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Court to Emmanuel parents: Obey ruling or go to jail
Aviad Glickman
Published: 15.06.10, 20:37
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1. So now we shall have
Sagi   (06.15.10)
jail riots. Civil war is in the offing.
2. The Supreme Court
Wise Saba ,   Eretz Yisrael   (06.15.10)
Another case of the Supreme Court sticking it's anti religious nose where it doesn't belong.
3. Will they still get their government checks
Sidney ,   USA   (06.15.10)
while in jail?
4. Out of control Supreme Court
Robin ,   US   (06.15.10)
Where is the freedom?
5. what a joke!
ronen ,   new york   (06.15.10)
what ever happened to "love thy neighbor?" chasidim only care to preserve their tasteless european culture, not judaism. They are a joke!
6. Wrong,US parents were always able to send their children....
JMK ,   NYC   (06.15.10)
to any private school they wanted, and do so to this very day. it is called white flight and is perfectly legal and commonly practiced. So the judge knows nothing.
7. the rael motive
Larry ,   brooklyn ny   (06.15.10)
I don't get it, here in the USA we have separate school for the Sephardi and Ashkenazi students, they have many differences in the way they live according to Halocha, i.e. eating rice on Pesach etc. so why can't it be understood in Israel that they need separate schools just like in the rest of the world. Next: in the eyes of the Chradim....who gives the right to the Israeli secular court system to advise the religious Jews as how to educate their children? the court is governed ONLY by those who could not care less about the Torah laws, and the community in Emanuel are Torah observers, the right thing would be to put this situation in the hands of the Gedolim - leaders-Rabbis and ad-hear to their Psak. I think what the Israeli government is trying to do here, is the following; they are trying to get their hands into the religious schooling system (boys and girls) and slowly sway them from the Torah way of life, as the government has done in the past, It's scary but if the court wins on this one, they will continue to destroy all the religious schools in Israel, give them some time and the job will get done, the only choice will be is to close ALL of the religious schools who are supported by the state of Israel, before they have a chance to Chas VeSholom bring down the rest of Klall Yisroel. In my opinion it might be a great idea to consider the idea of Home schooling, this way you know exactly where and what your child is up to. There is no other alternative to this horrible decree. We are in living in the days of the arrival of Moshiach and the Yatzer is doing what ever he can to destroy the small amount of Yiddishkite still left in the world, we have to be strong and Daven to Heshem, ONLY Hashem can and will help us greet Moshiach.
8. What a Farce!
TSB ,   Clifton, NJ USA   (06.15.10)
It is quite clear that the Supreme Court has determined to stick it to Haredi education. Parents have an absolute right to educate their children as they see fit. To jail a parent because he or she refuse to send a child to a school that they view as inimical to the child's development is communism. I cannot think of anything that will alienate Orthodox Jews from the State more than this. You have already lost the secular Jews in America. You are now about to lose the Orthodox ones.
9. Yes put the racists in jail !
Yossef ,   Rehovot, Israel   (06.15.10)
They desecrate the values of judaism. Sometimes I feel arab, more than I would like... A proud Spharadi.
10. who is crazy
In all my years I have never seen parents being forced by the state to send their children to any school. You could always choose private school. If a judge in the US forced Jews to send their children to any certain school the entire world would be up in arms about it. Including Israel. This person who calls himself a judge is legislating his political wishes upon others. That's not law, it's ideology. We can see who should be running things. Not these guys.
11. Court to Emmanuel parents
leo ,   usa   (06.15.10)
shame on courts of israe shaon goverment of israeel the same way you robed the children of yamen you are doing now we pray evry day for the fall of israel goverment which should hapen very soon by the coming of moshiach shame on israel shame on israel
12. Good Jews
Bibi ,   Ny,NY   (06.15.10)
If jews are doing this to other jews. Are we surprised to what they are doing to the Palestininas.
13. Gaa! It's racism you fools! At government funded schools!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.15.10)
Forget the fact that there is sinat himan - a grievous sin for all Jews, you talkbackers seem to have no idea what this story is about. Unless I missed something, these are not private schools, but government funded schools. My tax money is paying for these draft-dodging welfare bums to practice an avera - sinat hinam. Americans send their kids to private schools, so what? If you send your kid to a public school, you can't say Jews-only or whites-only or blacks-only. That's unconstitutional as determined by the US Supreme Court. The Israeli Supreme Court concurs. If tax money funds the school, the school cannot be racist. My kids go to a religious school here in Judea and it has ashkenaz and sephardi kids and teachers (and Ethiopians too, despite the fact that the racist rabbis years ago decided that Ethiopians are sephardi when they are actually their own edah). If any parent doesn't want their kid learning with another kid - then that Jew is not just practicing sinat hinam and committing hilul Hashem, but they are teaching it to their kids too! Shame on Wise Saba for showing that he's ignorant. Shame on Robin for being an armchair critic from America (why don't you put your money where your mouth is and make aliya?). Shame on Larry for having no idea what he's talking about and trying to motzi shem ra for the people running the education system here! You too Larry, put your money where your mouth is and buy a one-way ticket. And shame on Sagi for promoting sinat hinam. Let these haredi parents stop their hatred of Jew against Jew, and give their kids a true Torah education. The Torah does NOT say there are two types of Jews.. there is one mitzvah to teach all children as Jews, not as rosh katan racists.
