Jewish group makes ADL blacklist
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 15.10.10, 08:28
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1. We in Israel should publish a similar list!
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (10.15.10)
Peace Now Btselem HaAretz Who else?
2. They missed J Street, must be #11 on the list
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.15.10)
J Street is known to push Palestinian propaganda lies. Even says so on their website. Wonder if they'll make the top 10 next year. Rabbis for Human Rights Only for Palestinians isn't there either. Actually, I'd rank them #5.
3. Why isn't J-Street on the list?
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (10.15.10)
For that matter, he could have added the Democratic Party to the list.
4. Shouldn't the State Dept. be on the list?
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (10.15.10)
As long as we're making lists here, why not add The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Al-Reuters, & the AP? And, we shouldn't forget the UN & the EU, they should be first & second on the list.
5. Israel permit Apeartheid Against Sephardics and the US allow
Obama Pro-Apartheid ,   Helps Whites Racists   (10.15.10)
6. Top #1 Moron in the US
Gazan   (10.15.10)
Abe Foxman
7. new list
johnny ,   us   (10.15.10)
the ADL is run by jewish leaders that is why the list has been published. Maybe a new list should be published regarding all the different ways israel provokes the whole world and always claims anti-semitism and the excuse that they are protecting themselves. If anything the world needs to protect itself from the Israeli propoganda machine and wake up and see all the different international laws and regulations that israel breaks on a daily basis. Its as if israel is always held to a higher standard than other countries around the world and that it can always get away from everything it does that goes against human rights, democracy, and especially to the ethnocracy that it is creating in its own state
8. to# 6 azan
Marcelo ,   Berlin / DE   (10.15.10)
coming from you, Foxman is a moron because he defends jews around the globe showing how and what you all are in reality. Nice to see posts as yours in a online newspaper from the Jewish State of Israel. Stop the occupation of Aza from muslims !!
9. Most of World should be on itbut anti-Israel not anti-Jewish
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (10.15.10)
I understand why settlers not willing to give up Gov. subsidized cost of living and free land but why should 300,000 settlers control the fate of 13.5M Jews around the world who want to live in peace.
10. redbourn's list
STAN ,   israel   (10.15.10)
mr. redbourn can you explain why so many former supporters of Begin's Herut party changed their views on how to solve the M.E. problem? Here are a few examples : President Ezer Weitzman P.M. Arik Sharon, Tzipi Livni and all the former Likud ministers and M.Ks in Kadima. They all had the sense to understand that if Israel does NOT withdraw from Yesh, then there will be no Israel. (See what happened to the White minority in South Africa)
11. excellent ADL
sleepless   (10.15.10)
12. Th9is needs to be done. Jews in the
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (10.15.10)
diaspora fighting back as is the current government of the state of Israel. We aren't just appeasers trying to explain and justify our existence as Jews.
13. # 3/4 Terry
peter ,   a'dam NL   (10.15.10)
I always read your posts Terry, because often you have valid things to say, though I disagree often with your point of view, which, for lack of a more precise term, is that of the secular right. But your #3/4 posts make you as ridiculous as #2 mr. Brian Cohen from the "Judean Peoples Front" :-(. To me that says that you've lost contact with the mainstream of thought outside Israel. That you don't care about it anymore or don't understand it. Whether that has to do with you or you living in Israel or both I don't know. Just that it's way of base.
14. CAIR
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (10.15.10)
I don,t see the CAIR ,Council of Arrogant Islamic Racists on the list ?
15. #10 stan
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.15.10)
Two reasons: money and etrogim and three specifics Olmert: Holyland Sharon: Greek Island Hanegbi: Derech Tzleacha
16. Peter, please show me where I'm wrong
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.15.10)
Here's a direct quote from J Street: "Israel's settlements in the occupied territories have, for over forty years drained Israel's economy..." Strange, but the last I checked Israel's economy is still growing, still prospering and one of the strongest in the west. We weathered the recent financial crisis much better than most countries. Yet if you listen to J Street, you'd think our economy sucks. Please tell me what is ridiculous about my post. As for "Rabbis for Human Rights", it has been pointed out time and again that they are "Rabbis for Palestinians" and mostly ignore human rights violations against Israelis. If you read all my postings you'll know that I'm very critical of many aspects of Israel, especially that we have no constitution and Israelis - both Jews and Arabs - have almost no civil rights. J Street and Rabbis for Human Rights both have miserable track records when it comes to supporting the human rights of Israelis. Sorry if that bothers you, but it's a fact. J Street's support of anti-Israel propaganda is right there in front of your face. Please use the link above and see for yourself. I fail to see how I'm "off base" with this. On the contrary, J Street is clearly way off base by continuing to promote false information about "the settlements". You should be asking J Street why they are lying to prove a point.
