Price tag: Who's to blame for settler violence?
Anat Shalev
Published: 30.04.10, 13:16
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1. The arabs are to blame for "settler" violence!
Peter   (04.30.10)
2. where the hell is the media when jews are attacked on a
daily basis?   (04.30.10)
answer = burying the truth!
3. what we learn from history
Michael ,   Haifa   (04.30.10)
We cite the phenomemon of pogroms only when it suits us
4. Don't worry,Price is Cheap
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.30.10)
My dear Israeli puppets of pharaoh Obama and the globalists agenda please don't worry about 'price tag' . Just add the price to the painful concessions on the Road Map to war that you have signed on to. Isaiah 28:14-22.
5. since 9/11 over 15000 terrorist attacks against Israel haven
John   (04.30.10)
been reported by the bias leftist world media!
6. Palestinians must urge their leaders..
Michael Hess ,   Charlotte, NC   (04.30.10)
to come to a peaceable "settlement" with Israel, even if it means painful compromises. Otherwise they really only have themselves to blame, and will continue to live under the "sword".
7. Duty and Equality before the law.
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.30.10)
Only a full enforcement of the law against the perpetrators - Jews and Arabs alike - is going to solve this problem. Ignoring the one or the other is going to make it worse. It is the duty of our security serviced, the police, the IDF and Shabak to get involved, find the criminials and arrest them.
8. # 6 Micheal
Judah ,   Israel   (04.30.10)
Don’t worry the Palies don’t have to do a single thing Obama is sorting it out for them, all they have to do is kick back and watch Israel cave into Obama demands.
9. :: The IDF help Yesha Yobs terrorize Palestinians
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (04.30.10)
Two more years, that is how long the Palestinians have to suffer these terror attacks, after that we can wave bye-bye to the illegal settlers as they are carted back to Israel. In the meantime I imagine that Bibi has his orders from Obama to clamp down hard on settler violence, com'n Bibi get to it...
10. Jewish cars stoned every day
Allon   (04.30.10)
In an attempt to murder, cause a serious crash. Why is this unreported? Why can settlers not take revenge? Why are Jewish hands tied?
11. if settlers commit violence, they are to blame
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.30.10)
if palestinians commit violence, they are to blame. whoever commits violence is to blame. this notion that responsibility for one's actions lies with someone else is childish rubbish. when personal responsibility ends, anarchy begins.
stude ham   (04.30.10)
done to the jewish people over the last few centuries right on until today. and during the last few centuries, the arab invaders did not stop mass murdering the jewish people. here's hoping that the settlers never copy those atrocities.
13. A Pogrom is a Pogrom
Kirsten Fenger ,   Aarhus Denmark   (04.30.10)
even when the press adopts the purpetrators lame fig leaf "Price Tag". When you target a certain croup of people and "Torching fields, vehicles and houses, uprooting olive trees, vandalizing kindergartens" time and time again it has a name and that is Pogrom.
14. And they remain free
John ,   Canada   (04.30.10)
And they remain free to do it again and again and again. Lovely democracy you have over there.
15. Burning nursery schools? Stoning homes?
James ,   Canada   (04.30.10)
Settlers burning nursery schools? Stoning homes? Destroying olive farms? Terrorizing farmers? There is NO EXCUSE for that disgusting behavior.
16. Israeli government supports this violence
Eric ,   Australia   (04.30.10)
The Israeli government supports this violence...Israeli ministers and politicians incite against the Palestinians every day. Its no wonder the settlers take this incitement to heart and engage in pogroms and violence against innocent Palestinians. They know they have the support of the Israeli government behind them. They know they won't be punished.
17. What Else is New?
yutupoto ,   Brooklyn   (04.30.10)
When it was just Kain and Hevel - the world was not big enough for them to share. Noach's son "Chazer," castrated him so Noach would not be able to have more sons, and therefore Cham's share of the world would not be less than one-third. There is no way that Jews and Arabs can exist together - not in the world, and for sure not in Eretz Yisrael.If one of us has to go, it might as well be them. Arabs do not keep the 7 mitzvos of Noach and therefore have no right to remian in this world. The ones that worship that dead Jew on a stick can also say "so-long" They are being replaced and obliterated because of the evil of their ways.
18. violance
colin   (04.30.10)
WHAT VIOLANCE. These peace loving pioneers do not know what the meaning of going Ginat loving Israelis.This leftest journalist must have been trained in Europe where she learnt how to twist words and report only the falsehoods or lies.Ynet even being a leftest newspaper must dismiss this traiter to Israel
19. Govt. dishonesty, duplicity cause of "price tag" justice.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.01.10)
Thomas Jefferson, one of the Fathers of American democracy noted, "I will plead with humane men but with tyrants I will give no quarter". When Ariel Sharon is elected on a platform of keeping Gaza and he destroys Jewish Gaza, what are Jews to think? When Bibi is elected to head a patriotic coalition, and he implements the destructive policies of the left, what are Jews to think? How can Israel's government be trusted? Is it any wonder many Jews believe there is no justice to be had from Israel's government. The duplicity and dishonesty of Israel's government is to blame for "price tag" justice.
20. who is to blame?
Lisa   (05.01.10)
Jews blaming Arabs, Arabs blaming Jews, Jews blaming Europeans, Americans, Palestinians, etc... Arabs blaming everybody- what is this? The new disease? How far back do you want to blame other people? Obama, the Christians , the Romans, the Egyptians, etc... 2000 years, 3000 years? blaming God? #2 Stop blaming the media- it is REPORTING what is going on.... settlers acting like bullies are no better than Palestinians acting like bullies- of course then it is called terrorism- . Stop blaming the government- citizens that act like vandals have to be punished Stop blaming Obama- the problem has to be solved- .... there is no will from the inside, so the pressure has to come from the outside now... the chances have been missed times and times again- here you can blame yourself.
21. #18 colin- really funny
Lisa   (05.01.10)
haha- really funny.... blaming it on the Europeans again- sure. And after you finish blaming everything on everybody else- who is left to blame? The perfect self? Right! Look in the mirror for once, LOL
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