Child's testimony incriminates soldiers
Anat Shalev
Published: 12.03.10, 09:47
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61. # 56 the issue is Israel not Muslim
Abdalla   (03.13.10)
62. #52, #28 Kassams vs. Apache, F16 and heavy tanks
Albrecht ,   N.O.   (03.13.10)
Self-made "rockets" and Kalashnikovs vs. most advanced killing maschines like Apache helicopters, F16, drones heavy tanks etc. is much less than bare hands vs. machine gun. You can really be proud of your brave army!
64. #47 SHAME SHAME ON YOU ..the truth is out there and yu
rachel ,   usa   (03.13.10)
pretend you don't see it
65. #48 crocodile tears ...if you really cared you would
rachel ,   usa   (03.13.10)
be upset that hamas use children has human sheilds ...
66. sultan
Ilana   (03.13.10)
if you were a good "person" you would have long long long condemned terror attacks and rockets pouring down in civilian areas on civilians-where were you? Don't preach to me what is a good person not to mention Jew. Are you the one to decide? You arrogant person you. There are always buts there is hardly any absolute truth and it is my right to discuss them. All of a sudden righteous people pop up here because of this story, funny that I have hardly seen you preachers during the hundreds of attacks on Jews (and on muslims in all the other muslim countries). It is NOT only about Israel. There is a whole world out there. Your hatred blinds you. And because of that innocent kids and people DIE. Practice what you preach. you are a disgrace to mankind like many before you.
67. mouhamad
Ilana   (03.13.10)
and the other kids -did you cry for them? Scroll down and see the kids killed- grouped according to age from under one to 16 years old. CRY FOR THEM TOO.
68. quick to talk
annonymos ,   israel   (03.13.10)
no soldier would ask any one to open a bag suspected of being filled with explosives while he and 30 of his counterparts are in the same room. story is fake
69. Phony Org: Defense for Children International
JPS ,   Efrat   (03.13.10)
Go look at their website and you'll quickly see that this is just another Arab front organization for anti-Israel propaganda. With the words "children" and "international" you'd think that these people want to save kids' lives: pals, israelis, africans, asians. Nope. They're simply another anti-Israel organization. For example, you see the report "Israel's Violations of the Right to Life", but no similar report on Palestinian violations, Hezbollah violations, Hamas violations. Well heck, you don't see anybody else except Israel! And look again at the phony name: Defence for Children International. What a load of crap. Let's see the Palestinians do some real childrens' rights work - meaning Palestinians have to not just stop shooting at Israeli civilians, they have to prosecute those who do. Hah! It'll never happen. Why? Cuz idiot leftists around the world think that international laws do not apply to Palestinians, and Israeli children have no human rights.
70. par for the course
Settler of Ramot ,   new "East Jerusalem   (03.13.10)
a population that accepts arms caches in schools, homes and hospitals, ununiformed combatants, ambulances carrying bombs and terrorists, and streets named for jihadists, should not be surprised when the "chickens come home to roost". In a theater where there is nothing that cant be a boobytrap, every single risk must be treated as such and neutralized. My pity is spared for residents of a more normal reality.
71. Peculiar witness statement
jeff ,   IRELAND   (03.24.10)
As you all know, I often come out on side of the Palestinians. This witness statement, however, sounds like it was coached. It's too elaborate for a 12 year old, let alone a 9 year old. Terms like 'south western', 'two and half metres' '20 metres'. A peculiarly exact statement for a boy who allegedly find it difficult to talkk about his experiences
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