17. ADL list of hate groups
moron ,   galut   (10.15.10)
at last adl is doing what it does best-identify racism-it should note that the 'usual suspects' who are members of these groups follow the left-wing tactic of making etxra numbers of groups and overlapping membership to magnify their effect--the worst groups in terms of the harm they do and offensiveness are the leftists who claim jewish identity--lastly note foxman's right-wing bad list of conservatives support israel more than most..they are about to return to power from oblivion no thanx to the adl which should make a list of israel's political friends if it's going to comment at all
18. no.7
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (10.15.10)
Hey Palestinian Johnny in cloud cuckoo land UNSC resolutions calling for the disarming of,withdrawal of and no more Hezbollah or it,s armed proxies south of the Litani River ,have not been complied with ,and the international warrant of arrest for the Muslim butcher of Sudan and his Muslim Janjaweed militia,responsi ble for crimes against humanity ,war crimes and sytematic rape of infidels in Darfur ,yet these Muslim killers,rapists and human rights abusers are free to travel around third world Africa ,protected by their AU peacekeepers ,you,ve surely lost your mind ?
19. The problem is that List is Growing
Mark ,   USA   (10.15.10)
That is what wories me, how big is that list going to get, so far this year I was devetted by Israel and Turkish siplit, I am half Turkish and Jewish, do you guy ever undersatnd how I feel, but in this one I think Israel is over reacted and wrong you guys can call me self hating Jew or what ever but tis is way out of hand , Putting Turkey on the List was a big mistake.I hope it will change
20. ADL and Foxman are completely irrelevant
Legal Eagle ,   USA   (10.15.10)
Americans tuned-out Foxman and the ADL.a long time ago.
21. AKA Morals List
Marg ,   USA   (10.15.10)
So, I can use this list to identify those who are opposed to land and water theft, apartheid, double-standards in the application of justice, and complete disregard for international law? Sounds like of list of those with whom I'd like to be associated....aka those with morals and ethics.
22. List should be expanded
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS   (10.15.10)
Equally anti-Jew are the US State Department; the BHO administration; any organization funded by George Soros including "J"udenrein Street; NOI; organizations led by Jesse Jackson and Rev Wright; CNN; Time and Newsweek magazines; and the NY Times. WOW...the Swastika really does fly high in many circles in the US including the White House!
23. jonny your wrong
eclipse1 ,   AUSTRALIA   (10.15.10)
israel is the only free country in the middle east all the rest of the countries hate her guts and want to destroy her i got news for you all the nations that fight againt israel will one day be destroyed it is only a matter of time read zacahria 12 the world will oneday be against israel oneday soon there is already a madman in lebanon from iran . to bad he dosent read ezekiel38 it is all about him perhapes lebanon had better read the prophet isiaiah he spoke about the time when all the ceader tree of lebanon will be destroyed he also spoke about about damascus being a heap of rubble the mad man from iran just vist there isiaiah 17 look at the hummingbird more advancved then any helicopter id rather put my trust in the GOD OF ISRAEL then put my trust in anything man said looking at this bird is enough proof that tells me the god of israel is a great all powerfull god and has a great plan GOD BLESS THE GOD OF ISRAEL FOREVER
24. # 16 Brian
peter ,   a'dam NL   (10.15.10)
Thanks for your reaction Brian, I adressed Terry but referred to you as 'ridiculous' because of the " Judean peoples Front" subtitle - sounds like a terrorist organization. You may make valid points now & then - I don't know because I skip posts from people with such subtitles as you. The J-street text: "J-Street: The political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans. Israel's settlements in the occupied territories have, for over forty years, been an obstacle to peace. They have drained Israel's economy, military, and democracy and eroded the country's ability to uphold the rule of law. Continued settlement growth undermines the prospects for peace by making Palestinians doubt Israeli motives and commitment, and by complicating the territorial compromises that will be necessary in final status talks. The arrangements that have been made for the benefit of settlers and for security – checkpoints, settler-only roads, the route of the security barrier – have all made daily life more difficult for Palestinians, deepening hostility and increasing the odds of violence and conflict. A majority of Israelis have recognized this reality and oppose