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US: Protestors halt Israeli Ballet performance
Merav Yudilovitch
Published: 20.02.10, 12:44
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31. #13 Obviously not
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.20.10)
The performances continue after the flies are swatted out of the room. This juvenile behavior isn't helping the Palestinians any more than their almost daily acts of terror.
32. Re: #29 Krzysztof
Apa ,   NYC   (02.21.10)
It is not my biased interpretation. It is the overt statement of the Israeli consulate. As for boycotting or protesting other wrongs in the world - how are they relevant to the issue at hand? Two wrongs don't make a right, and just because one criminal gets away with his crime doesn't mean that it is moral to let all criminals get away with their crimes. I don't expect you to understand this principle - the crimes other countries commit have no bearing whether these crimes should be prosecuted or sought to be stopped. There have been plenty of previous boycott campaigns against other entities - the most prominent one being towards South Africa.
33. i was at the performance at the flynn centre
Lori ,   montreal, quebec   (02.21.10)
I was there..........prior to the performance, men from the organization 'Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel ( stood outside the Flynn Theatre and distributed a paper the beginning of the performance 2 men, sitting in the theater, 6 rows from the front, stood up, walked towards the stage and then unfolded a banner with the following written on it: NO TUTU IS BIG ENOUGH FOR WAR CRIMES..........the ballet troupe did not miss a step, and security removed the 2 men and the performance went on to a clapping applause from the audience............ PLEASE DO NOT PRINT MY NAME OR COORDINATES.......thank you I have a copy of what was distributed outside the theatre
34. 28-How nice of you to support poor and oppressed!
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.21.10)
If you think about yourself as a righteous person how come you ignore the fact that the Second Lebanon War was orchestrated by Hezbollah who barraged the North Israel with the rocket fire, kidnapped and murdered 2 Israeli soldiers from the Israeli side of the border? How come you are closing your eyes and ears when Hamas is terrorizing Israeli South with more then 8 000 rockets? Aren't these events make you full of Deserved anger toward Hezbollah and Hamas? What makes you feel it's OK to kill a Jew, an Israeli? How come you are denying Jews the same rights that you are granting to Arabs? You call Israel is an apartheid state? There is no other Israeli in Gaza but kidnapped Gilad Shalit who is denied for more then 2 years a visit from the Red Cross. Why wouldn't you turn your anger at Hamas who created all this mess in Gaza? Why don't you ask yourself: How come with all money that are given to Gaza they don't build the factories, hospitals, schools, but they buy rockets and bombs?
35. They're not pro-Palestinian protesters
Zvi   (02.21.10)
They are anti-Israel zealots who are filled with a narcissistic sense of self-importance. People who insist on invading a theater to stage frenzied anti-Israel "protests" during a non-political *ballet performance* are only interested in one thing: making themselves feel important within a movement of anti-Israel haters. If you want to help the Palestinians, idiot protesters, go do something to create peace on the ground in the WB. But you won't do that, because it's not about helping Palestinians, for you; it's about hurting the Jews. ### BDS = Blatant Double Standards ###
36. #12: well, I can respect you for that. A little bit.
Zvi   (02.21.10)
I'm wondering, though, whether you also call for boycotts against Syria for murdering 30,000 civilians in Hama, or against Iraq for killing a million Iranians during the Iran-Iraq war, or against Pakistan and Syria for backing al Qaeda in Iraq and murdering Shia, or against Sri Lanka for slaughtering 7000 civilians in the Tamil war, or against China for occupying Tibet, or against Sudan for slaugtering 300,000 people in Darfur, or against Saudi Arabia for maintaining strict gender apartheid and severe religious repression, or against Yemen for killing thousands of civilians in the current war, or against the US and the UK for occupying Iraq and Afghanistan and for killing far more civilians in the last 5 years than Israel has done in the last 65. If you only call for boycotts and attacks against Israel, and not against the far worse offenders all over the world, then you are simply a hypocrite. Have a nice day. ### BDS = Blatant Double Standards ###
37. Go to talkback 28!!!
Itzik Manger   (02.21.10)
38. Read # 28! it is good!
Itzik Manger   (02.21.10)
39. To Ivan Oddssym
mark rabin ,   New York   (02.21.10)
You are a miss led foolish individual. I feel sorry for you. You have focused your free time and hatred on a tiny country that's been fighting for survival, you have wrongly anointed the bullied as the bully. You completely ignore the crimes of Israel's enemies, which are too numerous to mention, and obsess on every little mistake Israel makes. With your ignorant boycott calls you are hurting palestinians more than Israelis. Your efforts will be for nothing...Israel has survived more than the likes of you and a couple of washed up hippies from VT. You and those who think like you will lose, because you are on the side of those that practice violent religious extremism, oppress women, murder their own people without trial, start wars, and commit bloody terrorist attacks against a peaceful populations. You're on the wrong side, the side that will lose! Your life is a waste!! You are a waste!!
