CNN report: IDF sexually abused Palestinian children
Published: 09.09.10, 21:23
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31. I'll bet it's timed to block NYC mosque opposition
William ,   Israel   (09.09.10)
A'jad just recently came out saying that Zionists are behind the planned koran burning in Florida. Could it be that CNN has picked up the Arabs' favorite pasttime...finding a whipping boy to make other problems of the world go away?
32. #22 - when proven false, Ben Gurion U will issue report
William ,   Israel   (09.09.10)
"IDF soldiers are racists because they won't defile Palestinian boys"
33. I have my doubts on this story
Shmuel ,   Billings,MT USA   (09.10.10)
it would be sad if true but I wonder...I still worry about a people who would cast aside children like Israel is about to do to its slave labor...G-d will judge such a people....repent my fellow Jews or you will disappear as a nation once again
34. Fox has always been pro-Israel and pro-USA
Shmuel ,   Billings, MT USA   (09.10.10)
CNN and its liberal pals in the networks despise Israel...Jews wake up...liberalism is to ur ruin
35. CNN Baseless Accusations Bolstered By "Charities".
Kenny Solomon ,   South Florida, USA   (09.09.10)
Defense Of Children International...... UN-based, of course……. UN Rights Of The Child Treaty, of course…… ICR2P members, of course. The two biggest sources of funding for this organization are a group called Kerk in Actie - And…… The Oak Foundation - - It’s amazing how much money a bunch of Duty Free Shops can generate…… Enough to donate hundreds of millions of dollars per year to - let’s call ‘em ‘questionable’ organizations. I'd say I was shocked if I was actually shocked. Follow the money straight to the anti-Semites.
36. CNN stands for Communist N...r Network
Semper Fi! ,   San Diego, USA   (09.10.10)
I'm wondering why you Israelis even publish anything coming from that filthy islamic antiamerican network. They are against us and against you, no matter what you say or do. If you consider that most of the news in the USA come from the lame mainstream media + CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, WP and Associated press, you understand the urgency to take over the congress and restaure this country from being THE ISLAMIC UNITED STATES OF AFRICA, and Thanks God we have only FOX NEWS.
37. so now CNN is your newest enemy?! lol
Marwan ,   Amman, Jordan   (09.10.10)
oh god! all those people out there who hate you for your evil ways and accuse you of being the most unethical abusive nation on earth, yet you still dare flash the anti-semite card in their faces?! your strong card is wearing out!
38. Few in US & elsewhere watch CNN
CNNispasse ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.10.10)
CNN's hayday is over it has long been surpassed in the states by Fox News and most foreign countries have their own news medias.Anyone watching CNN these days gets the feeling of a highschool performance not to mention the high profile Arab commentators who for many is already a warning sign.Its fun though to watch those commentators agreeing with each other constantly."Yes Halla your right my sms messages all say Israel was wrong I completely agree Halla"
39. Must be the Afgans
Harif 57 ,   Milwaukee USA   (09.10.10)
Cnn must have got it wrong they were probably taking about the the dancing boys of But hey can't talk about that.
40. # 1 trying desinformation
Semper Fi! ,   San Diego, USA   (09.10.10)
Hey libtard, where did you see that Fox News is biased against Israel. Perhaps in your moronic nighmares you're dreaming on it. Only a DemoRat or antiIsrael Libtard would tell such a lie. Fox News is the ONLY Network in the USA being a constant proIsrael network, even more than certain Israeli media: read my lips. So please wake up or do not try stupid manoeuvers to try desinformation to our friends. Either you're one of those lefties liars who will wiped out next November or you are under the influence of....antiamerican and antiisraeli hate...
41. Drag out more of the PLO sex Photos
CNN'slastgasp ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.10.10)
Give ole CNN a run for their money we've got pictures they dont seem to have any Channel 2 has video copies of both Hamas and the PLo in more than compromising positions Lets bring em out !!
42. SUE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Howard ,   USA   (09.10.10)
No proof. Pure allegations. Character assassination. Sue them!
43. Hitpiece.
BH ,   Iowa   (09.10.10)
Any remaining credibility that network may have had is gone. Their name and their word mean nothing.
