Jordan's king warns of war by year's end
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 24.09.10, 08:11
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1. blah d blah blah blah d blah blah, we heard it all before.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.24.10)
2. Keeping a lid on things.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.24.10)
Instead of inviting war, you would think the King would want to discourage it, or at least, stay mum about it, since he has the most to lose.
3. Jordan King warns of war...
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.24.10)
I say end the freeze and keep building because we will have war anyhow. Is it better to have war from what we now and keep or to have war when we have less or nothing ?
4. and
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.24.10)
AND Jordan will lose again... this time jordan will ecome PALESTINE
5. once again the guilty on Israel....
Marcelo ,   Berlin / DE   (09.24.10)
why it is so that only because of Israel's deade line of freeze the whole issue could explode in a new war??? what did the PA do in the last 8 months? the answer is clear: PA waited until the freeze is over to "start" peace conversations...arabs are arabs, what did you expect???
6. Israel's Lebensraum
observer   (09.24.10)
Israel increasingly refers to the West Bank, which the Israeli army occupied in 1967, as Eretz Yisrael (land of Israel). Sometime the same term is applied to Jordan which some Jewish leaders call "the eastern land of Israel".
7. These kings ...
Antonio ,   Spain   (09.24.10)
If the king's figure in any country is an anachronism (yes, in Spain too), in arab countries is ridiculous to the maximum (i.e. Jordan, Morocco, etc.) And these kings, as the medieval kings, cannot appart the war and confrontation out of their minds... they are the kings, and there are lots of analphabet, radical and brain-eated people behind them. As Mr. Adriansens said several days before in a spanish radio station, they are 400 years behind us, not only arabs but muslims (and many times both of them)
8. abdullah should speak to islamic war mongers instead
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.24.10)
this guy is a KING, so why is he playing international politics weatherman? he should get out there and use his influence to calm the situation down and lower expectations amongthe crazy jihadists and their ignorant followers. we all know that the crazy islamists want to be violent against israel for no reason, but don't tell us that man! use your position and try to prevent war among your people!
9. he he he King
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (09.24.10)
What this King mossad wants ? he wants to put presure on the Palestinians, so they give in to the Israeli.
10. well said Marcelo
Ilana   (09.24.10)
It is all a part of the Big Brainwashing war. Say it enough times and you find people believe it. As if there was peace and harmony pre 1967!!! Constant repetition on the Palestinan homeland (there never was one ever!) On Jerusalem being the capital of Palestine (never was and there also never was a Palestine belonging to the local muslim population, only the area to Turky, to Britain. to the Roman empire...) all the lies about Israel about the flotilla etc constant repetition is being used to brainwash the world.
11. "seriousness of Natanyahu and ABBAS
tiki ,   belgium   (09.24.10)
ABBAS's mandate expired a long time ago, and his "approval rating is 15/19%. So who exactly is he 'representing?
12. So, what's wrong with a war?
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (09.24.10)
In reality, the phony ''peace process'' is just an euphemism for the war against us. I'm sick of all this peace BS anyway, I've come to hate the word, it's become Orwellian in meaning. We won't get peace, period. We won't get peace with negotiations, without negotiations, with a Palestinian state, without a Palestinian state - it's all the same. It doesn't matter what we do - We can't win a ''peace'' - but we are pretty good at winning wars. War is our best option. Then, we'll have ''peace'' ......
13. If you are
Monastras ,   Istanbul   (09.24.10)
going to do something do it or keep quite. I would keep quite in order to save the other part of my country. Stupied King
14. The Daily show makes good comedy
Jayjay3 ,   Israel   (09.24.10)
15. Abdulah is a hypocrite!
Jayjay ,   Israel   (09.24.10)
Give the Arabs back their mandated Palestine you Saudi thief! Abdullah has no right to be in control of Jordan! He is the main problem in this region!
16. King Abdullah to appear on American Idol.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (09.24.10)
He's been singing the same song for many years, it's the only song he knows the words to. I don't think he'll do well on American Idol, after all, it's a pretty old song. everyone has heard it many times before. Maybe he should learn another song?
SINGER ,   SINGAPORE   (09.24.10)
18. Many Israelis seem favor war along as they have edge to win
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (09.24.10)
Israel has gain more in wars that peace but 1973 war was a lot closer early on than many want to remember. 10 days of 24/7 US supplies from Europe turned the tide. Israel has the better weapons, in some part to US help and aid but Arabs have the numbers and slowly gaining newer weapons.
19. to # 12
Marc Levinstron ,   Singapore   (09.24.10)
Terry...oh yeah... you´ll find your peace 6 feet under...