40. Ivan Oddssym @ 28, what exactly were you protesting?
leo ,   usa   (02.21.10)
41. keep politics out of the arts
hgjhgjh ,   los angeles   (02.21.10)
or get your own ballet company, pro-palestinian weirdos!
42. it is difficult to pirouette in a burqa
jhgjhv ,   la socal   (02.21.10)
43. Palestinians and pro
In passing ,   PL   (02.21.10)
Are they everywhere??? :-/
44. to Ivan Oddssym #28
Krzysztof ,   Warsaw, Poland   (02.21.10)
I read your correcting statements. Nevertheless I disagree with your intentions. The situation is that for that conflict with Hamas and Hezbollah the criticm of Israel has gone entirely out of proportions. Israelis are now on a different side of sinusoid than you think, and from that disproportionally bad side of sinusoid they are right to launch such a campaign. Nearly everybody in the world is speaking of a conflict, while virtually noone is interested in genuine artists the Israeli society can be proud of. Seven millions of people who are perceived by the world nearly only through the lens of conflict with Arabs, has enormous scientific achievements, are experts in green economy, stability of the economy without resources, they made their country alive though masses wish them dead. Therefore Israel is absolutely right to launch such a campaign, to bring back the balance to the normality. Additional moral deficiency of your protest is that it was not Israel who initiated the war of Lebanon and Gaza: actually she unilaterally left these areas in 2000 and 2005 respectively and what it got was rockets. Now the most important: if you want to convince any Israeli that they should withdraw from the West Bank, you should give them right for a military response in case such a withdrawal results in military escalation from the other side. Without this, your efforts will be perceived as of another hypocryte... Regards.
45. ballet and # 28
another klezmer ,   NYC   (02.21.10)
Actually, I do not forget Sderot and I do not forget Kiriat Shmona and i do not forget many things and ii do not forget my relatives murdered by terrorists and i do not forget the atrocities that were perpetuated by many Arab states while you act as a kappo did in a concentration camp. Personally, i served for many years in the IDF and am very proud of it. While you present yourself as rational and reasonable, you are just what the communists used to call "useful idiot." And, there are many as myself that the more you demonstrate, the more we give to israel, to the IDF and to whoever is in power fighting the islamofascists that you defend. I for once was in combat and let me tell you I have no regrets. Had i been younger, i would have volunteered back to the IDF to enter Gaza and bomb many of those so called civilians who hide terrorists in their houses and who celebrate with candy each time that a bus explodes in Israel killing children, elderly, whoever. Now about the ballet: If I pay for a function and an "useful idiot" disrupts the function, I wold have the right to sue these "idiots," as they have no right whatsoever to disrupt or interrupt the function. You are the problem!
46. time to exterminate muslims and save the planet
ong chen ,   yangttse   (02.21.10)
china will soon have weapons to exterminate these evil anti-human monsters
47. What if the Arabs are successful,...
Carol ,   USA   (02.21.10)
All right, let's say the now named, 'Palestinians', are no longer living in a democratic Israel. How do they think they will live? In a democracy where they have a voice, freedom to worship, to express themselves, freedom of the press, to make a living, to create without censorship, to study the world's great works? How will females live? Free from fear of being accused of an offense mandating Honor Killing? Living without the rights and freedoms to which those who are Arab-Israelis are accustomed? Human Rights and Civil Rights will be nullified where Jews, who have made the area a green, flourishing state, will be gone. The worldclass hospitals and research centers will cease.Many imports will cease. The governmental structures and economy will disappear as will the judicial system, replaced with Sharia Law.Modern corporations will not have the pool of brains and talent to entice them to stay there, and the children of the last few generations, who have been infused with Hate in their hearts and minds will have to live with that hate.Their behavior and thinking thoroughly infested with it. So, what will they do with it? More than likely, turn on each other. This is what the Arabs have cultivated and built, regardless of what the Future holds. It will, also, be the Future for the rest of the world .
