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Study: Gaza siege damages Palestinians' health
Published: 03.07.10, 08:56
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1. NONSENSE! Muhammad Hamadi's statistics on a Hamas website
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.03.10)
show that the Gazans never had it so good. His comparison of costs in Gaza and Egypt showed Egypt struggling behind. Article by Rooz Al-Yousuf, dated June 29, 2010, The report states: "A kilo of watermelon in Gaza costs less than one Egyptian lira, while in Egypt it costs over two lira; a kilo of tomatoes in Gaza costs less than half a lira, while in Egypt it costs 1.5 lira; a kilo of potatoes in Gaza costs half a lira, while in Egypt it costs two lira; a kilo of onions in Gaza is one lira, while in Egypt a kilo of onions is 1.5 lira; a kilo of garlic in Gaza is 10 lira, while in Egypt it is 15 lira. "A kilo of chicken in Egypt is 20 lira, and in Gaza it goes for only 10 lira. The average price of a kilo of beef in Egypt is 60 lira – while in besieged Gaza it goes for five lira. A tray of eggs in Egypt is 19 lira, while in Gaza it is only 10 lira." Lancet is the only journal that will print rubbish from Gaza.
2. Misleading TITLE! 15% of questioned children obese?
The Dude   (07.03.10)
This sounds like a well fed society. Maybe we should go to African countries plagued by hunger. One in four missing breakfast? Really? Go to any college in America, it's probably three out of four students. This isn't impressive, bad eating habits are ubiquitous in this day and age. And I have to say the to statements about Anemia are devoid of context. This is literally the most common blood disease in the US, with 3.5 million Americans influenced by it. And this is literally in the USA where food is plentiful and cheap. And meat in particular is easy to get too, so this condition is not particularly special. Now onto the other aspects, asking 16 people is not statistically valid. This is just for emotional swaying people. The fact that Lancet accepted such a publication as scientific instead of labeling it as opinion is shameful and an obvious attempt to politicize science and medical research. And the fact that they did not talk to 16 women from Sderot who were also doing childbirth during the time rockets fire was its heaviest is again an obvious attempt de-humanize Israeli's as non-deserving of any emotional or psychological attention. All in all it's fairly obvious that these reports are hatchet jobs. But they indeed do show that no one is starving Gaza, no matter how hard you spin it.
3. More propaganda.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.03.10)
They should have done the study about how living under a genocidal, terrorist totalitarian regime of religious madmen causes stress. Or how corruption, mismanagement, & incompetence along with diverting resources to terrorism causes poverty. They might have mentioned that if Gazans did not support their terrorist góv't. which shoots missiles at us, there would be no blockade.
4. Something I don't understand.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.03.10)
Ynet puts this crap in the Health & Science section. Why doesn't Ynet have a special section called Lies & More Lies? This special section would contain all the BS Arab propaganda as well as selected articles by our own wacko Leftists.
5. Gaza children suffering
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.03.10)
Return Gilad Shalit and children won't suffer anymore....
6. One sided report - 1s thave Hamas stop hording food
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & New York   (07.03.10)
This report is one sided and missed a lot of facts: 1. Hamas confiscates UN food supplies and does not distribute them. 2. What of the 8 years of constant seige on the south of Israel and the effects on children and births there?
7. like it or not ?????
alex   (07.03.10)
8. the reason is not "israel's siege", but
rhona mitra ,   usa   (07.03.10)
rather "hamas's conduct". accept israel's existence, dennounce terror and put away all your weapons. then, your people won't suffer anymore.
9. read the first words and laugh
just want to comment ,   israel/usa   (07.03.10)
"Palestinian experts" hahahahah
10. Yawn
Danny   (07.03.10)
Must be fundraising time again. Every year for at least 8 years they have claimed there is a "humanitarian crisis" just round the corner which never ever turned up. 2% underweight, I wonder how that compares against Western societies let alone against say Egypt.
11. it seems this is not so true
Ilana   (07.03.10)
According to neutral statistics, kids in gaza are way better off thantheir counterpartsin Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Africa and even Glascow
12. Gaza siege damages 'health of many children...
tiki ,   belgium   (07.03.10)
Israel has been 'under siege' by all the 'Arab counties, 'terror groups, Political pressure groups from left/right/green, etc. for over 60 years. It has been 'victim of wars, Palestinian suicide killers, knife wielding terrorists in their cities and schools, bombs in busses, rocket atacks on residential area's, verbal abuse and threats to 'wipe it out from the face of the earth, etc. etc. So please, STOP complaining! They can have a 'good health when THEY deside they want to live in peace, and change their 'look on life and their future. The 'children of Gaza should hold their parents, their media, their leadership, the UN, the West, ACCOUNTABLE for their 'bad health. Instead of 'teaching them to think positiv, they teach them 'war and destruction as the 'ultimate goal in life. The West /Left, doesn't do them any favours in strenghtening their believe that they are the 'poor victims!
13. Propaganda masquerading as research
Ehud ,   TA   (07.03.10)
"2% are underweight and 15% are either overweight or obese." Excellent numbers by Western standards. Maybe I can add one important bit of information: Infant mortality in Gaza is 33 % lower than in Turkey, the country which is so concerned it sent out "help". Maybe the Gazans should send a flotilla to Anatolia?
14. Medical concern
Raphael ,   Netanya   (07.03.10)
I am also concerned aout the health of Haniyeh: he is obviously suffering from diabete, cholesterol, obesity, like many other palestinian warlords.
15. When nutritional food is supplied in large quantities to the
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.03.10)
territory, there is no way such claim can be credible, unless the nutritional food is used strictly by Hamas operatives. That is an Muslim-Arab problem that must be resolved by the Muslim-Arab world instead of blaming Israel once again for every ill caused by Muslim-Arabs. The way out: UN Security Council Resolution 242 by which Egypt, the largest Muslim-Arab state, should take over the Gaza Strip.
