Israel: Norway inciting against us
Itamar Eichner
Published: 15.11.10, 09:15
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61. Thank you all supporting Norwegians! And response to #26
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (11.15.10)
Christian, Birk, Bjarne, Øyvind, Robert, Anti Muslim, Norwegian citizen, Terje, David - thank you all for showing another beautiful and sensible side of your country. I didn't realize we have so many friends and supporters in Norway, so... Maybe all is not lost over there. And to Jorgen, #26: I believe you that you don't hate Jews and genuinely see this protest as merely against supposed human rights violations. However, you are naive. You are fed from a steady diet of virulent anti-Israel propaganda, which often distorts facts and greatly exaggerates Israel's blame (such as the mentioned film and exhibition), and always completely ignores all of the horrific violations and crimes on the Palestinian side. It's like the Norwegian media (as well as the cultural community, as seen here) has given the Palestinians a total exemption from respecting international laws, and only Israel is subjected to scathing scrutiny. I am not saying Israel does not make costly mistakes, but clearly, such skewed and biased media coverage causes the Norwegian public to side only with the Palestinians and hate Israel, and this is clearly unfair and wrong. We don't ask you to be a die-hard Zionist, but at least be impartial. As for your distinction between antisemitism and anti-Zionism, #51 and #55 have addressed this issue quite well. Have a good day.
62. To David, Jens and the "doubters"
Gabor Frankl ,   Budapest, Hungary   (11.15.10)
No David, we don't buy a word. Not even a single letter. We pro-Israelis do know for a fact that Norway, sadly, is actually not naive, but evil, despicable and rotten. To the core. And pro-Israelis do not forget, nor forgive. And since *our* numbers are actually many times that of Norway's Israel-hater and anti-Semitic part of its population, that fact makes us firmly in the driving seat. We can and will boycott, too. We think that Norway is toast. Your nation is born in sin and continue to revel in vicious Jew-hatred, paranoia and malady.
63. To Sarah B.
Erik ,   Paris   (11.15.10)
Nauseating or not, try to stick to the point of the article. FYI: Norway's oil and gas reserves are likely to last at least another generation. Most likely both the US and Israel will be bankrupt long before Norway. Norway was NOT the second poorest country in Europe until the discovery of the North Sea oil. Norway was the second poorest country in Europe around 1900. The so-called huge muslim minority population you're referring to will not be a majority within in ten years. Israel will probably have a muslim majority long before Norway. Since your community college education didn't provide you with a basic understanding of the world, at least take a look at wikipedia.
64. say no to Israel
Alex ,   USA   (11.16.10)
As a U.S citizen I strongly support the Norweigens. Good for them and it is freedom of expression.. they are telling the real truth not the made up "truth"... And as for that witch called Sarah B. who is an anti-american.. she is nothing but the jewish gestapo on here.. all she does is attack others for their opinion.. get a life Sarah.
65. You guys are funny
lol ,   Oslo, Norway   (11.16.10)
I especially like the part about purging Norwegians from Israel. And the description of Norway as "pure evil". reading comments here and on Jerusalem Post makes me fear for the sanity of you Israelis. Are you really this childish?
66. Israel has been inciting the wrold agaisnt herself
IRAN#1   (11.16.10)
Stop whinning and blaming others for your own faults.
67. Nonsense
Erik ,   Norway   (11.16.10)
1. Why does a discussion about Norway always break down to nonsense about WWII and Quisling? Not only is this history, but Norway was OCCUPIED and orced to accept an unelected, unconstitutional Berlin-operated government. There was resistance against them, and even though many Jews were killed here, Norwegians saved over half (over 700 Jews) from the Nazis. As for Quisling, he was EXECUTED FOR TREASON! Don't you learn any history in Israel or the USA? 2. Norway isn't being overrun by Muslims. The 3%-4% of the total population who're Muslim in this country, are a tiny minority, much smaller than Israel's 17% Muslims. 3. The depiction of Norwegians as rabid Jew-hating bigots who want nothing more than to gas Jews and eat babies, is utter and complete fabrication! If you come to Norway, as an Israeli, I'll guarantee you that even critics of Israel - 95% of the time - will merely sit down with you and disagree with you, using WORDS. Scary! Your demonisation of Norwegians is extreme and uncalled for. Anti-Semitism (at least among NATIVE Norwegians) is probably the lowest in all of Europe. Look up the stats and see for yourself! In fact, I know Israelis come here as tourists and have no bad experiences. 4. It's untrue that the Norwegian government sponsors anti-Semitism. Not only isn't criticism of Israeli policies anti-Semitism, but the Norwegian government doesn't sponsor art based on political messages.