48. cause ballet dancers r mean people :P
ghostq   (02.21.10)
they r the worste of the bunch. :P pffffffffff
49. to #24 so in other words you won't
ghostq   (02.21.10)
like any group that any Israeli gov give money to, mmm that is racism cause Israel will always have gov you won't like.
50. to #32 those dances weren't in the army during cast lead.
ghostq   (02.21.10)
51. koranic culture? yeak !
Gisele   (02.21.10)
Every creed, race, religion has it's own "cross to bear". Ivan oddssym,you are a typical if not perfect example of this human frailty. Doing the filthy work , in this case,of palestinians,,hezbollah,Islam the modern day hordes of Genghis Khan. Not much different than than those who worked for and with the " professionals " in WWII who, being overwhelmed by their"work load", asked for volunteers in order to expedite and speed-up the"process" As stated by Mr. Kraysztof of Poland # 29, where were you when the slaughter of men, women and children were and still going on in the countries named?. You and your associates wouldn't stay alive for very long if you dared stage a protest in any of those countries. The world knows what palestinians thugs and other arabs are still capable of doing. Their motto, their philosophy ; us or perish. Ivan oddssym, you are in good company.
52. prevent freedom of speech and now
Ilana   (02.21.10)
freedom of expression. What will these insane people do next? Protest at schools where girls are not in burqas? Enter classrooms and lectures to spill their hatred?Their bully behavior tries to force its will on the free will of others.
53. #32 Apa
Krzysztof ,   Warsaw, Poland   (02.21.10)
read my response to Ivan Odssym (post #44). Israel has full rights to launch such a campaign, as the situation is that the criticism of this country is wholly disproportionate. Guys like you are responsible for that. Behaviour of organisations like UN Human Rights Coucil is the best example of such bias. Actually the whole approach of the UN to this conflict is the flagrant prove of such an abnormal bias. Israel left Gaza 4 years ago and South Lebanon 10 years ago. It costed nothing the militant organizations residing there to at least halt the rocket fire, if not proposing the path of negotiations to end the conflict. Instead, everybody saw only more of an escalation and more of stuffing the Palestinians and Lebanese with the hate culture. Sorry, if you want to convince anybody in Israel to leave the West Bank, you should say clearly that Israel has right to military response in case such a withdrawal resulted in escalation from the other side. And don't forget that Abbas' Autonomy actually also wanted to abolish the rule of Hamas in Gaza. They said it publicly at the beginning of that war. You should also go and ask Hamas why their leaders were rejecting capitulation for 20 days, instead publicly inviting IDF to Gaza Strip's cities, while hiding themselves among civilians (according to many reports Hamas' high command resided in the Shifa Hospital).
54. Boycotting State Propaganda
asiswhen ,   NYC   (02.21.10)
This ballet troupe proudly serves the failed zionist program, and is a sponsored cultural ambassador of the government's 'Brand Israel' campaign. As such, it is boycottable.
55. #54 Asiswhen
Krzysztof ,   Warsaw, Poland   (02.21.10)
what do you mean by "failed zionist program"? I thought you meant the program of a country Israel to promote its culture. Because you know, I would not even dare to think to boycott any promotion of Iranian culture even by the state of Iran, despite its murderous regime is making troubles to everybody. Instead of saying "failed", maybe you should say "I have no cultural taste"? Kind regards :) :)
56. asiswhen @ 54, boycott all you. In fact
leo ,   usa   (02.21.10)
your boycott is very much welcomed, Just do not jump in front of me when I am watching it for it is no longer a boycott.
57. "Vermont"
Gábor Fränkl   (02.21.10)
Hey guys, what the hell actually do you expect? The pitiful almost-state "Vermont" actually it is a French name, not even English, has the longstanding reputation as an odious anti-Semitic far-left radical/extremist state within the Union. I hope this little context helps!
58. Burlington protest of Israeli ballet
Sally Howland ,   Lisle Il. USA   (02.21.10)
As as native of Burlington , I am proud of the protestors.
59. To Sally Howland
MARK ,   Brattleboro, vt   (02.21.10)
As a current resident of Brattleboro I'm glad you moved!!
60. I am proud of the protestors
SAS ,   Atlanta   (02.21.10)
This is truly wonderful - finally the Israelis are beginning to be treated like the apartheid era South Africa folks - which is nothing less than what they deserve. I join Sally Howland in saying I am proud of the protestors.
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