44. Abuse and torture
Eddie ,   uk   (09.10.10)
Defence for Children International and Public Committe against Torture in Israel have recorded numerous testimonies from children detained by the IDF. Most of them were physically abused and many others sexually abused or threatened with same. Children are also threatened and frightened before release from detention. It's all on the DCI website..a report has been submitted this year to the UN re this ongoing abuse.
45. Now wait for Guardian to inflate this to smear Israel
YSL ,   Israel   (09.10.10)
Now we will get these Israeli's that write for the Guardian to write nasty and inflated articles.The Guardian has this stable of Israelis that detest Israel,and write for the anti-Israeli Guardian.
46. CNN = PLO
Steve from Raleigh   (09.10.10)
CNN hires PLO stringers and doesn't edit or check a single word.
47. Who still watches CNN?
Martin ,   Johannesburg, SA   (09.10.10)
I stopped watching CNN more than a year ago because of their bias. I rely on Al-Jazeera. My philosophy is that if you are going to hear lies and biased interviews, you may as well choose sources that make you laugh while they're at it. CNN just doesn't have that entertainment value.
48. Shame On YNET
Freddy ,   CANADA   (09.10.10)
If the story is BOGUS then why print it YNET, have some scrupples will you as your only showing the World that your just a cheal soap opera tabloid. I thought you were more worthy but then again money is worth more then the truth I guess
49. That dastardly CNN!
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (09.10.10)
Having not been present, I can 't say whether this claim is accurate or not. I am somewhat surprised however, that anyone on this site would be shocked if the IDF is doing such things. We can can be relatively certain that they do things far more depraved than this.
50. CNoNo
Dov ,   USA   (09.10.10)
Anderson Cooper 360 should be on site with the Palestinian youngsters and after they should be interviewed on Larry King. CNN is boring.
51. Avital...Check for the facts..
Ali ,   villanova -PA- USA   (09.10.10)
You are ONLY a spokesperson... You are not in the field..Check the facts and then SPEAK up... If the IDF is a MORAL army, they will check this story to the fullest... Prove that these were not abused.. in every way possible, medically and psychologically..The IDF needs to prove this story is all WRONG....and NOW.. It was premature for you to speak up in the defense of the IDF..
52. 314.pete,uk.- CNN IS AS BAD AS BBC
ABRAHAM ben JACOB ,   CANADA   (09.10.10)
53. I'd hate to see what happens...
David ,   New England   (09.10.10)
To the attractive young guys in a palestinian prison. They are probably accustomed to it by then, though.
54. CNN Coverage
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (09.10.10)
The reason CNN is so anti Israel is all the money they get from Qatar Foundation who sponsors a lot of the middle east coverage on CNN Ynet should take them to task on that.
55. #1 Source
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (09.10.10)
Fox at least at this point is the most pro Israel out there now for how long who is to say but the same Saudi Sheik who offered to pay Giuliani and new york 10 Million is now partial owner of fox. Israelis have to know the entire anti Israel media bias and delegitimization and boycotts are being funded big time the trick is to expose it.
56. Crescent News Network Once Again
When most of their reporters in the 90s left to work for Al Jazeera and their main woman "reporter" Christina Amanpour started her anti-Jew/anti-Israel reporting, that was when CNN lost all credibility. Their pushing of the photo-shopped photos from Reuters from the Lebanese conflict as factual instead of fictional also became a black eye for them (the photojournalist was a CNN correspondent. Ted Turner embraced David Duke and has a house in Dubai along with a villa on the sea of Aden. Ahhh the end of honost reporting.
57. # 2 - Random accusations like the organ stealing,...
split ,   USA   (09.10.10)
Where do you think this maggot got his organs from ? ,...,2933,534838,00.html
58. #2 - Israeli government should demand the evidence ,...
split ,   USA   (09.10.10)
What evidence? It's the kid's word against soldiers denial - IDF lost it's credibility long time ago ,...
59. Palestinian children
Ezra ,   Florida   (09.10.10)
And I know from a "reliable source" that Wolfe Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Jim Clancy are born to a "poor" palestinian girl . They were sired by at least 10 IDF soldiers
60. what is the value of uncorroborated reports?
7azon Yesha3ya   (09.10.10)
no different than one of us readers making an uncorroborated statement speculating that cnn News Departament Director sleeps with the mother of CNN+ News Assistant Director. Meaningless idle talk!
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