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Jewish lobby wages war on Christmas trees
Ari Galhar
Published: 08.12.09, 07:51
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61. 56 , of course that you know xmas better as TRUE Jews
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.09.09)
Not because you only were a christian , but you still are . As my Mother ZL said : a goy blabt a goy
62. In my birth country
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.09.09)
christmas was associated with a great food , presents , and oh yes , for some xtians also with the Catholic faith . It was more a business feast than a religion one .
63. it's funny
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.09.09)
that the biggest xmas song succes , "white Christmas" , was written by a JEW , Irving Berlin .
64. #39
mark ,   ca   (12.09.09)
On my last visit to Israel,few weeks ago,I bought few souvenirs with the image of Christ for my non-Jewish friends.Souvenirs was sold in Jerusalem and the stores was owned by religious Jews.Go figure :-)). p.s.My personal opinion that you and few other posters,have a huge problem with a self -esteem.One more advice.Undergo DNA test and you maybe pleasantly (or unpleasantly) surprised;-))
65. War on Xmas Trees???
Jay ,   Los Angeles, USA   (12.09.09)
What happened to 'Live and let Live?' Are we that insecure as Jews? Should we behead anyone with a Christmas tree?
66. #39 Some people have a real problem processing information .
EST ,   Miami USA   (12.09.09)
Bill O'Reilly is against people banning Christmas trees, pageants and greetings in the USA because the USA's foundation comes from Judeo-CHRISTIAN values. He does not advocate for people to have decorated Christmas trees, sing Christmas carols, etc., etc. in places like Saudi Arabia, Lybia, etc. - Muslim countries. He also does not advocate for those things to happen in the only Jewish nation of this world. You really need to pay attention and understand the messages sent by people.. So....write away... maybe one of these days your intellect will kick in.
67. I support this boycott
Avraham ,   Israel   (12.09.09)
"Christmas" tress have no place in the Jewish State of Israel.
68. memory
cristian ,   bs as arg   (12.09.09)
i remember all the jews that cristianity is known all around the world for jewish people because the first messianic followers were jews and if it was not for them cristianity wouldn´t exist all around the world and then goyim took the word and it became gentile but jesus´history is a jewish story,do not forget the roots.
69. More shtuss
Abba ,   Modi'in, Israel   (12.09.09)
"According to the lobby's Chairman, Ofer Cohen, they have received backing by the rabbis, "and we are even considering publishing the names of the businesses that put up Christian symbols ahead of the Christian holiday and call for a boycott against them."" Never mind publishing the names of the businesses. Let's see the names of the rabbis who these people claim are backing them. I'm willing to bet that there isn't one rabbi or Halachic authority of any importance who backs them. Otherwise, Ofer Cohen would name them, and YNet would publish their names.. This is simply shtuss and more shtuss.
70. there are discussions and then there are...
Lisa   (12.09.09)
this must be one of the weirdest TBs yet: yesterday it was about the Swiss banning minarets- today rabbis want to ban christmastrees- and 'foolish Christian symbols'. like candles? What is the difference between a Christian candle and a Jewish candle? Only the Rav knows for sure. Funny how the Ravs manage to look and act more and more like intolerant mullahs- dictating what people can see, do and be. women with cover sitting at the back of the bus, no parking in town on Shabbat no Christmas decorations I wonder what is next? A DNA test before visiting Israel? Ynet sure knows how to pick the articles to get everybody's shirt in a knot. And this is supposed to be the season of peace- Happy Hanukkah!
71. 62 - confirms you were born on Pluto
72. it don't surprise me
Leonard ,   LA-usa   (12.10.09)
This was meant to happen. The Rabbis will make more rules as time goes on. Israel will become one religion and non other allowed. It will hurt your tourist business but they won't care. For Christians these are the last days and it is written what is to come.
73. all we have left to do now,
Hazon Yesha3ya   (12.10.09)
is break the windows of the offending shops, and we can call it kristallnacht of eretz yisroel. so much for the only democracy in the middle east!
74. Great TBs - Good Discussion!
Christy ,   Boston, US   (12.10.09)
Interesting to hear everyone's opinions. Christmas Trees, while associated with Christmas are NOT a Christian symbol. Christmas Trees have a pagan origin and now are merely a cultural association with Christmas and/or the winter holidays. I do *love* Christmas Trees, I find them very pretty with their twinkling lights and ornaments. A Cheery contrast to the early nights we have in December. I like their looks, but nothing about them reminds me of Christ's Birth. Santa Claus is secular to most Christians I know. Many Christians I know do not tell their kids that Santa is coming with toys. They tell them the true story behind Santa Claus and that any gifts they get are from mom & dad. A Christian Christmas symbol would be something portraying Jesus' birth, like a nativity set or angels. There can be appreciation for non-religious Christmas decorations from all faiths, and even non-faiths: I worked in a department where we had quite a number of Russian Jews and I learned from them they associate a lit and decorated tree with New Year's celebration, something they wanted to see. So this Christian, plus the Russian Jews, and whoever else wanted to join in had a wonderful time decorating a tree and the rest of our offices for the Winter Holidays. There were no religious symbols, just the tree and some other shiny decorations. The office areas looked so cheery. We enjoyed it until nearly the end of January. We dismantled our work and things looked pretty gloomy for the rest of the winter. My workplace had a policy that everyone in our departmental area had to agree to decorations or none would be allowed. For quite a number of years, while we all still worked there, Christians, Jews, Atheists and even a Muslim decorated our spaces each December. It was so cheery. I view Christmas Trees, and other lights that are placed up in December to be something that cheers you inside when the cold, dark, winter is creeping outside. I include Hanukkah lights as part of the decor around this time of year.