68. Yossef #59
Kareem ,   San Diego   (11.16.10)
You stated "my people was writing the Torah on which your christianity is based today." I have a question. I thought the Torah is God's words not human words, isn't it? Then how come people were writing it?
69. Hurrah for Norway
Linda J ,   Seattle, WA, USA   (11.16.10)
My name is also Linda. The first Linda is all wrong. I'm so proud of my Norwegian heritage when I see stuff like this and the two doctors who went to Gaza. 3 Cheers for Norway!
70. No Pro-Israel Rallies?
ralphiesmom ,   Seattle, WA, USA   (11.16.10)
Wish we could get to that point in the U.S.
71. Kareem #68
Yossef ,   Toronto/Rehovot   (11.16.10)
My people was writing the Torah and the Torah is god's words. There is no contradiction in here. God's words base our civilization on justice and freedom. No slavery and justice for all people. This is what we try to do since millennia, sometimes successfully sometimes not. We write, we do, god dictates. I don't know who you are Kareem, but all that is a metaphor, the metaphor of the perfection, the reign of god is the reign of justice and freedom, and that's it. "Don't do to the other what you don't want it does to you, that is the law, the entire law, everything else is commentary, go and study" this was said by the rabbi Hillel, 2000 years ago to the pagan came to ask to explain him the jewish law. These was god's word in Hillel's mouth. BTW what I said about the Torah in #59 is a famous sentence said by Lord Israeli at the chamber of Lords, in England, when he was submitted to a antisemitic attack by someone who could have been a Viking. Thanks Kareem to having given me the opportunity to make these things clear. P.S. God doesn't need a capital letter, except when it begins a sentence, since god is just a common english word referring to a divinity in general, in no way the word god is a name of our god יהוה
72. Trondheim is the center for anti-Israel boycotts
Cynthia ,   USA   (11.16.10)
You would think Norwegians would have better things to do than rant and rave about Israel. Easy for them to sit in judgement over Israel while Israel is at the forefront of Islamic terror. I actually pity any country whose main export is oil given the reality of the electric car.
73. # 71 ,...
split ,   USA   (11.16.10)
Chapter 125 of the Book of the Dead (the Papyrus of Ani) includes a list of things to which a man must swear in order to enter the afterlife. These sworn statements bear a remarkable resemblance to the Ten Commandments in their nature and their phrasing. These statements include "not have I defiled the wife of man," "not have I committed murder," "not have I committed theft," "not have I lied," "not have I cursed god," "not have I borne false witness," and "not have I abandoned my parents."
74. 72 - export is oil given the reality of the electric car.
split ,   USA   (11.16.10)
... M1 tanks , 747 jumbo jets , F16 fighters , trucks , buldozers ,... Take a walk and get some fresh air girl ,...
75. To: No. 67
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.16.10)
Erik, there has to be a reason why there are so many websites devoted to the issue of Norway and anti-Semitism. Don't you agree? You should. Anti-Semitism is a HUGE and GROWING problem in Norway. For no good reason that anyone understands, but it is there. Even though Norway has one of the smallest Jewish communities in the world. You do have a growing problem with Moslem minorities (check the rape statistics for Norway; it'll be an education for you). You also have a growing problem with neo-Nazis. I love your very pretty -- no, beautiful -- country. I have enjoyed my visits there (I work in admiralty -- maritime -- law, and Norway is a pretty big player). But you cannot deny the ugliness that has fallen upon Norway. And only Norwegians can fix the problem. There simply are not all that many Jews in Norway. Why so much hatred for people who have done nothing to you? Why such vitriol expressed against a tiny, quiet and unassuming segment of Norwegian society? It's there, Erik. You don't have to research too much in order to find it. What's next? Desecrating a Jewish cemetery?
76. Forget Norway, take out Iran
Harald W. ,   Oslo, Norway   (11.16.10)
I agree with the critique of the Norwegian foreign policy towards Israel: it is morally corrupt and an embarrassment and you should withdraw your ambassador from Norway (place the embassy in Copenhagen). You should stop sanctioning our anti-Jewish policy. But seriously, you have more important things to worry about than our nitwit government: Iran has declared you war and is nuking up to deliver you the next Holocaust. You should not worry so much about what idiot governments think about you and instead man up and defend ourself by taking out Iran at any cost.
