Is this what peace looks like?
Elyakim Haetzni
Published: 13.05.10, 17:36
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1. dear elyakim
fawez ,   Pal   (05.13.10)
the answer to your qestion is ... you live east of the green line sir .. you need to decide: 1- stay and take a palestinian pasport . orrrrrrrrrrr 2- sell your F,house and move either to israel proper ...or back to Germany . you took in the name of your God ,70% of our land and still shamlessely giving us lectures about how human you are . it does stick sir ...it is an old rick .
2. Settlements good for everyone.
Michael Hess ,   Charlotte, NC   (05.13.10)
Including Obama. When will the boy wake up ?
3. A boycott would hurt the Palestinians
Shame   (05.13.10)
Would a boycott of Israeli goods not severely affect the tens of thousands of Palestinians who have Jobs in Israel and depend on them for a living? We have already seen the hardship caused by Israelis closing of its border in the past denying these workers a living. A large scale boycott it seems would only make their lot worse. We cannot escape the fact that the economies of the West Bank and Israel are tightly linked and the Israelis are dependant on the Palestinians to buy their goods.
4. The truth about settler products
sohnes ,   holzheim, germany   (05.13.10)
Israeli settlements produce a wide range of products that reach a large number of countries. Their first stop is the captive Palestinian market under occupation. Israel literally floods this market with its goods, including settlement products, while maintaining policies that hinder Palestine’s productive capacity and economic growth, including severe restrictions on freedom of movement for people and goods. The impact of settlement products on the economic viability of a Palestinian state extends further than the share they represent of the Palestinian market. Settlements are built on stolen land – land Palestinians are subsequently prevented from developing for residential, industrial or commercial use. Settlements benefit from the exploitation of our natural resources, particularly water, while Israel continues to deny us access to those resources. How is the PA to build the foundations of a decent economy given the status quo?
...if a just and lasting peace remains elusive, just as they are paying the real price for israel’s intransigence. that is why we are taking it upon ourselves to assert our rights, especially when others fail to protect them. it is this that fuels the campaign against settlement products. this campaign is not against israel, nor does it target products made in israel. to portray it as such is not only wrong, it obscures the real issues, namely the illegality of settlement activity, its impact on palestinians and the enormous threat it poses to the viability of a two-state solution. this initiative should reassure all who are serious about saving the two-state solution. the pa is still committed to all previous agreements, including the paris protocol. and palestinians are committed to the political process proposed by the international community. peace with settlements and settlement products is an obvious illusion. the status quo undermines current attempts to restore credibility to the peace process as well as hope among those who believe in peace founded on justice. time is a luxury we can no longer afford, while today’s international consensus on the two-state solution is an opportunity we cannot afford to miss. israel’s commitment and seriousness about peace hangs in the balance. hameed aboughaze, iranian
6. Nothing the Arabs have ever done is indicative of peace
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.13.10)
Or even the desire for peace. Every single declaration is of war. And they make demands as if they have won anything ever. There should be nothing to talk about until the Arabs prove that they even want peace.
7. Financed by enemy states
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.13.10)
An unprecedented media attack against the “delegitimizers” has also begun. Minister Avigdor Lieberman claimed that the activity is “financed by enemy states”. All this is taking place against the backdrop of violent, illegal measures taken by the IDF to crush the popular, non-violent Palestinian struggle, including the use of live ammunition against unarmed civilians and mass detention of Palestinian activists, who are held without trial. The Palestinian reaction to all this is at most occasional stone-throwing according to the “Dromi” law (which has legitimized an Israeli farmer’s fatal shooting of trespassing intruders). This Palestinian response is very gentle, keeping in mind that a strong violent army is invading their land and robbing it.
8. The Palestinians want out
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (05.13.10)
Israel’s policy for the past four decades has taken concrete form as discrimination in planning and construction, expropriation of land, and minimal investment in physical infrastructure and government and municipal services.” About 160,000 Palestinian residents have no suitable and legal connection to the water network, and 50 kilometers of main sewage lines are lacking. Moreover, the hard-hitting report noted that Israel has expropriated more than one-third of Arab East Jerusalem land, which was once privately owned by Palestinians, on which it has built more than 50,000 homes for the Jewish population. No wonder the Palestinians want out, now and not later. A prominent Palestinian peace activist, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, praised in a an interview with Foreign Policy magazine that the institution-building efforts initiated by Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in the West Bank. But, he stressed, the Palestinians do not want to give the wrong impression that internal economic development means statehood, underlining the point that the Palestinian govenment is not allowed by Israel to function in 60 percent of the West Bank, including Jerusalem. All this, he underlined, is not a “substitute for the need to end the Israeli occupation.
