Rabbis' wives: Don't date Arabs
Yair Altman
Published: 28.12.10, 21:39
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61. arab woman can not re. or write
viva atturk ,   occupied kurdistain   (12.29.10)
And thats why arabs want to marrry jewish woman because they have a brain.
62. for your answer go to ten
viva atturk ,   occupied cypres   (12.29.10)
a very good idea... hence israel.
63. What's the point here?
S Judah ,   Jerusalem   (12.29.10)
Does the author support assimilation? Does the author believe that in muslim circles they celebrate if their sons and daughters get involved with with Jews. I have news for the author. They mourn. The author has a serious problem, he has no concept or respect for his own religion,traditions and culture.
64. #23 Jethro never converted he wasn't Jewish
65. In this matter the Rabbi's wives are 100% correct....
Voice of Experience ,   Secular Israeli   (12.29.10)
My neice began dating an Arab and ended up having to leave Israel because he wasn't ready to understand that she wanted to break it off. It started out nicely enough and we were all thrilled because he was a well educated and polite what if he was Arab/Muslim. At the end of the day when they moved in together his family began working on him to break it off and he did even marrying a Muslim woman who was chosen for him. And yet he continued stalking and harassing my neice because he claimed she was his true love! The rabbi's wives are with drugs just don't do it!
66. Mixed marriages....
Rashid ,   Chicago, IL   (12.29.10)
Mixed marriages are fast becoming a way of life. Get used to it. Here in the US mixed couples were also frowned upon a while back. These days it is not unusual to see mixed couples in the US. If an adult girl so chooses to date or marry an Arab, there is very little you can do (legally) to stop it. Instead of resorting to these anti-social tantrums, you might like to understand the root cause behind why some Jewish girls prefer Arab men. I would also ask since when does the title "Rabbanit" empower these rabbi's ives to issue statements. Is there school or university or even a yeshiva for rabbaniot???? Or is the title assumed by virtue of marrying a rabbi?? By marrying a rabbi the celestial heavens open up, and a Holy arm reaches down and annoints them as rabbaniot????
67. jewish girls who date arabs desserve what will happen
there is no excuse to sleep with the ennemy !
68. Tribalism
zichron   (12.29.10)
In a conflict situation such as the conflict between jews and arabs over land and G-DS favour hate is strong. Dreams of international humanism and global love are mad deluded. The world is as always will be harsh competitive liew the income gaps in latin america the phillipines and africa . View the Mafias the afghan warlords the shia sunni revilement and be readty . MT carmel must be rebuilt with mass shelters anti ballistic missile batteries iron domrs.
69. Ruined life
Psychologist ,   Sydney, Australia   (12.29.10)
In Muslim law the man owns the children. The woman has no say in the matter. If she decides to leave the man she looses her children. She may run away but the children must remain behind with the father in the Arab community. I am a psychologist who has had experience counseling a case of a Christian women who married a Jordanian Muslim. They had two daughters and a son. They went to live in Jordan. She became very unhappy and wanted to return to Australia, her homeland. She was forbidden to take her children because under Muslim law the kids belong to the father. Her life has been ruined!
70. A low-level, hypocritical statement
Rivkah F. ,   Jerusalem   (12.29.10)
Some sensible and rational discourse please. The young women courted by Arab men generally come from dysfunctional & poor families. The Arabs whom they date & marry usually work & are better off although their attitudes to women are far from egalitarian or acceptable to Westerners. Would these rabbis' wives kindly introduce the girls to their sons, nephews, brothers & friends? I think not. Most of us have to work for a living. Our work places are made up of Arabs, Jews and others. We get along at work and most of us stick to our own group as far as social relations are concerned. There is nothing wrong with that. If these rabbis' wives want a totally Jewish surrounding at the work place, will they hire those girls? I think not. This statement is stupid and hypocritical. Our rabbis have taught that there is nothing better than silence. The rabbis wives (and their husbands) should take that advice.