77. Its true im afraid
Eirik ,   Trondheim Norway   (11.16.10)
Not to be confused with the other Erik here. I live in trondheim i attended the university here during my studies. There is profound anti semitism, and palestianian scarfs all around. Sure outwards they will twist their words abit, oh no its not against jews its israel we're against. behind closed doors you can hear anti jewish lingo that you would think only the most rabid nazi or islamist would utter. Those 2 doctors i can only apologize for, they are leftists with an agenda to incite more hatred. They omitted to mention in their books stories about how hamas soldiers used their hospital for a base for instance. And like all leftists they get pissed off and run off shouting racist or something when confronted by it. They can never handle facts or logic. I was a pro-palestinian israeli hater myself once while studying, i bought into the cheap rethoric, oh those poor muslims, evil jews! Then started doing something i wasnt encouraged to do: i started thinking. Knowing history that even though i knew about i silently rejected while accepting the rethoric and hatred for israel. I came to thinking and i came to realize israel isnt the evil here i understand their position, the evil was the hatred their surrounded by and is being thrown at them every day. Israel, my deepest apologies for my past hatred, i was indoctrinated and blinded. You have a firm supporter in me and many others. Anyone capable of reading and critical thought will be able to see past the propaganda, sadly not many bother to, easier to go with the flow of hatred spewing from the leftists and elite. And i am sincerely conserned about the development in norway, i see muslim and islamist demands being catered to, their jew hatred becoming "accepted" especially in schools and in the media but if you mutter a word about their "prophet" or made a drawing..... well then. Free speech no longer apply. L'Chaim Israel
78. To: No. 63
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.16.10)
LOL!! Community college? Sure. Small community. Cambridge, Massachusetts. The school is called Harvard. Eat your heart out, asswipe.
79. To: Yossef at No. 71
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.16.10)
Excellent, excellent point. We were writing the Torah when Norwegians were painting their faces blue and howling at the moon.
80. Re: Hooraying Linda
Gabor Frankl ,   Budapest, Hungary   (11.16.10)
Linda, are you always so vacuous and empty in your everyday life as well? You didn't say a word of wisdom or rationality, only emotional childish sloganeering. Is this what goes for Seattle?
81. Embarassing
Erik ,   Norway   (11.16.10)
As usual, our politically correct government bashes the only democracy in the Middle East while cozying up with the dictatorships. Unfortunately, Muslims and Leftwingers have a disproportionate influence in Norwegian society
82. To Sarah B, # 63
Erik ,   Paris   (11.16.10)
If this is what they've been teaching you at Harvard, you should ask for a tuition refund. You've made ludicrous statements about Norwegian culture, economy and demographics without consulting any reliable sources, and you disregard the fact that the Norwegian Jewish community has issued statement contrary to the assertions made by Maya Spitzer, Gerstenfelt, Jerusalem Post, Haaretz (sources you quoted in a previous talkback).
83. Movie on Gaza
tom dee ,   USA   (11.16.10)
I am not sure what is getting Israel so upset. Is there anything that is not accurate in the movie? My understanding is it is showing Gaza as it happens to be. If that is the fact then why would the Israel be upset other than they do not want the world see that they are not good occupiers in land that they occupy from a war that Israel started for the sole purpose of aggression.
84. To: Erik (Trondheim) at No. 77
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.16.10)
Thank you for your very honest post. It's good to know that Israel does have friends in Norway. People who do not slip and slide around the fact that anti-Zionism is just a different appellation for anti-Semitism.
