Syria says Israel 'provoking world' with referendum bill
Roee Nahmias
Published: 11.12.09, 10:14
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2. syria may speak for terrorists, but definitely not the world
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.11.09)
the little ego-centric dictator thinks the world revolves around him and what he thinks. well, guess again baby assad. what's next? will the chinless one throw a temper tantrum by starting a wave of terror of killing innocents to show his displeasure? what a silly boy.
3. "Syria's DESIRE.." can wait until it "desires" real peace!
Syria attacked Israel and lost. Syria has been inflicting incalculable damages to Israel for the last 60 years through repeated wars, incitement and direct and indirect terror. Golan Heights are a partial REPARATION for these on-going attacks and the longer Syria keeps at it, Golan Heights may not be enough to cover the damage. Assad should worry abut his regime molre than the Golan Heights. If he PROVOKES Israel too much, he will lose Damascus too - forever.
4. Atilla (#1): I fully agree. The great leader of Egypt Gamal
NB ,   Nablus, Pal   (12.11.09)
Abdel Nasser said something similar once: WHAT WAS TAKEN BY FORCE CAN ONLY BE RETURNED BY FORCE.
5. Syria is giving arms to terroris to destroy Israel
Dani ,   Amsterdam NL   (12.11.09)
They are still in pain for their Golan, from there our kibbutz and cities were targeted be Syrians, moreover they attack us in 1973. If Syria or any other country want to have peace and/or diplomatic relation with Israel they have to recognize our right to exist as Jewish nation and the Israeli security should be granted. In few word for Syria have to change behavior.President Bashar is the copy of his father and like him he want only to destroy us
6. Bashar Assad can't hold a candle
Mike.M. ,   Seattle Wa. USA   (12.11.09)
to his father Half/ass.
7. So much hate in the israelis heart, its here for the world
caroline ,   TA   (12.11.09)
to see.
8. Democracy
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (12.11.09)
I believe the main issue over here is that of course a dictator is against a referendum. Of course referendums are only possible where there is democracy, where the government understands that the real power belongs to the people and not to them. But of course, that's asking too much from a dictator or from people who plainly hate Israel and don't understand what is a democratic procedure!
9. Assad instead of throwing a tantrum I dare you to try it
zionist forever   (12.11.09)
The world might be bleeding hearts over the palestinians but Assad doesn't have the same sympathy. Little Assad is starting to worry that if Israel gets some real democracy in the form of a referendum rather than through 61 out of 120 votes from unelected MKS than he will never get to illegally occupy the Golan. There are only one way Assad can get the Golan if this bill passes and thats through what will be a 6 hour war.rather than a 6 day one. If Assad doesn't have the guts to try and take the Golan by force but he is serious about peace then he must formerly give up the Golan to Israel same way as Alexandreta was given to Turkey.
10. #1 & 4, you guys are funny!
er der   (12.11.09)
Q: ". . . WHY DID YOU LOSE GOLAN ??? WHY ? . . " No history knowledge Atilla?A: because after they attacked us, they had their behinds whipped, and lost it in the battle to destroy Israel. " . . .IF YOU LOSE SOMETHING WITH FIGHT ! THAN TAKE IT BACK WITH FIGHT . . " But the reality: 'Once bitten, twice shy'? L.O.L.!! ('Laugh Out Loud' - explained because I don't think you would know what L.O.L. means)
11. #7 what do you expect?
Yossi G. ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.11.09)
we are surronded by hateful people and nations!
Damascus will be the new bandry
13. #12 'boundary' (not bandry)
er der   (12.11.09)
14. syria
alexi   (12.11.09)
shelling of israel since 48, attack bby artillery and tanks in 73, and rocket transfer to hezbollah since 80s along with all other weapons and air training of hezbollah to iran. All assads have their hands in blood. No more olmerts and concessions. Golan belongs to israel forever. Syria will get peace for peace otherwise it will find itself smashed to bits if it provokes war.
15. land for peace
thelma ,   Jerusalem   (12.11.09)
Why can't Syria give us 'land for peace' why does it have to be the other way round. Or is peace not their ttrue agenda
16. Golan
Conker ,   Israel   (12.11.09)
Syria lost Golan in the war of aggression, war that Syria initiated. According to both international law and common sense - Golan must stay with Israel. When you attack someone and lose - you will pay the price, similar to the price Germany paid after WW2 . Try to attack again and Damascus will lie in ruins.
17. IDF without WMD = Punch of cowards. Proof: 06 war with Hezb.
JR ,   LA   (12.11.09)
stude ham   (12.11.09)
19. I am so sorry for the Arabs and their advocates abroad who
Israel Israeli ,   Kibbutz Sarid   (12.11.09)
are not Israeli citizens and can't participate in the celebration of democracy we in Israel take place. But just because they are not citizens of Israel they should not try to spoil the party, should they?