71. why don't Rabbis' wives speak religiously?
observer   (12.29.10)
According to Rabbinic law 18 crimes are punished by death by stoning: Bestiality, Blasphemy, Criminal conversation, Cursing a parent, Enticing individuals to idolatry, idolatry, Instigating communities to idolatry, Necromancy, Pederasty, human sacrifice, Rebelling, against parents, Shabbath-breaking. Jewish stoning appears to have been accomplished by pushing the defendant from a high platform to a stone floor so that his fall would result in instantaneous death. In Islam there is harsh requirement on the proof of adultery (unequivocal penetration seen by 4 witnesses, recall confession after 3years, ..), and more importantly; fiddling virgin (man, woman) to be lashed, while married to be stoned Stoning to death is not advocated by majority of Islamic Islamic scholars.
72. Echos of Ezra Chapter 9 &10 ....
Galut ,   Selah   (12.29.10)
73. Don't date.The proper Schlemil will come along
josef   (12.29.10)
I do get a kick from these " prominent" rabbis wives. Who and what makes them prominent?( pompous adjectives ),their husbands?, yuck!.--- Their size (on the plump side)?, a prominent scheitel?, top to bottom black coverings a la arabs?, or "yiddish' fluency?. We all know that their contribution to society, like their not so famous husbands is of no consequence. To mankind? they never sang at the Metropolitan Opera. or painted like an Utrillo, or won a slalom in the alpes, or made a real 'bouillabaisse'. So what's left? making babies? every Tom, Dick and Harry can do that.Should we call them " prominent"?
74. Intermarriage: A love story? Think again
American Sabrah ,   Givas Shmilkeh   (12.29.10)
Little do most of you secular ignorants know that Judaism is not the only religion that decries against intermarriage. Fundamental Christianity and Islam share the same view. According to your warped interpretations of religion, those who want to preserve their faith and traditions are xenophobic bigots.I bet you also are not aware of the fact that Jewish women who marry Arab men end up using Yad L'Achim to help them escape from their abusive spouses since Islam encourages wife beating.Love can be blinding and fatal if you are not aware of the person's cultural difference.While the girls are infatuated by the Arabian charm, Arabs view Jewish girls as cheap whores. To you hilonim: I suggest you learn what the Torah says about intermarriage and its reasonings rather than waste your breathe preaching to us about cultural relativism. Jewish girls should only marry Jewish guys. Let the Arabs marry from within and we will all be happy.
75. Dear Rabbis' wives,
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.29.10)
Maybe You Can..... But Hearts Can Not Live In Ghetto. Get a Live. Q. Are you SURE that your husbands do not date Arab girls secretly ....Just an innocent question ; )
76. To #30 Arik
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (12.29.10)
Perhaps there is a larger context that you are not including. This sort of reasoning would have left Namaan a leper. He was part of the system that was oppressing Israel, and in fact owned at least one of the children of Israel as property, like an animal. But she pointed him to Elishu'a, who - through his servant - gave him a gift more wonderful than any evil person would imagine. Namaan was already deep in the river of leprosy, and these Jews helped him out of it. He was in darkness, and they gave him light. Which is where I'm going with this. There is a vast difference between being a light unto the nations and allowing your light to be extinguished by giving it away to the forces of darkness. These righteous women aren't saying hide your light from the nations, they are simply saying don't let anyone put that light out. No matter what romantic-sounding b.s. they say while they are doing so.
77. Ynet Y sensationalist translation?
AOS ,   Jerusalem   (12.29.10)
I have seen the text of the Rabbi's wives letter in Hebrew and it reads: Do not date "Goyim". The word "Goyim" is generally translated as "Non-Jews" so why is your headline so very wrong?
78. #54 Shaygetz from Yiddish it means worm
79. to #50 Rami
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (12.29.10)
And do you also have NO PROBLEM if your nieces and nephews are raised to be JEWS? Even if you don't, how does EVERY OTHER RELATIVE you have feel about this? Marriage is not only about the love and respect husband and wife have for each other, it is about how the children will be raised, whether as Jews or ... not.
80. to #53 Yossef
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (12.29.10)
Would to G-D that her husband and in-laws would respect that Law. But do they, Yossef? Do they, or instead do they raise these precious Jewish children as Muslims to HATE Israel and to HATE Jews???