14. JMK , a private school is not a State one
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.15.10)
And the high court ruled in favor of RELIGIOUS people , against Ashkenazi ones .
15. the Emet
LA CA   (06.15.10)
its amazing to see the truth (emes) prevail at the end of days that we are living in, Moshiachs times. Many Gedolim Rabonim have asked the Chradim not to take funding from the state of Israel because the state will eventually seek to gain control of Chraidy Chinuch system, and now we see it happening in from of our eyes. I personal suggest to the Slonimer Chasidim to wake up and stop taking the funding from the state of Israel. They must turn Just to Hashem and ask him for funding instead. This will be a great Kiddush Hashem, and help wake up the rest of the Mosdos to realize how low we have fallen for government money.
16. to # 7 "you make a good point"
17. Don't worry Larry. The Moshiach will not allow this atrocity
Reb L Yell ,   Carmiel, Israel   (06.15.10)
It's inconceivable to allow Ashkenazim and Sepharadim to learn together. That would be the work of the Great Satan. However, we know how God loves the Ashkenazim and would never allow anything to harm them. The Haredim should stand strong against both the Goyim and anybody whose grandfather did not grow up with theirs. The Haredim should stand against other Haredim. That is what Hashem wants.
18. #9 It isn't about racism. Or even about Ashkenaz/Sephardi.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (06.15.10)
It's about the difference, in spiritual norms, language, and overall behavior between an older ultra-Orthodox Hassidic community and a newer group of less observant, largely Sephardi new arrivals. The onus isn't about Sephardi or Ashkenazi - it's about the norms the older and stricter community accepts, and what it doesn't. The "Hassidic" half of the school in Emmanuel had between a quarter and a fifth Sephardic students. They and their parents accepted the stricter criterias - like no foul language, or like having one's parents actually observe Shabbat rather than go out smoking. That's the difference. Not being Sephardic of Ashkenazi - that's an incidental matter being cynically exploited by a very small group leading a campaign.
19. Perhaps split into two schools?
Michael ,   Toronto   (06.15.10)
If one school has very different tracks for Sefardim and Ashkenazim, then they should be two schools. However, the Sefardim are choosing to send their kids to this school - they obviously don't consider it to be racist and discriminatory!
20. Backward and unholy thinking
JO   (06.15.10)
Israel is Israel. Jews are Jews, this division is really stupid and wrong. It is racists and morally wrong.
21. the facts
george ,   jerusalem   (06.15.10)
1) 27% of scool are sefardim! 2) 1 out of 14 supreme court justices are sefardim 3) the chasidim are willing to leave the school and open a private non funded school, however the court wont let them[souds strange!] 4)how come i'm always able to predict the out come of a supreme "court" ruling involving hariedim? 5)have the supreme "court" ever in history voted in favor of the hareidim? 6)is it a court or a political party with out checks and balances who hate the hareidim? 7) why was it necceray a few years ago, for the gov. to outlaw judges hiring relatives as judges?
22. uh larry
courtney ,   phila   (06.15.10)
here in the US those schools are private and can do as they wish...
23. # 17 You Sir
sagi   (06.15.10)
are disgusting and contemptible.
24. sepharadim don't need haredi's utopia
avi   (06.15.10)
25. I use to teach...
Yossef ,   Rehovot, Israel   (06.15.10)
... in universities in Israel or abroad. I don't look if my students are spharadi or ashkenazi, I don't care if they are Arabs (well, there are no many Arabs at WIS but quite some at HUJI) Druzes, Bedouin or Jews from Ethiopia, Morocco or Russia, bond or dark. I teach the same math or physics for all of them. What is important it is the knowledge, the education. Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon was one of the greatest jewish thinker of all times, he was spharadi, he was a medical doctor and a great rabbi. Ashkenazi had also great thinkers too, but these people there, are not great thinkers, yes they are rosh katan, they confuse racism and judaism. That's simple, this is not the values in which I have been educated.
26. #9 where is there racism
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.15.10)
20% of Israelis are Arabs and 50% are Spharadi Jews. Why is it that the High Court is pure Ashkenazim except for one token Arab and one token Sfaradi? Who is the racist here?
27. #18 Roman
Keren ,   IL-BR   (06.15.10)
What you say makes a lot of sense and I do believe the perspective you are pointing out is the true.I do believe there has been an ugly manipulation of truth and that's not right. People should say their *real* reasons , in all sides, and not deal with foggy or dishonest interpretations. And the "two"groups should also discuss this issue among themselves honestly and overcome differences. They should look in Torah where is commanded to love your fellow Jew as yourself.The rest is rest.
28. #23 Sagi,are you that naive?
Keren ,   IL-BR   (06.15.10)
Can't you see that #17 is just a nasty ,mocking ,bloody hyenna spilling its venom??? That is the typical "palestine"we have around either in "flottilas"or stoning Jews ,with their sinister ugly covered faces.
29. supreme court uprooting personal civil liberties
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (06.15.10)
without a constitiion we've reached the fatal flaw in the Secular Jewish State Is 30% sefardim at the private school - is not racist?
30. give them simple kosher meals only
Golan ,   modiin   (06.15.10)
no mehadrin, no hoylov yisroeiel... just simple no frills kosher.
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