Uproar in UK: Student leader anti-Semitic?
Published: 19.12.10, 12:20
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1. Solomon.
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.19.10)
Sure Solomon is sorry this time.She knew exactly what she was writing on Facebook. Lets wait until she makes her next faux pas.
2. Self-hating Jews are the WORST antiSemites in the world
Sheva   (12.19.10)
That's what happens when Jews intermarry or are G-dless and lawless.
3. Dont feel bad !!She just represents UK AntiJew Zeitgeist
Alan ,   SA   (12.19.10)
4. Why
James ,   Australia   (12.19.10)
Why do they themselves, and anyone else refer to these leftist Europeans as Jews? They're not religious, they're don't have a secular Jewish culture either. They don't see themselves as belonging to the Jewish people at all. The only thing Jewish about them is sometimes the surname.
5. the holocaust occurred in the last 100 years
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (12.19.10)
does that mean that murdering 6,000,000 jews at the hands of nazis was 'fabricated' in order to 'justify "persecution" of palestinians'??? and this guy is smart enough to be in college? doesn't say much for the UK educational ysstem.
6. baaaaa and what the British did to the arabs is
ghostq   (12.19.10)
much much worse, I don't think she even knows what her country did in Israel, during the British mandat becides anchor mission they built the refugee camps, the british police building still stand in the center of those places, needless to say they executed and evacuated arabs during that time.
7. 37 year old representative of students ?
ab   (12.19.10)
poor soul must constantly find onto something .
8. I'd worry about all Jews...
Moragh   (12.19.10)
living in muslim countries such as GB. The turban-heads have well and truly taken over England and slithering (as only an arab knows how) into beautiful Scotland. How sad that the men of GB have turned into little kitty-cats. Meow!
9. Roberto Martino is an example of fabricated antisemitism
Ivan ,   Haifa   (12.19.10)
In argentina a left'wing activist ,roberto martino,is held in prison cause his organization made a protest against israel´s independence day commemoration. Togather with dictatorship´s defenders the DAIA and Israel´s embassy accused them of antisemitism while all argentinians know the truth,the same organization made actions against other countries like greece or spain proving they are not antisemites.
10. SHEVA, #3 -- RIGHT ON
13. UK Academics Distorting Young Minds one Lie at a time
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (12.19.10)
its a problem everywhere
14. Over stepping the mark ...Expel her ! .
Roland Seener ,   London England   (12.19.10)
15. We see the effect of propoganda in her view.
Josh   (12.19.10)
Torah curses cannot be denied as fabricated either.
16. This Solomon isn't Jewish
DMW ,   Ottawa, Canada   (12.19.10)
A little bias here Sheva? Clare Solomon was/is a Christian so why are you promoting your own distortion about intermarriage or Jews who are not "like" you? Clare Solomon is definitely opinionated & maybe bigoted ... but that seems to be the case for you too!
17. She is not a Jew she is a Mormon
Arie ,   BaGolan   (12.19.10)
Read the facts! And the Mormons follow the British tradition of inherent Jew hatred.
18. Another
Arie ,   BaGolan   (12.19.10)
article you will never see in Haaretz
19. the Sorry State of Britain
izzie irgun ,   zion   (12.19.10)
How pathetic have the brits become ... they and the irish are the leading european anti semites these days and its not because the austrians love jews but because everyone else has woken up to the danger their muslim populations present. By comparison, Jews are welcome there and in Switzerland where the push back is also taking place. England has destroyed itself and the proof is clear. Their economy is one IOU away from imploding, their military is a joke and their stature in the world has been reduced to being the democracy that still has a queen. Its a shame too. But this incident along with the constant anti Israel press, labor movement boycott,s academic boycotts and basic hostility to Israel has exposed the brits as nothing more than low life anti semites who have so accepted their anti semitism that you read it every day on the press and incidents like this go unpunished. Attacking Israel and Jews in Britain is now just part of thelandscape. Well i say, to hell with them, Let the queen drop dead along with the rest of this scum. Pretty soon they will realize what they have done to thier society by opening their doors to the radical muslims who have taken over.
