo Chavez's evil eye is planning murderous schemes to seize more power? As with all dictatorships, Chavez's poopytalk is intended to distract his captive population while he shafts them bloody left and right.
8. Peres doesn't threaten Chavez, the Venezuelans do
William ,   Israel   (11.24.09)
But don't the land of "socialism" and "nationalism", Chavez will do away with his "opposition" all the way until there is not one Venezuelan to even enjoy the wonderful benefits of the Chavez govt. Chavez follows the great humanists like him - Stalin, Hitler, Ah-mad in Iran, Mao, Mugabe. Perhaps his brave citizens will do him in like the brave souls in Uganda did to Idi Amin, another despot that Chavez cherishes.
9. in response to #6 responding to #1
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.24.09)
10. to really apreciate how much fun this...
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.24.09)
...article is, you have to click on the Chavez pic, and see the full pic, of Chavez in all his glory!!!!!!! (now that's funny) WE GOTTA SEND PEREZ ON VACATION MORE OFTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buddy and I will whack you with my zimmer frame.
12. Oh, poor Chaves is upset?
Eyal ,   USA   (11.24.09)
Bring it on Chaves, you deserve to rot with your friends in Arabia. You will lose big.
13. This is hilarious but Chavez can't compete...
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.24.09)
....with my absolute favorite comedian of all time, the one and only.... Colonel Gaddafi!!!!!!!!!! Now if he would chime in on this, that would just make my day.
14. 'Nanner 'Public dictator
Bob ,   Mechanicsburg, USA   (11.24.09)
When Chavez's mother was pregnant w/ Hugo was she frightened by a Rabbi or something? This turd with vocal cords is another in a very long line of South American know-nothing, egotistical, rather stupid, but with guns dictators, unfortunately there's oil in them thar hills and the world allows it because of that and oh yeah, the good oldtime standard, they are only Jews.
15. A U.S. General once said..."to get rid of Chavez....
D   (11.24.09)
...all it would take was for us to send our smallest aircraft carrier into the Gulf of Maracaibo and Chavez would jump on a plane off seeking political asylum in the other side of the planet".
16. Chavez and Obama
Jeff ,   Dallas, Tx   (11.24.09)
You guys had better becareful because you pick on Chavez you pick on his bigger brother telling what he might do...maybe make you stop building on your own land. BE STRONG ISRAEL
17. Chavez is the honor of Latin America.
Noor ,   Palestine   (11.25.09)
His refusal to become a pawn of Imperial America and his unwillingness to support Israeli terrorism makes Chavez a bright star. That is why he is and has been the target of assassination for many years,now.
18. Please take into consideration
Steve G ,   kew Gardens, NYC   (11.25.09)
The U.S. continues to get a large percentage of its oil from Venezuela. This complicates the entire situation a lot. Not that the U.S. backs Chavez, but it means we can't just go bombing our own oil supply so easily....unlike Iran, which would be just fine by this criteria.
19. why does
Barney ,   USA   (11.25.09)
this buffoon get any press? he does appear to be in need of metamucil or maybe judging from the politics he espouses he is just holding in a big bong hit!
20. surpizingly not tried yet
Sniper   (11.24.09)
What puzzle me is why did anyone in the CIA or any other US agency yet liquidate that Chavez. It is so easy to do. The only valid answer is the lack of willigness. I did'nt speak of course of the Barack Omadoff administration, but rather of preccedent more patriotic US administration. Hit a score against Chavez would bring a collpse of his idiotic marxuist wanabee regime
21. #16
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.25.09)
he will condemn us very strongly
22. chavez
alexi   (11.25.09)
chavez has duped the venzuelans. When they figure out what he has done to them, they will hang him like mussolini from a tree. He hangs out about with the filth amhamdinejad, and every other dictators. How do countries tolerate this rape. Probably as an excessive reaction to business rape of their countries. Companies had better be more socially consicous or we'll end more of this scum.
23. peres threat.......
les ,   canada   (11.25.09)
HA..HA..HA..HA... now this was funny
24. Well said, Peres.
Cameron ,   USA   (11.25.09)
That mouth-flapping, S. American version of Mussolini awaits for what Honduras pulled with Zelaya.
25. Chavez
Marilyn ,   USA   (11.25.09)
It's like various people threaten Chavez, no one cares anymore.
26. I admire Chavez for his honesty. He is an inspiration to me
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (11.25.09)
I love his passion and lovely ties. He is a beautiful human being and as a Marxist i see him as a role model
27. dan @ 6;
leo ,   usa   (11.25.09)
< "the REAL sean penn would not be caught dead with BS like you post " > I beg to differ.
28. Brian @ 10, thanks for the suggestion. Pic is priceless.
leo ,   usa   (11.25.09)
29. From Photo,Chav life more in danger from DiabetesCholesterol
Alan ,   SA   (11.25.09)
than from Peres threats. He should take up some exercise and lose a few ugly pounds. Look at his appearance.It is disgusting that he looks so bloated. Truly living off the fat of the land!!!
30. Bob-You tryin to say Chavez is a turd world misfit
Alan ,   SA   (11.25.09)
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