Israel: Norway inciting against us
Itamar Eichner
Published: 15.11.10, 09:15
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1. Norway's...
Linda ,   Poltava, Ukraine   (11.15.10)
... contribution to Holocaust is a well-established and proven fact. Why not to film a documentary about that and present it at the UN ?
2. lets c how free they are when it comes to
oferdesade ,   israel   (11.15.10)
caricatures of the "prophet"
3. "Freedom of expression" my ass.
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (11.15.10)
Just like the Aftonbladet's "freedom of expression" when it published the libel about the IDF plundering organs from Palestinians. Freedom of expression does not mean freedom to lie, incite, distort reality, and be totally biased. This is freedom of hatred. Sadly, not much had changed in Norway since the days of Quisling.
4. So paying artist to say things don't influence artist output
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (11.15.10)
strange norweigan logic?
5. revenge
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.15.10)
We can get revenge by having the Ariel "cultural" Centre boycotting the play
6. Norways true colours?
Tim ,   Brighton   (11.15.10)
For a few years its interesting to observe the attitude of a select few of Norways political elite towards Israel and indeed Jews Despite the recent vehement denials in public of those politicians in Norway who claim that Anti Israel and Anti Semitism is NOT institutional the word from Norwegian Friends of Israel describes a pervading Anti Semitism masking itself as Anti Zionisim and Anti Israel that is born of Nazi ideology. Its just convenient that they use the twisted facts and abject distortions of the Palestinian and Israel struggle to promote their own home grown national socialist agenda Frightening? Well no....Im told that the overall MAJORITY of the Norwegian Public and some of the Norwegian Press find this development stomach churning, morally degrading and are gradually coming out to denounce and fight this evil propaganda
steve ,   tel aviv   (11.15.10)
Gee, Norweigians are so creative. I'd be ashamed to call myself a Norwegian.
8. Soon Islam will take Europe and all these idiots will be
slaves of the ,   Muslims!   (11.15.10)
9. norway
edwin greenspin ,   uk   (11.15.10)
this small nation has had a dubious history in their attitude towards jews. jews were not allowed into the country in the early part of the 1800s. they have become wealthy and so feel immune.they have taken to jew hatred in a big way.there is no point in complaining.antisemitism is part and parcel of their history
10. Norway
Christian ,   Norway   (11.15.10)
As a Norwegian i can only apoligize for how my country act theese days against Israel, and how they teese USA all the time. This is the work of the leftwing government and strong anti-Israel forces, far out on the leftwing in Norwegian elite, including lot's of journalists and cultural "artists". I'm afraid it will take a long time to change this. I just want all to know that the strongest supporters of Israel can also be found in Norway, and that many many of us is fighting hard against our bias media and anti-Israel lobby. But it's a David against Goliath fight, but hopefully the fight will end up like that in the future. We hope for a change in the years to come, we hopefulle believes in a political change after next election and that some of the bad things we see now will end. I hate that my taxmoney is used to support anti-Israel propaganda!
11. Has Israel ever been a source of antisemitism?
Ken ,   Burma   (11.15.10)
12. #10 (Christian, Norway), thank you!
R ,   Israel   (11.15.10)
13. My observation...
Linda ,   Poltava, Ukraine   (11.15.10)
... is that over the past several months more and more people in Europe (like Christian @10)are getting aware that Israel represents the most vulnerable part of the great Western civilization; and that there is no a separate "Israeli-Palestinian conflict", but an all-out war between the Western civilization and the violent totalitarian medieval cult.
14. A well deserved intern'l eponym..
jo   (11.15.10)
Norway's world fame " Quisling ". Even then, in WWII, they supported " freedom of speech " ie: the waffen SS, execution squads, their Police arresting jews, deportation to death camps, the norm .... ! Today, 70 years after adopting the Nazi ideology,modern Norway his hiding it all under a new banner " FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION ". I think I will try this FREEDOM and express my outrage concerning the Trondheim municipality (a remnant of the good old days - that is those who escaped hanging ),their stupid taxpayers, their embassies, their govt's funding blatant anti semitic work of art. The only kind muhammad's sect is capable of producing. Exporting it to the US (bastion of freedom) ?, to the UN, this den of ill repute known the world over for corruption, parasites, dubious characters, buffoons, would be an acknowledgement of Obama's much touted speech regarding arab contribution to world art. !!! That Syria, Jordan, Gaza, Lebanon, are impatiently waiting for this exhibition with the help of Norway's embassadors, comes as of no surprise, since these countries are ALL art lovers.---" Kill the Jews" is their only " raison d'etre ". I am certain that the " Corps Diplomatique " in these countries ( the (heart and den of muhammad's sect) will be flocking to see this world premiere -- Black tie 'de rigueur ' PS: I fail to understand why Israel is not deporting the Danish embassador an his staff for defaming our country ---- it will be all done under the " FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION of course, nothing personal.
15. Norway
rob ,   USA   (11.15.10)
The truth hurts! Your war crimes are being exposed.
