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Geert Wilders: Israel fighting our war
Eldad Beck
Published: 30.11.10, 19:06
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121. Palestinians, wake up!
houteklomp ,   Canada   (12.03.10)
Hopefully, sooner than later, you will realize it is not Israel (and the free West) that is your enemy, but the Arabs and their Islam. You're being used and skrewed big time by the King of Saudi Arabia and his (secret) allies.
122. yeah like vipers and scorpions
naftules ,   jerusalem   (12.06.10)
123. Geert Wilders,ICTS International,Menachem Atzmon
Tony Ryals ,   Guatemala City,Guate   (12.08.10)
Paradoxically it was Geert Wilders himself, who requested that Queen Beatrix reward the ’suspect’ Dutch passenger Jasper Schuringa, who was conveniently aboard the Christmas flight 253 to Detroit, and who tackled the Nigerian ‘crotch bomber’, with a medal of some sort, although he prefers cash. One could actually come to believe based upon the facts, that both Geert Wilders and Queen Beatrice protect and give aid and comfort to the very Israeli ’security’ company, that allowed 9/11 to happen in the first place, and led to the deaths of almost 3,000 in New York WTC on 9/11/0, and according to some, over 1,000,000 dead in Iraq and Afghanistan, as a result of trying to pen all the blame on Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both Geert Wilders as well, as Queen Beatrix appear to have blood on their hands. ICTS International at Schiphol,etc., is run by Israeli government connected money launderer (and mass murder suspect), Menachem Atzmon, (convicted in Israel in the 1990’s for taking money from Israeli government account and giving it to Netanyahu’s Likud Party) who headquarters ICTS in the Netherlands. They bought Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops with its Logan Airport Boston security contract, by incorporating in Senator, and now U.S.Vice President (and ‘Catholic-Zionist’) Joe Biden’s state of Delaware, and using the shares to defraud investors, launder money and of course ‘accidentally’ allow Menachem Atzmon to board their flights into the WTC in the first place! And even though Menachem Atzmon was convicted of fraud in Israel he runs your airport ’security’ in the Netherlands thanks to Queen Beatrix, Geert Wilders and other corrupt Dutch politicians who protect them! Is the Netherlands really a country ? I think it’s either an Israeli or Rothschild corporation. The Israeli ICTS International that controls Schiphol Airport, also ‘guarded’ Logan Airport, Boston as well as Newark on 9/11 and also allowed Richard Reid ‘the shoe bomber’ to board an American flight from DeGaulle Airport shortly after that, (even though they had allowed him to fly to Israel supposedly to visit Hamas prior to 9/11/01)and more recently allowed the Islamic Nigerian ‘crotch bomber’, (whose father is an Israeli arms dealer), to fly aboard flight 253 from Schiphol Airport to Detroit with his ‘crotch bomb’ on Christmas 2009.Someone should call the police. Passengers help foil attack on US-bound plane 26 Dec 2009 … . A spokeswoman for police at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam declined comment about the … Jasper Schuringa subdued alleged terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on Northwest Airlines 253 … Queen Beatrix – still impeccable after 30 years ….. Geert Wilders’ Indonesian roots define his politics, ……/passengers-help-foil-attack-on-us-bound.html WTC,9/11,ICTS International, NY Mosque: Netherlands Geert Wilders, Barack Obama Declare 9/11 Official April Fools Day. What do Mansoor Ijaz, Barack Obama, Geert Wilders, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Asra Nomani, Judea Pearl all have in common, besides opening their big mouths again this time regarding the construction, pro or con of a 9/11 Mosque’? They all know that the two planes that hit Rudy Giuliani’s WTC and now Mayor Bloomberg’s ‘ground zero’, on 9/11/01, were under the ’security’ of ICTS International-Huntleigh owned (through stock fraud) by felon Menachem Atzmon and his fellow Shin Beit Israeli crime family. They allowed Richard Reid the shoe bomber, who Daniel Pearl was investigating at the time of his beheading in Pakistan, to board an American Airlines flight to the U.S. from DeGaulle Airport France, even though they knew who he was having facilitated his trip to Israel on El Al from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam pre 9/11!
124. This Guy
Amri Baabood ,   London   (12.25.10)
Its a shame right, how such a fool can influence anybody. At least we got it right here, and the UK has banned this joke from entering.
125. Geert
Bob ,   Perth   (04.22.11)
Religion isnt real,If everybody stopped believing today,do you think the sun would,nt come up.Brainwashed fools ,get alife. Go Geert
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