MK Tibi: Arabs born here, some Jews fascists
Amnon Meranda
Published: 22.12.09, 12:39
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1. Arabs invaders need to leave Israel!
Arabs have over ,   50 countries.   (12.22.09)
During Ottoman rule(700 years) there were more Jews then Arabs in Israel! Most Arabs came for two reasons:1) work and 2)destroy Israel from the inside. All this happened before World War 2.
2. Embarrassed, embarrassed!
Lewis ,   Jerusalem   (12.22.09)
How can we support such a racist/fascist law? If Ukraine passed a law limiting where Jews can live, that would be OK? We wouldn't oppose it? OY!!!
3. of course tibi is wrong
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.22.09)
israel is democratic if democracy is seen as your friend. tibi and his ilk view democracy as a weapon to advance rights of minorities as a means to undermine democratic values and the nation. he advocates a middle-eastern style of 'democracy' whose end result is fascism which, ironically, is what he claims to denounce. tibi is not a bad person. he's a really nice man who does some good in his position. but he is unfortunately a loudmouthed idiot that embarrasses the people he purports to represent.
4. TIBI has no idea what he is talking about
ghostq   (12.22.09)
many of the Israeli Arabs r bedoins they were nomads from Egypt and Jordan area they didn't have any land in Israel, so he will have to do his homework. and latly we all saw the real face of Israeli Arabs they never contributed to the society and supported Hamas during cast lead, and went on violent riots so y would the state give something to people who not only help the general society but try to harm them especialy in violet riots.
5. Israel democracy or theocracy?
6. Israel making SA look good since 1980?
7. #1 :
Wildmandxb ,   M.E.   (12.22.09)
You have the audacity to call arabs the invaders while the whole world knows who the real invaders are?! The arabs were born THERE, they have homes and land, people like you are immigrants. They don't have 50 countries to go to, no sir, they don't! While you, can go back to your original country whenever you feel like it, the sooner the better by the way, leave that land for the people who have ties to it, that includes all the good jews, and you can go back, good riddance!
8. silly. How about Jews moving into Arab neighbourhoods. They
JO   (12.22.09)
would not be welcome or allowed. And there would be a huge fuss over any attempt with all the appropriate lingo. It never works both ways.
9. viva dr.Tibi
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.22.09)
D. Ahmed Tibi, you deserve to be President of the State of Palestine with all my respect
10. Knesset rules
Gershon ,   Kfar Saba   (12.22.09)
'MK Ahmed Tibi mentioned in his criticism that "the Arabs were all born here". ' Are there no rules in the Knesset about lying??
11. The same way
Boruch ,   Netanya   (12.22.09)
Arabs do not allow Jews to live in: Jordan, Saudi Arabia,UAR, etc. we have the right to control whom we want as neighbors. Image having Arab neighbors who want to build a Mosque in your neighborhood and have the Muezzin howling away at 3AM? Anyone who considers this racist can go soothe their liberal guilt by trying to move into an Arab Kfar. How many Jews live in Um El Fahm?
12. It's my right to choose who I wish to live with.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.22.09)
This is not about who is allowed to live in Israel. It is about my right to choose my neibours. Just as I dont want Tibi as my neibour, nor do I want to live next to someone who strongly supports Peace now, nor do I want to live next to Chardim, or people who keep goats, etc. If I start a whole new community for a certain group of like minded people - that is my right.
13. define a small community and its a reasonable bill
zionist forever   (12.22.09)
If we can define what is reasonable to call a small community then why not. if you have a jewish community of around 100 families thats small. If even 10 arab families wanted to movie in that thats 10% of the population of your community are now arabs and slowly your community is eaten away by outsiders. If we have a community of 1000 families then its reasonable to say no you can't turn people away outsiders are not going to affect the demographics so much that if some outsiders move in it can radically change the community. Don't forget this rule can work the other way around if you have a small arab community and a bunch of jewish families want to move in then they can refuse entry so this is not a 1 way bill it applies to everybody. Its not an unreasonable proposal as long as there are clear defenitions so communities cannot turn away outsiders at will by just saying we are small.
14. 9
zionist forever   (12.22.09)
If there were a state of Palestine I would say your welcome to him and give him any job you want. Your welcome to every single arab in Israel if you like. Tibi hates Israel and the only reason he joins the Knesset is to try and undermine the state from within not our of patriotism. Its just a shame the man would never want to live in a state of Palestine because he lives the good life here and gets away with it. I imagine his own people would probably hold him to account if he made trouble. PLEASE TAKE HIM OF OUR HANDS MAYBE HE CAN GO AND RULE HAMASTAN
15. :: Another racist bill
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (12.22.09)
. This bill is of course intended to discriminate against Palestinian-Israelis, if passed it is also another blow to the veneer of Israeli 'democracy'. Statements such as "When I want to establish a Jewish town, I am not ashamed of it" only highlight the racism that is engrained in Israeli policy. Establishing a 'Jewish town' is quite different from establishing an 'Israeli town'. This type of racist mentality is one reason why people will never recognize Israel as a 'Jewish state'. Before passing this bill i would suggest that the following line of text be removed from the Israeli Declaration of Independence: "it will *ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex*".
16. In all of Israel kibbutzim, moshavim, associations . . .
vered ,   israel   (12.22.09)
have and exercise the right to accept or reject people. It is not usually against Arabs, because they are usually not the ones applying. It can be for any reason, justified or unjustified. The majority reserve the right to decide who would be a better member of their community. I am sorry, but calling immigrants fascist does not make Ahmad Tibi less of a racist.
17. Jews, Arabs
Sharona ,   Jerusalem   (12.22.09)
If Tibi can say all Jews are immigrants and some are fascists then I can say 99% of Arabs wherever they are born are terrorists. Same amount of truth in each statement.
