US wants agreement now, peace later
Shimon Shiffer
Published: 27.08.10, 10:23
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1. Painfull concessions ? Again!
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.27.10)
Guess who has to make them ? I hope the whole absurdity blows straight up in Obama administrations face . Israel: sign nothing, do nothing or I hope government falls.
2. Delusional
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (08.27.10)
Obama and 99% of the so called "Middle East experts" are delusional fools! Why should Israel do good will gestures without getting nothing back? The answer is simple but colonialists wouldn't admit it, they consider the arabs to be less civilized so like kids they need "presents" to bring them to do something! Please Mr. Obama, keep out of our politics (internal and external) we don't love you, we don't want you and we don't need you!
3. painful concesstions
colin   (08.27.10)
There will be NO PAINFUL DECISIONS BY ISRAEL OR THE CRIMINALS DEPORTED AND BANISHED FROM THE ARAB COUNTRIES only DIRECT DEMANDS BY THE MUSLIM AMERICAN PRESIDENT OR NO FINACE(MONEY-CASH-DISCOUTS) Israel will be given the option of making all the consesstions. The hamasnicks can continue to send rockets,the PA can demand more freezeing AS WAS HITLERS RULE "JEWS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BUILD THIER OWN COUNTRY""The american wants to show he can get votes in his halfterm To hell with the jews. SAUDI ,EGYPT,JORDAN etc do not want the criminals murderers so the american wants a 2state and continue getting oil.The courtesen of owamma called hillary lies every day saying something about occupied land. Does she mean the ground-land-country taken by the americans from the indians or perhaps the land taken by the British from the aboriginals in Australia ???Lieberman the futuer PM knows that the Israelis do not wants american demand and will not grovel like the coward Barak or BIBI
4. My suggestion to BIBI
Israeli 2   (08.27.10)
Tell the Bummer that Israel was given to us by G-d and only He can decide whom, when and what if at all to give the land to or even share it with others. The Bummerand Abbas understand and respect such replies. Don't even think to be Sharon #2!!!
5. above
moishe   (08.27.10)
unfortunately, there will not be peace or agreement because certain people want to erradicate Jews werever they are!
6. One state for us all
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.27.10)
Why not abolish nationalistic thinking and just have one state for all of us - for Jews and Palestinians. Why not just all live together in peace and brotherly love. We are all descendants of Abraham. If both sides would stop being so damned nationalistic and just remember that we are all human beings created in the image of G-d, then we could all work together to make this land into a great place for all the people who live here.
7. Very Funny Ynet? Jerusalem? & Ramallah? tel aviv ya habibi
Palestinian   (08.27.10)
8. There is a framework with which all agree: UNSCR 242!!!
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.27.10)
Now it is time to implement it, AS IS, instead of attempting to recreate the weal. 242 has been the most fundamental UN resolution that has come to resolve the conflict between the Muslim-Arab world and the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel. 242 passed at the Security Council unanimously and has been accepted by ALL relevant parties to the conflict. 242 has been the basis for all talks and agreements to date, and has been the basis for the peace treaties between Israel and Egypt and Israel and Jordan. There is no need for more resolutions and agreements but rather for the implementation of 242, as is!! 242 calls upon Israel to withdraw its armed forces from "territories", not all, to "secure and recognized boundaries", without specifying those boundaries, and certainly without even mentioning the 1949 armistice (Green) Line. 242 assumes those lines will be determined by the parties based direct talks between the parties. 242 does not mention at all the need to set up an additional state in the region, nor does 242 make use of terms such as "Palestine" or "Palestinians". 242 assumes that territories that Israel will vacate will revert to Egyptian control in the case of Gaza, and Jordanian control in the case of the West Bank. Now, it is only time to determine the details and implementation of 242 as is. But this, of course, will not do anything for Obama's declining political position. He needs, it appears, to use the Jews to elevate his political status, to place Israel in a security danger only so as to ensure that he is elected once again to the presidency... and that is not good enough for those who will need to live - not to die - with such an ambition...!!
9. US wants agreement now
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (08.27.10)
The midterm elections are coming nearer and BHO is getting nervous. Just sit back and relax and watch a crushing defeat. After the elections, he will be much quieter.
10. An attempt to impose a solution?
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.27.10)
And I'd like to know just who exactly is going to make these ''painful concessions'' - you only get one guess - Israel. And, just what is Abbas' signature worth? He's not even the legitimate president of anything, his term expired. And Hamas? Everyone seems to be avoiding reality. What is an agreement worth while Hamas rules Gaza? Most of this looks like a PR stunt for a failed president. One thing for sure, though. How can a US president put his prestige on the line without knowing 100% his scheme will be a success? Either he is a total amateur, a total con man, or he is really really desperate for any chance to portray a success amidst all the other failures. Or, there is the possibility that there are secret agreements, something I find pretty unsettling. And, I might add a further point - what is our recourse when a failed Palestinian terrorist state starts shooting rockets at us? Will this be like Gaza where we will be condemned for every effort at self defense? Sorry, this whole thing is a scam.
