CNN report: IDF sexually abused Palestinian children
Published: 09.09.10, 21:23
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1. Consider The Source
emanon ,   USA   (09.09.10)
CNN is right behind Fox in anti-Israel bias. Also consider I've never know the terrorstinians to tell the truth when it comes to dealings with anyone not aligned with whatever sect they happen to be.
2. As the saying goes "Where's the beef?'
The Dude   (09.09.10)
This is absolutely disgusting from CNN. If their is no evidence, it is libel and slanderous to make these accusations. Put simply, the Israeli government should demand the evidence within 2 weeks to prove these accusations. If no evidence is given CNN must then be banned from Israel and all press passes canceled and all their reporters expelled and not allowed to return to the country. However, if they do indeed show proof, and it is valid evidence then the soldiers should go to jail for life. But there must evidence. Random accusations like the organ stealing, have NO place in a serious journalistic organization. I have to say though that the timing seems very convenient for CNN to make these accusations. Officially government offices are closed till Sunday, so Israel technically could not respond till then due to the New Year holiday and subsequent sabbath.
3. A teez-boy discovers creative thinking...
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (09.09.10)
...nothing more than that.
4. Wow, CNN is slumming for news stories
William ,   Israel   (09.09.10)
Is Anderson Cooper running with this one now that the BP oil spill has been beaten to death in Anderson360? Perhaps the soldiers were just trying to molest the organs out of the children in order to sell them on the black market. What a load of crap. It just shows how much blind hatred of Jews there is - any rumor gets instant credibility, even if proven false.
5. #1 - Anti-Israel bias at Fox??
William ,   Israel   (09.09.10)
Since when? I've seen Fox run stories about Arabs and Hamas which CNN, BBC, and others don't even touch. During Cast Lead, Fox actually supplied credible reports of the operation, including Hamas' use of civilian infrastructure and human shields - while CNN just kept interviewing Hamas politicians who claimed the IDF were slaughtering only pregnant Gazans.
6. Corrupted News Networks
Frank ,   Canada   (09.09.10)
This repulsive 'news' organization is defaming Israel once again. No surprise. They need to legitimate their irrational hatred of Israel by inventing ugly stories.
7. Shoddy Journalism At Its Best
NYC Girl   (09.09.10)
Uncorroborated evidence from a Palestinian boy? Well, I guess you couldn't get more credible than that.
8. Did CNN interview the ICRC?
William ,   Israel   (09.09.10)
The ICRC and other groups are routinely involved with Palestinian prisoners and the actions of IDF and Israeli prison authorities is transparent. Did CNN interview women prisoners whom the Turkish media also claimed were violated sexually (with the same method, I might add), but was vehemently denied by women prisoners who demanded an apology for the scandalous lies?
9. Can I get CNN coverage if I come up with a story
Harry Wright ,   UK   (09.09.10)
that I was abused by Hamas or the PA? I know that I don't live in the area but it seems to me that the Pals can come up with any story against Israel and get coverage without a proper investigation. So as not to appear biased, CNN should extend the courtesy to the general public.
10. CNN Report
DHM ,   Germany   (09.09.10)
CNN is a TV whore who sides with the highest bidder.NO facts just bullshit to make a buck! CNN is only interested in the money not the truth and their stupidity is responsible for getting innocent people killed by fanatics. How about a CNN report on all the reporting that they did that turned out not to be true???
11. Damning and UNCORROBERATED
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS   (09.09.10)
Just goes to prove that CNN, like Haaretz and al Jazeera will go out of their way to attack Israel, using any rumors they can generate. Sounds like Ted Turner's rendition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
12. One ricky ticky. Two ricky ticky,
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (09.09.10)
There is greater validity to the (verified) story of alcohol abuse and motor vehicle operation resulting in the death of a person in Florida, by a male CNN anchor person of hispanic origin; than the evidence free and appearantly unsupported calumny against unamed members of the IDF, of child abuse. I call BEE ESS,
13. Blame it on Amira Hass who first wrote about detention
Yardena   (09.09.10)
of Palestinian kids throwing stones in Haaretz, then the peace activist and a vile anti Israel Dorothy Naor of Herzliya sends emails out to Right of Return groups and other anti Israeli groups always with accusations and horrid lies supposedly Israel commits against her babies the Palestinian people
14. The body of evidence
Pete ,   UK   (09.09.10)
The body of evidence of Istaels treatment of the Palestinians is reaching crisis proportions. The tactic of attacking CNN et al is nothing short of a sick joke. This could prove to be the tipping point. If true Goldstone will read like a fairy story
15. CNN forgot to mention how they use blood to make
matza balls.   (09.09.10)
16. I stopped watching CNN altogether...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.09.10)
CNN is pure b.s...Fox is really a LOT better...CNNs Christiane Amanpour is the darling of Irans mullahs...