9. Pot calling the kettle black
John R ,   NYC USA   (05.13.10)
According to the World Court and 9 UNSC resolutions every one of your West Bank settlements are illegal and a violation of the Geneva Convention. Not a single country in the world recognizes them as being legal . Even President Obama said they were illegal in a recent UN speech. For over 30 years you have expanded the settlements even after signing the 2003 Road Map (which prohibited expansion and natural growth). As I write this over 4600 units have been approved or are in construction on the West Bank. What are you suggesting the Palestinians do (or the world for that matter) to stop your behavior?
10. Peace
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (05.13.10)
This means for the Muslims to integrate Israel into Dar al-Islam.
11. Typical set of arguments
Hana ,   Jerusalem   (05.13.10)
Settler Elyakim Haetzni employs a set of arguments typical for this sort of arrogant activists: 1) Hint of Nazi persecutions (useful anytime against anybody who dares to criticize Israeli politics..) 2) Forgetting many instances when boycots are used by Israelis/Jews themselves - against anybody who dares to criticize them (e.g Turkey)
12. Why the Boycott movement?
zionist forever   (05.13.10)
Experience has proved that people can make a different. It might take sometime but eventually many will come around. The responsibilities of all those who believe in democracy and rights of all the people to live in freedom and not under oppression is great to push for boycott against Israel, on various levels, which include among many forms: trade, travel and diplomatic boycott, which can be carried out in an ascending process starting on the local level, where it really counts; and then on a national level, to spread to the wider international community. This was demonstrated in the experiences of the anti-apartheid movement against South Africa apartheid regime and is very much applicable to Israel in support of the oppressed Palestinian people prolonged struggle for freedom.
13. the subjectivity of boycotts
Michael ,   Haifa   (05.13.10)
Individual Israelis boycotted German goods, while accepting reparations from the same German government and firms...today, workers' unions boycott Turkish tourism...and I also have made a personal choice not to buy products or services from the Settlements...these are all legitimate choices
14. The Palestinian economy
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.13.10)
... is teetering on the edge. One can make the argument that it has fallen into the abyss. Not the fault of Israel. Not the fault of the settlers. If you are looking to apply blame, you need look no further than the so-called Palestinian "leadership" who have used the over 200 billion dollars and 200 billion euros in cash aid to purchase lavish second and third homes in Europe and fund some extremely hefty offshore personal bank accounts. The Palestinians will never have a viable state, and they can thank their fellow Palestinians for this rather sad fact. Oh well. I'm Jewish. Thank G-d.
15. TO: #4 Sohnes: get educated
Mark Bernadiner ,   Pearland, TX   (05.13.10)
your knowledge in Israel history does'n meet credible highschool regirements. Obviously, you are a victim of media Geobblse style propaganda and street-popular crap. Here it is the basics: the state of Israel was created over 3500 years ago with the capitol of Jerusalem. For over 2000 years Israel was occupied by arabs. In 1922, british administration of occupied Israel allocated over 70% of Israel territory to arabs and created Jordan wher all arabs must be relocated. Read documents and do not publish crap.
16. is this what peace looks like?
susan ,   israel   (05.13.10)
17. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.13.10)
Oh, stop with your nonsense. The Palestine Authority has been the beneficiary of over 200 million dollars and 200 million euros in cash aid. The money was intended to improve infrastructure, build hospitals and schools and universities, provide seed money in the form of small business loans to Palestinians and attract foreign investment capital. Guess what happened to the money? I'll tell you. The corrupt and absolutely vile Palestinian "leadership" have used it to buy extremely lavish second -- and even third -- homes in Europe, and pad the already inflated offshore bank accounts of said "leadership." Get a grip. The settlers have -- and had -- nothing to do with it. You can lay the blame squarely at the doorstep of the Palestinians.
18. Peace looks like resounding Israeli victory.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.14.10)
Peace can only come to Israel the same way it came to Europe and Asia after WW II. After resounding military victory over "Palestinians" with no concessions. That's how the Allies achieved it and it's the only way Israel can achieve it.
19. You might be right BUT...
Nader ,   Ramallah   (05.14.10)
We can not deal with settlements because we dont see them as legal bodies in the west bank.. As simple as this, settlements are considered to be a cancer in the heart of the west bank and in fact they must be removed and not only boycutt...
20. I tried to address fawez #1 earlier
Steve   (05.14.10)
Apparenlty no one is able to address fawez, #1. YNet, for some reason, would not let my post to fawez #1 be published. This is very sad.
