The real Muslim threat
Moshe Dann
Published: 27.10.10, 00:44
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1. Eliminate This Threat Now"
Ken ,   Australia   (10.27.10)
Who do these guys think they are , the righteous objectors of the world, there nothing but extreme far left mad people, does G-d really want idiots like this striveing for G-d conciousness, they are the destroyers of good people and intention through out the earth, they have no values and no understanding of life, its only a power structure for arabs under one banner- Islam. This is only a vrus and the worst one we have ever been hit with , we cant let this nazi style rubbish corupt the world, you can not build a world religion based on these idiotic ideas, let alone build a mass religion of arabs in the west whilst pointing a loaded gun at our heads , which is what they are doing and getting away with , they need to be disconnected from the west and not invited to live here as they only intend to increase this negative islamist strategy as a en- mass en- route style of islamic propaganda used as a virus and supported as you say by states, every one in the west is asking all these questions , how this is actually occuring, now we know what we always knew, the brotherhood are behind it, they need to be cut off from all western civilizations, we must disconect from this negative behaviour, they have nothing to offer the west and nothing the people of the west want, So why have they been able to weaken us and infilitrate, they curse us and israel to the point of complete de-legitimization, if this is total war on us , then its time to play the game and break up the brother hood into small peices and render them harmless, so they have no cappacity to continue ideological jihad in and on our lands, there always talking about muslim lands and so we must get this islamic propaganda machine out of our lands, kick these bastards out and once and for all, the west is sick of hearing the word islam- it means nothing to us and is worthless to us because it it is only a idealogical cult born by the arab madness and definatly not a religion. We must destroy this insanity, there must be a way to do it, DONT APPEASE MUSLIMS.
2. Islam wasn't a problem to US before Israel occupied Palstine
JG ,   Tampa, FL   (10.27.10)
Israel & the Jewish lobby, which is running Washington's policies, is putting US and Americans in a collision course with one billion Muslims around the world so that Israel can occupy Palestine with peace.
3. what's is the point here?
Dani   (10.27.10)
The muslim brotherhood doesn't realy care about our trust' they are in there way to occupation, with nuclear weapon and Increasing numbers. Just like in Israel, they are waiting patiently until they have enough power to wipe us all. And they won't be enlightened and mercifull leadership. good luck world figure it out.
4. This is like a James bond movie with sean Connery!
5. Make no mistake....
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.27.10)
the so- called "western civilisation" shall undoubtedly find jewish conspiracy behind this movement as well. It's been done in the past it will be done in the future. I am going to stockpile the prayer-rugs (just in case the Brothers get their will...)
6. :: G. Zero Mosque important, will serve their "safe house"
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (10.27.10)
7. duh, they have initated the mosque idea,
ghostq   (10.27.10)
even in the original country aka Egypt declaired them as terror org, Sunis Muslim terror org, until this far they have put so many bombs in centeral of Cairo, murdered Tourists and arabs alike, sad but they r counting on amerikan to be stupid enough to believe they open liberal country, and amerikans really dumb to buy it, in arab countries this org is outlawed.
8. to #2 yet it was, bosnia was complete mess
ghostq   (10.27.10)
turks covert or executed so many that didn't want to convert to islam, there is no bosnian people, they r serbian who converted to Islam, it's worse when Islam tried to conquer Europe, that is more of 400 years, Vlad chefesh was True hero for standing up to Islam. blessed hero he was.
9. :: #2 - President Jefferson had a problem with Islam
Matty Groves ,   Tveria   (10.27.10)
This was 200 years ago, and the world has had a problem with Islam for 1400 years. Muslim Brotherhood was formed in Egypt in the 1920's, 25 years before the State of Israel was founded. Are you still standing by your claim? Can you prove it ?
10. #2 JG, Tampa, FL
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (10.27.10)
When was there an Arab state or nation called "Palestine" in the Middle East?
11. The CIA is getting back with interest what they invested!
The CIA began backing the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1960s as a counterbalance to the Egyptian government which was receiving aid from the Soviet Union. and now that the world has changed the Muslim Brotherhood has become much more than a nuisance for the CIA and the United States. But then you plant your seeds, you pay your money and now in spades the CIA is getting what they paid for!
