Senior PLO member warns building in east J'lem will lead to intifada
Ali Waked and agencies
Published: 15.03.10, 19:29
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1. we'll win this battle as we did the others only this time w
ralph   (03.15.10)
we will make the final border where our armies stop. the arabs and pals better realize there is a price to pay for every precious life they cost us jews and among the pals. there is a cost for starting and losing battles they must be shown that or they will keep trying again and again as they have up to now. we must teach the world this lesson, this is something the left keeps forgetting at the cost of far to many jewish and arab lives.
2. Despite Biden's request, the Arabs in Ramallah proclaimed a
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.15.10)
square honoring Dallal Mughrabi, a master terrorist responsible for the mass murder of 37 Israeli civilians on a bus inside Israel. Did Biden, did Clinton, did Obama react to this incitement that was carried out by the Arabs of the territories although they were asked by the US Administration not to name the place after this terrorist...?? Of course they didn't care about the US Administration and its request. But Obama remained silent, and so were Clinton and Biden!!!
3. PLO and Ashton WARNINGS
tiki ,   belgium   (03.15.10)
Ashton is on her way out, for she was and is a 'complete failure, that nobody takes serious (exept she herself) and the PLO is warning AGAIN, forgetting that intifada will harm them (economic) more than Israel. Pals see a wall nearly build to completion, they MUST shoot it to pieces, they just can't help themselves.
4. Are you sure you want to do that?
Jospeh ,   Malta   (03.15.10)
Because if yes, I expect you after you get the usual beating, you dont go running and crying to the UN, EU, and d Arab L. Accept what you get, and say it was Allah's will.
5. Israel should use intifatah to drive our enemies out forever
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.15.10)
Israel should welcome a new intifatah as a golden opportunity to drive our enemies from our land forever. No more "containment". No more "teaching them a lesson". Israel must demand resounding victory. This time, let us wipe the ground with the "Palestinians". Make this war count, in the same way the Allies made WW II count, to end the conflict with "Palestinians" once and for all through total victory. No concessions ever. This is our land. They leave. Period.
6. Whoopie doo!
Brad ,   USA   (03.15.10)
Ahmed Qureia has to ask himself a question. How many intifadas have they had? Whatever that number is, it is the same, as the number of defeats they have suffered. Do they really want to have Israeli boot prints all over their butts again? Israel needs to continue to build on their own land. That includes the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount. If the Islamo-nazis don't like it, good. God bless Israel.
7. More Convenient Emboldenment
Dallas ,   Canada   (03.15.10)
Who is being suffocated here? To hand it all over (West Bank, E, N and S J'lem) on a silver platter is a pipe dream. To riot and use violence - as has been done for the last 90 years - certainly will not facilitate any real solution. Nations are built by honest and hard work. Pals' energy is misdirected in victim and 'martyr' worship and should be used for creativity instead. I am sure there are minds there who know how to create - we just never hear from them because anyone who opposes the "narrative" would not live long.
8. let qureia do intifada with his kids
issa ,   jersey city , usa   (03.15.10)
i am a palestinian and i just want to say to ahmad quriea if you talk about intifada you should be in the front with your kids and your family and the palestian people will as always follow . dont send other people's kids to die and then you set back in your villa and make more money off poor people's backs.practrice what you preach
9. Objections To Building In
Bruce ,   USA   (03.15.10)
east jerusalem or any other part regardless of who objects is something the israeli's and their government needs to resolve. The us, eu, eygpt and the rest can resolve the issue in the middle east by the following: Jordan must except their fate as heirs being the heshemite kingdom to reign in their subjects the pals. Ignore international pressure on the iranian nuclear standoff. Third but not least ,expell the warqf regain the temple mount for the capital of the Hebrew/Jewish people can be shared but only under the control of the Israeli government. Life is full of tough decisions, and they have to be made. For you can't please everyone all the time, but to appease islam at the cost of own religion and people isnt compromise, it's placeing yourself in a subordinate roll where the arabs will expoit this kindness and will take advantage at every opportunity.
10. Arab lies, incitement and violence IS ALWAYS THE PROBLEM
WAKE UP! ,   USA   (03.15.10)
Do Jews tried to take over Mecca like Muslims try to take away Jewish holy places??
11. Intifada will be counterproductive
Eddie ,   london UK   (03.15.10)
It will delay peace talks for another 10 years - and by then, there will be less land and less palestinains.
13. you already had tried it 2 times. haven't you learnt by now
that it is not the ,   way ?   (03.15.10)
14. 5.
Patrik ,   Sweden   (03.15.10)
You sound more like Germany than the Allies........
