'Rachel Corrie' ignores Navy request to stop
Amnon Meranda and AP
Published: 05.06.10, 09:14
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1. Honor of the Sabbath? Jewish Law?
Jazz   (06.05.10)
2. This is love boat, Palestinians love Rachel Corrie
Palestinian   (06.05.10)
3. Can one believe this
Gaile McLean ,   Cairns Australia   (06.05.10)
Just look at the friendly ladies faces on board. Once again a grab at unjustified sympathy for the real killers of this world. Make the vessel go to port to unload or no go ..........These stupid excuses for human beings make me sick. Only a matter of time before one of them or their loved ones gets murdered by these Muslim Terrorists. Israel please do not weaken in the eyes of these idiots who support them We will be there to help if needed
4. Next flotilla soon for a million righteous citizens, donate!
James ,   US   (06.05.10)
5. Lets the boat go to Gaza
yossi normal Israeli   (06.05.10)
Lets the boat go to Gaza, is Israel will collapse? This people are stupid to bring weapons, check the boat and let them go
6. Rachel Corrie ship
roxie ,   israel   (06.05.10)
While the world attention is drawn to the Gaza Blockade Iran is working towards its nuclear goals...Don't you think Iran is happy about this distraction and played a major part in it to begin with? People use your common sense Iran put the militants aboard the first ship to create this distraction, and is racing towards developing Nuclear weapons!
7. they declined it, their problem
free Gilad shlit ,   NY\ISRAEL   (06.05.10)
let me break it down for you: we know you're not peace activists, actually, we know you're activists but not for peace. (go to aushwich, 9\11 and the greatest: hamas is not aterror orgnization). salut for the ISRAELI NAVY!
8. Turkey-Sudan = pincer movement on Israel & Egypt both
a   (06.05.10)
Turkey - Sudan = pincer movement both on Israel and Egypt. Turkey is becoming a new geopolitical power, knowing that the west wont touch it (as it did not N.Korea, Iran, etc). The other pincer of this neonazi-ioranian movement is Sudan, where fundamentalist jihadists occupied the country and killed the natives and starved them (Darfur) and now THEY WANT THE NILE WATER !!!. Just as Assad wants Kineret (Sea of Galilee) so do the Sudanese want the sources of the Nile and to dry up Egypt. This is a war both on Israel and on Egypt.
9. Want to see starving people? The don't go to Gaza!
redbourn ,   Arad, Israel   (06.05.10)
There are no shortages of necessities in Gaza. Westerners are paying for Gazans to have plenitude by having it deducted from their paychecks by way of taxes. Take a look at this .. and then pass it on, Michael
Ariel Sharon ,   Hadassah Hospital   (06.05.10)
11. To #2: Who loves you?
Jonathan ,   Israel/USA   (06.05.10)
Can you imagine if the United States had set up a blockade on some territory, and ships would just come and intrude when they pleased? Can we all say, together now: battleship? This goes without mentioning that this "ship love" has to do with anti-Jewish feelings, as understood when the Palistinian sym-pathetics said: "remember September 11." You think you can get away with such acts because we are Jews, and we have different standards; well, let me tell you: this is not the case. We Israeli supporters have had enough out of you hate mongering morons. Can you explain to me why no other 'Arab' country is assimilating you? No? It's because no one loves you, and no one ever will love you.
12. Re: Jazz #1 and the snarky comment re "Honoring the Sabbath"
Mikey ,   SomeWhere OverHere   (06.05.10)
(A) Israel is a Jewish state in the sense that it is a state of the Jewish people, most of whom are not religiously observant (such as yours truly). Despite the wishes of some here, we are not a theocracy and we don't all observe the Sabbath, people are free to observe or not observe;(B), Moreover, according to Jewish law, the normal Sabbath rules must be set aside if it an issue of life or death. One drives a dangerously ill person to hospital on Sabbath and we engage in military self-defense on the Sabbath as well when it is necessary. Ensuring that weapons do not enter Gaza comes under the latter category for any religious IDF personnel engaged in this operation who would otherwise be observing the Sabbath day.