12. To #2: Muslim liar
Frank ,   Canada   (10.27.10)
Islam become a problem to America because at the beginning of Six Days War, Nasser was convinced that he was attacked by Americans. Egyptians launched an anti-American campaign in their media. And when it became obvious that America was not involved, Arabs refused to change their propaganda because Arab leaders cannot accept to be wrong. Arabs must accept their 1967 defeat and stop lying.
13. Jefferson's Problem;
Adams Apple ,   UK   (10.27.10)
Jefferson had no problem with Islam other than what he also had with Christianity, try reading his version of the Bible! As for the formation of Ikhwan, try reading the full story, not just the bits spoon-fed to you. They were created to repel the OCCUPYING WESTERN FORCES FROM THEIR LANDS, be they in Egypt, be they in Palestine!
14. the real counter threat
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (10.27.10)
is a radical energy policy with no reliance on fossil fuels. cars that run on replaceable batteries recharged by nuclear-powered/wind-farmed electricity. or algae or whatever, and less interface with economies that do use fossil fuel. this was suggested more than 50 years ago, in a comprehensive energy policy planned in great detail by physicists, engineers and economists from a certain us institution (top-secret papers now declassified). it was refused by the then president who had friends, i suspect, amongst the seven sisters. now they have to cope with opec. the short-sightedness, and short-termism of the us administration of 50 odd years ago is a price most of us are paying now. if the funders of mohammedanism had no money, and or economic leverage, or a lot less than they do have, we would not be in this situation. the mistakes politicians make take decades to be exposed, sometimes.
15. Lovely Theme
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston USA   (10.27.10)
The basic theme of the article is that Americans, and especially New Yorkers, are not competent to self-govern. Planning and zoning in Manhattan should be some kind of international decision. And apparently the US should have a religious test to screen out undesirables. Kinda throws out our Constitutional form of government. Should we create a US version of Shin Bet or Savaak, too? What other changes should the US make, maybe appoint a King from the Israeli right? or send all the Black Americans to Africa? After all a lot of Black Americans are Muslims.
16. To: No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.27.10)
"Should we create a US version of Shin Bet or Savaak, too?" We already have two. One is called the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Perhaps you have forgotten J. Edgar Hoover? Do you think that the FBI's methods of surveillance ended with his death? They didn't. The second is the Department of Homeland Security, which was created by the Patriot Act. The Homeland Security Act, which followed, gave the Department of Homeland Security extraordinarily broad powers, including but not limited to the right to detain individuals indefinitely without arraignment with no habeas consequences, the right to enter a home without a search warrant and the right to enter a home when the homeowner is not present. The Domestic Security Enhancement Act expanded the already-broad police powers of the federal government. I realize that you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Mark, but how could all this have escaped your notice? The police powers which the federal government can exercise under the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act and the Domestic Security Enhancement Act far exceed the police powers which the Shin Bet may exercise. You need to do a lot of catch-up reading, tataleh. Here, let me help: http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/hr_5005_enr.pdf http://fl1.findlaw.com/news.findlaw.com/wp/docs/terrorism/hr3162.pdf http://www.pbs.org/now/politics/patriot2-hi.pdf
17. How can you tell a Zionist liar...
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (10.27.10)
he opens his mouth. Funny how all Israelis and their apologists continually harp on the idea of 'Muslim extremists', while ignoring or applauding the extremists in their midst. Funny if it wasn't so sick. The Muslim Brotherhood is a small group particularly active in Egypt. The force of their argument lies not in their ideology but in the fact that Egypt has been an authoritarian state for so many years. "Emergency" decrees that are always continued, the state muzzling of the press, and the despair endemic with the continual corruption of their government fuel the movement. Sounds like a mirror image of Israel doesn't it? And therefore, groups of people fall back on their religion, especially the parts of their religion, which distrust and hate both authority and outsiders. Both the Kahanists in Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood are cut from the same cloth. Normally, the preferred method of battling bad ideas is through logic and argument ie. promoting better ideas. Yet, when the state continually outlaws meaningful dialogue and change, then they reap what they sow. Positions harden and religious and ideological intolerance becomes the norm. You have to look no further than the recent statements of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef to see this insanity at tis finest. Frankly, the truth is a combination of both Marx and Samuel Johnson.." Religion is both the opiate of the masses and the last refuge of scoundrels'. I would include blind ideology as well. By the way, the writer in promoting irrational Muslim hatred apparently knows little about American values. Americans do not wish for sharia law, not even the majority of Muslims. The also do not want halachic law, the close cousin of sharia, nor canon law. Perhaps that is why we have avoided the insanity exhibited in Iran and Israel.
