Abbas: No talks while Israel builds
Ali Waked
Published: 09.12.10, 12:15
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1. No talks, no peace.
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (12.09.10)
Palestinians can find reasons why not to talk, but without talking they will not get a state living peacefully next to Israel. Or is this not what they want ? Israel could also say no talks while Palestinians deny the Jews' connection with Jerusalem.
2. GREAT! Let's build DAILY for the foolish talks to stop
3. Construction not blocking peace talksl - Abbas blocking them
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (12.09.10)
As Israel has shown it is willing to remove citizens from an area as part of a peace deal (Egypt) or even a unilateral move (Gaza) there is no valid reason to hold off on holding peace talks because of construction. In fact if Abbas really wanted to move on talks he would be negotiating boarders and then construction would only continue on the parts Israel will be keeping. But Abbas can not hold meaningful peace talks - he is afraid to follow Rabin and Sadat.
4. No talk while Israel build
JUDAH THE LION   (12.09.10)
President Abbas,this will suits us well. NO TALK, NO TALK.,
5. How terrible !! No talks.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (12.09.10)
What's the world coming to?
6. Abbas
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (12.09.10)
During Netanyahu's first racist freeze Abbas said "No talks while Israel doesn't build". Now Abbas says "No talks while Israel builds" Who cares what this Obama puppet has to say?
7. Abbas is a real winner
Im-Ho-Tep ,   Detroit Michegan   (12.09.10)
Will the real Abbas please stand up, while we receive him with folded arms. OF COURSE there should be no so called peace talks as long as this bunch insist on taking Jerusalem from the Country of Israel. Let's divide Washington up with al queda or with the Mexican killers. And this time when the Gaza keeps instigating war, lets leave this bunch in such a tangled mess that Iran will really have no interest in tackling Israel. My, life is just so wonderful.
8. #2 I agree
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (12.09.10)
While Abbas is continuing the Palestinian "never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity" we should simply now build out Jerusalem our UNDIVIDED Capitol, and move forcefully into Judea and Samaria building there too. As we have seen and have direct experience with Gaza, we gave the Palestinians a State and they surrendered that state immediately to terrorists who continue to attack Israel. There are no Arabs living today that have any direct claim on any land or dream inside greater Israel, Judea and Samaria and need to return to their ancestral homeland of Jordan from whom they never demanded a state.
9. loud silence from abba
martin ,   uk   (12.09.10)
the only talking abbas did during the idiotic building freeze was to make threats, statements, accusations against israel. he never spoke with israel. tell the bum he and his people should go to palestine. i am sure the hashemite will welcome them all.
josef   (12.09.10)
It's getting a little tiresome to read / hear the same stupid comments, the same senseless remarks, regarding YOUR peace process. You can consult with all the arabs you choose, including those of 'ill repute " ( and they are plenty ). I can even arrange a meeting with my mother-in-law if you wish. As I stated in one of my commentd concerning the Honorable Aboul Gheit, the only chance you had to debate the issue was in 1948. You blew it. Like everything else you and your cohorts tackle. Your wars, your acts of piracy, your lies, deceit, and everything your koran sees fit to print --- obnoxious all of it. The only success you had in the past 62 years,in my judgement, was the endoctrination and training your " darling lttle children " to blow themseves-up and getting paid for it. ---- Cheap kids, cheap mothers, cheap sect / race. And you want to convert the world.? You want a country ? You are NUTS ! ! !
11. No talks while Israel builds
Nienke ,   Arnhem, Netherlands   (12.09.10)
Finally, we have a deal!
12. no talkis until the PAL's show willingness to move
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (12.09.10)
No talks until the Pal's show their willingness to concede land that we acquired through victory in battle and are willing to move back to Jordan. In the meantime, let them show us that they are sincere by a reciprocal freeze for ten months in their areas...
13. yes i agree
rashid ,   palistinian   (12.09.10)
i also will stop contributing to ynet tb while there is no freeze believe me i am not talking any more haalaas mafish
14. ...and what did Mubarak say?
citizen   (12.09.10)
I guess not much. Abbas should be talking to us, not to the Arabs. As long as he refused, and gets all huffed and puffed at the slightest thing, no progress will be made.
15. today is a happy day
tiki ,   belgium   (12.09.10)
Abbas got exactly what he wanted because he doesn't need to do what he feared the most...."to talk about a 'Pal state". The EU/Obama want a 'Pal state ( the Pal's/Arabs don't, they want it all).
16. Not Talking
joanne turner ,   the woodlands TX   (12.09.10)
mr abbas sounds like a broken record... was there any doubt about his not talking?? if he isnt quiting his rule of the west bank then he is not talking... SAME OLE SAME OLE
17. Counter attack.They are building in "OUR "areas!
Roland Seener ,   London England   (12.09.10)
18. A Sinister air about abass - suspect corruption and vote buy
Martin ,   SA   (12.09.10)
All of a sudden a sense of urgency. EU make a statement that they dont like settlers and settlements - infering a votebuing has occurred. Hillary presses buttons - DM barak rushes off to Wash nton. Why? Some big Arabs are desparate to sort out the mess. No special demand made on Abass. Amazing isnt it??? The clown will talk. Whats missing? No mention of negotiations, just talk?? this another set-up. DM barak whats your pay-off. Are you in it for personal gain? Do you have your fellow countrymen in mind? I suspect deception, I suspect betrayal of your fellow Jews for the sake of a pot of red lentills. I suspect if you have a soul left in you, you would sell it for some meaningless gesture that gives you importance as an adept international puppet. You appear to be threatened and you fall for this. Abass carries on smiling and wont talk. The charade continues. The anti-semites are pulling strings. Our DM wants to save us. Surely how low will he drop when arabs mutter and offer petro-dollars. Wikileak docs of the last two weeks behind the scenes chatter exposed. Maybe they the Arabs are raiding their petty cash box to bail out EU and the US again. and pay off some stooges. But with this strings attached - ie turn your back on the people of the Holyland E"Yisroel. I dont like whats playing out. We need to have a vote of no confidence now and elections now. Are there any informed comments?