20. Palestinian state will not stop Iranian plans
Guardian of Israel ,   Israel   (09.24.10)
King Hussein of Jordan is one of the more level headed Arab leaders in the region. His assessment that there may be war in the region is well founded but the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state will not alter Iranian plans to dominate the entire region. That is their master plan which is crystal clear to all who want to see it. . If a sovereign Palestinian state is established it will soon be infiltrated and controlled by Iranian agents. Hezbullah in Lebanon is conrolled by Iran and so is Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Syria is in the Iranian orbit and it looks like Turkey is also slowly relinquishing or compromising its sovereignty in favor of the Iranians.
21. == what about Black September? ==
oren ,   TA   (09.24.10)
whre are the humen rights? whre is the UN?
22. "non-Arab elements" = Persians
Proud Redneck ,   OH, USA   (09.24.10)
Yessiree! And his Hezbollah cronies are extremely popular in the Arab world!
23. non-Arab elements? He means Iran!
So Ahmedinejad's popularity in the Arab World is not something to brag about. Eh, Muhammad, observer, Persian Cat and other Jihadist agitators and impostors unwelcomed talkbackers?
24. Abdullah a Hyppocrite and Hidding what??
Yaakov ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.24.10)
Abdullah is a hypocrite because he knows fairness demands that he be part of the solution: 1) During this Saudi's family's country's occupation of Judea and Samaria (1948-1967) he encouraged many Arabs to settle there to join the Arabs that settled there from the 1920's to 1948. 2) He sits on Mandate Land of Israel!!! 77% of it. This was the 2 state solution and compromise forced in Jews in 1922. Even then it wasn't fair but they exist now so he needs to absorb the Arabs that are in the land of Israel-period! He needs to be reminded that when his mouth is moving that his country is a guest on Israeli land. Next time he goes to war against Israel , Israel MUST reclaim it. He should at elast be paying leasing fees to Israel.
25. to #6,
Golan ,   Modiin   (09.24.10)
1. the trans-Jordan belongs to the Jews by international charter (league of nations charter and UN charter) 2. Jews negotiated away most to the trans-Jordan in the San Remo conference keeping thrans-Jordanian territory with Jewish history (Tuvialand) 3. The Arabs reneged on the agreement after signing it keeping all the trans_jordan. Hence if you want to use Nazi terminology it can be applied to Arabs insisting on the "west Bank" (which is everything west of the Jordan River) as their Sudetenland and the world giving them all the (Israel) Czechoslovakia for peace. Well we jews have learned from WWII and 9/11, Keep you rpeace and we will keep our guns.
26. King's menstrual cycle
Url ,   tel aviv   (09.24.10)
Abdullah doesn't miss a month without predicting war in the region. What exactly has he done to promote peace, besides threaten Israel? If anyone has the most to lose (and should worry about Iran) it's him and his Palestinian kingdom. Appearing on the Daily Show only reinforces his standing as the King of Comedy. Though a pretty good speaker, it's always been difficult to take this dictator seriously.
27. allways a threat of war
sameul   (09.24.10)
always the threat of war, What negotiations can there be if there is always the backdrop and the threat of war ?if you don't sign this or give that there will be war? its like saying if you don't give us this corner of your garden we will be break your knee caps. quite frankly i am fed up of always the threat of war, fed up with being bullied, as far as i am concerned we should turn round and say "threaten us one more time with war, black mail us one more time that if we do not reach your demands there will be war we will say to you, sign the frigging paper, take your state, if not we will got to war with you and you will get what your ask for and by Gd will you regret it"
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.24.10)
Suggesting that the Iranian involvement will diminish if the problem is resolved sounds more stupid on your part.The very reason why Iran got involved in the first place was to witness numerous resolutions passed by the Arabs without any practical help to the Palestinians.An ordinary Palestinian will confirm that to you.Anyway, we understand how you are under obligation to coin words to suit several of your masters and will let go.
29. Another speech for Obamas ears only
zionist forever   (09.24.10)
There has been settlement building going on for over 40 years and 10 months ago it was going on and there was no war. Now suddenly because the freeze is coming to an end if it resumes it will lead to war. I would love to know how solving the palestinian issue will solve the Iranian problem. Wil Iran decide they no longer want nukes as the palestinian problem has been dealt with? Are Ahmadinejad & the mullahs going to say well the paestinians have done a deal with Israel so we think we should as well? The arabs have never had it so good. They are taking every chance they get to harm Israel and because we have the president of the United States backing the far left Europeans the only people whose views and demands they want anything to do with are arabs. Keep building tactically it gives us ammunition. So far the arabs have offered nothing and demanded alot and Obama has supported them. Time to fight back and say you want something from us we want something from you no more goodwill gestures or concessions free of charge because if we don't we are heading towards suicide and the arabs will keep demanding even more than 2 states if they thing Obama will back them. Right now the only voices the world care about are arab ones so we need to make ourselves heard by fighting back.
30. And who elected him king?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.24.10)
Another name for an unelected dictator. This one is occupying land that was part of the mandate for Israel. The limies gave three quarters of the mandate to his great grandfather after he was kicked out of saudi arabia. Remember without Israeli protection you are toast.
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