Emmanuel mothers in High Court
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Emmanuel mother miscarries 'due to mental state'

Medical staff at Mayanei Hayeshua Hospital believes woman's mental state prior to High Court hearing determining whether she will be sent to jail, caused her to miscarry. Haredi elements working to release her husband from prison

One of the women ordered to go to jail as part of the Beit Yaakov school discrimination affair collapsed in her house in Emmanuel on Monday and later underwent a miscarriage at the Mayanei Hayeshua Hospital. The woman's husband has been in the Maasiyahu Prison since Thursday and haredi elements are working for his release.


Ynet learned that the hospital's medical staff believes the woman's mental state was what caused the miscarriage. The woman was scheduled to attend a hearing at the High Court of Justice which would have determined whether she and the other 21 women, who failed to report to detention centers last week, would be sent to jail.


The hospital's spokesman Moshe Friedman refused to confirm the details of the report out of respect for the patient's privacy.


Ultra-Orthodox elements were outraged upon receiving word of the tragedy.


Knesset Member Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism) said that "the State is becoming inhumane. Today it is with the haredim, tomorrow with other sectors of the population."


Gafni also addressed attempts to release the woman's husband from jail and said, "This is a crossing of red lines. A woman is begging to have her husband beside her during her miscarriage but the court refuses to even respond."


Yitzhak Sheinin, who is active in the haredi struggle, described the incident as "white murder."


"It appears that one can commit murder in the name of the law. We are being portrayed as leaders of a civil mutiny or a coup and as those who wish to turn Israel into Iran, and so in the sake of democracy they wouldn't mind eliminating 1,000 people. " Sheinin noted that police placed snipers on roof tops during the mass haredi protest in Jerusalem last week.


He leveled harsh criticism at High Court judges. "The judges sit conveniently in their air-conditioned chambers while mothers struggle alone in their homes, and as a direct or indirect result such a tragedy occurs. The judges' panel's only aim is to trample over anything to do with religion and the ultra-Orthodox."


'Rabbis above the law'

Meanwhile, the High Court of Justice discussed the request of the 22 mothers from Emmanuel not to be jailed. Several mothers who attended the hearing explained why they had failed to report to prison. "We didn't arrive on Thursday because we were home," one of them said. "We hope you too will be worthy of Heaven's name."


One of the mothers, Yehudit Weinberg, said as she entered the courtroom, "It's not normal putting children's mothers in jail, but I have no problem going to jail. The court is not above the rabbis – the rabbis are above the law.


"On Thursday things were very difficult for us and we had to care for our other children, so we didn't report to jail. In any case, we won't agree to unite the (Ashkenazi and Sephardic) classes."


Another mother, Aliza Lang, added: "We don't want and have no impulse to go to jail in the first place, but if there's no choice – we'll go. We are acting according to our rabbis' opinions."


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