16. Also many Fatah supporters suffer
guy   (07.03.10)
from broken bones, after being thrown for building roofs, or after being shot in the knees. Some others have bruises around their necks after being hanged. All this courtesy of Hamas. All this pass under silence under peace activists scrutiny. Yet 2% underweight is really a terrible situation.
17. Today I watched a BBC service
Johnny ,   Nazareth   (07.03.10)
on Gaza. When I say that the BBC is the voice of hamas, i mean it. They chose the most ugly,undeveloped corner with a lot of sand around, there was also one man who was picking up garbage from the sandy street. It was obvious that everything was orchestrated to help them spill out their anti Israeli propaganda supporting hamas. The same thing happens with their brothers of Reuters. These aren't journalists, they are filthy people who poison the and brainwash the people who watch their filthy,ugly TV. Hamas via BBC and Reuters, as all terrorists, feed the naive people with lies.
18. Damn! I skipped all my life breakfast... Shoud I report?
I was at risk of malnutrition! btw, 15% of obsese children is not too bad! But I have to admit, this is well sophisticated piece of propaganda and a very good old antisemite myth recycled: bad israelis (jews) are hurting good palestinian children. At the end, it should provoke feeling of hatred from the european public. Hamas is getting better in propaganda, be careful...
19. # 9 D. Eyad Sarraj, invites you to visit his clinic
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.03.10)
Although it looks like you're a hopeless case to recover :(
20. :: The imprisoned children of Gaza
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (07.03.10)
From reading the posts on this thread it would seem that Israel’s brutal and inhumane treatment of children is a point of pride for the Ynuts. Since Dec 2008 Israel has killed approx 300 children in Gaza and maimed approx 1,500 – yet the Ynuts here will argue that the children of Gaza are ‘benefiting’ from Israel’s siege on Gaza. Over the 4 year siege Israel has banned children’s toys, clothes and shoes, basic food items, school books, etc – yet the Ynuts here will argue that the children of Gaza are ‘benefiting’ from Israel’s siege on Gaza. Since Op Cast Lead thousands of children have been left homeless because Israel will not allow reconstruction material into Gaza – yet the Ynuts here will argue that the children of Gaza are ‘benefiting’ from Israel’s siege on Gaza. Every single child born in Gaza (and the WB) has never known freedom because of Israel’s occupation - yet the Ynuts here will argue that the children of Gaza are ‘benefiting’ from Israel’s siege on Gaza. One day these poor children will be free and will no longer suffer the ‘benefits’ of Israeli domination.
21. #20 Matty,They will find out benefits of siege in one case
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.03.10)
When these children grow up and move to the streets of Tel Aviv, to thank "Israelis" in their own way ! Only then, will stop mocking the suffering of others
22. Direct result
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS   (07.03.10)
of the Islamonazi policy of using women and children as human shields for their terrorists
23. "at risk" doesn't mean "actually happening"
William ,   Israel   (07.03.10)
That's the one take-away from this article.
24. #20 - it's called skepticism of Arab lies
William ,   Israel   (07.03.10)
considering most of what Arabs say are blatant lies and since they place the welfare and emotional growth of their own children as the last priority, the comments on this site are pretty benign. You claim Israel is "barbaric and inhumane" for not helping Gazan kids get fat..... but are silent when "palestinian" families offer their own children up as suicide bombers and human shields for terrorists, allowing them to be taught racist hatred from birth. According to the UN, that treatment is far worse, and you are...silent. Like this researcher and Hamas, your credibility is exactly 0.0324%.
25. Terrorism damages Palestinians' health
Frankie Littlehammer ,   New Herstal, TX, US   (07.03.10)
Yhe Palestinian leadership doesn't care about the children suffering. It's even seen as good propaganda. Israel voluntarily left Gaza, and only returned in Operation Cast Lead and imposeed a partial blockade because of the terrorism coming from the strip. If there were nio rockets and other terror attacks planned there would not be a blockade. Israel left working greenhouses when it left Gaza, but Palestinians wrecked them.
26. :: This is the best fed "prison" in the world
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (07.03.10)
Darfur's bloated belly children starved by Arabs, would love to be in this "prison"
27. "unprecedented"
"The health experts described the destruction of infrastructure, including homes, as "unprecedented"." _______________________ Coventry, London, Dresden, Hamburg, Braunschweig. You would think the staff at the British medical publication Lancet would remember these events. What occurred in Cast Lead was certainly not unprecedented destruction and nowhere near the scale. Lancet is now a public relations arm of Hamas.
28. #20, interesting definitions
Danny   (07.03.10)
Exactly what "basic food items" are the Gazan children lacking - I mean the 85% that according to this study are not clinically obese. You care to show a single Gaza child who cannot be clothed? The Palestinians must be glad that have people who are so utterly guillable as you that they swallow any BS without a single question.
29. They have found each other.....
tiki ,   belgium   (07.03.10)
A match 'made in heaven, one surpassing the other in their 'hate for Israel, their 'blissfull ignorant dreams of a 'future utopian State....Salma of 'Palestine' and Matty Groves.
30. Hamas and Gaza.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (07.03.10)
When Israel withdrew from Gaza, it was struck with thousands of rockets. Despite that, Israel provides Gaza with much of its water and electricity, and tons of supplies each week. It treats Gazans in its hospitals. Blaming Israel for defending itself won't encourage peace. The Arab world should be encouraged to change its attitudes, end incitement, and stop its endless campaign to dismantle Israel. As to gaza to day :
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