11. US-EU conflict or agreement?
observer   (08.27.10)
France and Spain are laying the political groundwork for the European Union to recognize a Palestinian state — possibly as early as October 2011 — even if negotiations for a permanent settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are not concluded. The initiative is being spearheaded by French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and his Spanish counterpart Miguel Ángel Moratinos, whose country currently holds the six-month rotating presidency of the European Union. In the meantime, the Palestinian Authority is using European money to implement an ambitious program to reform the Palestinian government and security forces, build up Palestinian institutions and develop the economy. The unanimous adoption of resolution 1515 (2003) by USC paves the way for Palestinians to declare the independent state.
12. Who is authorized to sign an agreement for the Palestinians?
Leah ,   Yerushalayim, Yisrae   (08.27.10)
I don't know; am I the only one thinking that there's no one authorized to negotiate an agreement on the Palestinian side? Abbas' term has ended and he only represented the West Bank. Israel is expected to make all these concessions when there's no one authorized on the other side? The Prime Minister is a political appt. so he's not an authorized leader either. It all sounds pretty delusional to me. Am I the only one?
13. Painful concessions
Israel already gave many painful concession.Now the Palestinians should give painful concessions.
14. The time for constitution
Seppo ,   Finland   (08.27.10)
Obama's concessions are well known. The only concession required from pals is to come to talk. From Israel is required to agree anything what Obama or Abbas suggest. Abbas will never agree any proposal from Israel except Israel's complete surrender. Bibi can never get that thru in Israel. Israel was very succesful untill 1967. Only then the US started "helping" Israel with the requirement to agree with anything which they require. During close to 20 years US has been mediating but with zero results. US presidents never learned that Arabs will never give any concessions of their requirements. Another failure is already clearly visible. At the same time US is arming and training all northern Arab countries. They only wait to get as much as possible from the US before they attack Israel, it will not take 10 years before a big war. Recent discussions clearly show that Arabs wait the time to be in majority in Israel to expell all the Jews. It is high time to make a constitution with the most important statement that Israel is the home land for every Jew from anywhere in the world free to come to be a citizen of the country. The change of the constitution would require 5/6 majority in Knesset. Result would be that whatever agreements will be done, Arabs cannot expell Jews with their potential majority. It would calm down the discussion. Also Obama should be asked on which basis he claims that settlements are illegal, a written statement from his lawyers.
15. Real peace excludes pain!
Trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (08.27.10)
This show of "piece" for a narcissic leftist president is a just garbage.
16. Painful Concessions? Isn't P.M. Sharon in enough pain?
Shalom   (08.27.10)
Do we need Bibi to follow suit? Aren't the 10,000 Jews expelled from Gaza in enough pain? Time for some painful concessions in the U.S. and expel some States to relocate the Arabs.
17. One State for us all no 6
JUDAH THE LION   (08.27.10)
No way,already Abbas said they will not allow one single Israeli Jew to live among the Arabs.Big Majority of Muslims hates the Jews and their heart is full of POISON.
18. obama still trying to ram his will down people's throats?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (08.27.10)
sounds like more suffering is on the way. courtesy of the genius nobel prize winner himself.
19. There IS a painful concession that would even bring peace
Shalom   (08.27.10)
Relocate ALL Arabs from OUR G-d given country Israel including Gaza, to the State of California or anywhere else in the U.S. and there will finally be peace in the Middle East (hopefully).
20. #6 I've no problem with this proposal...
Nour ,   One-State الدولة   (08.27.10)
But I disagree with you on one thing: I think the one-state is already here. It's just that one ethnic group has total hegemony, while the other one is occupied and discriminated against. Equality will bring peace, not walls.
SINGER ,   SINGAPORE   (08.27.10)
EHUD ,   ISRATINE   (08.27.10)
23. #8 you sounds like a broken record
Wissam ,   Palestine   (08.27.10)
But I give it to you: Your interpretation of UNSCR 242 is very creative if not outrageous.
24. Maybe Mr Netanyahu would like another job.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.27.10)
Because if he keeps caving in to Obama's meshugga & ill-intentioned demands, he will soon find himself looking for one. A word to PM Netanyahu - you work for us, not for Obama.
25. Stupid American Jews:Obama HUSSEIN stole your MONEY & VOTES!
Jewish blood is on ,   your hands!   (08.27.10)
26. Another PR stunt by the NaziCrats & Obama Hussein!
Impeach Obama   (08.27.10)
27. Beware of civil war if BB goes against his voters!
Jordan is Palestine   (08.27.10)
ZT ,   ME   (08.27.10)
The EU is free to decide what`s ever they want.But the thruth will stay for ever it`s writtin` in the OLD TESTAMENT. The land belongs to the HOUSE OF JACOB which means simply the JEWISH NATION
29. Nour no 20
JUDAH THE LION   (08.27.10)
Nour you are 100% wrong Israel is not occupied land.This land belong to us for thousands of years.Who discriminate? If you mean that the Muslim discriminate against the Jews I would agree with you 100%.Israel have built the walls because of the suicide bombing.The problems with you Muslims,you can twist things from black to white and from white to green.
30. Translation
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.27.10)
Obama will try to force Israel to irreversibly retreat from strategic territory. The Arabs will be asked to take steps like accept Israeli embassies, steps that can be reversed in minutes. After ten years, the Arabs will renew their attack on a now indefensible Israel. Sadly Netanyahu doesn't have what it takes to save the Jews from new Shoah: he is too scared to tell the racist Obama to take a hike with his genocidal plan.
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