18. That's easy #17
BH ,   Iowa   (10.27.10)
He tell the truth in the face of an angry mob of anti-semites screaming "liar"
19. Tolerance
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.27.10)
I think that the mosque is fine as far as it goes. Maybe if the was a gay bar next door on one side and on the otherside a pork butcher shop and maybe a Seventh Day Adventist Church across the street and of course a liquor store nearby too we could see some real tolerance. Considering that the Muslim Brotherhood was established in 1928 by an American trained teacher our resident anti-Semites are really having a hard time with blaming us for the problem.
20. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.27.10)
Your information is seriously out of date (why am I not surprised?). The Moslem Brotherhood can be found throughout the world and they are very dangerous. In any event, since the entirety of your comment stems from incorrect assumptions, the entirety of your post is worthless. No surprise there, either. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muslim_Brotherhood
21. Islam is incompatible with Western values
Marcella   (10.27.10)
You write: "To be accepted, Muslims must nurture an Islam that is consistent with American values, laws and shared ethos." If I were a Muslim I would consider that statement extremely insulting. If I were a sincere Muslim I would not compromise my beliefs in order to fit in. Mr. Dann, you must understand that Islam IS INCOMPATIBLE with Western values. Westerners are deluding themselves in the belief that if only Muslims tinker a little with their sacred Koran, then we'll all be able to get along beautifully. The Koran is clear in what it aims for. What the West MUST do is to reassess its policy of Multiculturalism and its policies regarding immigration. Something is clearly NOT WORKING and there are clear signals that not only Muslims are not adopting our values, but that they imposing their own customs on our societies. The problem is not Islam alone. The problem is that WE ARE IMPORTING IT into our societies. It's the issue of further Muslim immigration that needs to be discussed.
22. 16 Sarah
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston USA   (10.27.10)
Bush's exit from office restored the Constitution's habeas provisions. And the Patriot Act abuses were mostly repealed while Bush was still in office. Neither DHS nor the FBI can snatch people and waterboard any more. FBI even proved that water boarding didn't produce accuracy, just whatever the script was. And it took only talk, with a lawyer present to question the Underpants and times Square bombers - no torture at all used to the dismay of our critics. We even give public civilian trials to almost all terrorism suspects, observing their Constitutional rights. And since Bush is gone, we no longer snatch random Muslims off the street. Though the right of former AG Ashcroft to order that is still being litigated. We are restoring our Constitutional form of government. And now this bozo comes along arguing that we shouldn't. Most Muslims in the USA are Black, not of Arab descent. They are natural born US citizens. They have the sames rights under our Constitution as and WASP or Jewish Americans, including the right to have religious organizations or advocacy groups. CAIR and AIPAC do and should have the same rights.
23. J.G., Tampa, Florida: You write that Islam
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (10.27.10)
was not a problem to the USA until the situation between Zionists and Palestinian Arabs arose, thereby implying that the root cause for our current threats from Islamofascism lies with Israeli Jews. I would like to just update you historically: Michael B. Oren details relationships between America and Muslims in his book, "Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East 1976 to the Present", published by Norton in 2007. You may have heard of the Barbary Pirates. The first foreign war engaged in by the USA was fought in the Tripoli/Tunis region against the various Muslim populations and governments. If you are a true student of history, as opposed to an anti-semitic propagandist, you will hasten to correct your "blame it on Zionism" view.
24. muslim threat
debbie ,   israel   (10.27.10)
TO ROBERT HAYMOND, Thank you for clarifying the situation for us.. JG would almost have us believe that the "one billion Muslims around the world" really give a s _ _ _ about the Palestinians. What have these one billion muslims done lately (or ever) to improve the lot of the Palestinians? Their oil bucks could have easily torn down the "refugee camps" many years ago, and built modern towns, if they really gave a rat's a _ _ about their Palestinian "brothers". Israel absorbed millions of refugees, and didn't have a fraction of the resources that the Arabs have at their disposal. And all, without whining and blaming everyone else. Yahoo is not in the habit of printing my posts; we'll see.......
