Obama is pro-Israel
Alon Pinkas
Published: 29.03.10, 14:00
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LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (03.29.10)
"OBAMA PRO-ISRAEL " and "EHUD BARAK WE TRUST YOU ." Two priceless and unforgettable headlines in one day .Boy,what a day .HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ,I am wetting myself with laughter.And with friends like Obama ,who needs enemies?
2. Obama Puts US Interests First Including Being Pro-Israel
Moderate Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (03.29.10)
3. are you sirius?
OZ   (03.29.10)
this post -american administration will go down in history as the worst, anti- israel one in decades. obama's entire dogma rejects and nulifyies everything israel stands for. but it's not only what obama says or does , as it is how he potrays his israel loathing. tfu on him and his entire b.s admisitration.
4. Pinkas' assessment is wrong
Brod ,   USA   (03.29.10)
Alon Pinkas is wrong in his assessment of Obama. If one can strip the veneer, Obama is Rashid Khalidi-the virulent AntiSemite Islamist-Jihadist intellectual. Khalidi whispers to Hussien's ear and the latter takes his dictates. The fact is Obama's administration is anti-Israel. It is Judeo-Christian America and Congress that support Israel. It is time for Israel to utilize its supporters in America to come to its defense. It is time they get Sarah Palin to visit Israel to defend Israel. Sarah Palin is a strong voice in Judeo-Christian America whose message resonates across the heartland of America.
5. The creative mind of Mr. Pinkus
Bubba ,   Dallas, TX, USA   (03.29.10)
You should join the US Democrat talking heads that are trying to convince the public that a Congress and President with approval ratings of 12% and 48% respectivley passes a bill by 4 votes out of 450 or so that only 46% of voters show any favor for. Do you really believe your own $%&#?
6. Obama is pro-israeli and pigs can fly
Jew ,   Israel   (03.29.10)
7. yes..of course...and pigs have wings
JL   (03.29.10)
ZIONIST FOREVER   (03.29.10)
Every conclusion made in this article is flawed & just the opposite of the REAL Obama and his policies. Obama is pro Israel & his policy is not a radical change from US policy thats very funny. Obama stood up in Ciaro University and declared that the American alliance with Israel is unshakable. Thats a lame attempt to say well I havn't abandoned Israel completely even if my I support the arabs now. Lets not forget all those nice jewish voters who don't want to hear that their president has fully turned on Israel. If there is one thing Obama does well its make speeches. Obama not being a romantic diplomat like Jimmy Carter .. how do you explain his plans for a nuclear free planet? In the Middle East he has romantic visions of all the muslim states singing GOD bless America. With Israel he is hard as nails to push forward his romantic visions. All his actions to date have shown he is no friend of Israel and the man doesn't even try to hide that factc 90% of the time. He needs to show the muslims he is anti Israel if he wants them to all love him. As for his pledges to get US troops out of Iraq by August other than the fact its another unworkable romantic vision Iraq is US domestic issue and has nothing to do with his policiy towards Israel. Attemps to forge an effective policy to counter Irans nuclear efforts. Well thats a good joke, the man has done nothing everybody himself included know its not working and never will. The man has accepted the idea of a nuclear Iran and just hopes that once they get the nukes they will agree to give them up. There is no way though he is either going authorise the US to use force to destroy the nuclear facilities or allow anybody else like Israel to do anything. The US has an interest in seeing a strong Israel. How do you explain the unoficiall arms embargo placed on Israel whilst selling arms to arabs? Israel wanted Apaches he refused Egypt wanted F16s, Apaches, fast attack boats, Harpoon missiles - he agreed to every one of those requests. Jordan wanted Javalin missiles he sold them. Israel bought bunker busters under the Bush administration but Obama has refused to deliver them.
9. Alon Pinkas, where do you buy your pot?
Larry ,   los angeles   (03.29.10)
I thought the stuff in LA was good, but what ever you are smoking really lifts you out of reality. Obama loves Israel, my my.