15. Bring it On!!!
Dan ,   Titusville   (03.15.10)
it is time that we dealt with the Palestinians in terms that they understand. Another intifada will open the doer wide to deporting Palestinians to Gaza or their ancestral homeland of Jordan. Bring on the Intifada.
16. Aboul Gheit statement
Barry ,   Boston / USA   (03.15.10)
"Israel must know there is a price to pay"; he is 100% correct. Israel has been the paying the price for way too long; when you pay for something, you should expect something of equal value in return! Every payment Israel has ever made, towards peace with it's neighbors, has only brought disappointment, rockets, attacks, kidnappings, death and sadness. The bottom line is the Palis will never make peace with Israel, as their charter clearly states!!!! Jerusalem should and will become the eternal capitol of Israel!
17. There is only one way to prevent "suffocation"
Vardina   (03.15.10)
of Palestinians: use birthcontroll pills!
18. And these are the "peace seeking" arabs
Shiran ,   IL   (03.15.10)
Every other morning they threaten to open in a new intifada. No one here is afraid of their bluff.
19. #5 Rib-cracking funny you are!
Nour ,   Palestine فلسطين   (03.15.10)
In all honesty I have to admit that you just made my evening, ironically speaking! You made me laugh - literally. Chaim, keep dreaming of eliminating/erasing Palestine. You've been trying for over a hundred years to annihilate us, and you've failed. Guess what, you will keep failing and in the process destroy yourselves as the racist exclusivist "Jewish State". In fact we're beginning to see cracks... Thanks to Settlers "R" Us. We Palestinians are beating you silly in the global PR and goodwill field. Palestine 10 - Israel 0. Despair not though, you still triumph in using armies and phosphor bombs against unarmed civilians. I'm very happy about the current situation (or should I say trend?) - and thanks again for the laugh fool!
20. Threats against Israel
Joan ,   New Zealand   (03.15.10)
Issa #8 It is very noticable that these unprincipaled PLO and Hamas Leaders never send their sons and daughters as suicide bombers - Only someone elses lied to kids.
21. be careful my pal friends. if you start an intifada we stop
ralph   (03.15.10)
where our army stops and your new border line which you shall refer to shall be the 2010 border. you never fail to lose an opportunity nor to live in the present. you start wars but do not realize that if you start a war and lose it you lose what you had. not get to get it back. so be careful what you wish for.
22. is Qureia bold or bald?
observer   (03.15.10)
23. please don't threaten us
david ,   new york   (03.15.10)
24. #19 Nour. I wish you all the best in your new land.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.16.10)
Nour, I'm glad you found humour in my last post. I have nothing against your personally and wish you, and your family, the best of health, joy and prosperity in your new land. At some point, you're going to have to abandon your delusions of taking over our land. "Palestinians" have had these delusions since 1948 and they belong only in dreamland. This tiny land has belonged to Jews for more than 3,500 years and always will. However, if you pass Israeli clearance, you may be allowed to visit our land and pretend you're in "Palestine" or Neverland or Oz or Atlantis...
25. "Another" Intifada?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.16.10)
When did the last one stop?
26. queria threat
marcel   (03.16.10)
Go ahead with another intifada if you want. Olmert the quisling is no longer in power along with livni who kissed coindi rice's rear end for every concession. We'll beat the hell out of you.Go to jordan before it erupts because we will come for you. Obama, a past moslem is with yoiu and that is his right. east jerusalem was emptied of jews by you guys in early 1900s. So we are coming back. If obama wants to base US security on you guys, go ahead. Israel will manage somehow. Haredi, get the helll into martial arts and militia trainning, all of you, no exemptions for yishai or yosef. This joke has gone on long enough.
27. agree with you nour.. what i see here is the anger of failur
saher ,   pal   (03.16.10)
israel is loosing in all fields there is no one accepting their polices nor their acts they free to do what they want if they lives alone on the march as Biden told Abbas "the world today isn't as it was in 67" prefer the PA more than Hammas coz they are strategy men with a plan nour let them screaming as they want finally they will inforce to do what we want
28. The muslims want to destroy Israel first !
Jaacov Baumann   (03.16.10)
Then they want to destroy the much hated west, then they want to destroy the rest of the non-muslims. 2 options : stick your head in the sand and be destroyed or stand up and fight !
29. Threats
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.16.10)
Any threats of another intifada should be dealt with in the strongest possible terms. It is essentially seditious to threaten violence and civil disobedience. Or, Israel can take the Iranian route -- wait for the intifada to start, and then fire into crowds of demonstrators. Ask me if I care if a single solitary violent Arab is killed. (I don't. I really don't.)
30. Peace would be possible if not for the arabs.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.16.10)
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