16. If the Palestinians were to find financing
seadog1946 ,   Shooters Island, NJ   (11.15.10)
maybe they could build a permanent facility near the national mall in Washington DC to showcase their grievances.
17. To #14 - Jo
Dave ,   Bs.Aires-Argentina   (11.15.10)
I strongly agree with your post, very well written, but, excuse me, at the end of it, there is a mistake. In the statement regarding to the "Danish" Ambassador, you should refer to the Norwergian Ambassador, not the "Danish" AM ISRAEL CHAI
18. Norway has Their Heads So Far Up Their Own....
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (11.15.10)
that they think incitement against Israel is freedom of expression
19. To: rob #15, USA
Observer 1 ,   Chrangbegbo, Ghana   (11.15.10)
You mean Norway,right?
20. war crime
Sasa Levi ,   Hifa Israel   (11.15.10)
#rob, dear Rob, and what about yours endless war crimes
21. From comment # 14
jo   (11.15.10)
To Dave from Argentina # 17. MEA CULPA. I apologize to the readers and the Danish Embassy.
22. Christian
Daniel ,   Oslo   (11.15.10)
Thank you Christian, we need more support from you and from your friends, I hope that "GALE Støre" is soon history. BR. Daniel
23. "Two Norwegian doctors"
Avi   (11.15.10)
You should mention that one of them, Mads Gilbert, is an extreme left-wing Maoist who supports terrorist attacks on Israel and who voiced support for the 9/11 attacks. These men are not innocent doctors. They are viciously anti-democratic and anti-Semitic propagandists with no conscience whatsoever.
24. I hate them finally
Yossef ,   Toronto/Rehovot   (11.15.10)
I hate this Europe, in the name of my brothers and sisters, slaughtered, hanged, burnt on a woodshed, tortured, assassinated, burnt in the Nazi ovens, from Spain to Norway, via France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and ... What ? These people are lectured us ? They are just a bunch of primate assassins technologically over-developed but deeply morally under-developed. I hate you guys, for what you did to my family. Now, we are in war with arabs, or at least some of them, but we must confess that never in the history of arab jewish relationship we have seen such a constant cruelty on the side of the arabs. They are warriors, they are conquerors, they killed jews, but never with the doggedness and the constancy of the Europeans. Jews, leave Europe, come here in Israel, work for your nation !
25. What's your point?
Erik ,   Paris   (11.15.10)
The Norwegian government did not put any restrictions on the printing of the caricatures.
26. Ant-what?
Jorgen Ekvoll ,   Oslo, Norway   (11.15.10)
The expression "antisemetism" is extremely pasé, and is held alive by the jews themselvs, as some sort of a weapon. To be against jewish violence is NOT antisemetism. The Norwegian government has nothing to do with the support of such an ugly thing, nor do they support any anti-Israel propaganda. The information you are being presented with is wrong. But, we care for the VIOLATIONS of HUMAN RIGHTS. Yes, we acknowledge and accept Israels right to defend themselves, but if you look at the statistics of civilian casualties, there is no doubt that Israel has a lot of civilian blood on their hands. We simply want to se and end to that, on the same line that we want to se and end to (unlegitimized) violence across the world. Such an attack on Norway from Israel, as this article presents, simply takes away some of the legitimacy of your cause. Thanks, Jorgen
27. # 24
Erik ,   Paris   (11.15.10)
Hate Europe as much as you want. But may I remind that you that most Europeans suffered at the hands of the Nazis so stop monopolizing the suffering. This article is not about who is lecturing Israel, but about freedom of expression. Even your financial sponsor, the US, allows its citizens to freely express their opinions. So, please, try to understand a couple of points: 1. Not all europeans participated in the Shoah, 2. Not all citizens of europe are anti-semitic. I can't speak for Jews throughout the continent but I can assure you that most Jews who reside in my hometown (Paris) prefer to stay here rather than relocate to Israel.
28. Stop whining
norwegian ,   Oslo   (11.15.10)
What you pro-Israelis dont seem to get is that its you yourself who are driving people like me away from Israel. The arrogance and open fascism of the current Israeli government disgusts most norwegians. It has nothing to do with racism.
29. Norway's role
Birk ,   Oslo, Norway   (11.15.10)
Erik @27 Less than 4000 Norwegians died under the Nazis, but five hundred of these were Jews. Of course not everybody participated in the Shoah and of course not everybody is anti-Semitic, but as a Norwegian I can tell you that very, very many Norwegians do not recognize anti-Semitism when they see it, and do not oppose it fiercely when they do.
30. To: No. 28
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.15.10)
Spoken like a true devotee of Vidkun Quisling. You know, the North Sea oil is going to run out sometime in the next fifteen years. And then Norway will go back to being the second poorest country in Europe. But by that time, the native Norwegians will probably be a minority in their own country, what with all those Arabs and Moslems who are taking over the country. By the way, some of us are very well aware of the persecution of the Sami people. So be a little careful throwing around words like "arrogance" and "fascism." We feel a little nauseated by the Norwegians, too, you see.
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