81. To #55 David
John DeLancy ,   Alaska, USA   (12.29.10)
More than this, Zipporah opposed Moshe circumcising his children. She did not want that "bloody man" to keep his covenant with YHWH, but he did - against her wishes. And this is the crux of the issue. How will the children be raised? WHOSE covenant will they honor? The false covenant with [insert whatever idols here, whether those of Midian or the false moon-god of Islam or whatever] or will they honor the real covenant with YHWH? If anyone has read my talkbacks, you know that I am in _favor_ of intermarriage. But I do (and I _must_) oppose intermarriage when it robs a woman (or a man) of their relationship with YHWH and robs their children of their Jewish heritage. My - admittedly uninformed - summation: please feel free to marry Zipporah. But circumcise your boys according to the Torah, and teach all of your children the TORAH from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep. You _owe_ YHWH nothing less.
82. 33 Avi Alevay! less intermarriages
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (12.29.10)
83. How can the jewish girls meet arabs?
Joav ,   Germany   (12.29.10)
There is no sence, its the same if the jewish girls would meet SS officers in a consantration camp? Do the jewish girl do not respect themselves? I gess they dont! They do not only "feel in love" with them, but after convert to the "peaceful and truly" "religion" because of their blindness as well as their cretinism. But one days is "Romantic" over and the reality breakdown. Their arabs lovers beating them like a piece of shit. I personaly know a lot of stories or better to say a lot of tragedies. Also here in Germany and generall in Europe we see a lot of young women that first have "date" and after married their islamic "lovers" (I am speaking now about not jewish girls) and after the "romantic" the girls very often go and see doctor. Why? Well before the marriage it was "love" with words, after marriage it is love with FISTS.
84. #59 Would you let me have sex with your sister?
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (12.29.10)
No? Yeah, I thought so. Well then, when we Jewish men can finally have sex with your Arab women, we'll be ok with our women having sex with Arab men. Otherwise your demand is unfair and extremely hypocritical. P.S. You over-estimate your skills in bed.
85. Racism stays racism
Dutchy ,   Holland   (12.29.10)
First: the Torah does not ban explicitly the marriage of Jews to other people. Moses married a gentile and so did Boaz and others. The Bible says to marry into your own religion. So Jews who believe in Jesus (a Jew Himself) can feel free to marry Arabs who believe in Jesus. The arguments of the rebbetzins are not religious, but just plain racist and full of hatred. Just as you may not call all Jews this-or-that, you may not call all Arabs either this-or-that, even if it's your own experience with one specific Arab man. Indeed we have mosques in Holland, but there are also a lot of mosques in Israel, USA, etc. That does not invalidate your arguments either, right? I have no problems with dating either Arab or Jewish women, as long as they believe Jesus is the promised Messiah, just like I do.
86. # 69. Ruined life
Joav ,   Germany   (12.29.10)
This is not an individual case, I would say it become a mass phenomenon. The women in Islam has nothing to say by growing their own children, we see it day by day in the western or rather in democratic countries. But in a muslim/arabs countires the situation is much worser. The TORAH threat women as a clever figure. I wish that the women would also act on this way: clever
87. salma
would you marry a Jew?
88. #87 IF I LOVE HIM WHY NOT ?!
Salma ,   Palestine   (12.29.10)
okay this will create problems for me with my family BUT if it is true love I would fight tooth and nail for my man ; ) p.s: I'm engaged and love my fiance ;$$
89. matter of principle
dina ,   israel   (12.29.10)
As a matter of fact erverybody knows whom hw wants to marry or not outof personal reasons. the fact that a group of people write a letter stating that you should not interact with a certain other group of people is rasistic, unhuman and not unworthy of our way of life on the 21st century. It started exactly the same way in Germany, where all my family was murdered and I am not prepared to let it happen here of all places. The shame on the rabbis, their wives and whoever stands to this public outcry. This means that we will have to emigrate as my family had to do in Germany, beware of the beginnings we should not be silent!!!!
90. # 85 Dutchy
Joav ,   Germany   (12.29.10)
Before you open you mouth and threw here with words like racism, do one plaisure to me and check you facts. The Racism is all know coming from race. If you take a look into the Jewish community you will find the JEWS there with every color of skin, eyes, hair, nose forme etc. So to say racism still racism, isn,t arguement neither fact. You are just one of this Nazis that with everthing what is wrong in this world blame jews. You have no even any hunch what are you talking about, unless you wanna "spread" here you cheap propoganda
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