UK to shun settlement products?
Roni Sofer
Published: 10.12.09, 22:27
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1. :: Excellent move!
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (12.10.09)
Fair play to the British Gov, I hope other countries follow suit. Clearly it is up to the general public to decide on whether or not they wish to buy goods/products from the illegal settlements in the Palestinian WB. <"No similar move has been undertaken in any other country"> Well gee I guess not many countries have been illegally occupying territory for the last few decades and building illegal settlements and enterprises on the land. Anyway as Israeli is an ‘open and democratic country’ I’m sure that it will not be concerned with transparency and correct labeling.
2. if not a boycott
Michael ,   Haifa   (12.10.09) is a clear signal of what is to come, if we carry on the way we do.
3. Israeli peppers arrive at Whole Foods in US
William ,   Israel   (12.10.09)
Americans, do your part to support Israeli products. Wonderful red and yellow peppers from Israel have arrived at Whole Foods!
4. Excellent news - keep it up!
BDS-Central Command ,   Palestine   (12.10.09)
5. I would like to know where can I get Israeli products in NY
AK   (12.10.09)
6. I already boycott all British products
RB ,   USA   (12.10.09)
7. All Israeli produce should be exported as a whole, with one
Mea   (12.10.09)
labeling for all and one distribution code,so that no distinction can be made.
8. British transparency
Yossi ,   Israel   (12.10.09)
Seeing that the British are so interested in transparency i'm sure they wouldn't mind if we labeled their goods in Israel.
9. Time for a BUYCOTT!
Adam ,   UK   (12.10.09)
10. Hey Brits!!
Uzziel   (12.10.09)
If this is not a boycott are you going to label in a different way "chinese" products coming from Tibet? I stopped being disgusted at your hypocrisy long time ago...Enjoy the Redemption...
11. Boycott
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.10.09)
We Israelis will also boycott all British goods imported from UK. Tit for tat.
12. LOYAL British Jews and non Jews
brits r us   (12.10.09)
will never let us down, and they never have. The rubbish ones, like that awful Board of Deputies stuffed up pompous anti Israel fella (highly criticized by his co members in today's on line JC) are like the rubbish lefties we have here. They're old rubbish and we can cope. Houston we are used to the problem.
13. uk....
les ,   canada   (12.10.09)
so... what else did you expect from briristan?
14. label
Jason ,   USA   (12.10.09)
Maybe Israel should label items from occupied Northern Ireland.
15. i own a huge chain of products and goods from
all over the world. i am the ceo of this chain that houses 36 stores all over the world. i am not jewish. i am a protestant our stores have goods and edibles not only from israel, but from other middle east countries as well as, surprise! mostly from england. these include wine, spirits, foods, packaged goods which are very expensive. upon hearing this british new "suggestion", i immediately informed the british authorities that neither one of any of our stores will carry british products any longer. our management has been advised to completely take off all english goods from our shelves and donate them to a charity. we have gotten rid of all these goods as of yesterday. we have known about this disgusting british government policy for some time now and have responded in kind. we also have other connections with trader's joe and whole foods in many countries and have passed along what we have been doing for the past week. they seem very receptive, especially, the american based stores. we are meeting as we speak to plan an agenda of action in response to this disgraceful act by the brits. when they notice that their pocket book is attacked financially, maybe then they'll think twice about following such an inane, miserable suggestion. i should mention that just from our stores all over the world, the brits have accumulated at least 23 millions in profit. i guess, we can also be quite transparent and tell the brits of our plan. so, brits, here it is. your goods are out and none of your money will be coming in as profit from any of our multiple stores. anonymus, florida, usa
16. What next. Lable Jewish businesses?
Yellow star   (12.10.09)
And attach yellow stars to the clothes?
17. Label: Made in British Occupied Ireland
emanon ,   USA   (12.10.09)
18. To: Adam at No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.10.09)
Funny you should say that. The program is well underway: Founded in Canada, the program enjoys worldwide support. Sign up!
19. Uh, remind me what UK makes that can't be found elsewhere
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.10.09)
If the UK wants to play the "boycott by any other name" game, they should be reminded that the UK - once "workshop to the world" - is no longer a unique source for anything. So boycotting UK goods is easy. Britain needs to be reminded they're no longer "Great", and the sun long ago set on the Empire.
20. Thank You #15 EOM
Joe Klien ,   USA   (12.10.09)
21. I suggest Yellow JewStar stickers with J 2B stuck on fruit
Alan ,   SA   (12.10.09)
22. Thank you
Stephanie ,   Israel   (12.10.09)
23. The British will never get out of recession
Leah ,   Israel   (12.10.09)
They will get deeper and deeper into decline and despair!
24. #5 the UN is full of it; bad ones
26. Ireland is a British Settlement Scottland to
Boicot UK
27. I hope the Foreign Minister gets it in the neck !
Roland Seener ,   London England   (12.10.09)
Nothing is worse than a Jew occupying a central position in a Chutz L "Aretz Government,They are sometimes worse to their own co religionists than would be expected from an open Anti Semite.Inorder for them to succeed in their job,the high degree of morality sometimes goes to the wind.especially that Judaism demands from its adherents .Having written this,I hope that I have got it wrong and the head of the "Foreign Ministry is not a Jew,for behaviour like this should only be expected from gentile sources but not emanate from Jewish ones.
28. Israeli settlement food to be labelled
bo ,   London   (12.10.09)
at last we can support our friends in the occupied territories. bring on the boycott...
29. This will mainly hurt the Palestinians
Leora ,   Zefat, Israel   (12.10.09)
Who do you think does most of the work in the factories and fields in the Settlements? This is one of their main sorces of income. It's a shame outsiders don't have the foggiest idea what goes on here but cling to their black-and-white fairytale image of what they THINK is going on here.
30. Pffft.... Doesn't work
The Dude   (12.10.09)
Whenever I'm in Europe and I see anything labeled "Made in Israel" I always buy that one, always high quality. It's actually nice because now I know if I go to England, what to actually buy. Because honestly a lot of the food in Europe, ESPECIALLY PRODUCE, isn't at the quality as to what I get in Israel. So I think next I go to England, I'll just buy it specifically because of this... Whats that sound!?! The anti-semites are grinding their teeth at the prospect of people buycotting Israeli goods?
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