10. Pinkas' head is buried so deep in the sand that he may never
Randi ,   Jerusalem   (03.29.10)
see the light of day. Just like his counterparts in the Obama-loving american Jewish community. No matter how much we give, the pressure will not stop. Is Pinkas not familiar with our history here? No one in the international community has ever accepted our prescence in any part of Jerusalem, or in Tel Aviv for that matter. Stop with the appeasment!
11. Could have fooled me :-)
Ram ,   London   (03.29.10)
12. Only one who eats stupid pills thinks Obama pro Israel
Bruce Stein ,   Chicago   (03.29.10)
And if you "feel" its true, no amount of facts can change: the thoughtlessness of those with an IQ under 102, or brains of those with a mental disorder!
13. How to view Obama
Norm ,   NYC   (03.29.10)
Ignore what he says and watch closely what he does He is not a friend of Israel...Alon, you are way off base, and going to get picked off. If there is another war, don't run out of ammo, there will be no resupply from the USA...are you listening Israel ? Happy Pesach Ya'All !
14. Alon is in deep denial
Ran   (03.29.10)
It would be mean to say he's not a "useful idiot" more of a "useless Idiot" even though it's true, but in psychological terms, he's an abuse victim who is co-dependent and has yet to face himself and create some boundaries in his life.
15. pinkus not the man
mohson   (03.29.10)
Now you know why pinkus didn't get the job. He is misinformed, naiive in the extreme, and dumb like livni. Obama did smile and make nice with chavez, a tinpot dictator. Moscow is still a superpower contrary to pinkus, its arming of iran and the arabs is dangerous.Also, israel decides for itself what is in its best interests not the US according to the appeasers.As for initiatives, what have the arabs offered? Obama does not ask them to do anything vis a vis israel, and he is incapable of protecting israel if missiles fly from ramallah to tel aviv. So israel decides what is in its best interests. Pinkus was an advisor to barak when he almost gave away the store in hislunatic overconfidence. Pinkus of course is upset that the didn't get the job that oren has. So he says the opposite of the truth. obama is proarab., leans that way if israel dissolves in a palestine state by demographics, obama would be happy with that as his goulish bowing before king of saudi arabia indicates. pinkus, olmert, livni, braverman they are all the same, cowards of the first order withblinders on.
16. OBAMA-"Pro Israel"
Siimon ,   HCMC Vietnam   (03.29.10)
When we stop to bull.... ourselves??? I hope that the Democrats will loose Congrss elections in November and American Jews start to think properly for whom they are voting.
17. what do you want to prove? That black is white?
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (03.29.10)
Do you believe your own words? I have a heavy suspision about it. Don"t make a joke of yourself. Hag sameah!
18. What a moron
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.29.10)
If you considered Clinton, Bush or any other American President to be pro-Israel then you had better seek serious therapy. As for Odumba, he is so anti-Israel that he has adopted positions more extreme than even the PLO.
19. Obama isn't pro -American.....
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (03.29.10)
He talks crap incessantly about the United States in foreign countries. So now he is Pro -Israel??????? You are smoking some hard drugs if you believe that urban legend. Nice use of the news media to push an agenda though. Did he cry when he called about how no one trusts him anymore?
20. Opinion of a Retiree :-)
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (03.29.10)
Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting. Well, for example, the other day I went into town and went into a shop. I was only in there for about 5 minutes. When I came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket..I went up to him and said, "Officer, how about giving an old lady a break?" He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. So I called him a Nazi. He glared at me and started writing another ticket for having worn tires. So I called him an a—hole. He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he started writing a third ticket. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more names I called him, the more tickets he wrote.... Personally, I didn't care. I came into town by bus and saw the car had an Obama sticker on it...I try to have a little fun each day now that I'm retired.. It's important at my age.
21. Obama - anti-Israel
Mark Bernadiner ,   Pearland, USA   (03.29.10)
Obama's administration is abbas's puppet, bows to any and each his demand and launches a proxy war on israel on behalf of global islamofascism. Obama's administration is a gang of islamofascist and islamofascist prostitutes with a clear objective whis is eliminationg Israel from the map.
