Emmanuel mother miscarries 'due to mental state'
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 22.06.10, 14:00
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1. Blame the woman, blame everyone except for the evil court.
DOWN WITH THE ,   HIGH COURT   (06.22.10)
2. Son of Datan and Aviram
Stupid judge ,   il   (06.22.10)
Th provokers of machloket- what kind of solution is this? This decision is criminal and h should pay- parents should deounce him for negligence- why they dont they take arab tibi within others to jail- there are enough real crims against the country- and tke hus salary and build a school- this judge misjudge and just is bringing tragedy to tis world- what waits for him in the world to come!!!!! Korach and his followers were swallowed by earth- ...
3. Exactly what law was broken?
student613 ,   Jerusalem   (06.22.10)
Exactly what law was broken? Did the Knesset pass a law on discrimination? How is discrimination defined? By race, religion, country of origin, sexual preference? How is discrimination measured? By absolute discrimination, discrimination by result? Does religious discrimination apply to religious institutions? Did the Judges create a new law "based on the consensus of world legal opinion"? Who gave the Supreme Court the right to make new laws? If the Supreme Court is making laws that cannot be appealed then it is functioning as a Constitutional Court. But Israel has no Constitution and the Supreme Court was never given the right to function as one. Laws made in the 50s and 60s in the United States, or in Europe have any bearing on Supreme Court decisions. Who said the "consensus of national law", based on common law, which is based on Roman law should be the fundamental basis of Israel Law? Perhaps instead of Roman Law as a base, we should look to Torah values as a base for inspiration? In any event this question has never been settled in Israel and for a minority segment of the population to insist on Roman Law / Common Law / "consensus of national law" is in effect usurping the law for its own secular purposes. Israel has never been defined as a secular state, yet Judicial activists are doing exactly that.
4. Sorry girls, you mustn't talk like that
ex bayss   (06.22.10)
Its Ratzon H'!!!! Didn't your bays yankev schooling teach you anything? That's what they taught me when I went there many moons ago. They also taught me not to twist sad circumstances to suit my particular PR requirements of that moment. In fact they quite rightly would have been saddened had I done so. Bays Yankev many years ago were places of purity , not of scheming and plotting. But that was in chutz la'aretz in days of decency. Glad my chilren/grandchildren aren't being taught to feel superior. Just look at them all, with their smug behaviour. Caused such unhappiness to a few little girlsand their heartbroken families and they're out celebrating and kissing in their 'shabbes' finery and 'hairstyles'. These little girls will never forget what you did to them. Maybe look at theabove 'incident' from that angle, 'She who causes her friends face to turn white in public' all know the rest of the posuk as you're so holy...or not
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