20. Alexi (14): As soon Iran, Syria's strategic ally has the ...
JR ,   LA   (12.11.09)
... atomic warheads that will create the aspired balance/deterrence, liberating the Golan Heights by the use of force by Syria will be more realistic than ever, for not till then will victory hinge from the bravery of the soldier on the battle's ground, and I assume we've all seen a sample of that in the war with Hezbollah in 06 (if in doubt about the IDF's strategic defeat then, consult Winograd report).
21. #7 Don't preach to us about "hatred"!
Luckily, not everybody as as fool as impostors like yourself hope. We KNOW what Arabs have in their "hearts" (if they have one). You only need to visit THEIR forums to see the amount of hatred and calls for terror and genocide against Israel and the West. THAT is hatred my dear impostor. What you see here is one thing: a desire to defend ourselves against the likes of you, whose only dream is the destruction of Israel and a new Holocaust against of the Jews. Hatred, rape and murder against the non-Arabs is encouraged by their Moon God Qur'an. Have no doubt - your pathetic propaganda does not work as you hope it does! We are here to stay - forever - whether you like it or not!
22. #1 - and as history proves, wars create more loss!
Syria may lose more than it lost until now - and Iran will suddenly have one less ally. Let's see Assad DARE attack Israel. This will be Syria's LAST war - EVER.
23. #4 And how many "victories" did Gamal have?
All he did was LOSE, LOSE and LOSE until Cairo was about to be wiped off the map. Cairo and Egypt exists today thanks to the US and USSR begging Israel not to complete the total destruction of Egypt's army. As your post clearly proves, arrogance, hatred and stupidity have always been the hallmark of Arab propaganda and wars, with a predictable outcome ending in humiliation, destruction and dispair. Arabs have not won a single war since Salah A Din raped the Holy Land - except for wars against themselves. This will never change - it's in their genes and in their religion. Israel has learned its lesson - this time there will be nobody to stop it from finishing the job. Yes, let's see Assad or Hezbollah take anything by force. I wonder what the weather is now in Damascus, Beirut and Teheran.
24. #7 Oh yeah? And where exactly do you see any "hatred" here?
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.11.09)
Except maybe in the posts coming from lunatics like Atilla (Turkey) and of course "NB" from "Nablus" - the craddle of peace and harmony . Give us a break "caroline"! Go to Haaretz, The Guardian, The Independent and Al Jazeera forums - that's where the Islamo-Leftists like yourself like to congregate and lynch democracy!
25. #3, #15, #16 My thoughts exactly!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.11.09)
I already see the results of such a referendum! That's what makes Assad mad. The fact that democracy can destroy his dreams of destruction and murder. Guess what Assad! I Israel you cannot stage forced elections and threaten, terrorize, rape and murde voters like in Syria and Iran! Get over it - you are a dictator and a tyrant, just like your buddy in Teheran and you know it. You understand only force. Your arrogance and racism is your doom. We're waiting...
26. referendum
David ,   USA, exile   (12.11.09)
This referendum requirement is the greatest peace of legislation that has come since 1948. It is about time the government started letting the people have a say in what happens to the homeland. It is time to stop dividing Israel and giving chunks to the enemy to use as rocket launching pads. If assad don't like it he can kiss our assad.
27. #1 and #4
Jake   (12.11.09)
"WHAT WAS TAKEN BY FORCE CAN ONLY BE RETURNED BY FORCE." The man who made that statement would have difficulty finding an insurance policy for further loss of real estate.
28. Syria's meddling
Brod ,   USA   (12.11.09)
Syria should stop meddling in Israel's internal affairs. It is the nation of Israel that decides on the destiny of the Land of Israel and not a dictator like Assad.
29. #1, #4 - and we see how well Arab force works
William ,   Israel   (12.11.09)
You guys give great speeches, but in the grand scheme of things - Arabs are essentially the world's pitiful losers. NB - remember, Nasser tried to attack Israel and almost had Jewish tanks up to his armpits in Cairo. Atilla - If Assad is so brave and has an army to use, why doesn't he first get back the Syrian land taken by Turkey? He should get some practice before going up against the IDF.
30. #7 - Caroline - I think Obama said it best in his speech
William ,   Israel   (12.11.09)
"Hitler would not have been stopped by negotiations" and "there is evil in the world and sometimes it must be dealt with using force" Caroline - if you falsely believe that handing flowers to Assad will soften his heart, please consider doing so and report back. After 89 years of active Arab racist attacks on Jews, with the goal of wiping them out, it shouldn't be surprising that Israelis are both strong and determined to stay in their sovereign country and live in security. You however are welcome to leave anytime.
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