13. drama rama
galilean mom ,   Israel   (06.05.10)
The collective punishment that Israel has forced upon Gaza is a very unnatural act for Israel. It's very 'unJewish' and also very unIsraeli. The IDF is extremely humane with a policy that repeats over and over again to its soldiers, that the IDF doesn't target civilians deliberately, ever! We try to be as humane as possible, and this continually blows up in our faces. So perhaps the only thing to do is to totally disengage from Gaza. Open the sea lanes, allow ships to enter Gaza port. But also at the same time, close all borders with Gaza from Israel, allow no supplies to enter from Israel. Allow no civilians passage for medical reasons, etc.. Contract a new water and electricity agreement which would be supplied by Egypt and not Israel, as it is today. And please, those of you who will cry, oh it wasn't us it's our fanatic neighbors who fired the kassam. Well I got news for you, if you want to be a sovereign state and nation, you have to learn to practice LAW AND ORDER and follow rules and regulations. Use your police force to enforce your laws. Don't expect the sovereign state of Israel to use amateur tactics in self defense! Once in place, IDF can then, without any guilt whatsoever, retaliate with exaggerated force, against any terrorist attack or kassam missiles fired at Israel from Gaza.
14. Life in Gaza that needs assistance
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.05.10)
Life in Gaza is not pleasant for most of the Arab population of the Strip. But so is the case in many other Arab countries and territories, in most of sub-Sahara Africa, in much of Asia and Latin America, and this despite the regular aid supplied to the Strip by Israel, e.g. electricity, water, fuel, food, medicine, clothing, hardware, etc. The question that must be asked therefore is how to improve matters in Gaza; how to ensure improve economic situation by which the Arabs of Gaza could help themselves. The answers: 1) Demand of Arab Egypt to keep the border with Gaza open so as to enable people to move in and out with relative freedom to seek employment in Egypt, the largest Arab state, and beyond. 2) Based on UN Security Council Resolution 242 which has been the basis for all peace talks and agreements, Egypt should be encouraged to gradually take over control over affairs in Gaza, and with the financial assistance of rich Arab states allow for the development of the Sinai Peninsula so as to enable some of the Arabs of Gaza participate in such development and benefit from its outcome. Israel did so when it controlled the Sinai as well as when it controlled the Gaza Strip. Why wouldn't the Arab do the same...??
george michael ,   LA   (06.05.10)
Remember the Struma, a ship with almost 800 Jewish refugees that Turkey towed to sea and abandoned without food, water, or any means of communication. When the ship was torpedoed, there was one loan survivor. Turkey waited 24 hours before rescuing him, and then they threw him into a Turkish prison where he stayed for six weeks.
16. world community do not forget your own crimes:
hypocracy   (06.05.10)
Remember the Struma, a ship with almost 800 Jewish refugees that Turkey towed to sea and abandoned without food, water, or any means of communication. When the ship was torpedoed, there was one loan survivor. Turkey waited 24 hours before rescuing him, and then they threw him into a Turkish prison where he stayed for six weeks.
17. well done israel!!!
natalie oster ,   florida   (06.05.10)
IDF always there to protect it's people. This is so moving. i'm so prude of the jewish state! god bless the children of IDF!!!
18. I've already donated to Free Gaza Movement
Nour ,   One-State   (06.05.10)
Go ahead and donate, make your contribution - make the world a better place, rid Gaza of an immoral and unethical siege, and compel Zionists to give up apartheid!!! MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTION TODAY and watch Freedom-2 Flottila grace the shores of Palestine.
19. to # 11 ******************* Where is the love
Palestinian   (06.05.10)
At least 32 nationalities sailed / rode the sea Flottila1, because of the love of Palestine. Protests all over the world because of the assault on Flottila 1 because of deep love. look out for Flottila 2, too. Most Israelis will get the love from Palestinians one day. Even the nice Israelis of Neturei Karta visited Gaza, observed the Sabbath in Gaza and received some love and respect.
20. If you have come looking for trouble
Eric... ,   Israel.....   (06.05.10)
you have come to the wright place.We made you a peace offer but you turned it down.Then you tell us to go back too Auchwitz.,nice people.Now we should take the ship.
