FM: Assad's regime will collapse if he provokes Israel
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 04.02.10, 10:50
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31. #11 Vered: "Why on earth would we return the Golan?"
Marco ,   Spain   (02.04.10)
The answer is simple Vered, but you are too dum to see it: Hezbollah!
32. We need an Arab Goldstone to prosecute Syria.
33. Only Arabs and Persians are allowed to make threats.
USA   (02.04.10)
This man Lieberman is absurd. Not only does he respond to threats by other governments, but he also makes threats of his own. What an aburdity.
34. Out of Context: read and understand before you react.
zeroing ,   Germany   (02.04.10)
Defence minister General Ehud Barak never threatened anyone, as Syrians or some people on this forum are trying to suggest. General Barak's statement towards Syria was an attempt to stress the urgency and importance of a genuine peace agreement between the two neighbour nations, or else there might be a military confrontation, what not necessarily in interest of Syria or Israel is. So trying to get the whole thing out of context and dramatising the scene is only in interest of Israel hater, like syrian Leadership, hard core left wingers and Jihadist moslems.
35. why do we need pace with them?
Israeli ,   Israel   (02.04.10)
it is a very quite border for 30 years. why change it? you know people are living there. right? why dont you give back the USA to UK? what do you say about that? it was their land you know...
36. Lieberman is right on target
Brod ,   USA   (02.04.10)
Lieberman is right on target in confronting Syria's threat. Israel must meet external challenges with strength. A strong Israel deters its enemies' aggressions.
37. #12 you said it "return", because it is theirs
observer   (02.04.10)
every one knows that Israel started the 67 war, even deceptively without declaring the war. Egypt, which had a mutual defense pact with Syria, asked the United Nations to remove the Emergency Force from the border with Israel. U Thant, the Secretary General, had to comply with the request because the force was stationed on Egyptian sovereign territory. But he also decided, on his own hook, to remove the Emergency Force from Sharm-el-Sheikh, which the Egyptians did not request. Once the fig leaf of the United Nations Emergency Force was removed from Sharm-el-Sheikh, Nasser had to close the Strait of Tiran to Israeli shipping for domestic political reasons. Imagine what would happen today if an Iranian vessel sailed down the Saint Lawrence seaway into the Great Lakes and the United States government did nothing to stop and search it.
38. Lieberman has no credibility & Israel is following his path
Ezra ,   London   (02.04.10)
the blind is truly leading the blind. do you really think the world will allow you to threaten Syria and play the victim afterwards? they you are as dumb as Lieberman
39. kadima offers nothing relevant and talab well what can one s
ralph   (02.04.10)
say. really nothing because nothing is what he is worth or adds.
40. Assad is regretting what his overweight FM said
Mongo ,   Paris   (02.04.10)
Because the IAF can make his whole family evaporate within 3 minutes. Leibermann is the only Israeli pol Arabs fear.
41. Give ┬┤em hell Leibermann
Gerige ,   Slovakia   (02.04.10)
Assad and his crew are nothing more than a bunch of murdering criminals - his daddy massacred 20,000 of his own people. About time Isreal took this scumbag out like Saddam
42. Leftist/Arb Lesson: OK to bash Israel, not OK for Israel to
Jae ,   Lynn USA   (02.04.10)
defend itself. and meretz and labor wonder why only 5-10% of israelis support them? if not for the systemic leftist croniism in the supreme courts, media, and among the wealthy...Israel would be a representative government. In other words Israel would be a cneter-right wing government on security, and a center-left wing government on social programs. Instead, the 5-10% of the leftist population have a 90% say in court decisions, diplomacy, media, and government overall.
43. Golan= Secure North of Israel +50% of Israel's freshwater
Jae ,   Lynn USA   (02.04.10)
Syria, you have the chutzpah to ask for the Goakn after you tried to annihilate us 5 time over 40 years? GTH and KMA.
zionist forever   (02.04.10)
If it comes to war Assads army mostly equipped with cold war era weapons & some things like his navy and part of his tank fleet took part in the 1967 & 1973 wars so hardly a match for the IDF. Israel of course also controls the Goian high ground which even in an age of hi-tec weapons still make a difference. It allows us to take the ground war to them before they can bring it to us. Israels air defenses are no match for Syrian Scuds & all their pilots are trained to do is take off an eject. If though a lucky missile did get through and caused heavy casualties there would be no mercy on Israels part and it would come in so hard that not even Obama could control it. When the war is over the Syrian people will be so angry at Assad for starting a war thats caused so many casualties and the fact their their country has been humiliated by starting and loosing a war they will overthrow him if he is lucky, at worst they will kill him. He doesn't always get it right with the things he says but sometimes Liberman will do some straight talking and say what all the other politicians know but don't want to say because they are worried about what foreigners will think of their image. Liberman is a breath of fresh air in Israeli politics, he is a patriot but he isn't afraid to speak his mind or question the demands of the west. He also doesn't worry about political correctness so we can talk about things like the Israeli arabs & their disloyalty. Hopefully YB will become a mainstream party at the next election and take seats from Kadima.
45. # 38
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.04.10)
Syria is threatening us you idiot.
46. To marco the fool to Eitan (Qatzrin is in Israel)
James ,   ISRAEL   (02.04.10)
if you are a marco,then it follows you are a proper muhamed. shaming the phrophet of dooms moniker. ha ha ha ha! QATZRIN IS IN ISRAEL.No such place called in so-called palestine. Ignorant bastard. Pretending to be a spaniard..What? how dare you! You may live there that the spanish Govt gave you a safe haven.But to use a christian name is a SLAP IN THE FACE TO THE CATHOLIC COUNTRY.
