Hamas exposes 38-year collaborator
Ali Waked
Published: 17.10.10, 18:22
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1. Whallahe this is a new war crime by Israil
where is policeman Goldstone.
2. Half of Hamas are collaborators
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.17.10)
Guess which half.
3. Let me guess... Fatah supporter?
Danny   (10.17.10)
4. the guy probably only looked at a hamas leader wrong
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.17.10)
and now he's accused of being a "collaborator". remember, this is palestinian "justice" (a true oxymoron) we're talking about.
5. Drugs and sex among Gazan youth
William ,   Israel   (10.17.10)
So now Israel is responsible for the Internet sites these Gazan youth visit and the drugs that Arabs from Sinai and Lebanon ship into Gaza. Hamas seems unwilling to take responsibility for even one item in the Strip but never misses an opportunity to weed out the opposition ala Iran-style. Considering the oppression by Hamas against Gazans and the tightening of movement and freedoms, one shouldn't be surprised at their turning to drugs to help them deal with their crappy situation. Adult Gazans do it all the time and teach it to their youth.
6. An excuse for oppression
Ed ,   USA   (10.17.10)
This is a convenient justification for Hamas to oppress Palestinians. Anyone who criticizes the Hamas government is suspect.
7. Hamas
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (10.18.10)
So this is what,s referred to as a Muslim govt. in so called exile,baknrupt despotic,corrupt ,tyrannical ,can,t blame the sheep for wanting to go after fresh grazing ?
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