25. #17
Brad ,   USA   (10.28.10)
The God of the Bible gave Israel all of the land they now have, and a whole lot more that they never took. We know that this is true because the Bible is true, and we know that, because the Biblical worldview is the only one that can account for the logic that you said you are in favor of. It is the only worldview that can account for the fact that we can even assume that our minds and senses can be trusted to operate properly and transmit reality to us accurately. The God of the Bible created logic, and our senses. He also holds everything together by his power. If we can't trust Him, we can't trust them either. The fact that you can even argue against Israel, and therefore Him, proves that you, and the muslim brotherhood, are wrong.
26. To Sarah B
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (10.28.10)
Your posts are articulate, well-reasoned, and obviously well-researched. Nevertheless, you will find some people, like the useful Idiot Mark of Lewiston, will not be swayed by what you post. He will advocate for the Islamists and won't realize how very intent they are on enforcing Sharia in America, even if he hears that the UK is already censoring fairy tales to avoid offending Muslims: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/85520-three-little-pigs-banned-for-offending-muslims-and-builders
27. Debbie #24: Glad to see that your post
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (10.28.10)
was published. Here's hoping that this is the first of many more on Ynet. I, like others, can't get posted on Haaretz, incidentally. But enough about me. To continue with your post, Debbie, Golda Meir said that we (Israel) were almost too successful in settling our refugees from Arab lands. It took almost ten years. After that, we could no longer complain about the injustices meted out to our refugees as Palestinians and others have about their own. It is hard for us Jews to comprehend how other people (Arabs) could punish their own people by allowing them to remain homeless and stateless for sixty plus years. Their mentality is different than ours, however. Furthermore, as long as they exist in refugee camps, the deficient Arab governemnts can continue pointing at Israel (and the West) as the source of their own misery and suffering and not take any responsibility of their own. Of course, finances enter into the equation: As long as the UNHR and UNESCO keep funding these refugee camps, the respective govennments in which these camps are located and the respective bagmen who reside in these countries all profit by getting their cuts.
28. John DeLancy
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston USA   (10.28.10)
You may have Sharia in Alaska. But we don't have it in the lower 48. But hey, if you in Alaska like it, go for it. Of course since you hate the US Constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion, why not secede?
29. #4 , ESP - just spreading hatred
kuhl blitz ,   Doha / Chennai   (10.28.10)
Dude... i was also gonna say the same thing that this sounds like a James Bond movie plot! Let us begin the loopholes - first, if this was smart, armed and resourceful, they would have started a war long time ago. Pakistan has Nuclear weapons and is a muslim state where this "brotherhood" exists in the government. They didn't attack anywhere. So, Duh! CAIR is just an organization. Let us compare it with a Jewish league. They also do the same -promote inter cultural values. They have been so successful that now they even Jewish candidates in white house. This has led to blind eye for several inhuman activities and biased preferences. Also, this people have led Americans into long wars with Afganistan and Iraq. Now, they are currently lobbying to take down Iran. So, when compared to those leagues, CAIR seems pretty decent organization. And in world war 2, Nazis targeted Muslims in Germany. So, it was not only Jews who were killed too. And lastly, I am an Indian and a Muslim; But i greatly support Israel for its achievements. They have made huge strides in science, technology and cultures. But, such jewish men spreading hatred (becoming like arab and spreading lies) makes me wonder what has Israel/jewish has come to. Its high time, great men (jewish) should take over such men/reporter and spread the love across horizons. Warning: don't become arabs
30. to 17
nana ,   jerusalem   (10.28.10)
you put it as you see it .as if it is a play infront of your eyes but realy . islam rules is easier than judism rules .it is written in kuran that god after 1500 years want it to be easier to all the people as it is to stop work in the time of praying in friday instead of all satarday as to marry a jewish or christian woman or can marry more than one wife in some circumstances .. and so on in evry aspect but sure people take the hard aspect of any rule if it is against their benifit or their wish . the same of the extrimities in jews look to the hardest against the non jews or the jews who do not support their system ...
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