19. Abbas feels that he has already talked enough
Seppo ,   Finland   (12.09.10)
His talk has been: 1) 1967 borders including J'lem. 2) No Jews allowed in his state, not even in holy places. 3) All synagogues in the area will be destroyed as well as all antiquities in the earth to eliminate all signs of Jewish ancient existence. 4) Israel's and Pali's security by Nato. 5) Five million "refugees" allowed to move Israel to make it a Muslim country (this is #1 requirement by Arab League) 6) His state is allowed to have such military power as Arabs deem necessary. With this Abbas agrees to make peace but Arab League requires also Golan to be given to Syria before peace. After all this Arab League will wellcome Israel to join Muslim brotherhood. A minor problem might be that future leaders of Israel will not allow any Jew to live in Israel. Also Obama is not asking from Israel anything more. Abbas need not talk, he waits that somebody in the world makes his plan true.
20. Is that a Pre-Condition to talks?
rebecca ,   Modiin   (12.09.10)
Just one of them.
21. Mahmoud Abbas is not a traitor...........
Nora Tel Aviv   (12.09.10)
He is just a thief. He knows that If he plays it well, he won`t be killed by the Arabs and maybe when his time to quit comes, he could even enjoy life in Paris as a private billionnaire.
22. And after the freeze...
Mark ,   KS, Israel   (12.09.10)
Then the Camel Jockeys won't have talks with Israel until they agree to give up East Jerusalem. And after that has been given up, these nomadic barbarians won't have talks until the 1967 borders are restored, and after that these sand smugglers won't hold talks until Israel removes the Star of David from the flag, and then, these yahoo's wont hold talks until all the Jews have left Israel, and then they won't hold talks until the name of the country is changed from Israel to Abbasland.. And then, when all that is done, they will find a reason not to hold talks! Put a wall around Gaza, declare it independant and treat it like any other sovereign state, with strictly enforced border crossings etc. And should one rocket come over, it will be a declaration of war - then in response flatten the place - every man, woman and child (and camel)...
23. No Talks If Israel Ceases Building
emanon ,   USA   (12.09.10)
24. Right On Eric (#3)
Me ,   There   (12.09.10)
25. no talks till they stop wanting us dead
yehuda cohen ,   tel aviv   (12.09.10)
very simple -the palestinians have not proven since way fefore 1990 -that they do not want us or anything to do with us -- thats why there should be no talks--freeze nor any concessions
26. abbass is the messenger he need not do anything
Martin ,   sa   (12.09.10)
Lets not be miss-lead. Abbass has a job only to talk and smile. He is not required to negotiate not before and not now. We must ignore him. The real game is behind the scenes. The parrot says Freeze Freeze Freeze! Its a tease a tease! Hillary call DM come quick we have an emmergency. We need some funds and they wont hand-over unless you give us a rediculous deal. My soul is for sale convince me Hillary. Bibi says oiy ve whats next. EU needs money as well.... We are on a hit to nothing. No negotiating, just instructions. We are on our own. Republicans can you make a stand. Things seem a bit out of control. We need to daven for a Yeshuh now!!Am Yisroel Chai. A the the light of the eighth candle continues to burn bright into the future undeterred. Lo Sassur. To avoid it means continued learning but extended and emphasising the daled amos of Halachah. Hallachah is our way not to fall in misleading foreign empty ideas and philoshy of kli mechak aval reik. Our kli with full measure of halochah continues to be machzick b'li sof.
27. we are not interested in talking with you
who? ,   IL   (12.09.10)
there's nothing to talk about
28. Let Abbas and Hamas Pay Idled Workers
emanon ,   USA   (12.09.10)
29. What they will demand if.....
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (12.09.10)
the talks resume? Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem, l967 borders. Is there in Israel a man to tell this Abbas to shut up?
30. dangeerous
mohson   (12.09.10)
Someone swings a machete at injures me. I don't want him to do it again so I apologize to him and pay him compensation. That is what bibi has proposed whatever wording is chosen with turkey. Bibi is being guided by barak who has turned out to be an olmert appeaser. This will not change erdogan's views on palestine one bit. A country with no self respect cannot survive. I know there are political calculations. However, if someone punches Israel, it must punch back or its existence will erode. This is something that amir oren, barak, and livni do not understand. In barak's case, in fairness, he may be burnt out as happens to most generals later on. Nonetheless, he cannot be forgotten. Now Lindenstraus says he was detached in the fire service since defense aspects are so obvious. Why didn't Vilani raise this issue and scream bloody murder before? what the hell is going on here. The public does not want livni as PM, that is clear as she is identified properly as olmert no 2. Labour will leave, the coalition will rearrange. And if bibi does not want to lead, hand it over to liberman who is much more assertive. Sixty-Five years after the holocaust, if someone harms the jews, the jews must respond right back and harm the aggressor, no questions, no apologies. What is it?? You don't want to respond? Then ladies and gentlemen, you are going into the ovens again. The holocaust will repeat itself. Choose-either Bielski freedom or olmert capitulation.
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