Israel's deadliest fire leaves 40 dead
Ahiya Raved
Published: 02.12.10, 17:12
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31. F@@k you Salma #2
Lioness ,   Israel   (12.02.10)
32. 40 prison guards killed to save criminals. I hate this story
33. I've seen the fire it looks like a volcanoe
North Israel   (12.02.10)
They evacuated this Arab village next to the fire, 5$ they had something to do with starting the fire? This is the kind of fires Russia had a few months ago, hopefully we can corporate with the Russians in this war against the fire starting terrorists. Starting fires is a terror weapon for the poor, we should start seeing more of it and too bad we fight fire with fire on this one.
34. its a terrorist attack
jerry ,   Israel   (12.02.10)
the fire broke out at 3 locations at once. It was arson.
35. Salma#2
jan ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (12.02.10)
I think the best we can do about this frequent talkbacker my friends is to ignore her. When you address her ridiculous or inaccurate comments we dummy ourselves down to her level. Let her write, be ignored, she'll go away. Just a suggestion as I saee she upsets some of you. As for me I don't open her talkbacks I only know the content because the rest of you are responding. Al titragzu!
36. a tradgedy has happened and so many
jan ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (12.02.10)
of the talkbacks are about this Salma. Let us pray for a quick end to the fire and refuah Shelemah to those who were injured. Most importantly pray for rain,in whichever way language, religion comes to you. Only love can leave a mark only love can heal such a scar,
Jew   (12.02.10)
I never read Salma's or other mindless Jew-hating commentators. This time I did because of comment #3. I can't say what I really think of Salma and others like her on this forum. I'd be censored. However, I encourage EVERYONE to simply ignore her and others like her from now on. Every response encourages them to spew more of their poison on these pages. Please, please ignore hateful commentators. If any Arab or leftist wants to engage in rational discourse, welcome. If they only want to express insults, lies and hate, shun them. If you want to clarify misinformation, do it but do not address those who justify and celebrate violence and slaughter of innocent human beings, or in this case, lives lost by those who were on their way to save other human beings. They are beneath contempt.
38. Our deepest condolences to families, Israel
Jew   (12.02.10)
I'm overcome with sadness and grief. Please accept our condolences for this tragedy and the loss of precious lives. Our prayers are with you.
39. 2 salma
al2sultan ,   nyc usa   (12.02.10)
Salma your evil comments prove once again that your people only revel in violence and death. Sicko you are
40. Tragedy
Ruth ,   Ramat Efal, Israel   (12.02.10)
Only someone very sick could rejoice at the appalling fire which is still raging as I write. Everyone living in the area - Arab, Druze and Jew - has been affected. I pray for the safety of the fireman and the citizens of the area and hope that they will contain it very soon.
41. Salma, israeli died to save arabs prisoners
Yossef   (12.02.10)
The Prison administration could have choose to save the guards and left the prisoners burnt in the fire. They chose to rescue them.
42. I prefer Salma #26 than Salma #2
Yossef   (12.02.10)
Sorry if I am not smart enough to make the difference :(
43. Israel should ask help from the US
ar ,   Israel   (12.02.10)
rather soon
44.  Israel has always sent rescue teams
Bernard ,   USA   (12.02.10)
to other countries. Let's see who remembers. Turkey??
45. Salma you are truly evil.
46. My deepest sympathy and profound feelings to all involved.
Alan ,   SA   (12.02.10)
47. Why don't we have enough firefighters?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (12.02.10)
What about all the soldiers that are fight fighters in the air bases? Call up those that are reservists. We need volunteer firefighters also. How about increasing the budget to hire more and to buy more equipment? Finally, no one from the government is going to do his or her job. They just want their big salaries and to strike every couple of years. When they take their salaries,they should be arrested for stealing.
48. salma you are proof why there will never be peace in the ME
zionist forever   (12.02.10)
These BRAVE men were on their way to the prison to evacuate the prisoners so they would not be killed. Your comments sum up exactly why jews want to get rid of all the arabs in Israel.
49. why doesn't Israel have planes which can extinguish fires
jon   (12.02.10)
Surely not having firefighting planes is a strategic weakness
50. they should cleanup all the trash up there
db ,   israel   (12.02.10)
We were in the area a few months ago for a family picnic. It was discusting--We went from picnic ground to picnic ground to find a clean place to eat -- all the trash littered all over the place. If people up there, living and visiting would clean up themselves a bit, instead of acting like animals and leaving their trash everywhere, and not treat the land as a dumping ground, this type of thing could be averted. Everyone here is fighting over the land--why not respect it.
51. @2 is me, do not fall for the other stupid talkbacker lie!!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.02.10)
52. Horrific loss of young lives...Damn it..
Al   (12.02.10)
53. Call PM Harper of Canada...They are the best in forest fire
Al   (12.02.10)
control. He will help you should you call...He is a good man.
54. fire in Carmel.
Elsie. ,   gush halav   (12.02.10)
Please, please, can we just remember what the families are going through, enough of this hated, let us mourn together ,as the people of Israel, may G-D help the families .
55. My condolences. This is so sad.
Susanne ,   Germany   (12.02.10)
56. My heart goes out to the families
frank ,   usa   (12.02.10)
even though i oppose the occupation. my heart gose to there families
57. fire
sas ,   israel   (12.02.10)
what a tragedy.
58. # 51
Birdi in disgust ,   Israel   (12.02.10)
ENOUGH Salma, this article is about a huge fire raging in the north, its about men dying trying to save prisoners,many of those prisoners are muslims, its about many people,Jews, Arabs & Druze being evacuated from their homes.Its about fear & loss & devestation of trees & land. I dont give a flying toss if you are being cloned or not. Learn to be quiet when tragedy happens in Israel. Above all learn to show respect.
59. # 50
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.02.10)
The fires were not stared by the trash.
60. ALL Arsonists Must be Given the Death Sentence
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (12.02.10)
My condolences to the victims' families. Please G-D put the fire out quickly and no more killed or injured. Merciful Israel immediately helps other nations in their tragedies. I hope the nations will immediately help Israel in this heartbreaking tragedy.
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