21. Nobody took anything from you
M   (05.14.10)
In 48 the Arabs currently living in Israel attacked the Jews, there was a civil war, the Jews won, a lot of Arabs decided to flee and became fugitives-i.e.- the so called Palestinians. Those who decided to stay were granted full Israeli citizenship and full civil rights- nobody harmed hem in any sort of way. Dear Fawez, your grandparents were cowards who fled- let's face it...
22. Don't get the facts confuse you!
D ,   Philadelphia   (05.14.10)
The state of Israel provides both electricity and running water to Palestinians, for free! Not to mention health care...(every day Palestinians are treated in Israeli hospitals). But hey, who cares about the facts when we can blame Israel for everything, right?
23. Exactly what they want
Shmuel ,   ISRAEL   (05.14.10)
"Should the boycott succeed, the Palestinian workers who produce settlement goods will lose their jobs." This is exactly what the "palestinian" leadership wants. When this happens they will pull out the cameras and bombard the mainstream media with images of the "humanitarian crisis" which they will all proclaim (despite all logic) was caused by Israel, leading to yet another round of U.N. condemnations.
24. change of nick name
no longer sohnes ,   schlat, germany   (05.14.10)
Some brave person pretends to be sohnes. I will change the name. Please be informed, i won't use this nick name any longer, it's being dragged through the mud with statements i cannot accept. A majority of readers sees through this cheap game of yours and recognizes, it's not me. Nonetheless, this was my last post with my old nick, in order not to give the pathetic imitators a platform, they don't deserve. Can't help it, your helpless behaviour only stirs sympathy in my mind. Not even the balls to speak out for yourselves? What a pitty. Peace out.
25. #15 correction
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.14.10)
Good post, but the state of Israel was not occupied by Arabs for 200 years. After the Roman genocide in 136, Israel was populated by various native peoples mostly Jews, ex-Jews and Roman colonists. Various rulers (including Jews) came and went and there was a continuous immigration and emigration. Around 1880 when the Jews finally had sufficient strength to reestablish their homeland, Israel was deserted and had a small population of various peoples, including a small minority of Muslim Arabs. That is why the world decided to give the British the mandate to help establish Israel. The British broke international law and started importing massive numbers of illegal Arab Muslim immigrants starting in the 1920s while preventing Jewish immigration. So actually, the Arab occupation of Israel only began as part of the British occupation in the 1920s.
26. israel's fake history:
handala ,   jerusalem,palestine   (05.14.10)
israelis say israel existed before 3500 years as a jewish kingdom, if today there is less than 6 million israeli, before 3500 years there was what 2 israelis owning all of palestine? one built jerusalem and the other was the millitary of israel!! go read real history instead of your fake one, and free palestine, palestinians agreed to give you 78% of their land and its still not enough? greed makes you loose everything in the end.
27. #25 what??
handala ,   jerusalem,palestine   (05.14.10)
so now palestinians occupied israel in 1920s, i am shocked by what you believe, im a palestinian and i know my family tree whom lived in palestine since hundreds even thousands of years. arent you ashame of yourself that your living a lie and lying to you children so they will be raised hating palestinians and arabs? why is it so important if a person is a jew, christian or muslim? arent we all human?
28. no longer sohnes #24 - I know your feeling
The real Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.14.10)
The coward that claims to be me in #7 is stealing my id as well. Must be an Arab they have stolen our lands, our history and now want our lives. We gave up 78% of our lands to the Arabs already. We have 0.07% of the land in the Middle East even though we are over 2% of the population. We demand our lands that were awarded us under international law. The Arabs can have the other 99.93%
29. #15
Chris ,   Toronto   (05.14.10)
the Palestinian identity is a modern one, as is the Israeli one, from the same time, and the same history, that is to say what happened during and after the Palestine Mandate that began in the early 1920s. To observe that there is no such thing historically as a Palestinian, technically true, it is equally true that there is no such thing historically as an Israeli. Israel was established in 1948, and has no political history prior to that, apart from the Zionist movement of an earlier 50 years or so. Israeli nationalism and Palestinian nationalism are contemporary phenomena. Lastly, you must not allow yourself to ignore that people define themselves, and if they consider themselves to be a coherent, united people, then they are, by definition. That's how peoples come into being in the first place, by self-definition.
30. #26 and #27
Rebecca ,   Canada   (05.15.10)
I would strongly recommend that you pick up a history book which was not created by arabs. Try reading histories from the Roman period or look up ancient maps all showing ancient Israel under the name Judea. Do yourself a favour and stop being a mushroom.
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