20. #4 Once a Jew always a Jew
Sheva   (12.19.10)
Jews are knows for merciful people. Unfortunately when they intermarry or when they are G-dless and lawless (generally the Left) their mercy becomes corrupt and distorted and have compassion on the wrong people.
21. Such talkback rubbish here, Ynet. Do you even care?
American Jew in UK   (12.19.10)
The majority of the comments are of such a low intellectual standard, contributors should be embarrassed. The very idea that the attitudes of a whole nation of people can be accurately summarised testifies to a unimaginably simplistic social understanding; although, perhaps not unexpected, as even a basic knowledge of geography is lacking. You're all Americans I assume by your grammar and that you don't write in the Hebrew version of Ynet, and if you're not in Israel you're just scared to make Aliyah. Britain is a wonderful country, I am glad London never built that mega mosque in the end, but New York will be instead.
22. She is right all the way Palestine is arab
prison of Zion ,   safad palestine   (12.19.10)
and it was always hell for Illegal settlers Jews never had a country that last it there they were always kicked around by the Greeks the Roman and Bablyons only the Arab love the land and defend it through out history so its promised land for those who loved it and hell for those who try to steal it
23. she really should consider taking a degree in history
zionist forever   (12.19.10)
Russian pogroms The Holocaust No I geus they must be fabricated so we can persecute the palestinians who were created by the PLO in 1964. Somebody needs to take this woman to Poland & show here the sights, see what real persecution is. Some of the worst anti semitites are in the British universities. When he was at university in the UK my brother was constantly hearing Israel & jew bashing in some cases even the old blood libels ( not by muslims ). I remember there was one event it was supposed to be about Israel he had planned to go to but at the last minute they changed it to a Saturday morning, a time when get minimum jewish attendance. His best friend went along and said how he had never heard so much jew bashing and falsifications about Israel.
24. #21 you are real phony pretender
atomic jew ,   dimona   (12.19.10)
you donot fool anybody with wannabe intelect
25. claire soloman
moron ,   galut   (12.19.10)
what do you expect from brittim? and morman too especially with so many jewish 'progressives' who encourage anti-semitism daily
26. muslims in Switzerland
Heidi   (12.19.10)
it wasn't that long ago when the Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich was alive with muslim women clad in black fro head to toe. We voted against the black garb, particularly the veils. The vote went through and komischerweise, I haven't seen a black clad muslim take over the streets of Zürich since we won the vote. We Swiss are hoping they went home to their respective muslim countries. Likewise, we voted against minarettes and that vote went thru also. The muslims sure don't take no for an answer becoz I just read lately that in 2 years they will try again for their minrettes. Switzerland is not to be played with. We are educated people and our eyes are wide open. and so it will remain!
27. #24 you can't even spell or speak correctly
28. #21; American Jew in UK, SAVE IT
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (12.19.10)
Wow, you really are a snob. I'm still wondering how a college tuition hike in the UK has anything to do with Israel. But to use your words, you do demonstrate an "unimaginably simplistic social understanding" of the talkback group here. Clearly, your guilty of what you accuse others of, judging all by a few. What's the word I'm looking for, bias or hypocrite? Well, maybe both apply? What do you think?
29. What does this have to do with Student needs?
William ,   Israel   (12.19.10)
Students in the UK are facing a massive increase in tuition costs. I would imagine any leader of a student union is busy 24/7 with that issue only. What does her comment on Jews have to do with anything that students are dealing with in the UK right now?? It appears that once she got the spotlight, it was her 15 minutes of "fame" to spout her racist opinions. How unfortunate for the UK students who need strong leadership at this time.
30. Wow I didn't know we were so powerful
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (12.19.10)
As to rewrite history. Like England didn't expel all Jews i 1290 until 1656. Spain in 1492 until 1982. France 1306 and 1394. The list is endless. Europe is anti-Semitic and has been. The Arabs' history isn't any better either.
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