21. To Israel: you need SERIOUS INTELLIGENCE on these folks!
Chinese American ,   Princeton, NJ, USA   (06.05.10)
In order to deal effectively with these ships, Israel needs INFORMATION AND INTELLIGENCE as to who are on the ships and their likely behavior! They may all be ultimately (whether through design or misguidedness) helping Hamas, but they are certainly NOT the same. Recall that in last week's botched operation, the IDF had no problem with five of the six ships. Let's think of who the activists are. Broadly speaking, they fall into three categories: 1. Genuine peace activists: These include the Christian and Jewish pacifists. However misguided their views, their intentions are not violent, and they are unlikely to put up a fight or cause trouble. They may even be helpful in calming the hot-heads in their group. 2. Left-wing activists: They are a mixed sort. As in protests in Western countries, the majority will be peaceful (however misguided). Some will put up minor resistance while getting arrested but won't act violently. A few will be hard-left radicals who are liable to becoming violent. 3. Islamists and Arabs: This is the group to watch for. Some of them have personal ties to Gaza so their behavior is most unpredictable and are most likely to cause problems. To determine the correct response to each individual ship, Israel needs to do its homework - SERIOUSLY!! Firstly, we live in the Digital Age: a shot from a camera can often do far more damage than a shot from a helicopter gunship. Secondly, the intention of activism is to create headlines and draw international attention. Israel's objective is to deny them this victory condition. With these in mind, we ask how can Israel stay one step ahead? Answer: by knowing more about your opponent than they know about you! Remember the Six Day War? A major determinant to Israel's ultimate victory was your superior intelligence; e.g., knowing exactly where Syrian positions were located, which paths your tanks should take in the Sinai Desert. Here, Israel isn't engaged in a shooting war with an army; rather, you are in a PR war with pro-Hamas activists. INFORMATION is just as vital. Israel NEEDS to have agents working inside the groups organizing these publicity stunts. By working closely (probably undercover) with the people who will ultimate be on the ships, you gain information on WHO they are, WHAT they are thinking, WHAT are their behavior patterns, etc., all of which will be vital information to Israeli soldiers if they have to board their ships. Think of the opportunities which insiders may provideL- Example 1: He/she will (quite legitimately) be armed with a camera from the inside; but whereas others may think he/she is filming Israelis, the agent is in fact secretly recording the group for potentially useful material. Example 2: The agent may have a secret communications link with soldiers outside, so when the ships have to be boarded, the identity and locations of the troublemakers will be known to the soldiers. Example 3: An insider can stop a potential national embarrassment before it materializes by arranging for troublemakers NOT to be on board . For example, the insiders could be LEADERS of the organizations who gets to pick who goes on the ships. The agent may arrange for the troublemaker to miss his plane, etc. Use your imagination! It doesn't even take military training to infiltrate organizations. Ordinary people can get together and do it - all that is needed is knowledge of the correct avenue to pass on the intelligence. Nor is any of this taking things too far. As an analogy, consider that in Western countries, few Muslims are terrorists; yet, you bet intelligence organizations infiltrate Muslim organizations regularly to identify the Jihadists. The same goes here that most activists are not violent people liable to cause you an international incident - but you ABSOLUTELY MUST infiltrate them to LEARN who will cause you trouble, so last week's lamentable events will not happen again!
22. #18 Rid Gaza of murderous Hamas regime
Ze'ev ,   Lod   (06.05.10)
23. we want to show some support
moscowitz family ,   canada   (06.05.10)
brave IDF soldiers! thank you for protecting the world from terror. we send you all our love and support. be strong israel!!!
24. after heard "peace" activists talking like that
lissa ,   LA   (06.05.10)
i don't care if you shoot all the "peace" activist on that ship or not. one thing is way too clear to me: israel was always right and the media misleads us all. and by the way, FREE GILAD SHALIT!
25. let's no pretend!
barbara ,   france   (06.05.10)
free GILAD SHALIT from HAMAS hands! free THE WORLD from islamic terror!
26. israel's spirit is unbreakable!
FREE GILAD SHALIT ,   UK   (06.05.10)
goodluck IDF navy! free GILAD SHALIT
27. Let them sail back
Noel ,   Cork, Ireland   (06.05.10)
Enjoy the Sabbath, off-load the few wheelchairs and expired medicines and let them sail away with their cement.. Allowing them to have the option to fly home should not be an option - let them suffer the high seas and a long journey back to their land of origin. It will give them lots of time to think out horrific of stories to try garner sympathy on their return.
28. #18 - an idiot born every minute
Noel ,   Cork, Ireland   (06.05.10)
I, like millions of others, would be giving financial and moral support to Israeli soldier support organisations before considering the donation of a penny to an organisation with terrorist links and objectives. Instead of sending out flotillas at great expense, channel your funds to countries in desperate need of humanitarian support ie Zimbabwe, South African townships etc - these focal points are however no longer the flavour of the day for the attention seeking activists! Shame on your organisation!
29. now it will stop, but what next?
Mor ,   Israel   (06.05.10)
every one except Israel keeps forgetting that we are the ones that are under siege!! look at Ashkelon and Shderot and alot of other places that are under siege for 8 years so far! every other day bombs and mortters . dont look at this boat, look at our life in israel, and then come back and look at the killers on the other side. dont support terroists activity!
30. That pic above is just too much
Cameron ,   USA   (06.05.10)
Ashamed at how easily naive people are manipulated, and led around by the nose. What a pack of smiling tools.
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