Turkey lashes out at Israel
Associated Press
Published: 11.01.10, 16:53
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1. Erdogan = Islamist HYPOCRITE
Globetrotter ,   USA   (01.11.10)
2. EXcuse?
Barney ,   USA   (01.11.10)
excuse for what? for eliminating three terrorists preparing to fire rockets at Israel. That excuse would be called SELF DEFENSE dummy!
3. Disproportionate force?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.11.10)
Coming from a country who has used military force to combat defenseless Kurdish civilians? Oh, that's rich. Erdogan is a pluperfect idiot masquerading as a head of state. Israel should just ignore him -- the rest of the world pretty much already does.
4. Erdogan. Just another loser
DT ,   TA Israel   (01.11.10)
And this is the man who wants to broker peace between Israel and Syria !
5. israel is the parasite of the middle east
masjnoe   (01.11.10)
Israel is going to pay back for its atrocities against the people of middle east. Israel is not welcome in the MS, because it is aggressive and has no sense of humanity beyond its border. This is because of two facts. Firstly because of the believe that the jewish folk is selected by God. If so than is the god of jews a racist god. No folk is selected. Secondly because israel is traumatized by 3000 thausend years of prosecution and the wounds of holocaust. The solution is to tell the jews that they are not something special, they are just peopel. And that they have to start forgiving, in the course of this century, the europeans for what they did in WW2. Otherwise israel is will be destroyed.
6. more incitement from turkey
Izzie Irgun ,   zion   (01.11.10)
"What is your excuse this time?" he asked. Sa,e as the last , Stupid .. rockets fired from gaza. amazing how far erdogan has set back turkish israel relations. Insead of providing leadership this jerk has set back relations for years if not decades. Turkey was the example of what a modern islamic state could be, friend to muslims, friend to Israel. But no, Erdogan turns out to be another memeber of the axis of evil. he has destroyed Trukeys reputation as amodern state, now it is just anothe vocally anti semtic islamic country. Id Israel delivers the drones to turkey Barak should be fired. Turkey is no better than syria, iran and now their new bet friend, lebanon.
7. Erdogan is Ahmadinejad's neighbour and both are fenatics.
Asher ,   NY,USA   (01.11.10)
8. and how long ago was it...
Arn ,   Yehud   (01.11.10)
... and how long ago was it when Erdogan used his entire arsenal of bombers, attack helicopters and tanks to punish the Kurdish rebels? The man hates Israel and is a committed Islamist. I'm not sure the Turkish military and business communities are happy with him, but I can't see a more enlightened leadership on the horizon. Pity
9. 15 rocket attacks in the last week. that's my excuse.
and if you think that's not 'good enough' to wager a response, better talk to the groups in Gaza and tell them not to do that, because not only does that accomplish nothing, they die over it. If this was any other country other than israel, the enemy would have been crushed by the tens of thousands.
10. Better to be hated by the gintiles and be a winner.
Meir   (01.11.10)
than to be loved by them and be a loser. All the teritorial concession Israel has made for peace hasn't brought any love from a single gentile nation and they never will. On the contrary it only brings more contempt from them. It is foolish to believe that thousands of years of opression and persecution of the Jewish people will suddenly disapear by making concessions, land for peace building freez, etc, etc. Israel's entire foreign and domestic policy should be three wrods, BUILD, BUILD AND BUILD up the land of Israel and the let the damn world do whatever it wants.
11. Let's talk disproportionate force with Erdogan Bey
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (01.11.10)
Turkish military has been attacking the Kurdish rebels who are hiding in isolated mountains such as Kandil Mountain armed only with Kalashnikovs and molotov kocktails using F16s, and tanks modernized and modified in Israel. They are using Israeli made Heron unmanned aircraft.
12. #5
Ram ,   London   (01.11.10)
It appers to me Turkey is being radicalised. This has certainly been latent in the head of the ruling party and is certain not to bode well for Turkey. One can see why the EU has refused it membership and one can be sure its chances of acceptance are becoming more remote. To you Masjnoe I say: The irrational hatred and threats the likes of you demonstrate towards Israel and probably Jews in general will not gain you anything. Turkey has been enjoying a good relationship with Israel which translated into beneficial military co-operation and financial gain from tourism. A fool like Erdogan, who is exposing his latent anti-semitism, is only going to bring misery to Turkey in the long run. What Israel is doing to the terrorists in retaliation to their aggression towards it is but a fraction of what any other country would do. Instead of using their brains and seek peace with Israel the likes of you wish to do the impossible, that is to destroy it. Bear in mind that Israel has had to live with this from since its inception in 1948, as a democratic state. Over the years it has learnt not to trust nor rely on any outer force to protect it and therefore it has put every effort into becoming the awsome power it is purely for defensive purposes. Stop attacking it and you will have no reason to moan about its retaliation. Also bear in mind that messing with Israel comes at a price. That applies to Turkey as well as any country that means it harm.
13. Erdogan wants respect
Abbas ,   Netherlands   (01.11.10)
And he knows he doesn't deserve it.