22. The tradition of persecution
Mahlon Drumgoole ,   Newark NJ USA   (03.29.10)
The 2000 years of persecution, culminating in the Holocaust has severely damaged the psyche of so many Jews and Pinkus is a prime example. To thehese people, the best way to deal with antisemitism and anti-Israel behavior is to deny it. JStreet is an example of an organization that criticizes everything that Israel does and pushes for punitive sanctions against Israel and yet defends itself against psychological guilt by claiming it is pro-Israel. That itis financially supported by extreme leftists and Arab and European money is besides the point. Also, that the orgqanization is led by a man who couldn't cut the mustard in Israel and admits that he doesn't agree with the concept of a Jewish State. Some friend. Pinkus needs a cold shower or perhaps profesional counseling to wake him from his denial induced stupor. .
23. #1 lotsa laffs . . .
profejb ,   SoCal, USA   (03.29.10)
. . . as Bibi runs circles around our "Pro-Israel" Pres. Schmendrick -- NObody cares what he says, thinks or does. Don't sign anything, Mr. PM, just take it home for "more study" and tell 'im, "Right. We'll get back to you . . ."
24. YES - the world was yearning for obama
eporue ,   europe   (03.29.10)
he has all those leadership skills, needed to make the world a better place. pinkas describes him very well and precise: a man, impressing by his analytical skills and fairness, but also by his likeable and easy-going personality. however, after the obama profile, pinkas analytical skills deteriorate dramatically, when it comes to "bibi". he quite nails it in paragraph 10 ("Netanyahu’s survival in power...") but then seems too scared, to name or draw the conclusion of it. in the end, he seems confused, when he tries to explain, that "adjustments to reflect an understanding" would be enough. you should have said it all, mr. pinkas.
25. Open your eyes.
Brad ,   USA   (03.29.10)
Obama may not maintain warm relations with foreign leaders, but he got warm with some of them when he went on his "America is arrogant", butt kissing tour. Look, Obama is not even pro-U.S. What makes you think that he is pro-Israel? When your Messiah returns to this planet, one of the things He will do, is to punish the nations that scattered His people, and DIVIDED HIS LAND. Obama cannot be pro-Israel, and lick the boots of muslims, by dividing up Israel's land, at the same time. Therefore, Obama is not pro-Israel, and his approach is not "realist", it is "islamist".
John ,   Washington DC   (03.29.10)
I'm fairly certain one of the cornerstone's for Israel and the Jewish people is the unity of Jerusalem or at the very least, free access to it. By Obama saying that Israel should potentially give any of it to the Palestinian people show how he is FUNDAMENTALLY opposed to the purpose of the Jewish Israeli state in the first place. Don't kid yourself. Obama may not be straight up anti_Semitic, but on his list of priorities, the Jewish constituent is about as low as it could appear.
27. Obama is neither pro Israel nor
velville ,   atlanta   (03.29.10)
pro USA. He is pro Obama and does not really care about anyone else as long as he thinks it will help him fool enough fools to keep control of Congress and to get reelected. No, he is not Jimmy Carter, whose upbringing made him intolerant of those who did not agree with him 100%. Obama does not seem to care if anyone agrees with him as long as they pretend to. He is without a heart, without a soul, and without might...seems like an anti-Deverim 5:5? And they are a pathetic bunch around him. But apparently not enough to offend the 80% who are such sheeples.
28. "...do not constitute radical change in US policy"
Heather Czerniak ,   Milwaukee, USA   (03.29.10)
Wait for it. You won't have to wait long.
29. Samantha Power, Khalid Rashidi, Jeremiah Wright
BJL ,   usa   (03.29.10)
These are Hussein Obama's most trusted advisors on Israel. They are rabid anti-jews and arabists. No Mr Pinkas, Obama is a wolf in sheeps clothing.
30. Obama maintains no warm personal ties with any foreign leade
Victor Ivanov ,   Camarillo, Californi   (03.29.10)
Obama maintains no warm personal ties with any foreign leader except bow down for muslim liders. Obama is not stupid, so he should (and he is) understand that that Israel is obstacle for muslems to go to heaven and untill muslims come together and destroy Israel and kill all the Jews they will stuck on the earth. By-by 72 virgins. The problem is islam itself. No peace is possible until islam be destoyed. Obama as muslim perfectly knows that. And he is the enemy not only of Israel but America too.
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