18. tibi
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.22.09)
Israels version of Al Sharpton.
19. what is the arab interest?
sam ,   tel aviv   (12.22.09)
The claim abot critisim is ridiculous. the arabs want all country .this is no secrest. if i want to be neighbor of tibi can i. yes i can but dead. example the riots in jeruasaleam . so stopto preach moral.when you whant to fight.
20. #9 Viva Please please take him to the PA and make him Pres
Sharona ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.22.09)
Then we would be rid of the racist traitor and you could have him with my deepest gratitude!
21. Unless I miss my guess ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.22.09)
Tayibe was ceded over by Jordan as part of the 1949 armistice. So Tibi is Israeli by virtue of the fact that Jordan lost a war. Not to mention the fact that Jordan was created out of whole cloth by the British and has absolutely no legitimacy in history or cultural heritage. The so-called "Hashemite" kingdom was carved out of lands promised to the Jews in the Balfour Declaration to keep a petulant younger brother of an Iraqi king happy. Some basis for a country, eh? Jordan's a river, not a country. Find one reference to a "country" of Jordan until the 1920s. That scarcely qualifies him to be Israeli, and since most Arabs in the Triangle didn't arrive there until the late 1930s and early 1940s (once Jews were well on their way to reclaiming the barren land that Palestine had been under the Ottoman Turks and the British Mandate); and since most of these "Palestinian" Arabs trace roots to Iraq (country of birth, after all, of the grandfather of the current Jordanian king), Tibi is full of @#$%& and everyone that knows anything about history knows it damn well. My husband's roots in Jerusalem on one side and Hebron on the other go back six and seven generations. Tibi is an accidental Israeli, and if he is so darned miserable and unhappy in Israel, he is certainly free to leave at any time. The sooner, the better.
22. Ceterum censeo
Chardon Bleu ,   Geneva Switzerland   (12.22.09)
This bill is just another indication of the blindness and self-deception inflicted by the Zionist ideology on its adherents. They are convinced that it’s for their own best to continuously sow hatred by systematically disparaging and humiliating their Arab and other opponents. In their delusion they can’t see that in the light of past historical developments and present-day geopolitics, their Zionist enterprise cannot but sooner or later fail miserably, that they and their children will reap nothing but bloody destruction, this inspite of the present military might of their Zionist state. Non-Zionist Jews of the whole world, in your own interest unite in order to unmask the unbearable arrogance of this blinding, deceitful, fatal misconstruction of Jewishness!
23. to #7 arabs r invedares
ghostq   (12.22.09)
saladin conquered Israel from the chritians in the year 1289. 1600 ago no arab was living in the area, go check your facts, and his original country Is Israel, un like palis which come from different arab states and have no colective past I have heard so many wild theories one even prove to me his origin is from Meca, which means he is not local. and many of you got Bedouins tribal origin.
24. to #9 lol you should have hear him speak
ghostq   (12.22.09)
Yidish, as jewish east europeen language he kissed up to Ashkenazis jews and it was a year ago. you palis looking for savior so badly, y don't you stop following any politician who cares only forhimself for a change.
25. to #15 in the Usa today
ghostq   (12.22.09)
the most racist events happened such as arrest without lawyers for somepeople, no mexican r allowed and visa is something that basicaly prevent many people to come for just one week to the USA, so before you talk do your homework.
26. to #19 you right, the violent riots in Akko
ghostq   (12.22.09)
proven Arabs just talk but they will never acsept jews presence in their area.
27. MB the EU should do the same if jews apply for permits
Ezra ,   London   (12.22.09)
I think that would be fair dont you? If its good for Israel then surely the rest of the world should follow suit.
28. Do not trust them.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (12.22.09)
The attitude of the Israeli Arabs to Israel can be summed up in a popular sayings: "take whatever you can and give nothing." For this reason they avoid paying taxes. At the same time they enjoy all the services and benefits which the state offers its citizens. Since they pay very little income tax, they are regarded statistically as belonging to the poor sector. But anybody who travels through Arab villages and towns in Israel is astonished by the wonderful villas of these "poor people". The Israeli Arabs are represented by parties in the Knesset that are elected in free, democratic elections. One of them is officially communist, one officially Islamic, and one "national-democratic" but as far as their attitude to Israel as a Jewish state is concerned : they all openly wish for its disappearance although all of them swore allegiance to "the State of Israel and its laws" as described at:
29. To: No. 22
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.22.09)
Cute, coming from a Swiss. You have yet to answer my questions to you -- posed several months ago -- about the theft by the Swiss of Jewish bank accounts and the failure of Swiss insurance companies to pay off on life insurance policies despite the premia having been prepaid. Stop using "zionist" as a dirty word. It is merely the nationalist movement of the Jewish people to return to their ancient homeland. Zionism and Zionists are here to stay. So is the State of Israel. Whehter the Swiss like it or not.
30. 15 & 22
zionist forever   (12.22.09)
Matty Groves This bill can work both ways and you can have a small arab community of a certain size and they can tell jews you can't live in our ideal community. As long as there are clear rules on how many residents makes a small community beyond which you can no longer pick and choose your residents then why is this bill unfair. Israeli society in general both jew & arab is they want to live amongst their own kind and don't like mixed communities. Cultural attitudes in the Middle East are not the same as the ones adopted in places like the US so you can't condemn a country becuase its culture is not the same as yours. Charton Bleu I hardly think that somebody from Switzerland is in a position to dictate about attitudes to minorities. Lets not forget your country just held a referendum on should you do something as trivial as banning minarets. You tell me whats more discriminatory banning minarets or allowing small communities of a certain size to be selective in who they allow in, a policy which can be taken advantage of by both arabs & jews? If people want to live in ghettos let them to a degree.
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