settlement expansion, yet their views have been outweighed by a small, vocal pro-settlement minority. J Street supports President Obama's continuation of nine previous U.S. administrations' policy against settlement construction, including in East Jerusalem. J Street also shares the Obama administration’s hope that the current 10-month period of restrictions on settlement construction announced by the Israeli government will allow a focus in the coming months on establishing a two-state solution and advancing toward comprehensive Israeli-Arab peace. Special Envoy Mitchell is correct to note that in halting some settlement construction for a limited time, this Israeli government has taken a step forward. However, this is not the full settlement freeze that has been the consistent policy of the United States, and does not address the deteriorating situation in East Jerusalem. Ultimately, the question of settlement expansion should become moot – because the real issue that needs to be addressed and settled quickly is the route of the border between Israel and Palestine. Certain agreed modifications to the 1967 lines are possible - allowing some settlements to be incorporated within Israel's final and agreed borders in the context of reciprocal land swaps. Those settlements (perhaps accounting for as many as two-thirds of all settlers) will then become part of Israeli recognized sovereign territory and construction there will be able to continue according to the laws and zoning ordinances of those localities. It is important to note that J Street supports the concept of a security barrier as an important element of Israel’s defense, but believes that the barrier must be located along an internationally recognized border. Its present route has confiscated land and separated Palestinians from their jobs, health care and family. It will have to be relocated in many sections as part of a final status agreement. " @Brian: This text is a bit one sided I agree, it doesn't talk about Palestinian actions against civilians. The same seems to be the case with the " Rabbi's for human Rights". But one the whole I agree with it. Criticism of Israel's policies is justified, like crticism of any democratic govt. To call that anti-Israel is stretching it a bit, many Israelis are of the same opinion as US or EU jews. But thanks for reacting...Terry didn't.
25. Organizations
Michael Pielet ,   Boca, usa   (10.15.10)
Peace Now, J Street, B'tselem should be on the top of the list. It is the enemy within that will destroy us.
26. What about Haaretz?
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.15.10)
Shouldn't they be number one on the list.
27. No Marg, it's an Immorals List
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.15.10)
You can use this list to identify those groups who turn a blind eye to Palestinian terrorism. These groups do not support the concept of universal human rights. These groups also spend an inordinate amount of time spreading propaganda, while having a very narrow band of "morals and ethics" - aka anything to do with the Palestinians is "moral and ethical" and anything to do with Israel is not. Thus, you have several of these groups supporting attacks against "settlers", even though all major human rights groups have concluded that Palestinians who attack Israeli civilians are committing war crimes. It looks like you, Marg, are just another gullible dupe who believes the "apartheid" lie. Here's a challenge for you: Please show me a single Jew living legally in the West Bank or Gaza under the Palestinian Authority. The answer, of course, is zero. There's your apartheid, and it's based in Ramallah and Gaza City.
28. Disgusted
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (10.15.10)
According to Foxman, all those who criticize Israel, in whatever form or for any reason, should be labelled as 'antisemitic'. I guess I should be on that list also, and I am disgusted that I was not placed on it.
29. Track the Money
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (10.15.10)
Please don't censor me. I don't understand why does the ADL not track the money that will be the easiest way to defeat these groups. By the way the ADL should stop worrying about other minority rights and start defending Israel and the Jewish people.
30. Infighting between leftist groups
Thomas ,   Dixieland USA   (10.15.10)
Remember the bloody feud between Trockists, Stalinists, Maoist etc. for the soul of the "World Proletariat" and "Class Struggle"! While ADL is muted in promoting anti-Israeli policy but still covertly supports the Muslim immigration, building of mosques, open borders, Hate Speech Laws and all the Obamao loving Jewish political groups. There is very little sympathy for ADL within the American populace in the light of its hard leftist stand.
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