17. Sick Soldiers!
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.09.10)
any way, not surprising... how can you break old habits in "Israel" ?!!! have you no sexual abuse expert can help you to get rid of your infamy?!! you have No sense of decency :(
18. CNN- More Bias and Anti-Israel Garbage
Elizabethlynne ,   Dallas, TEXAS!   (09.09.10)
Ratings for CNN in the US are down and going lower. They are known to be extremely biased against Israel. The proof: They report these unsubstantiated claims but do NOT report the attacks on Israeli kindergarten children. The rockets sent to kill the children is not in dispute, but claims from children taught from the cradle to hate Israelis is very much in doubt. CNN is just the worst!
19. Standard Procedure
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.09.10)
Exactly as Israel is in a long holiday and unable to respond effectively, this story comes out. Sounds like the standard procedure of the New Israel Fund.
jae ,   Lynn US   (09.09.10)
21. They apologised for defending that Arab rapist?
Danny   (09.09.10)
Fool CNN once shame on the source, fool them twice shame on CNN?
22. IDF doesn't even touch the women, why would they touch boys?
hufa   (09.09.10)
The Pal-Israeli conflict is the only in the world where there hasn't been any incident of military rape. So little boys?
23. to #17
Normalboost::uint32_ ,   Beersheva, Israel   (09.09.10)
CNN hasn't provided any viable proof. here is a proof of a CNN story that was anti israel and a hoex, who should a logical one should believe?
24. like the organ stealing?
David ,   New York, US   (09.09.10)
25. Yes, yes. Stock some kind of instrument into boy's
leo ,   usa   (09.09.10)
rectum, pulled all his internals out and sold them on black market. Then made matza from boys blood.
26. The now Infamous Salem Witch trials
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.09.10)
They also relied on uncorroborated children testimony. We all saw where that led. CNN should be ashamed of itself for putting out such unsubstantiated innuendo. Typical CNN bias. Anything to vilify Israel, even if you had one isolated case to play it off as SOP within the IDF is a silly stretch. Sickening report that needs retraction or Israel should sue for libel.
27. Is CNN becoming the BBC?
Joan ,   Haifa   (09.09.10)
I remember being totally shocked by the BBC's anti-Israel bias (to the extent that the made themselves ridiculous) a few years ago, but I didn't know CNN was into broadcasting any old slander of Israel like this. It *is* uncorroborated after all. The IDF can't win here because certain people, like Salma, have already decided that Israel is guilty of everything (probably even bad weather).
28. News flash: Cowboy Joe abused by his horse!
Cowboy Joe ,   Calgary, Canada   (09.09.10)
Cowboy Joe abused by his horse! Horse violates International Law on anthropic molestation by animals. Horse to have his fuddy-duddy beheaded in Saudi Arabia. Afterwards, horse to be stoned in Iran for rape and adultery. This will be aired on CNN within 24 minutes. Giddy up!
29. #14 - provide the critical mass proof, Pete
William ,   Israel   (09.09.10)
Proportionally, more heinous acts and death has resulted in detention of "Palestinians" in PA and Hamas jails, than any Israeli jail or IDF detention. and inverse proprotionally, more Red Cross visits, family visits, and international approvals of Israeli prisons and prisoners versus those of PA and Hamas, who outright bar ICRC and UN visits. We need not go into how Hamas has just committed 2 more war crimes today - throwing mortars towards civilians.
30. #17 - "you have no sense of decency"
William ,   Israel   (09.09.10)
Much like when you treat an unsubstantiated rumor as absolute fact based on your own hateful emotions and mental shortcomings. And attempting to turn an entire nation into pedophiles because of only 5 individual claims is nothing less than racism and libel.
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