Jason ,   Marshfield; Ma   (12.10.09)
This is AMERICA HOME OF THE FREE ! we respect your values and traditions please respect ours . THANK YOU! and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS
76. Christmas trees
cornhusker ,   Lincoln, USA   (12.10.09)
If Isreali Jews can do without Christmas trees, maybe they can do without the billions in military aid that American Christian taxpayers provide them every year.
77. To #28
Israel   (12.10.09)
It is a very important point to highlight. Christmas Tree for the Russian-Israeli community identifies secular holiday of the beginning of the new secular calendar year. It has no religious connotation behind it.
78. I moved to Israel to live in the Jewish State.
Clara ,   Israel   (12.10.09)
I moved to Israel to live in the Jewish State. However, I believe it is important to treat Christian visitors with respect and respect their religion. Also, for Russian-Israeli" community: "Christmas Tree" only carries the meaning of celebrating Father Winter and spending family time together. Clara, Israel
79. If I didn't think this was propaganda to isolate jews
I'd be pissed ,   DANNY, America   (12.10.09)
You all know someday the whole world will come to remove Israel from the land, and God's wrath will devour those thus arrayed. He Himself will come to fight for them. It's such a shame they don't know the scars be bears, even now as some of them mock him.
80. xmas trees in Israel
ladyluv ,   USA   (12.10.09)
Funny.. being the only jewish family in my small xtian town, I thought my only escape from the pushy xtians would be moving to Israel.. Please tell me the malls in Israel aren't blarring xmas music.. and yes I did say pushy xtians.. they love to tell me to believe or I'm going to hell.. explain to me again about tolerence.
81. #30 - You're Right It Isn't Pretty
Christy ,   Boston, US   (12.10.09)
I live in the Greater Boston area, and have many occasions to ride through Chelmsford. Chelmsford, along with nearby cities and towns used to have their downtown commons area ablaze with light for the Winter Season. All of them included Hanukkah lighting. You could ride down one specific route and pass by each one. Such a cheery site! However, all it seems to take in this area is for one person to 'feel' offended and then there are committees set up that will try and determine if the decorations go or stay. Most manger/nativity scenes were banned long ago from these common areas. Now, except for the Hanukkah lights, nothing that is religious is displayed - it's just lots of lights. Don't know what will happen. I *do* know there is a backlash coming from people who feel their culture is being trampled upon and they are fed up.
82. #80
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (12.10.09)
Gladly. Tolerance is not treating people the way you wouldn't want to be treated. Israel is a country with a Jewish majority. It is a sovereign state that can afford to be kind and thoughtful of her minorities.
83. Do we expect the others to tolerate us?
Hazon Yesha3ya   (12.10.09)
Quite a few of those who responded, mentioned in the spirit of no.5 that " Xmas trees are pagan invention, not Xtian (End)" And I wonder, what do they mean? what difference does it make? Does no. 5 suggest we be more tolerant because they are not chritian? Is this the limit of our tolerance? Who are we trying to placate? The blind bigots in our midst? (their numbers approaching now a majority in the jewish public) Do we expect Christians to tolerate us? Is it fair to reciprocate?
84. what a wonderful world we live in
Juan Levi ,   Montevideo   (12.10.09)
what a wonderful world we live in
85. Friends....Its a tree! Jewish trees are not different
Le'Faux Jew ,   US   (12.10.09)
from Gentile trees (bark might be thicker).
86. Put this in perspective
Loretta ,   Indiana, USA   (12.10.09)
This makes the Jewish people, especially the Orthodox rabbis, look intolerant. Are they that insecure in their faith that the sight of a Christmas tree or the sound of Christmas carol will make them think that Christianity is out to persecute them? Can they look at Christian artifacts in an objective way? What about medieval cathedrals - can they be looked at as great pieces of architecture? What about art-works with a religious theme? There are dozens/hundreds of these in any art museum in America and Europe. Can one enjoy them artistically and aesthetically, even if that religious theme is non-Jewish? Remember the Taliban, who destroyed the Buddhist statues because they were not Islamic. Some works of art and culture belong to the world, and not just to one religion. For G-d's sake, these Christmas trees and carols are evident for about one month per year, and they are symbols of beauty and joy to a group of people. Show the world that Judaism has joined the 21st century and does not live in fear or insecurity of the Middle Ages.
87. Classified; Yacov Hans Nucha trees
Le' Faux Jew ,   US   (12.10.09)
Yes we can!
88. HONESTLY?!?!
how can you say "foolish symbols"? all jews do is complain about being descriminated against and now you do this. talk about hypocracy
89. contradictions
cristian ,   bs as arg   (12.10.09)
jews always accused cristians as pagans but i know jewish people because i was in yisrael and you are full of simbols and things all around you too,you pray to a wall,you have menorah,the tomb of david,israel´s flag and if you really were spiritual you wouldn´t have any simbol or thing around you,you would only have the nature as it was in the garden of eden so before to accuse others it would be better to see to yoursefl at first.
90. NOT suprising
Albert ,   Brooklyn USA   (12.10.09)
why is this surprising? The talmud states clearly how jesus is perceived. (in boiling excrement in hell), Christian monks and visitors in Bethlehem are routinely attacked by why stop there? Perhaps israel can create some sort of patch for Christians to wear...maybe a yellow cross?
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