47. I see some who are quite intelligent,Not the fakes like marc
James ,   ISRAEL   (02.04.10)
Who think FM is the greatest which I agree totally.Wonder were we have been all of this long time having to deal with the timid leaders who had no guts to say what Lieberman does so eloquently and with verve. Bravo dear FM LIEBERMAN you are the man of the century and love your outspokeness which should be complimented by all. Let the naysayers accuse as much as they like. You are right,if ass-ad wants war,by golly we'll give it to him and OUT ON HIS EAR fore ever. Thank the lord for you FM Avigdor L!!
48. To # 31
James ,   ISRAEL   (02.04.10)
Have you taken your medicine today muhamed? You bloody ignorant fool.Qatzrin is in Israel proper. Go have not only your medication,but also A BRAIN TRANSPLANT--preferably from a REAL Spaniard and not from a jihadist mulim pig. You by your fake name you insult te Catholic Spain that gave you shelter to live there. PATHETIC ..
49. # 48
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.04.10)
LOL, thanks James for this evenings entertainment.
50. And thanks # 49
James ,   ISRAEL   (02.04.10)
For being here.missed ya! Remember the poster Ahmad Cohen etc and your recipe for the " gefilte" ? wasn't he good eh? Had sent you a post saying: Oh finger licking good. .But,sorry to say,I do not like fish at all.Never have since I was a child. Nevermind though you did offer it with graciously plus to follow of minus gas--or indigestion. Have a blessed Shabat Shalom for tomorrow.
51. #49, #50
Marco ,   Spain   (02.04.10)
Aint that nice you two love birds!!!! You two are dum and dummer!
52. #50 You called. I don't remember you in the Tunnel Adventur
Ahmad Cohen ,   Ibn Mousa HaLevy   (02.05.10)
This is a weird thread. Moallem is not much of a teacher. MK Cabel is a strange combination of Cain and Abel. Many TB'ers here don't understand the obvious - the reaction of voters to current new events. Ironically it was the Palestinians with Intifada 2 that caused Arik Sharon (their worst nightmare) to be elected. Intifada 2 moved the Israeli voters to the the right. When the Likkud wasn't working, Sharon split and created Kadima. Kadima was 100% Sharon and 0% everyone else. Sharon later lost the Battle of Shwarma leaving a void in govt until the next elections. By the way Moallem might look into getting handme down clothes from Sharon. He looks about the same size. Israel had enough of the release of 1000's of terrorist under Olmert and Livni and wanted a strong govt. that would put their interests undeniably first. HAMAS's terror and the constant rocket attacks reinforced this and moved the voters back to Likkud. Just as Palestinians lost the best chance they ever had under Barak for 92% WB and 100% Gaza, HAMAS lost their prisoner exchange demands chances when Bibi took office. The equations are simple. Syria has nothing to offer and Israel has no reason to address them. Israel already blew up the Syrian nuclear reactor in spite of the Iranian anti-aircraft batteries. Should Syria engage in war activities a third time, they know what will happen. The relations with Jordan and Egypt are largely good. Nobody is claiming credit (except for me) for the Dubai assasination and Dubai is putting on a nice little show of condemnation while they are laughing behind the scenes. HAMAS is all but imprisoned with no way out. This leaves Lebanon and Iran. Nasrallah admitted his big mistake and while he is arming Lebanon and causing problems from the hole he is hiding in, it is not likely that he will take any major risks. This leaves Iran. With a lunatic as president and fanatics like Khameini along with all the human rights violations and thumbing their noses at the world, it is but a matter of time before the world takes action and stops them. They will continue to test the waters and push the envelope but when the time for action comes, it will be a new scene in the middle east and a new reality for Iran. Just like Iran is caught up with an unrealistic belief system that they are "right" and they will "win", the time will come when the asymetric forces will face each other and determine the victor. There may be other priorities now, but priorities change and alliances will be forged and a new reality will emerge. Sadaam Hussein stood up to a coalition of 29 nations and survived until Junior Bush came back to finish the job. Now is the time for a reunion of all the forces that stood up to Sadaam reinfored by all of the people in Iran seeking regime change and all the PETA members of the world avenging the Micenauts, Turtlenauts, and Wormnauts.
53. # 50
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.05.10)
James, much to my delight, Ahmad Cohen, who has superb homour,continues to post here. My culinery wonders do not end with fish !! Shabbat Shalom to you too.
54. # 51
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.05.10)
I'd rather be "dumb" than full of hatred & bitterness like you, Muhammed or is it Mohammad.
55. # 52 our hero !
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.05.10)
Hi Ahmad, did you enjopy your pint at Kings Cross & my cooking? BTW, good post.
56. To @ 52 ...One of the most knowledgeable and>>
Kate ,   ISRAEL   (02.05.10)
And a man of my own heart,is: Ahmad Ibn Mousa Cohen HaLevy. Cohen HaLevy:I am privileged to be A Double Levy.Ima and Abba.are Levy's This is by the way.What I am sorry about is to have missed your superb post,until late today Friday 5th. Welcome back and please never neglect us poor immitation of one called Ahmad Cohen Ibn Mousa HaLevy .Who's comments are so well written,informative, knowledgeable and terrific humor. Bless your heart and soul for giving us the wherewithal to challenge the enemies of our dearly beloved country ISRAEL. Since I was taken by surprise seeing you here i am lost for words. I am sure you will overlook it in your own sweet way if I am remise in producing a better riposte. That you have presented yours is a sort of catharsis,.And I thank you for it. Am Yisrael Chai
57. # 56
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.05.10)
Kate, motek, from me to you, Shabbat Shalom.
58. the truth
handala ,   jerusalem, palestine   (04.18.10)
lieberman is just the best person to lead israel, lieberman like leaders will just make it easier and faster for israel to vanish
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