85. Shalom from Norway
rune f ,   Oslo Norway   (11.16.10)
Im sorry that some Norwegians makes this movie.It is bad.I have an idea.Why not make a pro israel Hollywood movie that can go on all cinemas in the world and the movie can tell the truth about Israel and confront all the lies in the media .maybe that can help i hope. God deliver Israel from all problems i pray in the name of Yeshua .amen
86. To Sarah B, (No. 75)
Erik ,   Norway   (11.16.10)
Sarah B., I know my country better than you or any other foreigner, regardless of how many times you've been here. That's not criticism, just a fact. While anti-Semitism is a fact in every country (yes, even the United States), unbiased sources place Norway as one of the LEAST anti-Semitic countries in Europe. If you want to include legitimate criticism of Israeli policies as anti-Semitism (which Israeli media seems to do), however, we're among the most "anti-Semitic", but how would that be fair? Since when does criticising a policy make you a Neo Nazi or a Jew-hater? By the way, Neo Nazis are a small group in Norway, unlike in your precious USA. If you know our history, you'll know that we suffered under Nazi occupation, and as such we have very little love for those kind of extremist views. Again, you bring up Muslims in Norway. What does this have to do with Israeli policies? I could tell you about how Muslims are concentrated in Oslo, and this is where you'll have the most cases of anti-Semitism and other unpleasentries, but this is beside the point, and doesn't legitimate or confirm your rediculous doomsday scenario. I find it interesting that you, Sarah B, make conclusions about my country based on the fact that you've been here a few times, and based on right-wing news, but you haven't asked Jews here how they feel, and how their reality is. If you asked the Jewish community here, you'd know that your hateful views of my people as foaming-at-the-mouth baby eating Jew-haters, is false and based on bias. Is it possible that you have your own biases about us goyim? I want you to check out a website, and tell me if it's all lies or not. It's called ThanksToScandinavia.Org. By the way, we didn't wear blue face paint and howl at the moon. The Celts wore blue face paint. Nice to know that a) we goyim all look the same to you and b) you feel superior to "my kind".
87. To SarahB
lol ,   oslo, Norway   (11.16.10)
If you went to Harvard, then I just feel sad for you. What happened, did you have an accident? The use of the term "asswipe" in a public debate seems to me to indicate that not much of what you learned has stuck. Oh, and never mind that you lie about my country as well.
88. Norwegian Lies; fund pro Israel movies to be believed
Jae ,   Lynn US   (11.16.10)
89. Maybe Israel should wake up and stop committing war crimes
GretaB ,   Los Angeles   (11.16.10)
Please, you are now whining that Norway has no right to show the truth about what happened in Gaza? Instead you complain that they should not show bloodstained helmets and a flag, and you complain that the people are saying 'Death to the Jews" when you have your Jewish star of David on all your military hardware? Why not just stop your genocidal policies against the people of Gaza, and there would be no need for us to be out their telling the truth to the world of Israel's terrors?
chris ,   Wales   (11.16.10)
I See that the Scandanavians have a very strange love affair with the Muslims and Terrorists,Specially Terrorists against Israel..Have you all Noticed that Sweden also finds herself allied with the Arabs and Muslims? I don't understand what makes Free Countries Support Terrorist Groups until I realised that it isn't so much Pro-Arabs,or Pro-Palestine,But Rather they will support anyone and anything,The Devil If Necessarly, Against Israel.So This is the real Truth of the matter and The fact that the Leftists are very Influencial in Scandanavian Countries,and you know what this means,Hatred against Israel. Found this recently and have copied here "Is the world just plain stupid? An interesting questionnaire for Palestinian Advocates such as Norwegians: If you are so sure that " Palestine , the country, goes back through most of recorded history," I expect you to be able to answer a few basic questions about that country of Palestine : 1. When was it founded and by whom? 2. What were its borders? 3. What was its capital? 4. What were its major cities? 5. What constituted the basis of its economy? 6. What was its form of government? 7. Can you name at least one Palestinian leader before Arafat? 8. Was Palestine ever recognized by a country whose existence, at that time or now, leaves no room for interpretation? 9. What was the language of the country of Palestine ? 10. What was the prevalent religion of the country of Palestine ? 11. What was the name of its currency? Choose any date in history and tell what was the approximat exchange rate of the Palestinian monetary unit against the US dollar, German mark, GB pound, Japanese yen, or Chinese yuan on that date. 12. And, finally, since there is no such country today, what caused its demise and when did it occur? You are lamenting the "low sinking" of a "once proud" nation. Please tell me, when exactly was that "nation" proud and what was it so proud of? And here is the least sarcastic question of all: If the people you mistakenly call "Palestinians" are anything but generic Arabs collected from all over -- or thrown out of -- the Arab world, if they really have a genuine ethnic identity that gives them right for self-determination, why did they never try to become independent until Arabs suffered their devastating defeat in the Six Day War?"
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