14. # 5
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.11.10)
The Jews have to start forgiving Europe for the Holocaust ?? We have to forgive the nazis for exterminating 6 million innocent Jews? Have you lost your mind? We, the Jewish people will never forgive & never forget. You cannot argue what is written in the Bible, the Jews were/are the Chosen People. It is Israel's right to retaliate against the Palestinian's continual bombing of southern Israel.
15. Next: Barak and Ben Eliezer insisting all is OK with Turkey
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (01.11.10)
Erdogan and those around him have done everything short of holding a sign reading "Israel" Go to Hell", and still folks like DM Barak and Minister Ben Eliezer insist on traveling to Turkey to "make nice" - as if Israel has anything to apologize for. Israel needs to stop insisting Turkey is a partner or a strategic ally. They're growing ever closer to Syria and Iran, while slamming Israel at every opportunity. Time for the powers that be in Israel to get a clue.
16. We really like Jews
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.11.10)
We only have one problem with them. When they fight back and use weapons to defend themselves. If only they would go silently to their deaths as they did under the Third Reich. It's only when they defend themselves as they do today that we have a problem with the Jewish people. signed, Turkey and the International Community.
17. # 12
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.11.10)
Good post Ram of London. Thanks.
18. Intermittent reinforcement by the
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.11.10)
Turkish government towards Israel keeps us off-balance unless we were to take a stand. For instance, we could establish, as a principle, that in view of Turkey's diplomacy with Syria and rectionist statements about Israel, i.e., "disproportionate force", we will no longer assist Turkey in terms of supplying it with military technology. We could also reinstate a boycott of Israeli tourism to Turkey. Most of all, we should make our needs and requirements known and take the initiative out of Turkey's hands. Right now, Turkey "pays" with and "taunts" us. Allowing Turkey to do this is being disrespectful to ourselves.
19. I can't wait until Erdogan goes...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (01.11.10)
... then I'll get to take a vacation to Istanbul. Erdogan is to Turkey what Bush was to the US. My sincere hope is that the Turks send him packing come election time...
20. A test: Send one rocket into Turkey and see if they are OK
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.11.10)
with that and don't shoot back. Maybe they will want to discuss how many rockets Israel could shoot at them before they get upset. Yeah, right.
21. Thanks you Birdi
Ram ,   London   (01.11.10)
22. Nice that there is Israel
Atheist Turk ,   Germany   (01.11.10)
Erdogan is happy about the existence of Israel. He has a lot of problems in Turkey at the moment. Bashing Israel helps him for a sit-down for a while. No comment from him about the recent incidents in Turkey. Edirne: Leftists where chased in the streets, while the police did not intervene and smiled. Manisa: Gypsy families where chased by ethnic Turks, who were crying: Throw the gypsies out. Any reaction from Erdogan? No! ErdoganĀ“s foreign policy is indoctrinated by the current Foreign Ministers theory. Ahmet Davutoglu (he is from Konya and this says eveything about him) wants to go back to the roots of the Ottoman foreign policy with much more influence in the Muslim world. This is what Erdogan wants to do. Without knowing it will not succeed. No Arab will ever accept Turks as there leader. Why waste your time? In the case of Israel/Palestine, Erdogan is close to all Islamists/Jihadists. No wonder. He is one of them.
23. News: Lebanon fires at Israeli jets violating its airspace
Paco ,   Canada   (01.11.10)
January 11 NEWS: Lebanon fires at Israeli jets violating its airspace (PRESS TV) Non stop violations from Israel over Lebanon means war. Lebanon will retaliate soon.
24. On airstrikes in Gaza: What's Israel's excuse this time?
Galut ,   Selah   (01.11.10)
if rockets and mortors were falling into turkish communities what would be PM Erdogan do.... ???? I suspect it would be more than what Israel did.....
25. Boycott Turkey
Proud Israeli   (01.11.10)
Think about all of this next time you plan a vacation in Turkey. I wont set foot in Turkey !
26. # 18
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.11.10)
Israelis have been boycotting travel to Turkey for sometime now. I would'nt visit Turley if it was the last country on earth.
27. The power of a bag of charcoal and lentils
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (01.11.10)
Only in a contry with a lot of poverty like Turkey an ill educated second rate soccer (football) player can become the PM by distributing charcoal and lentils to voters before elections. Atheist Turk made some very accuyrate remarks in his post. The secular well educated modern Turks deserve better then that. Turkey will improve only after the Turks living in poverty understand that a care package from election to election is not going to improve their lives but a modern education will.
28. Turkey give back Kurdish land
Sami ,   New York, USA   (01.11.10)
Turkey should give the KUrds back their country as promised in 1919.
29. Islamist-Jihadist Turkey government
Brod ,   USA   (01.11.10)
has no moral standing to preach to Israel. They should reserve their homily to the Islamist-Jihadist PA. Instead these dark forces are ganging up in crusading Jihadism on Israel. Israel should firmly say NO to them.
30. #20 - Bunnie's test... fire a rocket at a turkish desert
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (01.11.10)
and they'll respond with an airstrike against the rocket factory... central Tel Aviv?
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